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David Icke Wembley Event to be Streamed Live Worldwide on the Internet, October 27th


by David Icke

This is in response to so many requests and inquiries from all over the world and we are working with a top class web-streaming company to give you the best quality possible.

Book your place now to join us around the world on this day of transformation and fantastic dot-connected information.

Obviously, by far the best experience will be to be at the Wembley Arena in person amid the energy, atmosphere and in the company of thousands of like-minds and open hearts. But if you can’t make it, now there is another way to take part in the day.

Get your friends and sceptics around to watch with you – have an awakening party all day long – and celebrate life and the lifting of the veil.

Please note: It is vital to get the full impact for people to watch the whole event because it is a collossal exercise in dot-connecting. The first 2.5 hours provides the information from which everything else comes and stands and this is not an event in which to dip in and out.

Click the “sign up” button in the video player below to purchase a live streaming ticket today. You will be given access to watch the event as many times as you like up until November 26th …

Go HERE for the video


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  1. okay, this is a strange garden you’ve created Z, I just 3 minutes ago read this and thought, i should flip this info to you, and then thought, no you check DI’s site too…

  2. just a thought

    what if he is controlled opposition and they are trying to mass mind control many that are partly awake

    I don’t know

        • I’ve found my litmus test to be simply what resonates with me. Icke, both in terms of his personality, presence, attitude, what he says, how he says it, combined with decades of research, combined with decades of ridicule for the same makes my heart all warm and fuzzy, and thankful that someone is willing to risk it all for us.

          Every person will have to use their own individual sense of intuition to see who does and who does not resonate with them.

          • Oh, and had an interesting thought to add to this. Seems like the Reptilian thing is what gets everyone all hot and bothered about Icke being a nut. Got me to thinking – for quite a long time I was resistant to hearing anything other than the official version of 9/11. Then I finally, and truly woke up to it. Why was it so hard to wake up to 9/11 truth? It was the absolutely massive, off the charts scale of something, lies so incredible that all I could believe was “that’s not possible!!!” Gee, sounds like the exact same response I could now give to the theory of Reptilians. But now, fully awake, I refuse to make the same mistake twice, refuse to remain in ignorance of what’s possible.

            To me, 9/11 was the shattering of the myth of “what’s possible in our 5-sense reality”. Reptilians is an example of the shattering of the myth of “what’s possible outside of our 5-sense reality”.

          • well said Gus…virtually anything’s possible. Even Icke says we’ll probably all be fully blown away when we find out what’s really going. That’s the key, openness, freedom of thought, awareness of the vastness we don’t know about…while keeping love and truth our guide….

          • A quick thought on the reptilian thing…… I guess it is possible that what David is refering to is not so much actual lizard folk, but those who function purely from the reptilian part of the brain, i.e. psycopaths.

            Personally, I am happy to admit that the only thing I know for sure is that I have absolutely no idea what is going on. But, I can certainly see the world is being run by psychopaths. Whether or not they are an actual reptilian species? ……. no idea, and open to the truth.

  3. Read his books, and the message…Its all about love.
    I will be in Wembly the 27. of Oktober..;-)

    Love Martin

  4. I guess for some, it is tricky; however, he rings true to me and many other souls trying to wake up. Twice I have said, “Oh how I wish I could be there in person; to actually FEEL the energy and maybe, just maybe connect with other spiritually hungry people.”

    This news has made my day and I can hardly wait! Yes, to live streaming!!

    Thanks for putting this notice up. Now, I’m headed over to David’s site to see what’s happening there.


  5. I like a lot of what Icke has to say. I do not believe all of what he has to say – as there is a level of truth in everything written or said – to what degree is an individual choice.

    There are other books written that go deeper than Icke about different life forms that exist in this universe(in and on the Earth too). If you are meant to find and read about these things your intuition will guide you. They will literally fall off the shelf in front of you or you will stumble upon them on the internet, but you will know deep within if they are telling the truth.

    This(Zens Post) is a great site for getting info and ideas from, but there is so much more to learn from many different sources.

    There is so much more that people can do to disengage the dark forces with only mind control – this will be achieved when you can totally balance yourselves.

    Remember dark and light were created equally. Darkness has been in control of this and many other planets for too long and the balance must shift. It will only take a minority of beings of light on this planet to create this shift.

    I believe David Icke will have a positive energetic broadcast on the 27th.

    Keep expanding your knowledge no matter your human age – your Soul is ageless and All Knowing and All Powerful – We just need to remember what we already know…!

  6. Not for naught that we have a section of our brain reptilian. Mmmm? Did we really think that GMO is something new?

    Love David Icke, he is one amazing Light Warrior, though often I think if everything is an illusion, then why does it hurt so much?

    Soon, it won’t. Love, A.

  7. …….David & I are compatriots… as we were both born within a 100mi. radius of each other in England,exactly 60yrs ago…We also share the same proclivities, aspirations & worldview of the existential human predicament
    ……He was also instrumental in ‘waking’ me up, for the second time in my life; with his analogy of invisible radio/elctro/mag frequencies from ‘source’, existing all around & emanating thru us…if we could but perceive… with our severely restricted apertures of 5 sense reality/ awareness on the EM freq.scale….I’ve perused his ‘Headlines’ every night for the last few years….I also liked that quote about ‘Truth’ being finally accepted as ‘self evident’ after constrained & vociferous denial
    ……..So I guess you could say I’m another incarnate -“doin time”…until the veil is lifted & I become unstuck & free again…..Did I hear someone say somewhere… that Earth, is the ‘insane asylum’ of the galaxy???lol!….It’s time to kick some parasite butt…out of our minds & off our planet…forever.

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