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Don’t Worry – Perpetual War Is Normal


  1. War is simply an advanced form of Darwinian Evolution driven by human scientific research. Civilization of humanity is an opposing force which so far seems to be failing.

    • * Wal-Mart is simply an advanced form of Darwinian inventions driven by human market research. Civilization of humanity is an oxymoron which so far seems to be failing……..Errrr…did I get that right???

  2. War is a symptom. The disease is duality. The universe is a mirror, and what we see is what we are. If you want to change your consciousness, change your diet. It is the quickest way to evolve. If you want to break the chain of suffering, become a vegetarian. Humans are the only organism on Earth that can choose between carnivorism and vegetarianism. This is our choice. I love you regardless.

  3. Yes, keep eating your veggies and you can beat the psychopaths over the head with a carrot when they come for your families. Good strategy. You are sure to be prey for the predators until you get the courage and intelligence to destroy the enemies of civilization. But, I doubt that will happen anytime soon. More likely, the psychos will die from laughter at your weakness.

    • Arthur, thank you for your absolute clear understanding of the real human nature, man you are spot on! Your comment has opened my eyes to this new understanding, of the “real world”; goes without saying that I deeply appreciate your wisdom. You know I’ve been suspicious for a while about this site having too many veggie-eaters myself, I’d say we need more beef! May be a little more potatoes too, but just as a side dish, we don’t want to be perceived as weak for eating those foods, God knows it may even be good for our health… These kumbaya kind of people we find here, with this “love” sharing non-sense has gotten the best of them. When we are finally surrounded by the enemies, we will have the bones, much better than the carrots, to defend ourselves with! The atrocities we see happening between humans, is just the collateral effect of the real problem; corruption of our souls through centuries of lies imposed on all of us. The violence is very real, but the cause is an absolute lie; we are all one. Much love to you…

  4. War is the most profitable business ever to enter the market place.
    As the Marines say “War is our business and business is good.”

  5. Social Darwinism is the philosophy of those who would control us. The only way to beat them using this mindset is to become psychopaths just like them. Otherwise, we would never have the utter ruthlessness necessary to win at this game.

    Even for those who believe in nothing after this life, I would not wish to endure this constant fear-based philosophy while still in my body. To believe that anger is not based upon underlying fear is rooted in a lack of consciousness that the enemies of the light will never obtain.

    When goodness is seen as weakness, you have literally become the essence of what you wish to overthrow by force.

    This doesn’t mean that good people will choose not to defend themselves through violence when absolutely necessary. It does mean that we cannot overcome evil by operating at its same level.

  6. War is profit.
    Poor people are not profitable for bankers.
    Weapons of War are very profitable for the bankers.
    99.9% of bankers are Jews.
    Israel loves war.
    Israel get free military money from America who in turn, has to borrow the money to give Israel….from the Jewish bankers. So, the American Public is taxed to pay the interest to the Jewish bankers on the money that was given to Israel, so Israel can buy more weapons and threaten the Arabs and the World.

    Seems like the American Public is getting a raw deal in all of this.
    The Jew bankers are the cause of the perpetual wars.
    Jew bankers are going to forever do this because…they can, no one has the balls to stop them.
    That would be….political balls!

  7. Put the metaphysics aside, the problem is exactly that good people do not use violence or other forms of force to defeat evil and destroy the psychopaths. We all know who they are and the death, destruction and dishonor they have caused. Why are psychopaths like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. allowed to roam free? I believe it is because the so-called good people lack the courage, intelligence and even morality to take action. Maybe the good people are just cowards and use metaphysical mumbo jumbo to cover it up. Maybe there are no really good people, just different types of opportunists. To me, no person is of value unless they make an effort to advance human civilization. Do some real thinking folks and determine how to achieve a civilized world.

    • Dear Patriart41,

      With all due respect, the angry place in which you find yourself, it’s exactly the place, in which TPTB want you to be. By resenting at that level, your vibration goes right down, resentment takes over and you are just like them, while they laugh and rejoice from their accomplishment.

      If you read history, you will discover some more recent examples of this i.e. Dalai Lama, Ghandi and Mandela did not sink to their level and their high vibration saved them from anger and despair.

      One needs to elevate the vibrational level, in order to realize even if they kill us all, LOVE is all there is and the first and most important Universal truth and this will not change, no matter what they do to you, me or anyone else. For this to happen once has to let go from negative feelings and emotions (look up Fibonacci scale if you want more info on the relationship between emotion and vibration).

      The easiest way to see a different perspective would be to quiet your mind (meditation), so you can appreciate a totally different kind of world around you. However; if you choose to watch TV and all the crap they want to feed us, go ahead and stay in the angry place, in which you presently are and keep blaming us for having surrendered to the fact the LOVE is all there is.

      When you attack us by saying: “metaphysical mumbo jumbo to cover it up”, instead of becoming angry, we send you our love and blessings, for we have elevated to the place where, we send our best wishes, even to those ones that don’t agree with us. You may call us crazy but the truth is, you don’t know what is like to vibrate at this level, so be respectful of the path others choose to take, instead of acting like a bully, because you come across as a lost/angry soul. I assure you, we are not impressed, nor will we change the way we choose to walk our path.

      By the way, I’m confident to say that just like other loving people that gather here, we spend our life helping others around us and spreading the love we have in our hearts, so it’s not that we are lazy or not do anything but rather, we choose to be the CHANGE we want to see in the world, instead or patronizing others on what we think should be done.



    • Patriart “To me, no person is of value unless they make an effort to advance human civilization”, by that you mean tangible (repeatable) fruits like technologies, medical, and energy sources? I’d like to understand a bit more what your perspective is. Are you saying that only through wars, and or the military industrial complex man-kind made real advances into becoming more civilized? You know the Internet being a spin-off of DARPA, and many advances in the medical field also came from the development of lasers, and so forth? That is, violence (root of wars) is a great motivator for human advancements. I am not very good at guessing as you can tell, so help me understand you, so I can better understand your point. You do sound like a prime candidate of the enlightened ones, if not already a card holder. Are you aware of previous much evolved civilizations? Why and how do you suppose a lot of these technologies came to being mostly over the last century (so we thought)? Do you suppose there is a correlation between some archeology discoveries of the last century and the nowadays technology? More important what do you mean by civilized? We live in heated/cooled homes and drive cars, and work in offices? Quality of life better, or life expectancy improved, if yes for whom? Please help your fellow human understand better what is it that you are advocating; you don’t have to, but you came here and left these comments, as if we need to be “shaken from our mambo jumbo beliefs”, so here is your opportunity. Any response is appreciated. Much Love…

  8. Petri art,

    Calling Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld “psychopaths” sounds like “metaphysical mumbo jumbo” to me. Are you making a value judgment and calling these people bad?

    Let’s face it, psychopaths rise to the top of the food chain in your Darwinian paradise. Let’s put some feet on the fish and rejoice!

    • Yes Freefall, Exactly. I have made a value judgement. Some people do not deserve the right to exist in a civilized society. Period. They should be removed as human refuse. I firmly believe in a system of absolute civilization where human families can exist in peace and in a sustainable relationship with nature. This absolute civilization should be constantly advanced through scientific research coupled with logical thinking and morality. A major part of this includes a strongly defended Constitutional Republic to protect basic rights. So, it seems to me that the first step must be to remove the psychopaths, we know who they are. It is illogical to think that we will become like them if we remove them as we would remove a form of human cancer to allow the body to survive. Otherwise, the psychopaths will win as they are now.

  9. Art,

    You’ll get no argument from me concerning your last post. But I still believe that that the Social Darwinist paradigm is a breeding ground for the psychopath to come into power. After all, it’s really what our society consists of now but is hidden behind the mask of a twisted form of “compassion” that leads to dependency.


  10. Thank you Gustavo and Freefall for your replies. I believe that in some ways, civilization is in direct conflict with evolution. If we all lived according to natural law, then we would live as animals do, and our ancestors did. But humans have the ability to strongly influence their evolutionary path and to actually select the fittest who have the best chances for survival. The big choices are which characteristics do we choose and chooses them. Do we leave that up to the psychopaths who have the traits required to become our leaders, or do we take the offensive to expose, oppose and defeat them. Now, with the discovery of epigenetics, it is apparent that evolution proceeds even faster than previously thought. Also, recent advances in scientific research are providing the basis for much more dangerous weapons and population control. If good people do not take action soon, they will be doomed to failure and enslavement as the psycho/sociopaths achieve complete control over the human race. That is clearly what is happening in the USA today and it must be stopped, soon. We have very dangerous people in control now and they are certainly not leading us into an advanced civilized society. They are setting up a system to enslave and control our children through economic and military control. They will not be stopped by love and veganism. The good people must select and defend a civilized path for future Darwinian Evolution.

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