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Critical Mass Approaching – The Shift Has Hit The Fan



by Zen Gardner

The warnings and revelations of truth regarding current events that the alternative community is exposing are having a profound effect. This uncensored research is based on real history, news trends, accumulated information, knowledge of the occult such as ritual dates, numerology and other esoteric sciences as well as intuitive, conscious understandings.

The massive vibrational change of consciousness is palpable.

And it’s getting to them. It’s never been easy to quantify, but we’re starting to get proof positive on a massive scale. One of the best examples is this Kony 2012 phenomenon that literally backfired right in the smug elites’ faces. A young demographic comprised of millions worldwide latched on to the cause and then sussed it out almost immediately. Fantastic.

We need to take that awareness and apply that as direct knowledge on other fronts. The walls are coming down.

The wake up is approaching critical mass and starting to erupt in mainstream society. When impeachment proceedings are launched against Obama and war criminals Bush and Cheney can’t travel outside the U.S. for fear of demonstrations and arrest, something big has shifted. When top banksters are resigning at an increasing rate and Timothy Geithner was supposedly detained again and is rumored to have fingered Bush Sr. and Bill Gates, something’s up.

The Power of Awareness

If everybody’s screaming there’s gonna be a nuclear hit on the London Olympics and it gets any kind of serious traction, they may just do it somewhere else. It’s rare we’ll ever know for sure, but when Killary says they’re losing the info war, or Brzezinski says the global awakening is a threat, something’s working, and well. And we’ve come a long way since then.

Being aware of not just the information but the vibrational changes is a huge advantage. The insiders on their side know about this too. Most of the stooges you see in the news don’t. They’re just hired thugs. We know it’s working not just by observing information and events, but by intuitive conscious awareness and the thrilling crescendo of awakened lives we’re seeing and hearing from everyday.

Their ranks know something’s happening because it’s impacting their plans and putting them on the defensive. Imagine someone trying to make a wave pattern in one end of a swimming pool trying to push all the floating items in a certain direction. Then in jumps person after person in the other end and they start playing and splashing around. You think Mr. Wavepattern Controller will feel the effects? Oh yeah, and he won’t be too happy about all these unpredictable waves swishing around the pool now, would he?

Cosmically it’s much more profound than that, but you get the idea.

So….everyone in the pool! Start making all the waves you can! Every drop counts!


Presumptuous? I don’t think so.

Think about some of the powerful revelations and clear awarenesses coming to light. I already mentioned the Phony Kony phenomenon, but there are lots more. The cosmic ground has been seeded and it’s springing into life everywhere!

We’ve raised awareness of multiple false flag scenarios from micro nukes to virus seeding or staged so-called “lone gunman” rampages. A perfect example is the possible use of the USS Enterprise as a false flag target now on its “last mission” to the gulf.  Is it ready to be sacrificed to start the Iran war, like the older ships left at Pearl Harbor while the newer ones pulled out just before those raids? Very possible.

We’re on to them. We know about and track their weather warfare moves. We’re well aware of their insidious mind control tricks. We’ve unraveled their phony education, political, financial and media scams.

We’ve tracked and identified in great detail the fascist takeover and implementation of the police state. We’ve exposed the banking and corporate whores, and their poisoning of our air, water and food supplies. And such activism is working.

We’re even well versed in their wicked blood letting sacrificial rites, satanic ceremonial schedules, can read their pagan occult symbolism and know their numerological tendencies. We’re not aware of everything, but the Creative Force is sure bringing a lot to light and we’re shining it in their faces!

Fact is we’re pissing them off and the bastards are literally having to regroup and reshuffle their plans because of us.  It may not stay the whole war these idiots have lined up, but it can shift battle conditions and put them on the defensive and cause erratic, self-exposing behavior. Just today they announce the Director of DARPA is moving over to Google. Collusion, anyone? Nothing like in plain site.

All part of the wake up, baby.

And more so, when these things come to pass, those who’ve caught on or the even greater numbers of those who’ve even just heard about this methodology and intent and dismissed it as “conspiracy theory” will go off like roman candles!

The Elite Emergency Climate Control Button – False Flag

They are aware of our awareness, and planning accordingly. Make no mistake. “We” not only need to be controlled, but if awareness is really getting out of hand and they’re meeting resistance to the next level of manipulation, we need to be seriously distracted and manipulated.

And it will be soon. Sorry, but it has to be. But this time many millions of people will know exactly what they’re up to.

It appears they’re scrambling to get into place and that’s what tells me it won’t be long. Be it a false flag to start the next big war, or a serious domestic attack on a U.S. city to ram the U.S. and the rest of the world into the next level of Orwellian military control, they’re licking their chops to pull the trigger on something. Be prepared, it will temporarily quash internet freedom, freedom of movement, and unleash a whole array of  weapons against the citizenry of the U.S. and elsewhere that will make heads spin.

All because they think the wake up is getting out of hand and screwing up their world takeover plans. It’s not the climate they need. They need freaked out masses who are easy to intimidate and control.  So be on your toes, but don’t be afraid.

The awakening will only spread faster!

Obama Coup Now Official

In light of all this I still don’t think this next election is going to happen. Obama’s too good of a sock puppet, the stranglehold on every branch of U.S. government is at an all time peak, and enough draconian laws like the NDAA have set the stage for an official globalist takeover, dissolving the previous structure of America into the 10 Region state they designed many moons ago.

Let’s face it, just days ago high level officials declared the US Congress “ceremonial”. Not only have we lost the Bill of Rights, but our system of government.

This is why Obama doesn’t sweat that it’s coming out about his birth certificate. This is why he doesn’t sweat about anything. He’s a remote controlled empty husk who knows he’s just playing a role in an intricately organized game of “takeover” by the cabal. All that’s left is an excuse to declare all out martial law.

Whatever the planned disturbance, vast swaths of ignorant, freaked out Americans will fall for it and beg for whatever it takes, even martial law, to “protect” them. That’s why I think there’s going to be something that “hits home” to pull this off, sorry to say.

But it will only add fuel to the cosmic shift, in spite of anything they do.

Let the Wake Up Roll!

Don’t be afraid, and don’t be deterred. The matrix is in its death throes. That we know.

While the awakening hits critical mass expect wonderful breakthroughs, revelations of Truth and personal and social empowerment. Now’s the time to get as active as possible and encourage others to do the same. Every bit of information, every act or intention of compassion, every brave effort to expose them and call them out is having an exponential effect.

Do be prepared for a backlash, but keep fighting the good fight no matter what.

Fearlessly. And in love.

  “Whenever you have truth it must be given with love, or the message and the messenger will be rejected”. – Mahatma Gandhi

Love, Zen





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  1. Yes Sir! It appears from our end of the cliff that the nasty world odor is disappearing before their eyes and our eyes also. The rat face pope is resigning within the coming days as the major controlling organization is crumbling along with the ruling families who are controlled by the Vatican. The international bankers are on the run and resigning and/or being arrested. We’re making an effort to substantiate the rumor of Gates and Bush Sr. arrests. A call has been made to Microsoft and there is no denial or confirmation to this point. A poll has been taken by WND and 88% have called for the impeachment of Oh! Bamma Lamma Ding Dong.

    So, yeah Zen, it appears that the shift has hit the fan big time and the fan’s speed will only increase as time goes onward. No matter what stunts and controlled events are instigated by the bastards, let us hope that none of the people’s lives are lost because of these pathetic pathological killer’s decisions.

    Keep smilin’ and have no fear for there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Keep on exposing the rat bastard’s intentions. Keep on keepin’ on and do the 2 step boogie. Have phunn and watch the big show through the eyes of a child as they would view a circus.

    Have mercy and glow ray be!

    • OMOTS…yes. Lessee on that arrest info. Fulford’s a wild ride but fun to follow, glad Kerry called MS about it. The chemistry of what’s happening is just astounding, there’s no denying it. Again, it’s like that morphic field concept, as you see and accept it you can participate all the more in identifying and affecting it, wild dynamic. Everyone bringing these things into consciousness is creating the new world now, the full manifestations of which might take some time, but the protected psychic “forms” will have been realized for souls to grow into, outside of the matrix. Each unplug or non-plug reduces its power since it feeds off of us. Someething like that, but the matrix is the perfect analogy.

      I’m very excited about these new generations growing up around us. If we can just get them eating healthy and away from big pharma’s clutches they’ll bring on the awakening that much faster. The microchip will be the PTB’s attempt at a coup de grâce and these kids need to know that. It’ll most likely be in a vaccine, but they’ll try lots of tricks no doubt. But I’m super encouraged about the wake up happening in this tween and teen generation and above. Reminds me of the hippy break out but it’s more widespread and profound. It’s more like Close Encounters but whole generations are getting the call!
      There’s also some great new voices in underground music like Lowkey coming up too that are reaching these kids that I find super inspiring. Check him out.
      Take care…like spring, truth is bustin’ out all over! Yeehaaa! – Love, Z

  2. I just tried to post this to facebook. They denied it. Im getting ready for whats to come. The s**ts about to hit the fan.

  3. another awesome, affirming, dot-connecting article! you do such a great job of putting words to the coalescing awakening!

    much love and respect,


  4. Brilliant, Zen. It always takes me ages to read your posts as I break off into daydreams as they are so inspiring and thoughtful.

    I have always likened the awakening to the tide, which has now turned and is unstoppable in its force. I live near the sea and like to observe the waves. When they are about to go out – or come in – there is a period of confusion while each water molecule changes from one direction to another, getting buffeted about by others that are not yet in sync. I think we are in this stage, hence the confusion many people are reporting. Our bodies are comprised mostly of water, therefore there may also be physical symptoms. Those who have rigid ideas and beliefs will struggle the most.

    “Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way round or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.” – Bruce Lee

    And… “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked”. – Warren Buffett

    • Tx Russ. Done. There was supposed to have been a recent detention as well. That video got pulled up I assume to try to confirm it. Story still circulating. I guess we’ll see. Sure would be nice but it is a long shot with the big baddies having so much power in this corrupt world. But they provide the contrast for all the Truth arising..fantastic energy out/in there! Cheers, Zen

  5. Dear Zen Gardner….The ‘about’ submit button not working!
    I just wanted to quickly write and drop off my thoughts to you as they surge through me every time I read your posts. You have a great following and you great power with your words, please I ask you to think hard and open your wonderful mind. While we all need to awaken people and make them aware of what is going on, I think at the same time it is up to each of us to point out the well known, well researched power of our thoughts!!!! We can be aware of what is going on, but we need to put that awareness aside and not dwell on it, for thinking about the evils will indeed help to create them! What we put our thoughts and energies on is what we create for reality.
    With all of the power you hold with your words and your following of readers, I urge you please to include in your posts a mention of not dwelling on these things, to read about them and move on to trying to stay positive in these times and to give our energies to the kind of reality and new world we wish to create, not the evil.
    I just see such huge potential in you for helping to make this world a better place. You have the audience, you have the soapbox, please use it wisely. I am a follower of your site, I enjoy your writing skills and your mindset. This is not to critique what you do by any means. My note is merely meant to encourage you to think about what direction your articles lead people in. The power is in your hands. Blessings to you….. Visionkeeper

    • Love the Bruce Lee quote!!!

      To me, saying “don’t think or speak negative thoughts” is like saying: “ostrich put your head back in the sand.” The Global Elite created the New Age and the silly concept of creating your own reality, which really is: I am the center of the universe and I can have anything I want when ever I want it. The I that lives for the I. The truth doesn’t have to come sneaking back in a new disguise every decade. In the 1950’s it was Norman Vincent Peale and the power of positive thinking. In the 1960’s it was that idiot in the glass cathedral. In the 70’s it was EST. In the 80’s it was Wayne Dyer. In the 90’s it was A COURSE IN MIRACLES and in the 2000’s it has been THE SECRET. Same old B.S. dressed up different every time. Fear comes from NOT LOOKING. We need to be reading, writing and talking about the negativity constantly, not be in fear of it.

  6. Well put Zen…
    It would be funny if many immediately switched over to a different search engine and see the DARPA director cancels his plans….

  7. i think you got it right, they are throwing every bit into the ring they can, because THEY HAVE TOO, it s their job to kick all the numbnuts and sheeple into the groin until they wake up. you just have to remember that they are here because we called for them, we, humanity in general need them to help us to understand the lesson we planned to receive when we decided to enter this realm at this point in time and space. a lot of people, especially readers of this and similar pages are already much further down the path and the kick in the butt might be more like a soft stroke of the back if not a wonderful experience and possibility to learn and develop without pain and force. it s the ride which will render the planet and all its inhabitants ready for the next step and my feeling tells me it will be a world where lessons won t have to be forced onto somebody by pain and duress but being offered with love and gentleness. my best wishes from africa, mike

  8. The exposed corruption on a daily basis is the beginning of the revealing, the truth is out there, question everything. I hope you are all doing well, take care.

    PS: The FED is a scam, but we all know that right. …and the Leo Wanta story gives an intresting look in government and interworkings.

  9. Please check out the intro of an old video game called ‘Shattered Union’. It was released back in 2004.


    The name of the president may be different, and martial law has not yet been enforced in 2011, but everything else seemed too eerily parallel to the present situation.

    It could be telling us something.

  10. “fascist takeover”, “pagan occult” ??That sounds too much like Alex Jones. Fascism is not international like what we are experiencing. Second fascism has order not chaos. Third, fascism has a sound economic system with sound money without criminals as middle men charging interest for using money. Under fascism freemasonry is outlawed. The term fascism is loosely used and unfounded for describing this international swindle.

    • M. Grace…not brave, just responding to consciousness. What else is there when you wake up? It’s all I do now. Can’t help it. What else matters in life, seriously?
      Love you, Z

  11. Please stop focusing on people getting arrested, etc. That means one wants the same systems in place. Those systems are very tainted. New systems are needed entirely. Thanks.

      • It is hard not to be in fear when the IRS CID guys are still out and about trying to get you. When are they going down ?? Then I will know it is happening. Thank You anyway.

      • No fear at all. Beyond relaxed. But considering these times allow for incredible creations, why be so limiting in same? I personally don’t care if anyone is “arrested” as the true change does not need such. Power structures need to change drastically . And they are changing drastically including the “systems” that allow for non-balanced power systems to flourish and thrive. This has already occurred in the continuum and has been quite delayed in this 3-D. Things are fluid. Conscious co-creators of reality need to be specific when creating. Why not think outside of all boxes? Just a theory/thought…….

    • Reg…Fulford’s a fun ‘what if’, take it easy. There’s lots out there. That one had a lot of traction, but who’s to say? Relax and roll with it all. I’m not forcing any conclusions, nor is anyone if you’re awake and aware. We’re all here to learn. If that throws you then where do you draw the line? Most of truth is intuitive while considered empirically hypothetical. Make those thoughts jive if you can. Don’t be so quick to judge anything is what I’ve learned. – Z

      • You’re right. I wasn’t being quick to judge, Z.
        I say it because I took the time to look at everything White Dragon boy and his “white hat” pentagon crew had to say, from his substanceless Rockefeller interview, to his everyone-is-being-arrested routine, and culminating with his No Radiation at Fukushima statements, and have concluded that he is a clown at best and a controlled hope-operative at worst.
        So should’ve you, sir.

        • I guess we’ll see, Reg. I’m not talking about it as fact there, just part of the meme manifesting. We might all be pleasantly surprised. My point is the way the universe is unfolding with these vibrational changes anything’s possible…in fact, getting more probable! Ha! Enjoy the shift! Love, Z

      • I’m with you – I have been fascinated by Ben Fulford and think he has facilitated exposure and courageous acts of others simply by his going so far out on a limb? Is any being perfect?

  12. As of March 14, 2012 C.E., there are 320 resignations from world banks, investment houses, money funds, etc. This is NOT from Fulford. Go here for listing and updates:


    You may cross reference the above by a little research by your own initiative.

    HallyLooYaa…let the good times roll !!!! The engine is picking up steam as our space brothers and sisters are pushing the train! The DNA is rapidly being tweeked!

  13. I have always been very pessimistic about whether people (in the U.S) will wake up. I think, “how can these people wake up when they want to be asleep”. This is how I think the older generation who only stick to mainstream media are – taking polls for Ron Paul confirmed that. Some say, “I don’t vote, all politicians are crooked.”..but then don’t go deeper into why this is. In addition, I face huge resistance from urban professionals who have pride in thinking they are aware of what is going on (when in fact they are most trusting of these leaders that hate them). However, much to my surprise, I’ve had friends wake up recently that I’d never thought in a million years would. I’m absolutely astounded. Because they see the country is going bankrupt and had a curious attitude they wanted to look into it and learn more. They enjoy hearing about the conspiracy research, even the alien stuff. It is getting more acceptable to talk about certain things. I see it and am becoming more optimistic.

  14. Best article ever, man. It is full of positive truths and energy and reassuring that the evil bastards will never win this.

  15. if the american people ever let private banksters[GS..JPM Chase.. Citi.. B of A.. Wells Fargo.. control their currency[we did in 1913 when we let the non -federal no-reserve take over the issuence and control of our currency] the corporations that will grow up around the banks,will deprive the people of all their wealth and property until one day[soon] the peopl;e and their childrenwill wake up homeless and penniless on the continent their forefathers founded- Thomas Jefferson
    time to end the fed and arrest the banksters
    Ron Paul-Judge Andrew Napalitano 2012

  16. I’am aware,that I will probably be joining a few other billion people in the instant population reduction via lethal pathogen or neutron neutralization.Gotta leave the assets backing those crappy loans intact.At least I get it before I go.Retired usless eaters like me will be the first in the soylent green machine.

  17. Sorry for so many posts but I set the http in the wrong box and can not delete it ,could you possibly remove it. I only meant to toss the address in not the whole link. That is not my website. The haarp area is worth the look it adds in to your story rather well , since there was madrid fault activity recently.

  18. The warning has sounded loud and clear. While we are in a time of clemency there is still time for all to step over from corruption, evil and hatred to truth, justice and love.For the sake of all humanity all WILL and is being laid bare. They are unable to stop the truth from surfacing that will convict them all of collusion in crimes against humanity.

  19. Is it possible that the new martial law executive order was signed because of the obvious rejection of the Konu2012 propaganda.

    Look at The Daily Bell website. They constantly refer to what they call The Internet Reformation – as being as powerful as the Gutenberg Press was.

    Could it be that the failure of Kony2012 was so fast and so obvious that the elites now realize they have totally lost control of the narrative. That might explain their preparing to move to the next level of outright military assault. This new EO is a bad thing at any time, but the synchronicity with the Kony2012 crash and burn is interesting.

    O see the country accelerating away from anything good towards who the heck knows what. Alex should try and get his people to safety and broadcast from outside the occupied zone. You have to survive to be part of the solution and when things like the new EO are coming out, then all of us are in danger.

  20. Good piece – thanks… What concerns now – more than anything else, including the subjects your article hit on – is the ongoing destruction to the environment and to mankind as well. The synthetic life nano-tech garbage currently being dispensed by GodKnowsWho is an ever increasing act of genocide… A terraforming of earth and man. Take the time to examine a plant under a microscope.. you will find the same fiber-like “entities” that fills the bodies of an ever increasing number of humans on this earth.. I don’t think it can be stopped. Even if we manage to halt the aerosols it may be too late.
    I am one of hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS of people who are infected/infested with this bio-terror weapon that has become known as “morgellons”. Millions more have it but don’t know it – at least not yet. It appears to become systemic almost immediately and begins erecting a connected network of fibers all throughout the body.. WHY? Who is doing this? What is the ultimate purpose?
    Perhaps the human participants are being sacrificed so the ones behind their evil schemes can continue?

    Great Work Zen-

    • Terracer…contact this man, he’s all over it and has it as well. What you said is so profoundly true, few are willing to see and acknowledge it. I’m sure you’re familiar with http://www.carnicominstitute.org/. Great resource.
      I’ve had a cough for years I know is from the chemtrails. This reseracher Amir is a great guy, passionate. Amir Let me know how it works out. I’m sending him your email address to make sure you hook up. – Zen

    • The best way to detox is through far infrared therapy and vitamin C IVS. I have found those terrible fibers in my skin as well. It’s been a nightmare. The evil behind this will hopefully be exposed some day. I think many have this and do not know it. Only the people who’s bodies are rejecting the fibers know what is happening. Those who are suffering face torture as well as loneliness from their friends and loved ones who don’t understand and will sometimes turn their backs on their own loved ones. it’s Nazi germany all over again. God help us get through this crazy time period.

      Thanks Zen for all your hard work!

  21. Zen I hope you do not mind me posting this on my blog site here waking up the Caribbean. We are on a roll and with articles like this I can only think that the masses are so much wiser, PS you never mention the alien thing So I will. We know we have been supressed since 1953 Robertson report, but that doesnot work either ,, most people here who holiday tell us they have seen ships more and more these days ,,Well we will not be expecting too many here in the Caribbean But hell we expect them in your area soon and more of them, the more arrests and defections that we see every day now,, time for our TV to tell the truth now, Tiger Woods for instance, is man made like the weather, in the MK Ultra program,, this shows us clearly this is how mad they are in the Cabal to think this will go unnoticed like real true good aliens, Great post and thanks again

    • Dave, bro: Post away brother, post away!!!!! We’re here to lend a hand, a heart and a shoulder to the TRUTH!! Proud to be your friend!!!…so true what you said..so true..;;))) – Zen

  22. Messages from the Galactics have said that Obama is still going to be the agent for Disclosure, and, is a part of the Shift in a positive way, though he is currently perceived as part of the problem. It seems I recall that even Abraham (as in Esther Hicks) was positive about him. I’m still giving him the benefit of the doubt as events unfold. First time here. This article was posted on one of the pages I follow. Well-thought and beautifully written. Thank you!
    Seattle, WA (formerly Houston, TX resident)

  23. Critical mass has been achieved and surpassed. Information about what is really happening is spreading. There are some differing reports of who is doing what, and it can be difficult to tell the good guys from the bad, but we are waking up.

  24. The predictive programming in the Matrix Movies is interesting, because at the final movie of the trilogy the humans makes a compromise with the machines. Is this what THEY wanna us to believe? Should we make a compromise with them? Should we give this system a little bit more time?

    The end cannot be delayed nor can it be prevented or even accelerated, because the time of the end is a fix point in time.

  25. I feel like there’s only a small amount of us that are awake. Things seem fine when i listen to the people like Zen, but in my everyday life, i feel like people are just really ..dumb. I point out the chemtrails and they look at me like i’m a freak. I’ve sent my family members videos for five years, they turned their backs on me, and have APATHY. I only see pathetic sheep who are apathetic and could care less about the atrocities done by the elite as long as they can do their little superficial things. i don’t think we are out of the woods. i think it seems nice to hear the people who are at a higher consciousness level. But walking around in everyday life, all i see are idiots who don’t care about other human beings.

  26. Peter

    I saw a you tube clip some months ago which revealed that only part one of the “Matrix “is by the original author. Evidently she had her scripts stolen and altered, and the ending changed. She had taken her battle to regain her work to court. Good luck to her.

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