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Ecuador President Compares US to Nazi Germany

[He's only stating the obvious, but the press will use this to vilify him. The good news is Latin America is waking up and shrugging off the imperialist US influences. It won't be easy but it's all part of the wake up. Keep the Latin citizens in your thoughts and prayers, they have a lot to overcome and have been sold out by their own US bought stooges in places of power. - Zen]

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa said that American exceptionalism is reminiscent of Nazism “before and during World War II.”

“Does not this remind you of the Nazis’ rhetoric before and during World War II? They considered themselves the chosen race, the superior race, etc. Such words and ideas pose extreme danger,” Correa told RT Spanish.

Correa referred to President Barack Obama’s statement that “America is exceptional” because it stands up for the world’s interests not just its own. However, Correa said that the U.S. has and will continue to violate international law.

“What Plato wrote in his [Socratic] dialogues more than 2,000 years ago is true. Justice is nothing other than the advantage of the stronger. They are strong, that’s why they will continue lying, violating other states’ sovereignty, and breaching international law. But one day this unjust world will have to change,” Correa said, adding that the United Nation’s headquarters should eventually be moved from New York City.

“The headquarters of the organization is in the U.S. and they finance their activities,” Correa said. “This is outrageous and an example of a relationship the US established with developing countries in the form of subordination.”

Correa has been criticized by international groups for cruelly silencing journalists and critics of his administration. The South American leader also supported former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and has been actively strengthening his relationship with Iran and Syria.

RT also asked Correa about the country’s pending $19 billion case against the oil giant Chevron. Ecuador and a coalition of trial lawyers have been battling Chevron for decades for alleged damages by Texaco, now a Chevron subsidiary, while they were drilling in the country during.

“Chevron has caused irreparable damage to the Ecuadorian jungle,” Correa said. “Texaco did nothing to clear the area. … At the time, there were cleaner technologies available, but they wanted to save a few bucks, and they destroyed the environment and did not even bother to pay for the damages.”



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  1. I have a friend from Equador, very wise and who sees what is going on in the sky and so-called gov’t. He has been in direct contact with Rafael, says he is a good man and has been trying ever so hard to resist this nwo including the chemtrail spraying over his country–but this “evil axis” is so big and powerful now. so hard for many of us to take as to what is coming down faster and harder than ever.

  2. I like this guy, he is not afraid of fascist America. And he’s right about the US resembling Nazi Germany.
    Personally I believe Hugo Chavez, another good guy was cancered.

  3. This is pretty god damned funny. I’ve also heard that OTHER nations are issuing travel warnings to their citizens about the GUSSSSA for possible terrorism. That’s the Great United Soviet Socialist Satanic States of Amerika.

  4. Great article, Zen; you’ve done it again; hit the nail right on the head. This nation’s been led by Satanic forces since the murder of JFK on 26 November, 1963. Ever since – from LBJ to BHO, we’ve had either dim-witted stooges or downright evil accomplices of Satan himself.

    Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, is the worst POTUS in the nation’s history. I used to say that about Bush Jr.; but this one, the “Community Organizer” who requires a teleprompter to speak on script, even outdoes him. Bush Jr. was merely the puppet front man; whereas, Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney has actually been the acting POTUS for 8 years, before Barry took office.

    Even at his worst, Cheney has never diverted the aircraft of a sitting President and forced it to land in Vienna and had it searched to see if an escaped whistleblower was on board or not. Give that dubious reward to Obama; or is he really Soetoro?

    Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa has it pretty well nailed; so did Bolivia’s Evo Morales, whose plane was diverted and forced to land in Vienna to be searched for the whereabouts of Ed Snowden, who’s safe within Russia, thanks to Vladimir Putin.

    International Community 1; USA 0

  5. The people of the Hexagram spent the first half of the twentieth century trying to exterminate the people of Germany. After incinerating all of their cities, and starving the survivors, the satanic effort nevertheless failed. So they had to be content with robbing them, which is expected to continue until at least 2030. (Germany made it’s final WWI payment in 2010…where did all that money go?)
    In the history of the world no one has been more slandered with fairy tales that the “evil Nazis” (Nazi (r) is the Hebrew word for “separated prince”-Anglicized “Nazirene or Nazerite”).
    The world may be waking up to many things (Germany is now the most admired nation on the planet), but this holy grail of Amalek / Khabala dies hard.
    To compare US Inc.to Nazi Germany is a grievous insult to the most traditionally cultured people the world has ever seen.
    Rocus Mish, Hitler’s personal bodygaurd, and last man out of the “bunker” – 2 hours before the Bolshevik Jews arrived – died last month the day after Rosh Hashana (rosh is Hebrew word for “poison”), knew the truth.
    So did his Jewish wife and daughter.

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