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Do You Do It, Or Does It Do You? – Alan Watts


I was going to post more excerpts from this amazing talk and realized I just needed to post the whole thing to chew on. There’s something for everyone, ha! Enjoy. Love, Zen



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  1. As I’ve heard said.
    40% will go ’round again.
    40% will re-create the same again.
    10% will get it.
    10% will “fly”.

  2. Regarding this lecture, I think the following does apply completely.
    we urged you to stop relying on external sources to provide answers and instead, go within. Quiet your mind of “3D” chatter and let your soul’s messages come as they do—intuition, instinct, inspiration, aspiration and conscience, the guidance that keeps you on track with what you chose in your soul contract. (Mathew 10-21-12). Kauilapele’s Blog

  3. i love alan watts….listened to so many of his wonderful lectures when in a really difficult place. Great teacher.

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