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Crossing The Threshold


by Zen Gardner

Time is once again behaving strangely. Little slippages here and there, abrupt realizations that it’s not the time or date you thought it was. Are you noticing? Weird sort of head spinning feelings when trying to track your thoughts, ringing in the ears? It’s freaky. A lot of influences at work right now. Some good, some bad.

Personally, I think we may have hit the edge of the wormhole.

Exotic thought, no? But that’s what appears to be happening in many ways. The awakening was easier to see from afar just a year ago. Now the picture is getting muddled and appears like a hodgepodge of swirling influences and resultant reactions. Things mix together like paints on a happy child’s finger painting palette.

It’s apparently because we have entered some kind of vortex perhaps, where time and space subduct like esoteric tectonic plates.

Going through a wormhole can’t be an easy experience, unless of course you’ve been distilled to spirit.

Which we all will be.

finger painting 005

Behold the Plan

As if. Who knows the plan? But we can track and watch and learn and experience. And knowing it’s all just a ride will save your spiritual hiney and keep your engine cooled during all this insanity.

I’m so enraptured with the awakening that’s happening.

It’s clear, yet it’s hard to put your finger on it in many ways with the crap we’re being told.  What we’re being shown by the big media projector is the exact opposite of what’s really going on.  Thankfully dot connecting makes things very plain, and when you learn to speak that language, damn, it’s clear.


Your Personal Choice

So, you’ve walked up to the wormhole of Truth and Transformation. What do you do? Run in fear and hide from what could be a path to a greater reality and cling to the old world addictions to whateverthehell that keeps you entrapped and ensnared?

Or venture on.

It was an easy choice for me, thankfully. Adventure towards freedom vs slavery? Are you kidding?

Resist by being.

Much love, Zen



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  1. You know the energy flows at us all the time .. Just before leaving work today , one of the younger fellows that works with me brought in his child of year plus old . I was watching her eyes look at all the new surroundings with full delight,such incense just love fresh and pure , all i could think is how do I protect such gift , what part can I play in protecting in all life as much as I wanted to ignore that tugging thought it was in over ride in my head. I dint want to ignore it but i had to just for that short time to get in my truck.It was a long quite ride home know that there is a Priest that gos for his sentencing on monday morning and he will only ge getting 2 years for 25 counts of child molestation, It said on the local station this this went on for 40 years , and he was only 1 of 38 other priest in this area that were charged .. 2 Y E A RS !!!!!!! that’s all 2 years ????????????

        • Your not venting! Your just breathing hard!! .. No wait…maybe you are venting…one second… You have to talk to yourself about this, I’ll hold on… :)

          • rhyme time! Martine so have you seen that painting i did like a Picasso mujahedeen?

      • I did focus last night sooo hard I could not sleep ,,So i thought “Ya thats it I will paint TOO!” so this what i came up with http://i.imgur.com/YNCV9Uk.jpg
        I thought it would be great to share my 5foot by foot canvas ,, so I hung it on teh building with all the pretty crosses ! Art sure make’s you feel better

        • Oh Peek,
          It looks like I’m being denied access to your inspiration… I guess I’ll have to imagine what it could be… Perhaps a 5 foot cosmic serpentine, or could it be 4 inch healthy spleen filtering bad blood in order to keep that glorious steam…why not a picture of my dreams?? I guess it will remain unseen but nonetheless felt through the universe of meme.

    • Peek,

      snordster’s and visible’s frayed angels is still frozen on my computer at the 7:00 mark as I stare at that image which looks exactly like my 2 girls. I think the best outlet for all of us here at this time is to reach out to these kids and tell them there is nothing to fear — we’re here. These kids today are catching on MOST. It’s vital that we get to them before big pharma does. We need to be blatantly blunt to this generation. Their childhoods have been robbed — even those that were not physically abused. I tried to give my kids the same innocent childhood I had, but couldn’t for as long as I wished I could have. (I blame Santa and Madonna!!)_

      I feel your emotion, bro

    • I’ve been trying to get my head around the OPPT all week, and I came upon a couple of things that made instantly me a little wary:

      On one of the blogs of the people involved (American Kabuki) there are posted the latest updates from the “Galactic Federation of Light”, and articles by Fulford and Drake, no less.

      Then I came upon a post entitled “OPPT Definitions” in which “the Creator” is defined as “Source”, “God”, “Allah”, and “Yaweh”. It is ok then to regard the authoritarian genocidal, judgemental, misogynistic, arrogant psycopath of the Bible (chief Archon?) as our “Creator” according to the OPPT…..!

      Last night I lay awake in bed for hours thinking about it all: The engineered financial crises, the revelations about the corporate legal system and the banking system, the numerous resignations of bank executives, the resignation of the Pope, the Occupy Movement, and so forth – has all this been engineered in order for the “elite” to put something forth like the “One People’s Trust”?

      As Max Igan said in his discussion with the OPPT folk: “It sounds too good to be true”. And indeed it does. The power elite aren’t going to concede defeat that easily, to be sure. And Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf said on the Max Igan show that: “I would also like to disclose the person that helped me understand what all that was, was actually a trustee with the Rothschild’s family holdings.”

      Interesting disclosure, to be sure. We need to be very, very careful regarding any solutions offered at this time. I need to chew this over a little more. Watch the video – and share! Marcia is spot on, I think.

      • Well stated Byron. I’m extremely leery of things like this. They’re set to be co-opted if they aren’t already false opposition, and they engender sycophancy and can actually disempower. And talk about disclosure! A Rothschild trustee…doink.

  2. This is something I ‘saw’ in meditation this morning. I think it relates to some of the readers here.

    After a few days of being continually pulled and pummeled by stressed out energy fields, the early morning dream was doing it’s recently normal anxiety-fuelled stuff and I pulled out of it to wake just before seven to brilliant scorching sunlight.

    I sat facing the sun and went into meditation. It was a calm process. There were some stresses in the body that lifted lightly. Various releases were going on all effortlessly. Then I became aware of a transparent bowl-like covering that rose off my shoulders and head.

    I seldom get imagery these days during meditation unless it is healing-related so I was surprised by a sense of being in a landscape of light. In front of me was denser energy in the form of a tree and behind it another sun was rising. I became aware of a column of transparent crystalline rods. They were assembled into a ‘tower’. The tower was, at the same time, in me and also outside this physical form – yet not (impossible to describe). The rods fitted into light-coloured squarish connection bases. There were four rods between each base fitted into it – at the top and bottom of each base-like component. When I was viewing close up there were four rods at each level but I could only see three of each set clearly. The fourth was indistinct. I can’t say how many tiers there were. It appeared that they went far down into the earth and up further up than I could perceive.
    I was firing up the column and yet surrounded by it and simultaneously suffused with energy/light.

    It’s the next part that I wanted to share. I feel it relates to many of the people who set up and contribute to this site.

    A group of light-tower people/beings had formed a small circle and were sitting facing inward towards the centre of the circle. I did not count how many, things were happening too fast – but there were fewer than ten. We were all both individually and collectively firing up. Swirls of combined energy rose up in plumes that circled up into the sky.

    The collective was co-creating another realm of being high above us. It had mountains, vegetation and dwellings that were not so different from what we see around us – more harmonious perhaps – yet qualitatively it resonated at a much higher frequency. I could look down from the higher resonance word or up at it. They were directly related yet manifesting differently.

    In my understanding, the vision showed what the combined and finely-tuned energies and intentions many of the readers here (and others too) are manifesting. Perhaps you could say that Shambhalla is already forming around us.

    • yes interesting Soliel,
      I can relate to some of this, I’ve been thinking on working through all the EMF smog, plus reducing exposure, but like many, I have a cell phone tower near my home, but not wanting to move house at present, can only work at firing at up!! and keep grounded at the same time.

      • Look into orgonite and search emf protection. There’s some pretty cool devices. We have both, lots of orgonite and a scalar plug in device. We also have emp protection sleeves for our laptops and other devices. Put em in when not using. Got em on amazon. Do what you can. Cheers

  3. Are you sure you are not having some mental health problems, rather than it being the dawning of a new age? Seriously, maybe you are just over stressed and tired? Just a thought…

    • LOL . metal health problems is the sheeple and the greed and selfishness with the dumb down thinking .. controlled fucking monkeys all ways trying to find the low hanging fruit

  4. Zen, you had me at ringing in the ears. was going to finally make an appt. with ENT. just a few hours ago, after waking hubby — AGAIN….”are you SURE you can’t hear that high pitched faint sound???” NO – I can’t.

    Thank you. comforting to know i’m “not the only one”

    • Weird but not. Some say it’s ETs or spirits trying to contact or remind us they’re there or that synchronicity is at play. I didn’t even mention about the dreams getting poured on, you having that too? Amazing every night!

      • My hot flashing power surges are waking me before I get into the dream state…. Darn ‘mean’-o-pause female fire within! Just playing the number game with the digital clock when I wake up lately. I’m wondering if the ear ringing may be the new AT&T wireless uverse package I recently signed up for. Since I had the “wake up” over a decade ago and already went through the wiring adjustment noises in the head — maybe this sound that I keep hearing every time I wake up is the new wireless — also recently changed bedrooms and am now on the side of the house that has my smart water and electric meters. It also butts up next to neighbors house side that has all their smart meters.


        • Damn. There’s smart meter mesh you can put on the wall…youtube it. BTW, dong quai herb recommended for menopause symptions. Worked for my wifey.

  5. soliel – just read your comment. 8 pieces of the pie? can’t wait to upload a pic taken the other day on hubby’s new iphone (i swore off all apple products the other day — I’ve had it with my ipad – this iphone is pretty amazing with pictures/uploading/posting/etc. though)…. Was sitting underneath a transmission power line tower looking up


  6. Circle The Square’s Day!

    soliel – I gotta mention one more thing. I’m watching that movie Avatar for the first time. when I saw pandora on a recent zen post — whoa
    then your description — whoa whoa whoa

    amazing stuff going on right now. all these numbers are popping out at me like crazy. must be all the 1’s and 3’s and 13’s this March

  7. I heard ear ringing and strange quiet carnival music sounds for several months last winter, but as soon as I put the cable box in a faraday cage the sounds went away. I also got the “Qwave defender” and ever since then I dream vividly every night. I still forget what day it is quite often, though.

  8. Z

    You know that RF’s cause the symptoms you describe having.
    Being HAARPED . WiFi weaponry will continue amping up until we rip it all down.

    Have they targeted Z ?

    • I’ve had these since I was in my 20’s. Sometimes more frequent than others. But yes, this crap is everywhere here and a factor of its own, moving away from it very soon.

    • Also, this week a big one for solar wind, including very high proton count, any other such elements.

      that scalar plug in device and any gadgets that creates so called ‘good RF’ are weaponry also.

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