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David versus Monsanto


This is a MUST SEE video! The free viewing expires Nov. 10th so circulate widely!! – Z

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  1. Excellent video. If this info is new to you, go rent or buy Food Inc.. It is 4 or 5 years old but is very informative about our food supply and is widely distributed.

    I have shown this to my kids and the few people I know that are open to the truth.

    Do you want to get your kids off the habit of fast food restaurants? Show them Super Size Me. It will change theirs and your life.

  2. Look at the GMO crops under the geoengineered skies which will rain aluminum. But wait, no worries, Monsanto seeds are aluminum resistant – how convenient. It all fits in place. The farmers crops infected from a Frankenstorm blowing the Frankenseeds into his fields, then he gets sued by Monsanto. Don’t the PTB scumbags have Heirloom seeds stored in some underground facility? They have stated that to control the food is to control the people. If we all took one small step we could be victorious.

  3. Wow! What a guy Percy Schmeiser is!!

    What shone through to me in this video was not the evil that Monsanto is all about, which needs no debate, but how they had picked on the wrong man. If there were more people around with Percy’s beautiful heart, principles, courage, strength, grit and determination to fight through to the end (and then some) for what he KNOWS (not believes) is right, then the corporations wouldn’t be able to get away with it.

    Their bottom line is everything. And they don’t want bad publicity, so they intimidate and threaten people to ‘nip it in the bud’, and grind them down so that they don’t have the strength to challenge them.

    If the average person (by ‘average’, I just mean somebody who is not responsible directly for the food chain) wants to do something extremely powerful, they can boycott. Stop spending money, which is the only language they understand. But always back this up by writing to the company to let them know why you are boycotting them / their product(s). It doesn’t have to be a long letter – a few words will suffice, just to let them know. There is no need, or benefit, to putting your address on the letter.

    None of this gets to the nub of the issues, tackles their motivations, but it gets the ball rolling in the right direction. We can’t just lie down and take it when some of the things we can do are so simple and effective.

    • I agree Indigo and will start doing as you suggested. It is also amazing to find out that so many of the so-called “organic” food companies are not at all and use GMO. I saw a list, some are Kashi, Cascadian Farms, Silk, Eden, Knudsen, some of Whole Foods products. I called Cascadian Farms saying that I was for Prop 37 (labeling GMO foods) and the woman said that she “appreciates my opinion”. If we hit them in their wallet ($$$) we CAN make a difference.

  4. What a brave man,wife and other farmers! stolen genetic heritage indeed! and to the Supreme Court Canada,
    farmers rights, patents, lifeforms, ‘0.13.50’ —–etc

    • Yes, there were other equally brave farmers in the video, and hopefully many more like them, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.

      It was funny to see Percy’s wife in the audience at the conference doing her knitting. Bless. They are a great team.

      I was glad to hear that the GMO crop yielded LESS than the natural crop.

  5. I shared this link with my friends but sadly some of them left it too late to watch it. Any chance that it will be available for public viewing again?

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