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“Cracking the System” – Zen on Vinny Eastwood Show Now on YouTube


I had a fun 2 hour talk with the inimitable Vinny Eastwood at 11 PM GMT moving into the December 21st Solstice on American Freedom Radio. Quite synchronistic for my first radio “appearance”. Vinny was already alive and well in New Zealand where it was the 21st of December already so I knew all would be OK. ;)

Experience a ride into the Solstice with Zen as he makes his audio debut on the edge of the Galactic alignment and procession of the equinoxes!

Part 1:

Part 2:

So be it. More to come. Just getting warmed up, new medium for me, but ready to fire up.

Love, Zen



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    • Tx sweet Sandy..new realm for me. I’ll get the hang of it. Hope people catch the drift. Lots to do for all of us, we can’t delay. Love you, Zen

      • I enjoy the rawness of the dialect Zen . It was beautifully blemished in its Organic matter. the way conversation. should be , ripe fun sweet , sour and seeds to sprout new topics.

  1. I have commented prior to this, we are and continue to be on the same page. I have such respect for Dane, my focus has been on this heinous weather mod/chems. (chemtrails no longer describes it correctly as they have ramped it up having turned several corners this past 2 years). there are many different types of man-made cloud formations and are being deposited in huge coverage/area. The energies being used can easily be seen on satellite and in life–today in NC for example, huge “wave/energies” in the clouds. these systems are all being created/intensified/kept in place then moved out when they want them to. I have watched/listened to all of David Ickes vids as well as Danes among others.
    funny no-one has commented on the name Draco for this last weather system. (draconian–reptilian connotations? very strange–just pondering). I could go on and on but would be preaching to the choir and this is not my intent. wanted to make you aware of one more person out here….and I too feel so isolated from everyone else. I work in a major university, they own them and it is so Orwellian at this point. I have and cannot connect to anyone as they are in this matrix—deeply in it. Very frustrating and beyond words. The universities are funded by gov’t and collaborate with all the big bad corporations– you can read between the lines.

    • Wow Betty, you so get it. Pls stay in touch. I sent your comment to Dane. I talked about the Draco name on Vinny’s “after hours” show, but people see it for sure. Sorry about the isolation–stay in touch and don’t feel alone. Write me at zengardner1@gmail.com, as can anyone. We’re in this toxic soup together. Sorry about the Ivory Tower environment, but you are where you are, so find out why. Love your vibe, Bets. Keep on no matter what..being resolute is a key, and you clearly have it. Much love, Zen

    • Thank you Betty – I can see between the lines and this opened up info that was inside my mind.

      When I saw the name Draco for the winter storm and all the reporting on it by the weather channel and local news, I Immediately thought of Harry Potter and the constant drilling of info into our minds through movies,TV’s,radio’s and books to keep us blinded from the truth.

      Your Not Alone and as Zen said -“We’re in this toxic soup together”.

    • Hi Betty – I can definitely sympathize with you. After my studies, I went back to University for a very short while. I left very soon after as I saw immediately (and intuited before I saw) that I would never be able to do research the way I wanted to, i.e. outside of the wishes of the corporate funding masters who own Academia/University. Once I had woken up, I realized I had zero tolerance for the institutions that comprise and feed the Matrix.

      I don’t know in what areaa you are in the University machine, but you might want to check out Guy McPherson’s story. He was a professor who left Academia and everything else to not only talk the talk but walk the walk, and go back to the land. He speaks, and has a nice little blog over at Nature Bats Last. He, and his community, despite being very active and doing great things, like many of us, still feels the enormous level of hopelessness that comes from seeing the world as it is today and realizing that, at least on one level, no matter what we do individually, it seems to have little or no impact on the planet. Check his story out, it might resonate with you. Best of luck.

  2. Enjoyed listening to, and watching, this, Zen. You managed to get a lot in! And Vinny is obviously bright and sussed, humble and sensitive. I like the way he really listened to you very carefully throughout.

  3. Zen, You sound Great on the radio – If you enjoy it, keep at it- it is a wonderful medium to get your thoughts and ideas out to others. I like Vinny also – When I hear about Vinny and your backgrounds, it reminds me of mine- I bet most of the people reading this also did not fit in with society when they were younger and were the odd one out(and still are).

    I was a guest on a radio show about 2 years ago and loved it. I did find that the guy hosting the show seemed nervous and uncomfortable talking live on radio(he lasted about 1 year).

    • Tx Bakes–Yeah, others in the works. It was really fun. I said what I wanted to say, Vinny was very gracious and I enjoy his sense of humor. I’ll let you know. Love-filled holidays to you, and to all!! Love, Zen

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