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Eugenics – Toxic Meat Glue of the Elite Agenda


by Zen Gardner

OK. Let’s give ’em a break…for a minute. Suppose the elitist PTBs are real people thinking like we do. I know, a stretch, but let’s try.  So how can they perpetrate such horrors on humanity? How could such madness be justified in the minds of men?

Actually, it’s Easy. To them it’s the truth.

A fabricated bastardization and reversal of any real Truth, but in their minds they’ve decided this arrogant illuminist takeover makes sense to them. Especially with their fat cheeks being firmly ensconced in the seats of power.

Oh, the vestiges of their human conscience gives them a nudge in some cases, but it’s been shut down almost completely for most of them. It has to be. You can’t have empathy and wreak such havoc on nature and humanity.

If you’ve ever known or observed a pathological liar, this cauterized mindset is their way of life. Politicians do it without the slightest compunction. To them it’s part of the job description for ruling the unwashed masses. How is it justified logically? The old “necessary evil” ruse. And the even more amazing thing is they smugly revel in this ugliness.

Toxic pig’s blood and chemical cocktail called “meat glue” used to bind meats and create fake steaks….how apropos

Eugenics Justifies All

Think about it. What a slam dunk for world domination to so twist perception to where humanity is the problem that needs to be curtailed by draconian controls while being systematically exterminated like a pest infestation.  Be it engineered wars, poverty and food shortages, drugging, dumbing down or injecting toxins in our bodies, all is fair game to them.

Eugenics is the “tie that binds”, the glue that holds all the other lies conveniently together.

As eugenics, called the “self-direction of human evolution” grew out of its inception in the 1800’s, it was considered the the harmonious result of all branches of science. The US was the first to implement eugenics programs as early as 1908 and it gained a lot of popularity and traction. What stopped it in its tracks, at least in public opinion, was the Nazi implementation of eugenics during WW2 to the horror of all.

Now look how this eugenics campaign has been revived and is currently perpetrated. With innocuous sounding names like Planned Parenthood to the UN’s dastardly Agenda 21, the mass hive mind sees these measures as “progress” while knowing little to nothing about the extensive anti-human and anti-freedom measures being foisted upon them.

And it’s not just genetic culling, it’s mass population reduction.

An elitist think tank called The Club of Rome set the latest stage for this last push to demonize humanity with the contrived invention of militant, invasive environmentalism. This appeared around the same time as the widely sensationalized “population bomb” concept. While real ecology and conservationism make common sense, this environmental agenda was created with the specific intention to foist massive controls over human activities. That we’re now at the incredulous point of having to pay a literal carbon tax is a total giveaway of their fraudulent intentions.

Yet few catch on.

And again, like the lie of human caused global warming, we should feel guilty for being alive, to such an extent that even our breath is supposedly killing the planet.

Insane. Yet they keep pushing their agenda regardless of real scientific data to the contrary.

The Cauterized Mind of Dystopians

While humanity doesn’t share the bestial mindset of the elites and their occult driven agenda, these pounding programs wear on people. Over time the continued onslaught of these nonsensical anti-truths start to wear a groove in the mass mind.

The psycho-trauma tool of choice? Cognitive dissonance.

Resistance subsides as seemingly contrary understandings–in this case, “I’m a sovereign human being who deserves life and freedom” vs. “I’m a parasitic organism killing my host planet and need to be eradicated”.  Screwy but that’s what it boils down to.

And what gets synthesized in the mind to reconcile the two? “I guess they know what they’re doing. Gee, we are bad and something needs to be done.” It doesn’t really make sense so the overload causes a shutdown and back to the TV and ball game they go.

Once again, the intended solution being foisted on society gains traction.

Yes, zombies is the perfect analogy. Spiritually and consciously dead walking amongst us…so much so they will soon turn you in for daring to challenge the status quo. If not attack you.

Why? That is now tantamount to terrorism, the ultimate behavioral catch-all.

Game. Set. Match…

Or So They Think

Never give in mentally or spiritually to this onslaught. That’s why turning off all forms of mainstream media is so important. That’s why immersion in positive influences, nature and loving people to counter these types of realities is so important.

Anyone in their right mind knows this kind of plan cannot succeed in the long run. We happen to be at a time in history where these negative, barbaric influences are peaking with the acceleration of hijacked technologies.

This too shall pass. But we should be vigilant and prepare as best we can, without fear. It’s a time to grow in consciousness and communication with each other so we can share our combined knowledge, insights and loving support.

Therein is life, one day at a time. As it always is.

Much love, Zen




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  1. This is a polarity driven message and is not going to be useful in the long run. The fact is that there are too many people on the planet. Unchecked growth of anything leads to tumors. There are finite resources here and humans are subject to the laws of nature. If any animal depletes the resources in its environment too much, well, they die off. So, there is a responsibility to realize that we no longer live in a society that requires having 7 children. That’s just depleting resources without renewing them. And, as an allegedly higher life form here, we ought to get that and voluntarily limit ourselves to fit with what nature can provide in balanced fashion.

    Now, that is a very different scenario than the one you are presenting. Yes, the ridiculousness of saying humans should be exterminated in order to save the planet is sick (particularly when those in power and deciding that other people’s children should be the ones exterminated). But you are really not making sense at all when you say that any reduction in human population should be met with resistance. That’s very short term thinking and appears very reactionary and rebellious in nature.

    • Why is it that mpg of gas has not improved in many decades? Why do we use fossil fuels at all? Why is nuclear power allowed to threaten all planetary life? Why is the water and air so poisonous? Why has modern medicine not cured anything?

      Love and Truth foster abundance of all needed things. However, we are controled by The Death Cult which is the real tumor. They have convinced many with their disguise as Mother Nature. There is a stark contrast!

    • Finite resources?? Laws of nature? The only animal depleting the resources of the earth are the elites. And the laws of nature do not apply. There’s nothing natural about spraying chemtrails in our skies, adding fluoride to our water and GMO crops to our soils. They are the ones poisoning Gaia. I refuse to see myself as something I’m not – I’m not destroying the earth. I am the earth – the earth is me. For those who attempt to “play” God or Source or what ever you would like to call it, there will be reckoning in the end.

      • Sister! Silly me. I forgot the radiation aspect – another poison – another illusion to entrap us. The energetic awakening can not be stopped. They continue to throw more poisons, but it only serves to renew US – in perfectly balanced fashion. The upheaval is palpable. What fun!

    • watch the max igan video. he points out plainly that everyone on earth could go and live on a quarter acre section in australia and there would still be most of australia left people free not to mention ALL THE REST OF THE WORLD! the problem is over consumption and misappropriation, not over population.

  2. or so they think ?
    more importantly, what do you ? I think ?

    ‘ I have a dream’ ….

    without the meat!! and zombies.

  3. This planet is over-populated because the majority of the souls stay stagnated when in incarnation and therefore never grow too much spiritually.

    Once you open your mind to who and what we really are, you will Know the purpose of having so many souls embodied at one time.

    Help yourself and others to break this cycle and move on.

  4. The ARROGANCE of Man to suggest that there are too many humans on the planet astounds me. 71% of the planet is water, the remaining 29% is land mass, and we inhabit 2% of that 29%, these may not be the exact figures but it still rings with truth. We inhabit 2% of the planet Earth, but I am equally sure that we have likely polluted, raped, defoliated and spread our toxins to a lot more of the Earth than we will ever know.
    We are mere children in our maturity compared to this planet and Universe, and we act like spoiled ignorant children when we proclaim there are too many people on this planet. And like any good loving parent, it will put us in our place, in a spectacular humbling experience will will hopefully never forget.

  5. Sorry, last line should read:
    And like any good loving parent, it will put us in our place, in a spectacular humbling experience we will hopefully never forget.

  6. Many say there is an awakening, yes more so than 20 or even 10 years ago, but not great, yet, I walk among them, listening, watching, just returned from a visit to my coast, the masses are still in the matrix, dumbed down and business as usual. Our skies here are loaded all the time with this crap which is way beyond just chemtrails, this weather is now being modified to a greater extent than ever, one can easily see this in studying the satellite maps. Our climate is whacked out, all rain is directed, storms made-intensified and held in place, many man-made weather systems put over us for the last year and a half. We had no real winter and now our spring is abnormal. I have been going to this coast for 25 years, never has is been like it is now, the air is horrible, the ocean temp below normal as is the air temp for this time of year. So much of our sun has been blocked since Sept 2010 it is taking its toll.
    The use of the educational system and main stream media for decades has done the job. they are brainwashed and continue to feed the same system that is controlling and destroying this planet by buying all their junk and putting money in their banks.
    Yes, there are too many people on the planet, but this could be remedied with these hidden/stolen technologies they have withheld from us. the ignorant statements continue I see here in the comments. our land mass is not that great when one is thinking critically, only so much viable land and fresh water for one, along with the consumption of so much unneeded junk and the waste produced by each person.
    This Agenda these psychopaths have is sick and must be stopped. all life is precious. with all the money and resources they have stolen from us, life could be wonderful for all on the planet and the environment cleaned up. “they” want absolute owner ship and control of this planet, like selfish, greedy brats and are pulling out all the stops to get it, even if it means destroying the planet to destroy us. sound familiar?

  7. I don’t think calling Planned Parenthood part of the PTB to destroy humanity is correct. They do provide abortion services (3%) but mostly help detect diseases and provide reasonable contraception services when desired. Positive things i think.

  8. For the record, the eugenics movement in the U.S. was effectively a spin-off of the same conservation movement to which today’s environmental movement owes its heritage and the eugenics movement itself was obviously a vehicle to popularize a hidden Malthusian agenda. Also, anyone who knows anything at all about the Yale secret society, Skull & Bones knows that they are a Malthus worshiping “death cult” and that they were heavily involved in the eugenics movement here in the U.S. … So what does all of this tell us about modern environmentalist doctrine such as global warming and overpopulation but that both are really nothing more than lies intended to hype fear and bring about Malthusian goals? Don’t believe it? Then go to my timeline (http://truthbetold.webuda.com) and connect the dots for yourself. Environmentalists are right about one thing however: there is in fact some destruction to the environment occurring but history shows that the blame rests squarely on the elite themselves. To learn how this environmental conspiracy actually came about, read Anton Chaitkin’s “Treason In America”. — the Postman (http://truthbetold.webuda.com)

  9. What is being done today really has no connection with eugenics at all, as eugenics was intended to be a science to assist preservation and improvement of the human genomes, and not a systematic mass-culling of all species on the planet, or any systematic destruction of the ecosystems and their environments on it.

    The people doing this are a very different set of people to eugenicists; they are; “like a mad dog,? too dangerous to bother”.

    What we see today is mindless genocide worldwide, and destruction of every environment and ecosystem on the planet, as if some weird sect has decided that the entire planet and all life forms on it but their own must be ‘cleansed’, a little like the excellent SF series LEXX, though the particular sect doing this cannot claim having been taken over by some suicide-inducing telepathic giant insect race, or any other form of alien, to provide them with an excuse, though in actual fact, such excuses have been attempted by their agents, who continue to posit theories such as their having been taken over to do evil things against their better judgement by telepathic reptilian beings hiding in the earth’s crust.

  10. Too many people??? All the people on the earth would fit on Vancouver Island BC, figure em up. No trees, go to the Rocky Mountains and count em, Ibet you cant. Not enuf water, chek the snow pack??? Its all a bunch of crap that comes out of TPTB sound hole. Think for your self and get out and experience the world around you and turn off the TV. Nice work Zen

  11. @mothman777: What is being done today has SIGNIFICANT connections to eugenics because eugenics was not actually intended to do what you think it was. Eugenics was intended only to be PERCEIVED by the public as a “science” (what a stretch) to improve human heredity. It was a deception. What you provided was basically the textbook definition of eugenics as originally penned by the eugenicist Galton himself but just because his words made it into print doesn’t necessarily make them reflect reality. Anyone can invent a word labeling some action and then proceed to associate with it an incorrect characterization of that action. I can invent a word, “shoegle”, meant to label the action of someone selling pennies through the mail as copper engravings of “the great emancipator” for $17.95 each to unsuspecting victims, (as per the movie “Trial and Error”), and then define it as “the act of helping others to appreciate President Lincoln” but as you can see, my coining of the word and defining it doesn’t make it jibe with reality. As I previously stated, the eugenics movement was a vehicle to popularize a hidden Malthusian agenda. For one thing, various members of the secretive “death cult”, Skull & Bones were at the epicenter of this movement (and even helped to fund it) and the very notion that they could have acted out of any concern for humanity’s sake is beyond all comprehension for anyone who knows anything at all about Yale’s most infamous death-worshiping cult. I don’t blame you for holding the view that you do–virtually everyone believes the same thing; but, sometimes the “truth” that we’re told is really just disinformation. — the Postman (http://truthbetold.webuda.com)

    • I disagree on the definition and intent of eugenics proper, as the concept was most certainly not an original invention of those Malthusian types you speak of, and I can see that what is happening today is nothing whatsoever to do with eugenics at all, as I have said. However I agree with you on the hypocrisy of some of those who have stated their interest in ‘eugenics’, but would not say that all are, or have been insincere. Certainly one state that practices an extremely perverse interpretation of eugenics today is completely insane and extremely murderous to all other peoples and the ecosystems of the world.

      What is actually happening is genocide of various races and annihilation of many other species, exactly as I have said, like some grand ‘cleansing’ program. The intent is most certainly not to preserve the world for those Illuminati skull and bones types or whatever some people call them. I sincerely think that some strange belief as I have said is being practiced to sterilize the planet, and we can see this from the dispersion of DU, GMO’s Corexit etc. etc., which are most definitely not intended to preserve the ecosystems and environments of this planet, but to destroy them for all time.

      In India, as you know, some perverse and disturbed pseudo-yogis take to looking at the sun to burn their eyes out, with the intent that they will then start to meditate more on the ‘inner reality’. Others even more perverse, consider that the entire phenomenon of consciousness itself is an unpleasant and unnecessary aberration, and that consciousness, the soul, and it’s ability to perceive any type of dimension whosoever, be it heaven or hell or anywhere in between, should be entirely destroyed. We also have the Gnostics, who perversely believe that we are pure souls wrongly imprisoned in the wrong dimension by a false ‘God’, though it is difficult for them to rationalize effectively exactly how such pure souls could come to be yanked out of their true heavenly dimension and put here instead, in this world, which appears to me at this time of Kali Yuga to be effectively nothing more than a top security prison mental hospital, and indeed, the philosopher Voltaire I believe, stated that all the other planets send their insane to this planet. We have the Dominionists and other Armageddon freaks, who wrongly think that once they crap their nappy up in this world, that daddy will give them a brand new planet; they are off their rockers, as this planet is the only one we have been given, full stop, for the present time being according the Vedic science anyway.. Maybe some perverse dark branch of a gnostic-like belief system has decided to literally destroy this planet, in the equivalent of a prison riot that destroys the entire prison, in a protest against conditions there. Then we have the people who are really in charge doing all this, and we see the religion they belong to, and we must wonder what hidden agendas their religion holds, which make them so sure they can destroy the entire planet on which they live, with the self sure state of auto-hypnotic belief that a New Jerusalem or something like that is coming down to rescue just them after the spring cleaning has been completed, the cleansing of all non-believer souls, by which they are effectively attempting to demonstrate their loyalty and affiliation to no one else but their own members.

      At the end of 2012, Uri Geller says the giant robotic planet Hoova will be sending down spaceships to this earth, and I think maybe that will be the New Jerusalem. OK, place your bets gentlemen, throw your dice. Which gamble will come true? The only thing is, the way some people are gambling, this will be the last gamble in this world that they will ever be able to make, with the genomes of all species in the world being irreversibly damaged beyond any possibility of being replaced in an environment stable enough to support the maintaining of their integrity. I think that people have gone collectively insane in the main, and are merely ‘turning a blind eye’ while their leaders commit suicide of the entire planet on their behalf, such is the spiritual cowardice, lack of foresight and total laziness of everyone.

      • With the utmost respect…

        You state: “I disagree on the definition and intent of eugenics proper, as the concept was most certainly not an original invention of those Malthusian types you speak of…”

        Eugenics itself would not have to be an “original invention” of Skull & Bones in order for them to have effectively created the eugenics movement and I assure you that they did in fact create the eugenics movement in the U.S. as history undeniably records this fact quite clearly.

        You’re correct in noting what is happening is “genocide of various races and annihilation of … other species”; however, if you study the situation much more carefully you’ll find in no way is the “annihilation” of other species as indiscriminate and complete as you suggest.

        You state, “The intent is most certainly not to preserve the world for those Illuminati skull and bones types or whatever some people call them.”

        Entirely incorrect. Why would anyone in control of all of mankind’s knowledge choose to do this? Why do you think the doomsday seed vault (in Norway?) was created? What would be the point if not to preserve those many plant species that reside there?

        You state, “I sincerely think that some strange belief as I have said is being practiced to sterilize the planet, and we can see this from the dispersion of DU, GMO’s Corexit etc. etc., which are most definitely not intended to preserve the ecosystems and environments of this planet, but to destroy them for all time.”

        You’re on the right track but I believe you’re wrong in your belief that preservation isn’t somehow figured into the equation. For one thing, you assume that these assaults on the Earth’s ecosystems are irreversible. That’s a pretty big assumption. Fields containing depleted uranium might could be cleaned up. You and I aren’t exactly in a position to know for sure and we’re also not in a position to know whether the plan is to repopulate these areas anytime soon either. Likewise, even though the short-term consequences of the Gulf disaster are pretty grim, that doesn’t mean that 100 years from now the same would still be true; especially considering that if plant species are being saved in a doomsday seed vault, who’s to say that aquatic species aren’t also being saved and cultivated somewhere? A similar argument could be made regarding GMOs. Just because GMOs are an assault on our lives doesn’t mean that those people responsible for creating them are affected by them (or will later be affected by them).

        You state: “Then we have the people who are really in charge doing all this, and we see the religion they belong to, and we must wonder what hidden agendas their religion holds, which make them so sure they can destroy the entire planet on which they live, with the self sure state of auto-hypnotic belief that a New Jerusalem or something like that is coming down to rescue just them after the spring cleaning has been completed, the cleansing of all non-believer souls, by which they are effectively attempting to demonstrate their loyalty and affiliation to no one else but their own members.”

        I know who these people are and I know exactly what hidden agenda (not plural) their “religion” holds. That which you call a “religion” which “makes them so sure…” is science and sometimes science doesn’t act like a religion. Sometimes. Science only becomes a matter of faith to these people when all of the evidence is stacked against them but we have to assume that it was REAL science that actually led them down this path… Whether they actually succeed in ascending to their sought after heaven is another matter. Also, I assure you that what is happening isn’t something that can be blamed on persons of a given religious belief. If that’s your belief, then you’re dead wrong.

        You state: “At the end of 2012, Uri Geller says the giant robotic planet Hoova will be sending down spaceships to this earth, and I think maybe that will be the New Jerusalem.”

        Surely, you jest. If not, then let me say that nothing is going to happen at the end of 2012 UNLESS those who are behind the genocide, etc. make it happen and I assure you it certainly won’t involve REAL spaceships or aliens from space.

        You state: “with the genomes of all species in the world being irreversibly damaged beyond any possibility of being replaced…”

        Proof? Or did you mean to say, “with the genomes of SOME species”?

        Trust me. History holds the key. — the Postman (http://truthbetold.webuda.com)

        • Hi there Postman, and thank you for your interesting and engaging reply. As regards Hoova and Uri Geller, I have repeated here only revelations from the man himself, and I look forward myself to see what turns up.

          There are different agendas, and different families within the same people controlling the main power group opposing each other for the privilege of being the number one ‘Gods’ on this planet, and though one group has some lovely natural seeds locked away, in the meantime Monsanto has stated that it wants 100% domination of the world seed market with their GM terminator seeds. So a clean sweep is probably intended, using GM to replace all other crop plants, to knock off the gentiles by damaging their genomes beyond repair. I should perhaps have made it more apparent that I do not believe the perpetrators are locking themselves into the same suicide that they have programmed for the rest of the world. Those seeds saved up in Norway might well be reintroduced, once the GM varieties have all been eradicated thoroughly so as not to destroy the non GM stock. I bear in mind though that many hundreds of irreplaceable good plant strains of fruits etc. were mindlessly destroyed under Common Market directive, with only a few being saved by concerned private farmers against the wishes of the EEC.

          You may well have underestimated the ultimate extent of the intended destruction of other species, as their belief system holds that the souls of every other single being in this creation but their own is not of God, but of a Satanic being, and the essence of those other souls is quite literally held to be a form of excrement left over from the creation process, indeed a non-living type of anti-spirit, or anti-soul, that is actually not truly living, and is pure evil, in substance and intent. All such souls are held to be irredeemable, and the continued presence of these satanic souls, including all of us, is not desirable within this entire world to them, as such souls are the very source of sin and sinful inclination, which is held to unjustly pollute the souls of the ‘Godly’, who would otherwise be existing in a sinless heaven on earth here right now. That belief system holds that in order for there to be heaven on earth for the survivors, no souls from the sinful non-living group must be allowed to dwell on the earth anymore, so that sin and the propensity to sin will no longer be spread like a contagion by the souls from the Satanic ‘dark side’. Without the presence of any of these satanic souls in this world even now, it is held that the Godly souls would be perfectly sinless and without propensity to sin, and that the current sins that the ‘godly’ souls are engaged in are only due to infection, or pollution by the satanic souls.

          The remaining survivors within that belief system after the intended genocides, will be held to be immaculate, Godly, God themselves in fact, as indeed they are already, their will and actions totally divine without any existence of so-called sin in the coming world, which, for all we know, may well be envisioned as being comprised of a different order of matter on a different vibrational plane, with more heavenly qualities, and in that world, DU and the other horrors of this world that have been left here by them to poison all we ‘satanic’ souls to a slow lingering death, will no longer be in evidence. They truly do intend to create their own reality, as the masters of creation, in a great exhibition of mystical mastery, in an effort intended to rival God Himself, Lord Krishna, as they would be His successors, at least in their own domain, intended to be carved out of the cosmic expanse of His being, with no regard to the well being of the rest of the cosmic spiritual family of souls. Interestingly, the Yoga Aphorisms of the great yogic teacher Patanjali do in fact list in the types of siddhis, or mystical abilities available to yogis, the ability to create an entire planet, and ‘yogis’ within the ‘Godly’ group are intending to do just that I think.

          I really think that the levels of damage being done to this world now are so vast, severe, and unremittingly brutal, that they are intended to be a direct challenge to God Himself, as if to attempt to goad Him to appear to challenge their madness.

          It may be as you say that something is intended to survive, but I think they have overestimated the ability of the earth as it is to recuperate, at least while it remains in this dimension of matter, and consider that the amounts of DU alone that have been dispersed around the world, are enough to destroy the entire population of the world several times over in the coming thousands of years, trapped in a slow downward spiral of ever more damaged genomes.

          We can but hope that the madmen come to their senses, that they will try to work with God’s creation, rather than trying to test it to breaking point and beyond in fits of insanity; we can hope that they may yet stop blaming others for their own spiritual shortcomings, and that they might look within to God, Krishna, and not their self-created elemental being, Yahweh, to resolve their issues in a truly spiritual manner, rather than continuing in their current mistaken system of belief, blaming those around them who are not in their belief system for their ills, and that thus they will no longer continue to desire to remain in a belief system that urges them to cleanse the entire planet of all those people who are not like themselves. Hare Krishna

  12. Wanting something that someone else has, regardless of how they get it … has been a mind set that even this U.S. was built on …

    But this mind set usually always trail back to representatives associated with the satanic elite and or the diabolical cabal …

    The meek and submissive minds were usually the on looking victims and unwilling participants of these evil consciousness controlling powers …

    The evil minds have initiated poverty, only to offer jobs unfriendly to the environment and supporting of their money system … and the induced survival needs of the people played into the hands of the wicked ….

    The evil minds have initiated sickness, only to offer experimental, addictive even harmful drugs which are also supporting of their money system … and the induced need for medication, played the people right into the hands of the wicked ….

    They have initiated wars which were also supporting of their money system … and when drafting fell through they made the signing up sweet by offering to pay for learning skills …

    They have secretly put in place supporters of the evil’s regime which divided the people of nations by prejudice and hatred as the evils initiated false beliefs contrary to Loving one another within the people’s own religions … and did so as the people unknowing branched off in support of the negative satanic religion … and the people played right into the hands of the wicked

    The evils’ schemes and plans have been undeniable brilliant but diabolical

  13. rockin postman

    mothman, getting closer each time. any weapon/tool can be used against its inventer/operator. even and especially a tool (religion, science, philosphy,…) that is built in response to co-opted corrupted inverted tools (religion, science, philosophy,….

    postman, chernobyl’s ensuing wildlife sanctuary and research, outline beautifully a probably multi decade if not multi century plan of action for the elites.

    everyone, can we please come up with better proper pronouns than “elites” or ptb? how about the world’s owners? or cannibal’s in charge? or wannabe gods? aspiring deity? dr eeeeeeeevils? all these other names are too easily taken as complimentary.

    back to agendas and plans evidenced by the scenarios like chernobyl. and now fukushima.

    ok yeh so the aspiring deity think they can achieve full deification by killing off everyone else (or at least enough of everyone else) who can provide any threat to their authority. while they are probably fine with leaving a few cargo cults around, they will probably not be so fine with leaving any population developed enough to remember who and what was done to the planet before they achieved their deity status.

    in terms of critical practical analysis, such aspiring (or even achieved) deities are stupid and self destructive by definition. all alpha dogs (who are not lone wolves) require beta dogs to support their pack. lord of the flies requires a critical mass of supporting bullied boys to provide enough power for the bully to achieve and sustain his status. now how long are the bullied boys to remain bullied? and what is the inevitable outcome of such methods of achieving control. same old control drama unleashed on progressively larger scales.

    unfortunately, these are the same folk who are probably ok with that scenario and its inherent flaws. the holocausts and pogroms that stole the americas for the white euro settlers (our forefathers for the sake of full disclosure) are not likely to see the light and give up their strangling hold on the rest of us.

    now from the perspective of a rat (who incidentally prefers survival) on an intentionally sinking ship, these titanic captains (aspiring deities) are sinking their ship and do seem to have some lifeboats reserved for themselves.

    anyone read up on likelihood of northern hemisphere being ruined for generations with ongoing nuke catastrophes as engineered economic collapse leads us through fukushima after fukushima?

    ok. seed vaults in norway, underground bunkers pretty much all over. bush family buying up huge tracts of land and water rights in south america (probably paraguay). a generation of rockefellers visiting india with grampa david.

    is anyone else reminded of the closing scenes in dr strangelove? that song about boom goes london boom goes paris…?

    ok so the wolves in border collie fur are transacting their global destruction on a much larger time scale. it’s still the same plan. and since they own everything, especially the means of owning more, they can transact their engineered destruction at their own pace. sometimes fast – 911, fukushima,…. sometimes slow – vaccines, pharmaceuticals, gmo’s,…

    so in all practicality, we are soon to be feral rats surviving if at all on our own outside the civilization cannibalized by the planet’s owners. we might be able to come together to make a secondary smaller civilization. how likely are we to provide for ourselves enough to defend against obusha’s drones and the rest of this quickly shrinking civilization? at least without the planetary owners’ permit.

    please remember, we’re talking about becoming fremen on arakis while harkonens and atreides and imperial saudakar grind it and each other up. now to survive, we will most likely need some stranglehold control on some vital commodity that those planetary owners need. control in perpetuity.

    now zen, while the sounds of “it just doesn’t matter” does agree with the zen of no mind we all love, it still might be nice to not let that tool/weapon be used against us.

    so. anyone got a commodity in mind we can control to a useful degree? in perpetuity? anyone? zen? postman?

  14. The only comoddity we have control over is our offspring. I do not see an end to the misery for the next 20 years. So I refuse to put kids into this world untill the leaders have changed. When Jaques Fresco ha s become the boss I will multiply again. Until then, I leave the unborn where they are now.

    • I don’t think the world will be safe with him either, as the guy who works with him, the guy who wrote the economic hitman book, said on TV that the Venus Project will be ‘a safe place for Jews’. Well that is very interesting, because if Jaques Fresco does somehow see his vision of a changed society realized, and those people are there, they will be at the top, and we will see the same elitism, prejudice against gentiles and even bloody genocides springing up in continuity, especially as they will always seek to be the most influential people in such a society, and seek to institute their plan for a NWO through that.

      The Venus Project is basically a great idea, but is unfortunately not yet a fully spiritually realized idea, though I hope it will weed out unsuitable elements like that particular crime cult, as it is certainly nothing to do with spirituality, or even a genuine religion, being just an organization of self-serving people who treat the rest of the world as their slaves. As such, that crime cult would certainly wreck everything that Jacques Fresco is working towards.Those people currently involved in that pseudo faith will need to look deep inside themselves and leave that crime cult, before adopting a more suitable path in life, one not based based on materialistic misinterpretations of spirituality.

      I too have grave apprehensions about having children in these times, but luckily, according to Vedic wisdom, there are 400,000 human species on trillions of different planets in trillions of different universes, so all is not lost, and souls can simply incarnate on better planets than this one instead.

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