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  1. Zen – this is spot on, particularly so as we approach Christmas. Organised religion is a farce, if they really cared they would sell their real estate and get amongst the people they claim to care about.

  2. If we are God, and 90 percent of the population cannot see any concerns regarding our society, and as we know, the majority rules.

  3. Well done piece – wow!
    The power of images – for those with eyes to see and hearts to feel.
    This actually brought a tear to my eye. It sums up why I can no longer do what I used to do for work (managing the construction/building of luxury projects).
    + I couldn’t agree with Mr. PC more. IMHO, we desperately need infiltrators to take over the “tell-a-lie-vision” channels with images/videos of this kind, non stop for at least a year. Time to finally shatter the flow of most of the illusion feeds!

    Wishing you all, eyes and hearts open – ’tis the season : )
    ENJOY ~

  4. As a kid, I remember asking my parents about why some Churches were so over the top beautiful. The answer: to inspire the feeling of the awe of God Himself. I thought this weird, as I would experience the awe of God in watching ants carry food, ravens play with each other in the air or that awesome feeling of sun warming your back through your t-shirt…
    The exact opposite of what I felt in church! I knew it was a lie, but they believed it and for a time I had to pretend to believe it too. To honor that feeling is to expose this idea of God as a lie and who wants to challenge that?

    I do, I do! 😀

  5. Had this posted on FB a while back. I think the religious among my friends-and I don’t have many, more websites so I can use FB for 1 stop shopping-blocked me. No loss. If they cannot see the hypocrisy, then I don’t need them. This picture sums up my feelings of religion since a teenager 40+ yrs. ago. Love

    • Good keep blasting that face bunk Laurie .. I love seeing stuff like this on the front lines in the sheep mines ..
      Pinch what ever you want off my Google plus page . Its a endless bombardment of posting like this .. Just think in one week of Google Plus-ing . i have manage to be ban from the philosophy and religion community , Had one of my post taking down In the Native community ..lol all with facts .. Truth is never popular

      • rt on Sir Peaksalot – when truth becomes “popular” we dive for cover….and a new pop group will be born….”The Charades”…as if they already aren’t… 😉

      • Thanks for sharing Peaks. Maybe I’ll do a Peakster a day. Wear your banning like a badge of honour. Just like what they did to Zen, you know you’ve hit a nerve. Party on fellow truth gardners, we’re all in this together. Love

  6. you have just read my mind. How we can ignore this fact is beyond human. The weak should be assisted by the stronger…just like a helpless infant is given a mother. Natural law provides. human law is greedy, and self serving. we are to be our brothers helpers, not it’s “users’. God give us eyes to SEE!

  7. Having escaped this particular illusion, I can tell you that the people that need to read this the most, will dismiss it out of hand purely because of the f-bomb. And they need to fucking hear it! 😉

    • They won’t hear it though Scooter will they ? . We are into that bewitched theme we were talking about in other articles here . None of the people who worship at these glittering idolatrous buildings realise they are furthering the cause of the biggest ‘spiritual ‘ corporation there is . All businesses love their buildings , the bigger the better , it’s all to show how very successful they are . Because we are so impressed with any outward show of success we stand awe struck before these glittering altars .
      The church has very cleverly through the ridiculous act of tithing made us believe that our giving allows us a free pass to heaven and here on this earth gives us entry to an exclusive social club . These buildings are just an outward sign of our attachment to the material and our buying in to the rule of the corporation . When will we see that we are the temple carrying the majesty of the Universe and Source of all good within ourselves ?
      We are able to change all this if we stop feeding the monster and instead concentrate on feeding our brother or sister in any way we can . One day we will look back on this in horror at how we preferred a building to a starving child ….. One day ….. Kitty XXX

      • Well put Kitty! And I like your hope for the future.

        This is the one foot in the ocean, one foot on the shore condition that is mentioned in the writings. The people doing the majority if the funding in these churches are looking for someone to say “this is the creators will, don’t feel guilty.” “A little hush money in our direction, oops excuse me, in god’s direction…. and everything will be fine.” “We will help you to justify everything.”

        I personally think that this is a good sign however. In the core of their being , they know something is not right, that something is way out of balance with Creation. That is why they are looking for someone to sooth their soul. They are closer to awakening than many. Unfortunately, they fall into the deepest trap of all, the religion trap; from which, few escape.

        • I like that Scooter , you are right of course . It is religion that stops people from developing their own spiritual muscles . The role of the priest is intercessor and shepherd , so it’s not surprising people are led by the nose . I must confess (very appropriate ) I began training as a female priest a few years ago as I had hoped as a woman to at least try for change from within .
          My vision statement went down badly , I said I thought it my duty to empty my church and empower everyone who came into the building to be able to be free spiritually !!! Oops not good . We parted company …. rapidly . What I found or was confirmed to me is the church is one thing ,,, a vast business a corporation and totally patriarchal and paternalistic .At a grass roots level it is a social club totally exclusive , inclusivity is optional So I’v been on both sides as it were . Which is why your comment about love and do no harm gave me such joy to read . It embodied everything that I believe . Religiosity and spirituality are so different , we don’t need buildings at all , the Kingdom or rule of God is within us , and it’s only ever about love , so simple and yet the hardest thing we can do it seems . Love Kitty XX

          • I knew you would Zen , and wow , this is the first time I’v spoken publicly about it except to a dear friend I made here , and yes you are right about the training . My problem or not is I’m not a joiner never have been , so being a priest was always a non starter anyway .more importantly the uniform ….. not a good look , black is just not me , never has been ……Lol XX X. Kitty

          • Wow Kitty, what a story! Thank you for having the courage to share your amazing escape. It gives me great hope that religion could be just a stepping stone for many spirit warriors. I do have a nagging intuition that the parasites have made provisions for this however. I think some of the larger false flags in the future will be “spiritual” or at least “other-worldly” in nature. The stakes are higher than we know.

      • Corporations are the Monster, they have no Soul.

        WE create or sustain Corporations.

        Abolish Corporations, then these Problems will End.

        Corporations are the Pollution of Capitalism.

        • Oh yes Scooter , I feel too very much so , we are in for something massive . An assault on us spiritually is the end game scenario . These people know as we do this is our most vulnerable place , that sacred inner space we protect most fiercely . From my experience with the patients I have cared for and loved at the end of their life God or a variation on that theme is always a last prayer , even to none believers . The reason for that ? We are spiritual beings having a human experience not the other way round , and they know this . So .. If we see that giant Jesus Buddha Krishna or whoever exhorting us to do something unspeakable , resist we must with every fibre in our bodies to keep our sacredness and divinity our own !!! Much love Kitty XX

      • You are SEEING the truth of the fake religious system that is the blood sucker of our world. The Jesus teachings have been ignored, and a man made money changer system is in effect. I’m glad that others see this facade also. Thanks for your “looking”, and your “seeing”!

  8. If this invisible creature who is in the sky somewhere watching all of the sparrows fall on every planet in the 700 billion galaxies in the universe even exists to begin with, then, yes he approves. If this something in the sky loves humanity as the Christians claim and it is supposed to be omniscient then it would have made all of earth a utopia instead of the hell it is in the third world.

    PS: Stop asking for it to bless America as it allowed 3000 Americans to die on 9/11. It hates the USA.

    • @yadah . Are the slow claps for me ? I’m assuming they must be . The problem is that being rude and obnoxious is just well, rude and obnoxious . If you have a point you would like to discuss please do , if this wasn’t for me Yadah , you are still being rude and obnoxious . :) Kitty XX

      Kitty XX

      • Yes, it was for you, Kitty. It was a glitch in posting. The point being, that Corporations, with their lack of Accountability and their rule by an Individual are the cause of our Problems.

        The speed of the Claps depends on one’s Time scale. I’m not that Musical. i was trying to put a little rhythm in them. {:-)

        • LOL !! Sorry Yahdah , sometimes on the internet communication can be a little difficult . I know what you mean of course :) now I feel like a total c%w . Perhaps this Kitty needs to retract her claws LOL Kitty XX

          • Thanks

            I’v had a lot of Cat scratches over the years, yet I still go to bed with one every night.

  9. Oh my goodness, if you spend your money on holiday presents instead of feeding the poor on the other side of the globe, you’re a hypocrite! Spend your money ANYWHERE except on the absolutely most poor, you’re evil.

    This is a false dichotomy, designed only to hurt. This doesn’t help the starving people any, nor does it give credit to churches as they help the poor where they can. You want to help them? Donate or got here personally. Don’t hate on people you disagree with.

    • Red, who said anything about holiday presents? Having a little conscience conflict are we? You’re missing the point in a major way. A human wouldn’t naturally build a cathedral and then call it a house of god. Likewise, a family in Africa wouldn’t naturally procreate in a setting that would eventually cause the images above. There is something else at work here, if you care enough to see it.

  10. Creation gave life, and resources. It also gave us a conscience to learn and build with. We are God’s sensor devices, and it seems to me that we have become greedy, and sheeplike, and totally manipulated. We are prisoners to elite greed. When humanity works FOR itself instead of AGAINST itself will determine how long we are obedient to a prison of war, and greed, and stupidity!

  11. I have said for a while now, if everyone that goes to the various churches would find one other person or family that is poor and in need of help and take the money they donate to these spiritually stifling entities (vampires) we would no longer have any peoples in need! What in the world is so hard to understand about that. That’s LOVE! We really don’t need all these donation entities either. They get siphoned off of and never get to the ones whom need it the most. A tax haven and a false pacification of one’s own selfishness. Not to mention pure laziness.

    Just think about setting in a pew half of the day in a church and just giving away your money and a lot of energy wasted in feeding yours and others egos/greed. This is pure egoistic in it’s purest form – – – everything anti-spiritual. Total opposites.

    • How right you are Peg ! It’s all so simple . If we just took care of one another there would be no need for churches , or any other institutions that demand our money . It never go’s to the people it’s supposed to as you say . Love is the way , it’s the one message that just doesn’t seem to get through though . Kitty X

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