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Dorner Wallet – Think Unscathed “Terrorist” Passport on 9/11



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  1. OK, The LAPD burns a cottage down, presumably with Dorner still inside, and everything is burned to the ground and destroyed. But, ….. miracle of miracles, a wallet somehow survives and in it is confirmation of Dorner’s terribly cruel execution. Nothing to question here folks, the menace is gone now. Forgive me for being so skeptical, but this sounds like another stupid an ill conceived PsyOp for a gun control grab. I just cannot buy it!!

  2. Maybe Dorner was taken out a few weeks ago and this is a pre-planned ruse for gun control? No matter what happened, our minds are directed towards gun control and various murders while the Cabal is continuing their Nefarious Activities. You are where your thoughts go – Focus on Happiness for yourself and loved ones – That is how you defeat the Dark Ones. We are Thought – There are no laws or rules you can not change. Everything Just – IS. Enjoy Your Creation!

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