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Culture Is Your Operating System – Terence Mckenna


Is it time for an upgrade? Another fascinating Mckenna talk. And by the way, your upgrade doesn’t necessarily require psychedelics.  Love, Zen

[Hat tip: Pisces222-tx!]


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  1. McKenna is trully refreshing. Gets to the
    essence of issues – and always with that lightness of touch and humor that is often missing in other commentators.. Why is this? Maybe because ‘commentators’ are just that – they see things going on outside of them and commentate on them. But McKenna ‘experiences’ these things and reports on this experience: the poets route of communication.
    What we can learn from this is not that one needs to ingest psyscilycybene in order to ‘feel’ reality – but that we arouse that sense of connectedness we have with all things animate and inanimate and then let them tell us their stories.

    • Hi Julian. Yes, he speaks from the actual experience so he’s not out to convince himself while explaining to others, as so many unintentionally do. Always him to “play” with it and makes the experience and learning sooooo enjoyable. Watts does it too in his way. It’s all about being there, not trying to get there, and also that it’s unexplainable although we try with arrows and analogies. Cheers, Z

  2. very thought provoking video…he was such a great thinker, wish he was still with us.perhaps on some level he is, and is cheering us on :D. your site is an oasis of sanity amid a turbulent sea . merci beaucoup mon ami, love maggie

    • Tx Mags…you guys make it such a great place! There’s lots of Mckenna’s talks on the net, feast away! He’s awe inspiring and you learn soooo much from him! Love, Zen

      • yes, its funny …last night i was watching a documentary with him on it, will watch the rest tonight. he is almost as funny as bill hicks ,lol…but i really do feel he “got it” regarding the role of halucinagens in society. of course you don’t need to “trip” but…i ‘m glad i did (in my 20’s) 😉

  3. Great Great analogy that everyone can relate to. All though being a mainframe guy most of my career. The mainframe operating system is much more secure and stable and it would be less of mess out in our culture compared to the micro operating systems that everybody uses today. From this post it seems that the Shamans hold that secret for a more secure stable culture. Maybe it should be taught in schools can`t hurt look at what we have today. We have to change our culture in some way. I guess first we have to wake everybody up.

  4. Always loved this talk from Terence. We tend to forget that almost our entire reality is a conditioned one. Our hard wiring allows for all kinds of software, so we better choose an optimal one. It’s best to refuse the type that society impresses upon us, because it mostly doesn’t work towards our benefit…

  5. From time to time I’ll be listening to Terence and be overcome with grief thinking that he isn’t ‘here’ with us in this moment, this time when I feel we need him the most. After all, who spoke more passionately and with more excited optimism about these strange transitional times than he? I am also made sad to think that he can’t be ‘here’ to witness the shifts and tumults that he dreamed/wrote/spoke of for so long.
    I suppose that, in the end, this is a journey that we all must make on our own, and with the loss of Terence comes the loss (impossibility) of my dependence on him and his insights to carry me along. A grand lesson, perhaps, as it may have been too easy to simply let Terence do all the thinking and feeling, and to rely on his interpretations as a guiding light.
    “This far”, he’s surely laughing, “but no further”. Well, thanks to Terence for taking us this far, and to Zen for keeping him and his ideas in our minds and hearts.

  6. Marvelously put together! And yes, Zen, it is important to know that psychedelics are not needed to jump out of the program. One word: MEDITATION! Go within and you will see soon that you no longer adhere to the band aids and other restrictions you have allowed to tie you up with!
    Love, Bhagawati

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