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Does Obama Really Exist?



Snords probes the Machiavellian mystery man and his absolute absence of any documented personal history.  – Zen

(From URmomsOBGYN at : http://www.liveleak.com)

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  1. A verbal evisceration. Snodster has posed a series of basic questions that we all should be wondering about. Here he has gone beyond the news cycle birther question and talking points repeated by every talking head on every clear channel; and gutted the puppet like a trophy buck. The questions raised here are rudimentary and so simple we never thought to ask them ourselves or question why nobody else did. Do you think the Chemtrails & GMO foods are working now? What other things are going on without any public scrutiny or questions, well, lots and lots of things; none of which will EVER be discussed on your TV. Another paradigm busting masterpiece from the master. Great work Snord.

    • “Gutted like a trophy buck”–perfect! The whole Obama-rama phenom is sci-fi like. Trance-formation of Amerika…but who’s looking? And we’re shouted down for being the crazies…surreal deal..

  2. Of his past no one remembers him, now no one can forget him.

    It was reported that Henri Kissofdeathenger assured the Chinese that Bo was only an interim president to acclimate the american people to a new form of gub’ment. Imagine that!

    If that report was a fabricated lie, it carries more truth of the man’s motives than any interview or speech ever given in the public circus. The man can’t organize two rocks because he doesn’t have to…it’s all done for him.

    If George Steppinonallofus was a real journalist, he would have already put the key into the pandora’s box to reveal the viper’s head.

    • yeah–the Obamadramaphenomena is surreal to the max. And who notices? That’s the weirdest part. They’re shunted into political camps like hemispheres of a brain. Incredible to behold!

      • So many notice but no tools to shut off the tap. You’re right….embracing false belief of political camps….what a swill. Left and right ping pong keeps the eyes off the real ball. The seers can see the puppet strings not just the puppet.

        Incredible to behold for sure…a good barometer for how far the masses have devolved. Even when they know the fix is in, it’s time to renew their cell phone contract. As the mafia bosses say:” forget about it”!

  3. I was so busy at jumping up and down on my soap box I forgot a very sincere Thank You.

    Thank You Snord for this great video article and Zen for posting.

    • * The fact that THEY unleashed their ‘junk-yard dogs’ on the the Snord…speaks volumes!…just want us to ‘fageddabouttid’

  4. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Thanks, Zen!

    It’s been said that ‘simple is best’. So here ‘ya go: The Snordster asks the devastatingly simple questions.

    Makes me wonder though: will there be ANY ‘simple answers’ on this one?

    I think not.

    Snords rocks – and always has.


  5. Just like the chemtrails above, only a few notice; a phenomenon well known to the social engineers working with the NWO…

  6. Definitely Nobody. Looks an android and acts like it. Stop believing in politics and government little ones. Quit accepting these “designated Hitlers”.

  7. coup accompli
    What does it matter.. that facts are he has been president going on 8 years with no internal opposition.

  8. Wow this is ridiculous I just google Obama’s wedding photos and they came up right away with links to who his best man was etc unbelievable how sloppy this vid is and no one questions the ridiculous questions!

    Im not saying Obama’s a great president but this video is not accurate.

  9. * How about “Wag the Dog?” (-1997 movie-De Niro/Hoffman) or the recently staged Boston Bombers Actors Guild?(lol)…not a stretch for Think-Tank/Spin-Doc- ‘Puppeteers’ to create a “Reality!”- “White House Presidency” scenario…mainlined right into the 21st century of American waking consciousness… with the greatest “Grand Illusion” Zion/MSM propaganda ‘Hypno-Trance’ delivery system ever created!
    ….The sheep are having the wool pulled over their eyes…& it ‘IS’ an ongoing conspiratorial “BIG LIE”…’Anything & Everything’ is now on the NWO round table….(in my opinion)

    • alex
      more than just opinion, it’s reality. You have sniffed it out and you know. Got a fire extinguisher anybody?

      Ride on sir!

    • Thanks, Alex, for saying exactly what I’ve been thinking all along. I salute you for your wit and humor with your post. Boston Bombers Actors Guild? Exactly (LOL). Leave it to the Department of Homeland Insecurity; its goons just about always screw things up, such as, failure to catch even one real terrorist.

  10. Great work Snordlehans! As to the quesiton of ‘BO’s’ origin, I lean tpwards ‘CLONE.’ It would answer the head scar question.
    Just wondering.

  11. This would be such a better video if it weren’t so easy to shoot down. Why do you have to be so absolute?! Never? No one from his past? I went to the same high school he did in Hawaii. He actually went there. He actually played on the basketball team. I have seen many pictures of him in places I know on that campus like the back of my hand. Yes, it was definitely him.

    His past gets very very murky starting in college. He is probably a shadow man.

    But if you’re going to take the time and trouble to make a video, why not make an argument that can actually hold up? There should be people that remember him at Columbia. He should have ex-girlfriends. Great points! But don’t say no past whatsoever, no people coming forward at all. Because it is so easy to prove that false. (And Rense linking to this site and having guests like Jordan Maxwell show what a joke he is)

  12. A president with no past. I guess everyone just assumed that he must be a real person to get to that level in politics, so no one actually asked the questions. This has to make you stop and wonder…………. What other BS have we not noticed?

  13. Good video, good questions but just like George, I googled “Obama wedding pictures” and “Obama Graduation Pictures” and sure enough they exist and look very authentic. The guy has been a disappointment and I have this feeling he might be a clone and not the real deal, but he has a history that can be verified and authenticated (at least the real Obama, not the clone).

  14. The world according to the Mystics and Einstein is an illusion and like a Babushka doll or a Russian nested doll Obama is an illusion inside this illusion. It is easy to say that he is a fraud but actually it is quite an achievement by the people that placed him in power!
    The main thing to notice is how he manages to circumvent critical questions and the support he has in terms of the maintenance of the present structure economically, politically and nationally.
    This Obama illusion is a winner takes all and rather risky, if Obama topples he will no doubt take the political system with him, since he is at the pinnacle or key stone of the shadow government- at least politically in the US- and his uncovering and disclosure is the gateway to the truel beginning of new world.

    • * Jump-Rooms to> Mars with Barry Sortero(sp.?), as young men…before B adopted the crack pipe & his penchant for older white men in limo’s???(lol)

  15. obama is played by at least 3 people. 1st is ron prescott reagan (see signature & secret service codenames for the obamas & the reagans) plus its why rahm emanuel was chief of staff. rahm would have known ron via the joffrey ballet co. (both went there) 2nd is jfk jr (not dead) he’s the one with the law degree. & 3rd is jerry seinfeld , thats why larry david lives at the white house. ( i suspect larry is jerrys dad) all 3 are left handed & know each other. all is checkable if you bother to look. this is only a tiny bit of whats happening. – take a look at valerie jarrett & matt damon or eric clapton & dr ben carson. a little reading , looking & listening reveals much. its time to ask yourself if you believe in god because it looks like we are up shit creek without a paddle to me.

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