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David Icke – It Is Time!


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  1. The elephant from a young age has a piece of rope attached to its foot. When it is young it is too weak to brake the rope. As it grows to adulthood it is still imprisoned by the same rope but now it is a rope of the mind. All the elephant needs to understand is its own power, that it is all powerful, that it can use its will and strength to snap the rope at a moments notice.

  2. It’s too bad that most humans are not ants but cowards. Just as an ant can lift many times its wt. , it also has many times the courage in most human beings. This is why civilizations of human beings keep being destroyed and ant colonies including most insects have existed almost uninterruptedly since they began existing. Even the roach has existed for millions of years. So what makes us the superior biological life form on the planet? Our own egotistical / imaginative definitions of ourselves do.

  3. Hi Zen

    Icke is always punching them right in the grill…a right hook to the jaw of the global architects…while slapping the slumbering with the other hand.

    Just the other day an in-law wanted to know why I was crusading, as she put it. Without pondering a response, I stated I wanted Truth in every corner, a level playing field, no hidden agendas, disclosure of mans true history, erasure of institutionalized religion, and a total re-connection of humanity to the planet on which we inhabit.

    Her reply began with a puzzled look, and then…”who are you going to vote for”?

    My crayon box is worn an tattered, but I’ve learned to never take an arrogant posture with pre-enlightened individuals….I used to be one…and remain a student myself.

    Sometimes, and you may feel the same, that during your missionary work, you are reciting a college level thesis to primary schoolers.

    “The feeling of futility is a frequent visitor but we know we cannot stop until it is ended”.

    I don’t have to know you to love you.


  4. I think we have enough inspiration and motivation, now let’s put it into action. Since there is strength in numbers on a grassroots level, you can use your home as a gathering place for like minded people, spread this info, wake people up and talk about awareness, both on the relative level and the spiritual level. The time for action is now, if we wait it will be harder. There is positive inertia in our favor, the internet is free, info gets moved around quickly. If you’ve been reading and watching YouTube for the last few years, you’ve done your homework. Now see what you have under your belt and take on a piece of the pie. Find a cause you care about, don’t get too angry, but balance it out with wisdom, discernment, compassion an vision…

  5. But where are the reptilian aliens form the dark side of the moon? On my BBQ, tastes like chicken! hahaha

    almost sounds like the lyrics from a Pink Floyd song

  6. Maybe I will re-post what I wrote. There is no point to stay intellectual about all this. If you are angry, they have won the mind colonialization agenda. Compasinate, fearless and wise Action is the most effective antidote.

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