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The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels

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It’s no wonder that when Chris Smith, the head of the Environment Agency, arrived on the Somerset Levels today, he was running scared. Apparently, he didn’t let anyone know exactly where he would arrive, and when.

He didn’t even tell the local MP.

Conservative MP Ian Liddell-Grainger, who represents Bridgwater and West Somerset, was blowing a gasket when contacted about it by BBC News: “I will tell him what I bloody well think of him – he should go, he should walk. I’m livid. This little git has never even been on the telephone to me. When I find out where he is, I will give it to him. He has not told the local MPs, the local council or the local press where he is going to be. He’s a coward.”

This failure to even contact the democratically elected MP of that constituency is typical of the fascist goose-stepping jackboot of this global corporatist takeover. Because even if you believe that all the recent stormy weather is an act of God – rather than an act of HAARP – there is one inescapable smoking gun. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist, because it’s all on record in the form of government consultations and EU Directives, to realise that the flooding of the Somerset Levels has been largely caused by a deliberate run-down of the necessary maintenance to drainage infrastructure which is required for geo-engineered land.

This draconian slashing of the funding of the river dredging, and other necessary work needed for adequate drainage, has been carried out in line with EU policy which itself is aligned with UN Agenda 21, which seeks to move people out of the countryside and into the cities.

What will happen next is that the carpet baggers will move into the Levels to buy up the land at rock bottom fire-sale prices, which is all the farmers will be able to charge now that the land has been contaminated from overflowing sewerage and their farms are virtually uninsurable. The carpet baggers will probably make a killing in selling that land on to the frackers, as it stands over a huge shale gas field which they’ve been slavering over for some time.

Chris Smith is trying to pretend that these cuts to dredging and maintaining banks and walls are all about austerity and cutting our cloth accordingly etc, like good little housewives. But it’s interesting to note that only £10 million is being set aside to bail out the Somerset Levels – (and it’s not new money; only the same £10 million that was cut) – while the big banks’ bail-out, just a few years ago, was to the tune of trillions.

The original problem-reaction-solution impetus in the EU directive, which wants to turn floodplain, like the Somerset Levels, into “Washland”, seems to be based on a now outdated idea of the sea levels rising due to ice caps melting because of ‘global warming’. But ‘global warming’ has now had to resign itself to the findings of real science, and so has had a swift rebrand to ‘climate change’.

However, ‘climate change’ is, in itself, a misnomer in that it indicates that a changing climate is a new problem which we have to deal with. In fact, our climate on Earth changes all the time…. the only constant in the climate on Earth is change…and just because the weather is behaving differently to how it has done during the course of our own allotted three-score-years-and-ten is hardly surprising. The climate on Earth is only a small part of huge cosmological cycles – even a 100 year cycle is as nothing, viewed from that perspective. We really have to stop beating ourselves up about this, and stop trying to control it.






  1. For those that follow Dane Wigington, this is a wonderful depiction of what is happening in America. Dane’s graphic maps make the picture very clear as to what is going on in our country.
    Dane talks about Agenda 21 and the deceitful way the controllers, at hand, are manipulating our weather.
    We are coming to a tipping point of no return, if we don’t start speaking up. The soulless ones are working overtime.

    Climate Engineering Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization


  2. hi people, many politicians will resign or get sacked because of this, and it will expose the true corruption of this sick government, it is well overdue, sooner the better :)

  3. Do you think so Ian ? I don’t know. I wish you were right So many people look under the hood as it were, smell the stench of corruption and walk on. I don’t think its just us Brits either, Its just how’ we’ as a collective seem to be . I watched Chris Smith on his visit to the Somerset Levels . There was one thing that struck me and it was such a small seemingly insignificant thing . He did not take Wellington Boots with him !That small gesture said everything and spoke at a subliminal level of the total disconnect between this Government and the people it says it cares for .This man was saying I have no intention of engaging with you I am not part of this I am in my 4×4 a separate entity I am government you are just the’ little people ‘. I could have wept but with anger .He was of course later found suitable footwear and forced to speak to the people he so obviously holds in contempt . . i read this morning that this incorrigible vile man is now blaming these poor people for buying their properties in the wrong place !! Why do we allow this to happen though , Tony Blair and all the scandals surrounding that government, 9/11 Fukushima , the list go’s on and on . We accept meekly and these monsters continue with their journey leaving a trail of devastation behind them. Even if this a giant holographic Universe and this is a game , rules can be learned and then changed , we need to learn quickly …. change the rules maybe then we can win , maybe ….. ;) Kitty X

    • hi kitty, yes i do believe this is the first of many government embarrassments the public can plainly see, even with their busy lives and blinkered view.
      people can see how much lack of compassion and “im alright jack” attitude they have.
      i believe this is just the start of the governments demise :)

  4. Good Ian ! I was hoping you were going to say that ‘
    I live in an area where the natives( bankers mostly) have it so good to maintain the status quo is only to their advantage . The way our government is going seeing yesterday’s news it maybe won’t be long before we see change . The next question is , what or who next and will it be different ? Kitty XX

  5. hi folks, its a pity people just dont listen to people like us.
    i live in the uk and the s**t is really hitting the fan now.
    the country is being brought to its knees by this man made weather.
    maybe they might start to listen to us.
    i have been posting information every day on facebook since december that this was close to happening.
    but they just think im crazy lol.
    they will start to listen soon :)

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