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Dark Legacy – JFK and 9/11


Follow the footprints. Couldn’t be any more obvious. These entities will be overthrown by Truth and Love…but in a most peculiar way….Z

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  1. Evolution and the manifest world we inhabit are not sentimental in the least. If one’s individual consciousness becomes incompatible, does not resonate within frequency, then sister/brother, at some point you are going to gravitate to where you do— if things amplify/accelerate here, and you don’t, you simply will not be able to endure here. It’s simple science, folks. Peace to us all.

  2. “Jew” worshipping is evolving…
    it’s like raising the debt limit…or sacrificing your great grandchildren to the …




    and quite curiously the “Jewish” so-called State has no Actual hebrews or israelites as members of their stool sculpture deity cult compound for khazar proselytes…

  3. what if this is disinformation too. Half truth’s mixed with half lies. Maybe it was really ketchup on the street in Dallas and he was in on it too.

    • Ketchup ? 3 building’s 2 planes lets add some mustard, might as well chuck on the Oscar Mayer zion gmo weiner tasty shit eh! sing with me Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-N-G-A

      • Why is she an idiot? Anything you’re seeing is probably the 5% above the water line. Reality, as experienced by the great unwashed, is almost entirely hidden from their view. This does not even take into account the metaphysical. Now, back to work Producer/consumer-chan.

    • Tad bit of a blanket statement don’t ya think ? I don’t support any of them , and for the part of my life i was deceived and forced into the there system it was not by choice, it was by deception.for the little bit that I chose to use the matrix it is not with support . Speak for yourself.

  4. Peter Jennings sucks…….JFK was actually shot in the throat before the head shot….there was a shooter in a sewer (the kind that is covered by a metal plate at the gutter level) on the street level who shot him in the throat and then the kill shot came from the grassy knoll NOT from Oswald…….

  5. The Russians did not go for it in the 1960s, because the journey down the Albert Pike involves the full scale nuclear WWIII starting in the Middle East. Everything is in place now, and it will most likely occur during 2013. There is no stopping it, because those who are finalizing this plan, the self chosen vampires, control the US completely.

  6. OK, let’s get one thing CORRECT here, the MASSIVE head-wound is in the right-FRONT quadrant of his head! The film is VERY CLEAR! Which means it’s an exit wound! His head is propelled back and to the left from his brain matter being BLOWN OUT OF THE FRONT! ANYONE that knows entrance/exit wounds can CLEARLY see small entrance wound from rear, exit front right! Kennedy’s right rear of his head is completely intact! That being said, DOES NOT mean that ANOTHER shot didn’t come from the front, it just means that the shot that blew OUT the FRONT/RIGHT quarter of his head came from the REAR! (maybe left/rear)

  7. Sorry JS. Didn’t you see.the drawing and multiple doctor’s FIRST HAND, SWORN testimony of the massive hole in the BACK of his head? …and then there’s the huge chunk that Jackie went after on the TRUNK of the car.
    It’s the same dudes(Nazis) who took down the towers. Powerful chunks of our government (but not all of our gov) have been taken over by the secret police and war profiteers. It’s not rocket science to see it. Find me ONE massive empire that hasn’t pulled this kind of shit throughout history. It’s more of the historical same, just now it’s more high tech. Wars are more profitable than ANYTHING going, especially if you are a heartless greed-crazed imperialist…Nazi.

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