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The Division of Humanity by Humanity

by Heather Rodgers


The strategy of Divide and Conquer has been used throughout history almost every time there is one group that wants to dominate or defeat another group. It has been a tried and true strategy for generals on the battlefield to assist in winning wars. The same strategy has been used against humanity by those that desire to control us through various forms of manipulation. In fact, it is so engrained into our way of being that we almost relish in dividing ourselves which allows them to better conquer humanity.

The strategy in war makes perfect sense. If you divide the opposition into smaller groups, especially if your army is larger in numbers or fighting power, then you are able to quickly defeat the smaller groups of fighters versus a larger mass or better equipped group that can help defend themselves and attack offensively. Communication would play a vital role in this aspect as well. If a larger group is working together towards a goal with clear communication, then they have a higher probability of achieving the goal versus many units with possible communication barriers working on an assumed strategy versus constantly morphing strategies to react to the opposition.

Well, the same is applied to us, humanity, in our lives for as long as history has been recorded. There has always been a “Them Vs. Us” mentality prevalent. It is evidenced in the ideas of nationalities, race, religion, political stance, economic status, education level, etc. Sadly, it appears that we, as humanity, have been manipulated in performing this task in the present day for those that wish to control us. In the last couple of generations in the western cultures if not further, it has been carried into fashion, physical appearance, volunteer status, material status, sports teams, type of beer you drink, music genres, and on and on.

Many people are quick to label themselves and join certain groups and allow those labels and groups to become their identity. Many constantly allow this to be something of debate more so than the logical truthful facts. They are quick to judge someone based upon a label they have given another person or the group of which that person affiliates. The debate of which label or group is better becomes the debate not the facts of the argument. In fact, if more people would stop with the stereotypes and focusing on which group they think someone belongs to, we may actually awaken as humanity to the nonsense that we are being manipulated into believing is our way of life.






  1. Waiting, I do not claim to be a mature awakened soul. I am just a soul on my own journey of awakening. My “info” comes from my perspective of my own experience. What do I do for a living? I love and laugh with those I love and come across in my life and share my perspective on this journey that we are on. How do I make ends meet? I grow my own food, barter whenever possible, and support local farmers, producers, and sellers as much as possible when needed. I see nothing wrong with groups, as this often helps facilitate accomplishing goals. My concern is when our identification with groups causes barriers and keeps us, as humanity, from accomplishing great successes in solving the problems that we face. From my perspective, many will spend more energy defending a group or association versus truly addressing the problem at hand. Be well, waiting.

    • Such a well written and heartfelt article Heather . I absolutely get everything you say , it is something that concerns me deeply . All this division … We are our own worst enemies . I think JC has said everything in her wonderfully funny but beautifully sensitive way !!! Much love Heather another great read XX Kitty XX

      • I interact with many people that have an amazing loving heart, but they let their race, religion, income, etc. keep them isolated from others with amazing loving hearts as well. It is frustrating to watch these barriers get in the way of these people working towards what they know is a more loving way of living life. Problem is… they really have to realize it themselves. They are entrenched with tall barriers. Much love to you and the family, Kitty. Been thinking of you with that weather that came through your area. Be well and blessed!

        • Beautifully put Heather as always :) We have had weather again , you know us Brits do love weather Lol ! But very windy and high tides here in Suffolk . Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts , you are a sweetheart , much love back to you and your family too Xxx , Kitty xxxx

  2. thank you for waiting….can I help you?

    thank you for waiting….can I help you?

    thank you for waiting….can I help you?

    thank you for waiting….can I help you?

    must be a bad connection – Oh Well!

    Heather, your words make me want to go down to town hall during one of the numerous “battle of the budgets” — pick one- any one – they’re all the same. everyone bickering over their “fair share” of this, that, and the other things…. THINGS that each and everyone of us AS A GROUP/COMMUNITY could easily take care of our selves. I’m convinced after reading a few of the ACLU’s latest “law” suits that STFU just isn’t going to work (for the obvious reasons of dividing and conquering that you point out so well!)

    I could go on and on and on about RIGHTS LIBERTIES FREEDOMS – push me/pull you ….

    I think we’re fighting a loosing battle.
    great post. I SO feel your frustrations with the majority of people still playing in this tribal mindset game amongst themselves. It’s just become a game now….. Arrrgh……

    you will love this vid

    • Jersey, I love ya Lady! :-) I wish STFU and open your minds was something we could shout and it would work. Oh MY, we might make some freaking progress! LOL.
      I enjoyed the Seth Godin talk. We do have amazing ability to link up with others that share a similar passion and work on spreading wonderful real change. Example: Zen’s amazing garden. :-)
      It will take those that understand the beauty of a true tribe essence to bring forth a better way of living, imo.
      Much love to ya, Jersey!!!!

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