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Donald in Mathmagic Land

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Terrific old Disney presentation on mathematics in the world around us and some history involved. The power of the language of numbers and learning to identify and interpret them is essential to understanding the world around us, including the encoded messages of the occult, secret societies and mystery school teachings which you’ll find riddled throughout corporate, government and military logos, language and designs .

While there is nothing inherently good or evil in these naturally occuring symbols or numbers, the intention with which they are used determines their meaning in any given use, as well as any deliberate perversion of their natural state.

Use them for empowerment, not for control, as we see in much of today’s world. – Zen

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  1. So Rollo, I revisited this post to have a look at this vid. “Square roots” gave me the giggle. Very cool, in spite of that highly annoying squeaky voice!! I know now why I have always been fascinated with the pentacle :-D

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