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History Is Always Now

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by Zen Gardner

One of the most crippling methodologies of the controlling forces is locking humanity into cleverly devised contexts where the power of Now loses its importance. If we see social and economic events, not as urgent issues to be aware of and consciously dealt with, but rather filed away from action as either seemingly unimportant or simply inevitable trends that are impossible to change, we will not be motivated to even awaken, never mind take action of any sort.

Their false paradigm becomes an end in itself to which we resign ourselves. “It’s useless to even try..” becomes the motto.

It’s really the same assumptive programming we see everywhere, from what’s taught as truth in education and media, to what’s important in the daily news ..and especially regarding what is totally ignored. Humanity’s sense of historical and social perspective is carefully programmed and their activation buttons are put on permanent snooze. Wars and major incidents such as JFK’s assassination or the 9/11 ritual all become frozen in official rhetoric long enough for the potential effects of the real Truth to wear off as society falls firmly into the constructed social narrative, in spite of some protest.

Once solidified it gets policed by the political correctness watchdogs and society’s own fears of seeing outside their own fearful paradigm.

Apply this across the board regarding anything that is officially taught or endorsed. System information today is not empowering. It is dependency and futility affirming, perfectly exemplified by the dog and pony political treadmill show. Not only are people kept busy making fruitless efforts in a deliberately vampiric system, but that same sense of futility is again learned and reinforced as a staple and norm of socialized life. “That’s just the way it is – always has been, always will be..” as if it’s some deep wise proverb instead of the induced cowardly duck and run from real accountability that it truly is.

Putting Everything Off from Now

What’s important to remember is how they’ve shifted the playing field, and will continue to do so. The entire framework for judgement and understanding in their contrived world is completely out of kilter. That’s why we experience that sense of spiritual slippage, like our internal processing gears are off or the clutch is going out when we try to grasp this information we’re being blasted with.

This type of objectified distancing is exactly how to disempower, demoralize and subtly coerce humanity into a sense of futility and compliant behavior in just one misleading and belittling attitude. A presupposed historical or social context. How we frame what we think we believe is symptomatic of their control system.

It’s the same distancing they do with so-called historical “giants” and “heroes”. “None of us could ever attain to such stature. These were extraordinary men in extraordinary times!”

What a bunch of hokum. Each of us is magnificence awaiting manifestation. It only remains to throw a few simple activation switches and off we go. The confusion, historical distancing and over exaltation of those who actually did anything, real or fictional, is to set them apart from us, and most of all us from simple activation as if it’s unattainable by the “common” person.


Bastardized thinking at its root.

Saints and Planned Insignificance

The best time to stop something is before it begins. This is especially so with cultural, social or even spiritual changes. This is why controlled opposition is so effective. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it, which oppressive regimes have done for millennia.

That, and set the bar so high to be a world changer no one can attain to. So no one even dares to try.

Religions do this systematically with their exalted icons. “I cannot attain to such sainthood, so in obeisance I bow to those who have.” One of the most disempowering strategies of all time. Hence untouchable mythic-proportioned heroes, gods and goddesses coming to the rescue, immaculate conceptions of supernatural beings, and belief systems and psychological cure-alls galore.

Get a grip. It’s up to us. Not some ethereal cereal mush that seems like food at the right time. Please, humanity, let’s think for ourselves!

Maybe then the divine will reach out to meet us.

“Larger Than Life”

It’s very clever to paint world changers, again real or fictional, as “exceptional” people. “This is not the rule. Besides, look, they were martyred for their beliefs.” That will tend to put a damper on others emulating them.

Disempowerment is the name of their game. We are the overwhelming majority. To keep the populace stupefied, distracted and confused only works to the advantage of the oppressors. From bread and circus to sophisticated pharmaceuticals, nano-warfare, electro-magnetics and mind games, it all works in the same direction.


Orwell said it quite aptly, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

That’s as profound as it gets. Our current and future paradigms are carved out by those who control us. What does that mean to us? Our entire outlook is carefully hemmed in within certain constraints that seek to paralyze and entrain the current populace. No win political battles, token democracies, pointless socio-economic games played with the lives of living men and women.

All for our dis-animation, our induced sense of futility in the face of whatever befalls us.

And it’s all built on a narrative.

The one told by them.


The Power of Now – Why Shamanic Cultures Are Being Eliminated

True history in any form is a living one. It’s inclusive and spiritually malleable as things come into focus. In the false historical construct trends have supposedly happened for clearly delineated reasons. All their imposed, contrived and containing explanations.

However, in the true spiritual flow the real nature of humanity and its growth and development are another story.

Native cultures of our planet have a grasp of the true nature of things. Humanity goes through changes, granted, but the true anchor is still the same.  Our connectivity to everything – the earth, the planets, the stars and all of visible and invisible creation. That very anchor is the bane of the Controllers’ existence that they want to eliminate.

Instead, the culturally imposed mindset is one dependent on what many call the matrix. It’s a matrix of deceit, bolstered by its own self importance and most of all the participation of the entranced. But nonetheless, it is a completely artificial construct.

The elimination of native cultures began centuries ago. The threat they present is this very wisdom – connectivity – and an unknown quality of today called responsibility. To ourselves, our children and our planet. This was thrown overboard a long, long time ago.

“That was Then, This is Now”

Here’s another fat excuse we’ve been handed. “That was back then. This is a different time.” Oh really? Says who? Is there a prescription we’re to follow, thwarters of human initiative? What conditions are correct in order to play in this game? And why do we need your permission or direction?

That’s exactly how they want us to think…like total dependents. That’s all that matters to them.

However righteous the cause we may champion, when we play by their rules they win. When we let them describe the problem, lead the way out, set the parameters we’re to behave within, we’ve lost. We’re inside the matrix no matter how inspired we may feel about ourselves.

This is where the rubber of real awakening meets the road. Just as a true awakening is anything but comforting, so realizing the futility of our previous lives and our in fact participation with the enemy does not provide a sense of comfort.

Until we make the change. When we acknowledge the truth and re-set our sights and compasses we are already living in the now.

Their whole ploy is a delay game. To keep us from being fully in the now – the consciously awake and aware and honest now.


The time to wake up is now. Always now. Refuse the false narrative of delay, walking sleep and distraction.

Now says “go for it”.  Follow the Truth. It’s our time to assert.

Their answers are pure fabricated bullshit. Plain and simple.

Love, Zen




    • An excerpt….

      The facts are that there are many plants that have been known to Expand consciousness, increase awareness of self, and initiate one into the nature of spirituality. Thousands of PhD. Professors all over the world (in fields such as Botany, Ethno-botany, Entheo-botany, Archaeology, Anthropology, Philology, Philosophy, Psychology, as well as a plethora of other inter-related fields) have written Thousands of books/papers on the investigation and study of Psychedelic plants. Many such writings have dealt with the use of such substances by Spiritual practitioners in most every Religion formed on the planet. Most people are OUT OF THE LOOP in knowing about any of this. Throughout history each Tribe/Culture has looked for leadership and insight to the local HOLY person. Often known as a HOLY MAN or otherwise Shaman/Healer/Priest/Mage/Sage/Yogi/Magician. The insight these LEADERS possessed was largely due to their experience and understanding of Pharmacopeia (use of plants) and the insight offered by the use of these things. Different tribes and peoples used different Entheogens, largely determined by local availability. This RESPECT, reverence, and Authority held by the native shaman is a major problem for Government and Religion. This is why Pharmacopeia has been demonized and dis-reputed as something of the DEVIL. The Spanish (Catholic) inquisition and Witch hunts are prime examples of this. As well as the stealing of land and other properties done in the name of GOD by murdering over EIGHT MILLION people that the Church/Government tried as witches up till the 19th century. There is also the matter of an estimated twenty million indigenous Central Americans murdered (exterminated) bringing about the near extinction of the Aztec/Inca/Mayan peoples. The underlying agenda is the repression of the knowledge of Entheogenic plants which if it succeeded would insure the peoples loyalty to established Religion in all matters pertaining to GOD. Primarily due to the inability of experiencing God for oneself. Since Government and Religion are the controllers of the world, An independent Shaman/Priest/Mage/Magician/Prophet is a threat to their loyalty and Authority.

  1. “Our current and future paradigms are carved out by those who control us. ” Right on Zen! You’ve added some PSI to your punch on this one. One of your best in my book.

  2. Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them; disagree with them; glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

  3. How did Columbus “discover” America, when there were 50 million people living there? How did Muslims do a controlled demolition of building 7 on 9-11? Beware the party line. Think for yourself. Thanks Zen.

  4. History tells, albeit very very well hidden, of a man, who was the only man in history, to bridge between the ancient languages and our modern language. No other man had his capabilities. He brought forward information that had been occulted for thousands and thousands of years. The only attacks on what he brought forward were ad hominem attacks, not against what he brought to the table. He was assigned the task of translating the dead sea scrolls (time capsule), and was the only one to complete this task.
    His findings told of a substance that restores a balance within you, a balance that has been lost, and must be found, for one to continue, on their chosen path………..

  5. “Each of us is magnificence awaiting manifestation,” very we’ll stated Zen! I just stumbled upon your website four days ago and I have returned every day since! I crave truth. The articles and information shared here satisfies my craving every time. I have been living what my family and I like to call an “alternative lifestyle” for 6 years now and everything I find here about what truth is resonates with how we structure our lives by. Much love to you and what you do! Please keep posting because I love reading all you have to share!!!

    • Wow, gr8 to have you here! You’ll meet a lot of kindred souls here! For more of my writings go to the Zen Timeline button on the front page and get back chronologically. Sounds to me it’ll resonate with you!! Much love, stay in touch! Love, Zen

  6. Zen, what a wonderful piece! A slight shift here and there, murder and silencing of those that can help us get our bearings, and then the distraction to keep us from seeing the shifts are all ploys they use against us. We loose sight so easily when it happens slowly. Add centuries of this happening, and boy have we been pulled away from truth!!! It is like a blindfolded game of pin the tail on truth. The problem is they drugged us up, used illusion to show us where the truth is, and then spun us so long and tight that we can barely walk upright.
    Time to get back to heart and our own power!
    Much love, Zen!

    • Time to get back to heart and our own power: is the heart of the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha’s own heart expressed in his own words. How wonderful to hear this from you! If you are not the Buddha herself, you must be a Boddhisatva of the Earth.

  7. This is a great piece Zen. So much to grok here. The now is virtually obscured by the lies of the past and the fears of the future.

  8. Jesus kindly admonished to know the truth…

    why does the “Media” hate everything holy & pure…TRUTH ?

    what tribe are the gog & magog “Proselytes” from anyway ?

    FREE PALESTINE…FREE the Earth…Free yourself…KNOW TRUTH

  9. Hi Zen,

    nowhere I find so much now than here, great Zen! Keep going…
    Another reason they killed all (ab)originals: they live in the circle way, you can`t push them in a pyramid system!

    Love from Charna

  10. Hey Zen, got turned on to your site thru SoTT news site….good stuff you do, keep on brother…anyway this piece really reminds me a lot of what one of my favorite awakened beings speaks…John Trudell…I’m sure your familiar with him…if not watch the documentary “Trudell” (easy to find on YT)….the cool thing is, unlike so many other speakers of truth I’ve found in recent years, he’s still ALIVE! , and active. Check out these links, they’re EXCELLENT!…..Truth and poetry ( his poetry makes me weep…the truth-joy kind), much love and thanks, Dave


  11. You do understand that Hitler was explaining and denouncing the mechanism of “The Big Lie” technique don’t you?

    Do you truthers ever stop to ask yourself why Adolf Hitler would give away all of his “diabolically evil schemes” in a book that he desperately tried to get into the hands of the very same public he allegedly tried to “enslave”?

    It’s because there were no plans to enslave Germany. Hitler’s plan was to save Germany, from the very same internationalist forces that you people claim to fight against.

    Maybe you should actually read the mans work, rather than mining for “evil” Hitler quotes on Google and ripping them out of context.

    Let’s see if you at least have the intellectual honesty and moral integrity to allow this to be posted…I’m guessing not.

    You cretin.

    • Well James – if you’ve read my earlier writings you’d see I’m more within your perspective than you think, but when you stoop to broadbrushing statements like “you truthers” and foolish name calling you’re not helping anyone – and certainly not what you’re espousing, which I happen to believe has a lot of truth.

      Why the anger?

      It’s always amazing how some people turn to the very thuggery they accuse others of. Not a sign of conscious awakening. Might be a lesson in there somewhere for you Jimbo..there are more important things than being right, but that might escape you in your current oneupmanship paradigm.

      Simmer down and learn to work with people. Quit attacking them as if everyone’s your enemy when they don’t comply to your standards.

      Just some advice, take it for what you will. You’re a free agent. – Zen

      • Dear Zen,

        Thank you for your reply, and for posting my comment.

        Why the anger?

        Because, “Zenbo”, by using that graphic at the top of your page, you are implicitly perpetuating a “Big Lie”. You and I both know that you are drawing parrallels between todays corporatocracy, and Hitler’s National Socialism, expecially given the context of this article, and that is not merely dishonest, it is disgusting.

        I am angry because truthers have the audacity to preach to question everything, and to “let go of fear”, but insist on denegrating the character of the one man who actually offered a viable resistance against what, i guess, most of your readers would term the “New World Order”. They are told by the David Ickes and Alex Jones’ of the world to question the mainstream media, and see it as part of the NWO control grid (correctly), until it comes to the issue of Adolf Hitler, who of course, we must all agree on, was the biggest demon of history. Let us not speak of the fact he saved Europe from the Bolshevik slaughter that resulted in the murder of at least 20 million Russians.

        These conspiracy gatekeepers do this because it challenges their libertarian, egalitarian, universalist, culturally marxist doctrines, which in fact all have their roots within the Jewish power structure they claim to want to overthrow. The people have been have expertly moulded into a controlled opposition conspirituality movement, by these payed shills (Jones) and useful idiots (Icke), with the aid of the Anti-Hitler propaganda like that you display at the top of this article.

        (As an aside, I was an Ickean and involved in the conspirituality movement for 4 years, before I had to reassess my world view, realising i was being lied to…yet again)

        If you are not angry, you are not paying attention and/or have no idea what this world is about to become.

        This has nothing to do with me being right, or my standards. This is about the truth.

        The NWO is nothing more than the political and corporate expression of Jewish supremacism. Jews have a biologically pre-determined proclivity to infiltrate, subvert and destroy the institutions and societies of their host nations, whilst working as part of a racially cohesive collective to advance their own interests and global hegemony, at the expense of humanity as a whole. Their history and the power they enjoy today, is a testament to that fact. When Hitler is demonized, when his words are taken out of context, when he is lied about, the common man and woman is turned away from truth. They are turned away from solutions, and THEY FAIL TO CORRECTLY IDENTIFY THE ENEMY.

        Do you have any articles that explain that Jews control the media, banking, political and academic institutions of the world, flood Europe with alien peoples and poisonous Cultural Marxist ideologies for the express purpose of destroying the white race, were responsible for 9/11, 7/7, The Lavon Affair, The USS Liberty, The King David Hotel Bombing, and every other false flag attack aimed at embroiling the white European in wars for their purposes, and did not die in Nazi gas chambers?

        I apologise for calling you a cretin. It was unnecessary. I do however thing you are misguided (that feeling is probably mutual). I would strongly reccommend you read Mein Kampf (the Murphy translation), if you haven’t already. See what Hitler warned of, what he described was happening in Austria and Germany before his rise to power, then take a look at the world we live in today. See if you see any similarities.

        • Tx for the reply James – no worries. Appreciate your research and opinion. I know things are not what we’ve been told. That’s the fundamental fact we can count on.

          • James we could have had a nice debate here about the Hitler psyop a few months back if you had been present for Zen’s post and the reader comments about Hitler’s pathetic role as actor for the JWO in WWII. Too bad you missed it and still don’t get it about how Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, and FDR were all in bed together. Why, FDR shipped Stalin nuclear materials right out of the Manhattan Project under the cover of Lend Lease. Without staging WWII with Holohoax, no Israhell.

            You can read about the setup here-


            You are offensive and unwelcome here as far as I am concerned the way you behave.

        • Did Hitler really write that book? Can’t be 100% sure if you didn’t witness his hand putting down his thoughts. How much of those thoughts were really his anyway since Hitler was groomed to fill that roll by the powers that be. Hitler was a dangerous psychopathic monster and very useful dupe who ordered policies that bureaucratic institutions carried out. Those policies were to run the Jews out on a rail, and kill off those that remained along with the other undesirables. In any case is murder of anyone defendable or justified if the person giving the orders to do so wrote a book blaming a group of pawns who were being controlled by forces they could not perceive? Attacking straw men, puppets, and symptoms lead the do rights down the path to nowhere. This tact causes infighting, and distractions. Which is why the powers that be are so powerful, arrogant and confident in completing their wicked plans of population reduction and control. If you study history and internalize it’s lessons taking action to attack the root cause of the problem, only then can there be a resolution. Break free of the self-herding sheeple mindset and stop attacking others that are making efforts to unlock minds and free the hearts of the masses. Lets work to direct our energies to change this shithole we swim in, into the promise land we all aspire to live in. Remember the 99% basically want the same things, don’t fall for the 1%’s divide and conquer tactics, WAKE UP BROTHER, WAKE UP!!! Tick tock, tick tock, times running out! On second thought, what other country would be a good place to live in?

        • Further study of Hitler’s physical appearance certainly points towards a glaring similarity to George the fifth and sixth former Kings of England. Of course the tiny mustache subtly takes ones attention from his facial features. There are a few but not many shots of him without the stache. I would really like to believe what you are espousing here James, I too went through my Hitler period, but what came out of the experimentation camps under his watchful eye really does make one wonder if he was part of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha bloodline surely he would have been privy to this frightening scenario and nipped that in the bud.

  12. I’ve enjoyed all the articles I’ve read from your posts to date. Feels like I’m reading my own thoughts sometimes, with a few added insights. Glad to see others are starting to wake up to reality, it’s just not fast enough for me. I remain active in fighting to reach the tipping point spilling over into a velvet revolution. I can’t stand it when I pass on some info and most are waiting for their savior to fix things or the space aliens got it covered, while others make claims of this being another historical cycle we’re going through “Darkest before the dawn”, so relax. Most say don’t be paranoid everything will work itself out!!! I’m with you Zen, it’s up to us to change things for the better, not some fairy tale crap. I just don’t want to be the dude standing in the pit waiting to be shot telling the other human targets, “I told you so”!!! Good Night & Good Luck.

    • Well said. That’s one reason I got out of the US – didn’t want to be sitting in a FEMA camp saying we were warned…people need to take off their cement boots and get out of the boiling water any way they can before their froggy bodies succumb. What’s the point of warnings or foresight if people don’t act on it somehow?

  13. Let’s just think about it, if the PTB are the JWO and they staged WWI and WWII for the reasons revealed by Albert Pike, they now control the whole shebang lock stock and barrel as they maneuver toward Pike’s predicted WWIII and aftermath as money issuance calls the tune by paying the piper. It gives new meaning to news about rogue states, strategy of tension, falseflag events, crisis actors, agent provocateurism, mind control, controlled opposition, revolution, and all the rest of the drama. We see even poor ol India rolling out the electronic identities. and if you have kept up with proposals for electronic money and negative interest, plus chipping, you realize it is headed through wars by deception to destruction of human freedom, if not something even darker.
    Hitler has been shown to look mostly like his Rothschild grandpappy. HIs sister’s memoirs of jewish granddad are interesting, as was the escape of Hitler to Argentina at the end of the psyop. mission accomplished.

    • “Outside forces” needed an inside group of sellouts to carry out the dark mission. Dem Zio-bloods da boys – amongst others who sold out. Ultimate traitors to humanity. No wonder they were chased around the world prior to this last stage…

  14. RE ‘History is always now’, you might enjoy, even employ, this thought – no attribution needed.


    There are how many days in a week?
    Only three, I venture:
    ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow.’

    But, yesterday has gone and
    can no longer count;
    so now down to two.
    Oh! As I recall, tomorrow
    never comes: so down to one,

    Act now to be confident
    of your maximum effect, lest:
    today be as empty as tomorrow.

    For almost nothing is impossible
    for the most ordinary among us,

    one does not seek the credit.

    Yours along the pilgrims’ way,



    “Make for thyself a definition or description of the thing which is presented to thee, so as to see distinctly what kind of a thing it is, in its substance, in its nudity, in its complete entirety, and tell thyself its proper name, and the names of the things of which it has been compounded, and into which it will be resolved. For nothing is so productive of elevation of mind as to be able to examine methodically and truly every object which is presented to thee in life, and always to look at things so as to see at the same time what kind of universe this is, and what kind of use everything performs in it, and what value everything has with reference to the whole, and what with reference to man, who is a citizen of the highest city, of which all other cities are like families; what each thing is, and of what it is composed, and how long it is the nature of this thing to endure.”—Marcus Aurelius Antoninus 180 AD

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