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Dazed Lemmings Can’t Bridge The Reality Gap


by Zen Gardner

Ever wonder why people can’t make the leap to real awareness of what’s going on?

Why do so few people seem to care about the dangers of the unreported radiation levels and toxic debris washing across the Pacific? How is it no one but local residents raise the alarm about the horrific effects of the Gulf oil spill and the poisonous seafood landing on American dinner tables?

As the Orwellian American police state sweeps into place, the economy crumbles, and their faultless leader languishes on his latest vacation or exalted meeting, Americans are preparing to celebrate their entry into a brave new police state with minimal awareness of the true dangers already dissolving their health, wealth and chances for survival in an engineered conflagration of mythic proportions that is already descending on their heads.


Sensory Overload and the Ostrich Effect

As the gap between reality and manipulated public perception grows, it may just be too big a leap for many at this point. Having been dumbed down and unresponsive for so long, it’s too much for them to take in.

Sad, but again, that’s the projected reality that many unconsciously adopt.

Hey, why wake up when everything’s such a bummer? That’s the underlying mentality. The thing is, this is a conditioned response. Overload and recoil. And it’s been going on a long, long time.

Why? Like the dumbing down effect of not just the manipulated media but fluoride and chemtrails and adulterated food, it eventually suppresses natural responses. When the real alert presents itself, the subject will not be able to react and protect himself.

Why all the dramatic end of the world sci-fi movies? Why the emphasis on violence and horror movies and graphic, destructive wars? Why does the news major on the bad events of the day? Why the combative gladiator sports, emphasis on technology instead of humanity, and mind-numbing crass consumerism and sexualization of society?

This is deliberate social engineering, and that’s the biggie.

It’s all engineered..and that’s the last thing most people want to realize.

And it usually is.

The Power of Cognitive Dissonance

The world has become essentially schizophrenic in outlook. Being told one thing while the exact opposite is happening before their eyes for so long, the “dissonance” created by this conflict causes humanity to shut down. America is the perfect example. Fighting for freedom and liberty we commit genocide and destroy nation after nation. To protect our liberties the government has overturned the Bill of Rights and made the Constitution a mockery.

Yes the populace sits and takes it. Why?

Too big of a leap.

If it turned out they’ve been completely conned by a massive manipulated agenda they may just completely break down. And subconsciously the horror of that reality is therefore a “no”.

Even if it were true they’re at the point they’d rather not know.

I’ll Take Conscious Reality.

“Why all the negativity?” is what you’ll hear a lot of the time when you bring these things up. The answer, as David Icke often says, is that what we’re trying to make known isn’t negative, it’s ignorance that’s negative. Truth is empowering, no matter how awful it may be sometimes. And at this point in history the more you learn the more negative it may seem, with the Controllers’ agenda in full final-phase swing.

But so what. Keep learning and you’ll have the breakthrough.

Things haven’t changed all that much. The purpose of life is to rediscover who you truly are, and that wonderful awakening makes everything else pale in comparison. Our mission then becomes to inform and empower, share and encourage. The same one it always has been.

That it’s taking this kind of extreme compression to awaken the slumbering masses is really no surprise, and ultimately a gift from the Universe to help people back into the real world…..that of conscious loving awareness.

Awaken from slumber, one and all…

And once you find out, get your butt in gear telling others any way you can.

The storm is coming….in fact, it’s already here. Spread the word.

Love, Zen


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  1. When the self evident trumps what we know, then we have truly lost touch with reality

    Millions of people still believe that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

    Especially when admiring the sunrise or the sunset! :-)

  2. Haha!!! I salute you in this one. You are all over it like white on rice. And here in Beijing, I see a lot of white on rice. Nyonk nyonk. Anyway, I see a hell of a lot of lemmings, too. Just try using anything that has any access whatsoever to the public and watch the lemmings manifest in all their glory, every time, almost without fail. Subways, busses, cabs, cafes, cars, traffic lights, intersections, escalaters, and the list goes on while I’m just scratching the surface and only the physical one. This is the reptoid-programmed human brain in all its ugly glory. It can also be reprogrammed to give temporary alleviation of its total stupidity for some purposes or other (such as mass cullings… how else do you explain episodes of genius within groups who are for the most part barbaric numbskulls but just suddenly find their calling for becoming part of a well-oiled machine, usually of the warring variety?).

    Look at the vermin which includes your own hominid body, realize that the extremely ugly and evil lizard bastards really do have total control of this dominion, then realize that only your bare soul itself, still naked and sensitive as the day it was born, likes in the center of this iron maiden and longs to tear itself out and go home.

    Then look at the lemmings and see the difference, how they long for nothing except what is programmed into them and put in their faces, how they cannot distinguish good from evil but only “me like” and “me no like” and that usually depends merely on peer-pressurized reflexive pseudo-“morality” which is nothing other than cultivated reflexes having nothing to do with morality but only might makes right conditioning.

    They are the unwitting army that their masters have created in order to create the setting in which souls, the real focus of this show, are to be deluded and shorn of their energy as long and as efficiently as possible. All because the enfant-terrible who runs this ugly demi-verse can’t handle the metaphysical reality that it will not be “the ONE”. All because he is the demiurgical freak birth of an evil will that temporarily and accidentally exists until Goodness purifies itself of naivete into full WISDOM and learns to see the evil ugliness for what it is and bear sufficient contempt upon it to make its intrusion into our realms a metaphysical impossibility equivalent to the impossibility of nothingness to enter into beingness itself.

    That is done locally within an individual soul when it rejects this world with a perfectly good will and with perfect, utterly intransigent contempt while loving whatever it sees that is good with utterly fearless and shameless humility. Think of Jesus, the pharisaic serpents, and then the beaufiful innocence of children and his reactions to both and then it rolls off the heart like a native language. Just rise above their ugly reptoid fake consciousness inducing brain mechanisms and love only what is good, true, beautiful and just until the very end, no matter what.

    • Alex—eloquent as always. You need to write! Get a blog going, or start by posting on BeforeItsNews to get the hang of it. You have a lot to say and you say it really well!
      Write me if you need help…I’m the alternative news editor there so I can give you a boost. Cheers, and thanks again for the great comments, Love, Zen

  3. Becoming aware and facing the” Matrix” in which we live is a spiritual problem since actual self is not of the material.
    What needs to wake up is this self or “soul” not the human consciousness which is the very cause of the problem itself.
    Human consciousness is generally social consciousness and always tends toward group think!
    Since it is nothing without the group consciousness it fears any info that moves it outside this circle. This sleeping self needs to awaken and take back the control of the mind and this cannot be done without a considerable shock initiated by a threat to itself or “Spiritual Exercises”.
    Many spiritual exercises can be found on paths such as Eckankar.

  4. For most, it’s easier and less upsetting to keep ignoring reality, watch the game on TV, have another beer and jam another grease burger down. Most people prefer comfort and security, even if it’s only imagined, to freedom, which can be scary.

  5. If a hermetic process is underway then the vessel has to be hermetically sealed. Those who believe man is a fallen creature will be partially behind it. At some point the “murder of the innocents” will take place. The innocents are the fools tricked into taking part in the process. I doubt most of the blue and red have read Fuccanelli, but maybe they have listen to the lyrics of “fool on the hill”. Unless they turn on their bosses and walk away they are scheduled for termination as soon as they have finished playing their part, regardless of what they have been promised or imagine they are capable of.

  6. We are not these bodies . we are spirit souls part and parcel of the Supreme spirit soul; Krsna. Just read the Bhagavad-gita as it is by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivendanta Swami Prabhupada and all your questions will be answered.

  7. Dear Zengardner, your article is a perfect explanation on how the control of the masses has been working so well so far, but as you say change is coming. I would like to know your opinion on the numbers needed to make these changes happen. Once I read about critical mass needed beeing only one per cent. Do you agree ? If so, How far do you think we are from that goal? Many thanks for your enlightening vision. Namaste.

  8. Pastor Lindsey Williams explains in his video that people were given those new dangerous power meters ( I refuse to call them by their name) because the 905 MHZ frequency enters the brain cavity and makes people not react to the imminent global currency reset. Watch it on you Tube

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