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Dronestream – Remote Controlled Slaughter



These bastards have sanitized murder with technology. It’s beyond Orwellian, and parallels all the current and past wars and on going depravities including the Israeli butchering of the Palestinians and any who would oppose them.

All speaks the same. We’re facing global anti-human ugliness. – Zen

With a reminder from the Zenster:

My sentiments on these horrors with the profound help of the inimitable Snordster:


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  1. I have been ‘working this Shift’ for decades and when BO ‘arrived’ I KNEW IMMEDIATELY. I am, after all a professional lifelong Psychic. Yet…as we have traversed the landscape of CHANGE that our planet sorely needs…there are many who ‘insist’ that they are ‘channelling’ variouos ‘biblical’ figures or ‘residents of Space’. Some of them are clearly ‘buttering their bread on both sides’ with, limp wristed, sycophantic commentary about this moron being the ‘Great Brown Hope’….not on MY Shift and for those in doubt…NOT ON YOURS!! I saw an article yesterday where a well known, site had a blog article, complete with Messianic image of this creep…referring to him as a ‘Savbiour’ and that he is in fact ‘The Second Coming’….I have only two words for them. GROW UP!! Thanx for your blunt approach to the TRUTH…the man is a troll…and we have an ‘elegant sufficiency’ of crapola, to overcome, face up to and DEAL WITH already…Mr. BO…is the pospter boy for the NWO…that’s all..always, Annabelle

  2. During the first half of the twentieth century, there was an occult political movement in Germany called Naziism. During World War 2, when the Nazi’s were in power, they had at their disposal, something called a V1. Do I need to go any further to make a connection here? I think John Lennon said it.

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