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Einstein Debunked: The Theory Of Anti-Relativity


“Einstein is a false prophet. The Theory of Relativity as the “Holy Scripture” is like a televangelistic sales pitch. Nikola Tesla regarded Relativity as the greatest historical aberration of scientific thought. Relativity is no more than a philosophical standpoint, a virus to infect a “New Age”.

Eric P. Dollard
[Transcribed from the spoken word]

Finally, it has been disclosed by insiders within the space program, NASA, of a “certain complication”. It was found that when far outside the Earth’s field of influence the stars and sun are NOT VISIBLE! However, the Earth and the Moon are plainly visible. There is no direct light in outer space, only that made visible by gross physical matter. This gives rise to an important question, does the “light” from the sun propagate with a velocity at all, or is it simply a function of time? The “time delay” may be no more than a hysteresis of the luminiferous aether.

Einstein is a false prophet. The Theory of Relativity as the “Holy Scripture” is like a televangelistic sales pitch. Nikola Tesla regarded Relativity as the greatest historical aberration of scientific thought. Relativity is no more than a philosophical standpoint, a virus to infect a “New Age”.

This has now become inordinately overcomplicated, but thru the lawyer style skill of the Einsteinian Physicists all terms are erased that do not fit the chosen idea. It may be inferred that A. Einstein was not much of a mathematician, and by ignoring J. J. Thompson he was not much of a scientist. Not a mathematician, not a scientist, not an engineer, so just what was Albert Einstein anyway? He was a Mystic.

[But]: The mystical experience is the force which moves one to science.

One very important fact that escapes notice (Meyl, et al) is that Tesla’s transmission networks are Mono-Polar. The dipolar concepts so dear to all now swirl down the toilet bowl. Forget Bearden, forget Meyl, it is crap for the crapper! Tesla circumvents the concept of plus and minus, there is one pole only –plus. Here is a true “Single Phase” Alternating Current, one wire only. This is a philosophically disruptive concept for the God vs. Devil duality. God has no opposite pole, it is one, positive only. This is the secret to the Tesla transmission concept. Action vs. Reaction now is voided.

Einstein and his theories can be expressed by an animal story: As understood thru his writing Relativity as a “package of ideas” is in many ways similar to the “egg of the cuckoo bird”. The cuckoo bird builds no nest of its own, it looks for the right nest among those other birds. Here found, it lays its egg in the selected nest of another bird. Upon hatching, its chick forces the others out of the nest, over the side. Such is the growth cycle of Relativity, as given by Einstein.
Consider Einstein’s statement on the same page 50:

“In the theoretical treatment of these electrons we are faced with the difficulty that electro-dynamic theory of itself is unable to give an account of their nature.”… “For since electrical masses constituting the electron would necessarily be scattered under the influence of their mutual repulsions, unless there are forces of another kind operating between them the nature of which has hitherto remained obscure to us.”

Forces of another kind, you mean the dielectric lines of force, removed from obscurity by the Faraday-Thompson concept of induction? Every electron is a motional terminus of a quantity of dielectric lines of force, these lines contracting and stretching like rubber bands, giving motion to the terminus electron. The thermionic electron contracts, pulling the electron, the cathode ray stretching, pulled by the electron. In the former case the lines of force are dissipated, in the latter case the line of force are projected, both cases the electrons assume ray like motion, with non participating lines of force filling the voids, directing the electrons. Hence, it is the electrons travel in straight lines, that is, rays.

These facts have been known from the initial invention of the vacuum tube by Sir William Crookes, leading to the extensive experimental work into atomic science by J. J. Thompson and Nikola Tesla. It is here seen that the so-called electron is only a shadow, its apparent physical mass is only an electrical momentum. There is no rest mass to an electron. It is given here that the electron is no more than a broken-loose hold-fast under the grip of the tensions within the dielectric lines of force. They are the broken ends of the split in a half package of spaghetti. Obviously this reasoning is not welcome in the realm of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Are we to believe that Einstein had no prior knowledge of the most prominent theoretical and experimental work of his time?

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  1. *So that famous 1st view of the Earth from the moon is accurate insofar that they both appear to be all alone with a black background!?…I’ve been trying to ‘grok’ the ‘Holographic universe of late & a little jingle from the 60’s ‘ Firesign Theatre’ keeps running thru my head…”How can you be in two places at once…when you’re not anywhere at all’ lol

    • * No bites on that one???…flew right past ???lol …that’s OK!…I can absolutely empathize with how Eric feels, when so few people understand or comprehend his grasp & ‘Grok ‘ & the accompanying loneliness… knowing the ultimate frustration of talking to oneself after having been awoken from an enslaved BTU unit; like in that pivotal scene in the Matrix, with the’ maintenance unit’ eyeballing him…extricating him by the neck & ignominiously… flushed down the toilet & into the enclave of a very few that knew!……. hahaha!
      ….Solipsism anyone?…I’d just like to know why it takes 6 seconds for us to ‘respond’ to a decision, that our ‘projected subjective reality’…already knows the answer to.

      • Alex,

        You brought up a point on the BIG knowledge, this level of deception goes back about 300 years and is way to much for even most awakened people to handle. Now you do know how Eric feels tho. lol lonely huh

        • *Serendipity!… A pleasure to make your acquaintance & find someone related from the realms of my home planet/dimension…someone that ‘Gets It’…Cheers

  2. The follow-on section of this is packed full of terminology that I am unfamiliar with. My inner sense tells me it is worth the time commitment to decipher it. So I shall spend that time.

    When I read this, I felt a little like the five-year-old version of me, who used to observe my father inventing stuff in his shed at the end of the garden. He was dyslexic but he had an intuitive understanding of energies that broke though the accepted paradigms of the time. For a while I was first mate, since I had no brothers. For my father it was an intuitive understanding leading to a ‘just do it’ situation. He was not a genius like Eric Dollard, but he made some fascinating assemblies.

  3. ???

    I’m quite sure I don’t understand this at all and can only hope that someone will help to explain it for me in laymen terms as I sense that it is significant in some way.
    Is he suggesting that Einstein knew that his theory was bunk and conspired to convince the world of it’s authenticity, controlling the narrative or the parameters of what/where the sources of energy were in order to suppress Tesla’s work?

    Help, I really want to understand this.

    • * Unless Einstein conspired with Max Planck?…maybe it’s all… convoluted Masonic ‘theater,’ enjoined as a part of an insidious ‘Grand Illusion’ ritual construct, orchestrated to fulfill some Satanically conditioned concoction, for some contrived future event….I often wondered why the Atomic experiment revolved around the Oppenheimer’s… the worlds wealthiest Zionist/Jewish family.
      …Diamonds are an example of one of the biggest farcical marketing, Ed Bernay ‘hoaxes’ perpetrated upon the world thus far….Their penultimate directive seems to be “keeping us all perpetually in the dark”- like a mushroom (no pun intended)

    • Don’t worry about it. Relativity is as good as it gets at this time. It’s wondrous and explains so much. Remember, in 1905, around when this guy is quoting so much, we were just getting the photo-electirc effect, let alone quantum. Really no use in attempting to explain the electron in pre-quantum terms as is being attempted here. These kind of claims have been around since, well, relativity.

  4. Hi Guys.

    I am going to make a video soon to really explain all this to the laymen. It will be the truth about Tesla and Electricity itself. Gonna be political but I am sure you folks are ready for it. The actual words of Tesla will be used to prove this. We are fighting an army of propaganda and WINNING!

  5. Your attack on Einstein is entirely unnecessary, and feels disingenuous. Maybe because it makes a better name for yourself? Maybe because it strikes a blow at the benighted state of our collective consciousness, where people accept some sort of randomly absorbed disneyesque picture of Albert, not based upon any understanding of science (which even many scientists are guilty of)? Albert, though he tried strenuously to prove the general theory to be universal, admitted as much as it might not be. He only tried to find the universal, not proclaim himself omniscient— he was too wise for that (ever read his writings about the human condition, philosophy?). While Einstein and Tesla were somewhat contemporaries (depending upon whose timeline of Tesla’s life you accept), they were not peers really, having little interaction and prefessional relation. And hey, who are these “NASA insiders”? The same ones that do not tell us of existing lunar bases? Lunar programs? Mars bases and programs? Even that the moon is hollow? That we have institutional time travel? Maybe you are participating in some effort rewrite our history, in spite of your beautiful contributions? Lay off Albert. And Nicola. Your work is profound enough.

    • no progress can ever be made in physics if people are infected by the virus of relativity and we want progress, so the false idols must be torn down. it’s that simple.

  6. I have read some of Dollard’s writing/speaking, and find it very perceptive. It is simply off-putting to see him playing iconoclast. Shakespeare never spent time trying to disenfranchise Milton. Albert’s contributions (and Nikola’s, for their further reach), like all science, remain simply another step down the road.

    • That was a different time with less media mind manipulation. Look how much info has to be spent trying to break the spell and debunk false info today—it’s necessary for survival and full understanding.

  7. When a person believes only “this”… then “this” is all they will experience…and consequently all that they will believe is true. We will always have people who believe only “this” or “that” and that is all they will believe, much like the very religious. … for that is what they have been taught, and all they have accepted and can see. And I dare say, do not argue with them…!!
    When we consider the spectrum of energy which includes what is known as visible light, what or who determined what is visible and what is not? And why should anyone buy that limitation? What does an individual do when things are seen that are not accepted by what is considered “real”??? Oh, of course, they are considered insane and are institutionalized…!!!
    We have a history of “things” that do not fit what is considered reality..(by those who have been “given” authority)…. .. These things are found in all forms of modern and ancient literature… to include the even older rock “art”. Do the authorities have the okay to make all that wrong?
    It is all perspective and the perspective is personal to those who are choosing to be awake (and asleep). The masses of semi to unconscious will follow the “authorities” and never question… that is there right. Not mine.
    While it may be true that the people at “electric universe” may be limiting themselves with the use of the term electric… they are at least giving us a perspective that is differing from what “they” want us to believe… and that is a start.
    Still, be aware that as long as we are looking “out there” we will never have the whole picture. There might not be anything out there… it may be all within. And no, I do not say we all must meditate… but we do have opportunity to widen our (internal) horizon… may be, just maybe it is all an illusion. After all, where is it that we “see” what we claim we are “seeing”… and who decides? Remember, there are few concepts so manipulated as numbers…. does two and two always equal four? In all worlds?
    How wide or narrow, is your horizon…

  8. Anyone who has studied much Physics (like me), will tell you that Special Relativity was mostly created by Poincare and Lorentz. The seminal 1905 paper by the plagiarist Einstein had no references! His 1915 paper on General Relativity, was submitted for publication two weeks after Hilbert’s deduction of the equations, and it is Hilbert’s Lagrangian technique that is used today to derive the field equations, not the idiotic heuristics of Einstein.

    Even E = mc2 was derived in the mid 1800s. Every time someone quotes that self chosen vampire (scv), it makes me want to research where the quote actually came from. Einstein is even worse than Edison, who paid slave wages to highly skilled engineers and took credit and profit from all of their work.

    Getting past phoney adoration for who the scv order you to worship, one has to look at what the Physics community has agreed upon since 1900, and that is that the electron and proton are mathematical points. What this implies is that our 3-dim world is made up of 0-dim constituents. Charged particles or 0-dim electric charges have infinite self energy, and no physical means for magnetic spin, angular momentum or radiation(energy exchange), yet this dogma persists in spite of powerful computers capable of treating 3-dim charged entities.

    Relativity and Quantum Mechanics were created to deal with phenomena that the 0-dim theory could not explain, as in they are f$&king band aids! Instead of having integrity, the so called Modern Physics community keeps this charade up by only allowing those who worship at the alter of String Theory to participate in their world of tenure and grant money. Instead of 0-dim particles comprising the 3-dim world, we now have 6 or 7-dim particles contained in an experimentally invisible Plank scale.

    How convenient is that, or dark matter and energy, which is also experimentally invisible through direct means? Electromagnetic forces are many orders of magnitude greater than gravitational forces, and 99% of the physical Universe is electrical plasma, yet cosmology is chiefly concerned with gravitational effects and ignores electromagnetic effects almost completely! Just hearing some moron babble about this crap and infinite Universes makes me want to read comic books, in order to get closer to the truth.

    • * Somethings to chew on & add to my ‘eclectically charged’ (lol) discovery/ search info…always greatly illuminating to stumble upon free thinkers, that delve into the mysteries, albeit, heuristically….cheers

    • You guys are not including Mileva Maric, the serbian woman that helped Albert Einstein to make it in the school after he had a nice time in Italy. She was older than Einstein so understand that in the school when you sleep and procreate children with a woman older and wiser than you who helped you to work in a theory of relativity (Tesla said it was more that 100 years old theory for serbians) thesis to get a degree. At that time women were not very welcome so a man had to be the man. Nice to read you guys I learn from you, good luck!

    • ji,

      Bravo ! very nice concise summary, bandaid is the perfect word, will incorporate your ideas into my future papers.

  9. I have greatly enjoyed many of your articles, but Christians don’t believe in a God vs. Devil duality, because they are not assumed to be equivalent in power or authority.

    Professing theosophists and their lookalikes do believe in a Lucicer vs. Satan duality, in which one side of ‘god’ illuminates mankind with sentience, or the ability to rebel, in the garden. The other side of ‘god’ is nepotistic and vindictive, according to the doctrine of Lucifer.

  10. Thanks to Rense for putting this information out. Some of you might want to look at http://commonsensescience.org/ and read the books by Dr Thomas Barnes – Physics of the Future – on Amazon.com : Professor Emeritus of Physics, The University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, Texas, where he served from 1938 until his retirement in 1981. Dr. Barnes has authored books titled Space Medium, Science and Biblical Faith, Physics of the Future, Foundations of Electricity and Magnetism (text book used in many University Physics courses) , and Origin and Destiny of the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Dr Barnes understood also, that Einstein was bogus also along with Relativity and Quantum mechanics. .

  11. Not claiming to fully understand….but believe I get the gist….and believe there is great weight behind the whole electric universe “type”….theory. How do these truths pervade society at large in ways that counter big business aka same as it ever was further aka “the establishment” and its unbending trains of thought. Great Share, thanks sincerely!!!

    • Your consciousness resonates, that’s what matters. Often we understand but our minds don’t. When something is helping to dissolve the mainstays of the current destructive, manipulative matrix, I keep pursuing….;))… This entire paradigm we’re being fed is obviously completely wrong.
      Bring on the challengers, truth seekers and iconoclasts…let’s get down to business!..;;))

  12. Hmmmmmm…..The earth and Moon are visible and the sun and stars are not. It might be bigger than velocity and time.

  13. Thank, Jim, for the comment. I see some things better for it. Zen, buddy, I love your work, yet in the Zen sense, we have collectively passed the point of “striving”, with all of our karma now coming to bear. We need just maintain our intent and clarity. As Goethe put it, “the die is cast.”. We have already passed critical mass.

    We do not transcend duality by continuing to propagate it, by redefining it and renewing it. The old masters always said that when one becomes enlightened, they enlighten their world with them. Reality is ultimately far more subjective than we realize— zen, or quantum even. .It is beyond my poor ability to describe. I wish I were an expert on something. Oh well, peace to you.

  14. To read all that we don’t know- including variables, it might take a book the size of Earth.
    Even then, the best disposition of a person could be humbleness.

  15. i think you have personal problem with einstein not scientific problem.you want to destroy science.einstein is the most great scientist in the world,not you.you have no ability to create a single equation like Einstein.you are anti science,not anti relativity.i think you dont know relativity well for why you are anti relativist.please try to understand relativity theory,then go against einstein.

  16. do u want to say that every great works of great scientists are “eggs of cuckoo bird”?because without the help of previous scientists no one can go forward.i think you have personal problem with Einstein,not scientific problem.please try to understand relativity theory then go against it.i think u dont understand relativity theory.Einstein is the most greatest scientist in the world.have you any ability to create a single equation like Einstein?no.so if you want to go against Einsteins theory,then try to be smart and intelligent like Einstein.otherwise shut your mouth.

  17. Who is the brain that ‘dares’ to take on the dead saint?
    Al took notions from others … No more stealing now that he’s propped
    up as permanent rainmaker.

  18. i am sorry to see that science(specially physics) is stagnating in the last century and people beeing fooled to work on unnecessary theories and false problemes,like relativity and all the junk good for nothing…
    gravitation is verry simple,you`ll understand my view instantly,no need for stolen formula like
    F=E1.E2/D^2(=Coulomb formula for electric force between 2 electric charges at the distance D).
    only objects with considerable mass (like earth) which ARE SPINNING have gravity,not all the existent objects…
    so my opinion is : NO SPINNING=NO GRAVITY
    take the earth like a gyroscope and think of the movement of the gyroscope-if you act with a force against his spinning(like objects on the earth with friction),the counterreaction is a force perpendicular on the spinning plane(weight on earth)…
    i am romanian like nicola tesla,so i must have a brink if genius in my head,no?….:)

  19. Lightspeed is not Constant (to observer) !!

    All that we receive with our eyes are the facts of the past (unchangeable). Wavelength of incident light is coming from the past. On incident light, a formula c = ? f stands up. And ? is unchangeable (by our’s motion). Terms f and c change.

    Sorry, I can’t receive E-mail. I don’t have PC.

  20. I stopped reading when you apologized for NASA not taking pictures of celestial objects other than the moon and earth while in space.

    The Hubble telescope take pictures of stars from a position outside the earth’s atmosphere.

    The “certain complication” you mention was the Apollo mission’s inability to fake a star field at the level of detail needed to fool people in earth-based observatories. NASA has since overcome this obstacle.


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