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Expatriotism – The New American Dream

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by Zen Gardner

As the TV host gone ranting truther in the classic film Network said, “We know things are bad, worse than bad. They’re crazy!” That was 40 years ago. It’s incalculable how much this insanity has since escalated in this exponentially accelerating technological and informational environment. It wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that pathological criminals driven by dark occult forces are at the helm of our current societal apparatus.

I dare say none of us can fathom the depth, breadth or sweeping range of the control systems they’ve put in place over the past century. We get but a glimpse into the alien mindset of those who labor continuously to control and harvest the human population and its home.

The so-called United States of America and its sordid, hypocritical legacy is the manifest capitol of the world system, exporting its contaminated culture, twisted history and false, misdirected science and politics with a relish. Obviously other world illuminist nodes such as the City of London, the Vatican and various other European snake pits in Belgium, France, Switzerland and other slimy retreats are essential and part and parcel to the Medusa’s head of wickedness we’re confronted  with.

But the United Snakes is the epitome of what we’ve been told is the ultimate society and which other countries naively admire or try to emulate.  “The land of the free, home of the brave”;  “free opportunity where anyone can make a fortune or become President”, “defender of democracy and the free world”. The Orwellian programming goes on.

It’s bogus from the get go but the sorcery of the controllers is strong. As long as the majority swallows it they think they win. The reason they have to work so hard at it is because we are alive, growing and changing and have capabilities they know not of. Putting out our lights is like stopping the rain from falling and they know it. But they’re trying.

The U.S. is Dead in the Water

The U.S. is going down the police state tubes so fast it’s hard to follow.  All the tricks, frauds, ploys and murderous maneuvers the desperate controllers are constantly working are hard to even keep up with. Never mind the continuous waging of wicked wars, overt and covert, in dozens of countries around the world, and all the while the government is passing more draconian laws, measures and executive decrees than you can shake a stick at to subdue its own populace..

Nice place to live, eh? I don’t think so. Not a bad time to get to higher ground. In fact, a perfect one.

I’m deliberately painting a bleak picture here, because it is bleak. Their intentions are obvious. To pretend otherwise in some hopeful state of wishful thinking is akin to religious zealotry. We cannot plead ignorance when the hurricane hits.  Especially if it’s willful. Affirmations won’t help much in the paddy wagon to nowhere.


Live to Fight Another Day – Why Live in Enemy Territory?

The awakened have been seeing the handwriting on the wall for a long time and have made or are making necessary preparations and adjustments.  We can’t do much good rounded up or isolated in some protected fortress in enemy territory wondering when the knock on the door will come. That’s no way to live if you can avoid it.

Now if someone is called to stick it out there, well aware of this coming maelstrom, more power to them, and may they help care for as many as possible.

Many feel they don’t have a choice when it comes to moving to somewhere safer. It does take some planning and preparation to come up with an alternative situation and that may not be an option for people in difficult situations. But everyone has a choice and the freedom to choose. The question arises as to what the possibilities are.

We’re not the only ones seeing this coming. People from all walks of life have been preparing for something drastic for a long time, and as their knowledge and experience increased, their acumen sharpened as to what their best option might be. It does take exploration, research and serious planning. I’ve lived overseas over 20 years of my life so it’s not a big leap for me to check out friendlier climes. However, I must admit disentangling when you’re older is not the fanciful pick up and leave operation it was in my early days.

Not everywhere has a metastasizing big brother government, superficial and shadow, that acts like a rabid pit bull trying to eviscerate its populace–apologies to all pit bulls.

Letting Go and the Great Migration

People are emigrating especially out of the US, Canada and the UK in greater and greater numbers as the surveillance police states come into place. This will continue to increase as they turn up the heat, while also becoming more and more difficult to move as this wicked system takes hold. If you’re attached to your country of origin as some sort of bastion of freedom and rights you will one day regain, you’re on the wrong track.

Let it go. Even the illusion of societal freedom you once sensed is no more. It’s that far down the tubes.

Patriotism is a sham. Just another false paradigm based on propaganda, pride and nostalgia. Our rights to personal freedom, autonomy and sovereignty don’t need a piece of paper to be affirmed or allow us to enact. These are natural, inborn Universal qualities.

Governments only remove and restrict, they cannot grant anything. If they “grant” any so called freedoms they’ve positioned themselves as the overall controllers. The United States was once supposed to have been a representative Republic, but it was established by the same wealthy elite according to their designs, favoring the usual suspects. There were more freedoms than under King George perhaps, but really it was just another State born in war and has since been the most warring nation on earth.

God bless America. By the way, which god? Mars, the god of war? There are a lot of nasty entities from which to choose.

Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

Lotta truth there. Patriotism is just another attachment. So is location, never mind all the stuff we accumulate. Moving is an exercise in conscious awareness. What’s important remains with you and always will. True freedom cannot be taken away. Dominating forces can impose physical restrictions for whatever manipulative reason but our inherent spiritual rights cannot be infringed upon without our permission.

I heard recently only 15% of Americans have passports. If that’s not an indicator of an entrenched insular populace I don’t know what. Most Americans have been shaped and conditioned by television, simply television. What is available there and all it’s phony flashiness keeps them snugly inside the illusion that all is well. They have their favorite shows and sports to watch, a car, snazzy clothes and electronics, and all the junk food they can eat. And almost all of it on credit, an illusory payment system built on a fabrication.

Whatta life. Easy prey for a predator? You bet. Behold  our world.

The Welfare State is Anything but Well

While the whole world will be affected by what’s coming, America is going to take it the hardest. There’s not enough food in circulation to last more than 3 to 5 days, too much of the population is completely dependent on big daddy government, over 40% live paycheck to paycheck and a monstrous swathe is outright living on welfare–completely dependent on a bankrupt government that could declare its insolvency any minute and say, “Sorry. Can’t help you. You’re on your own.”

Nasty, but a very likely scenario.

Just look at the so-called “response” by big daddy FEMA to disasters. It’s ludicrous. They’re just more blather for PR and control and dependency reinforcement. Meanwhile the real action is the drills their black ops goon squads are practicing. Nothing more. Anything else is window dressing.


Higher Ground

This can mean a better, more knowing and confident attitude, a safer location in the country you reside in, or a move to another part of the world altogether. The point is, the handwriting on the wall isn’t just bathroom graffiti. It’s a message that couldn’t be any clearer or louder. The next round will be a drastic curtailment of civil liberties akin to martial law. Boston voluntarily shut down without any decree, obeying the “authorities” to stay inside and pretty much stop all of their normal activities without a whimper.

All for their safety and security of course.

At least in the developing countries of the world people are more connected to the land, are community minded, family oriented, and sane. Those are factors many don’t know about. If they’ve never experienced the more humble and natural societies on earth they wouldn’t understand.

And that’s very sad and telling in itself. The world is much much more than the materialistic rat race for security than most have been led to believe is the life we think we’re “entitled” to live.


No one has escaped the onslaught I’ve described here. We’re all battered and bruised from these battles with the enemy, but we were all born for this time and need to face it fully and take on the fight we’re each faced with.

The wonderful aspect of this time we’re living in is it’s wind to get our kites even higher, a storm for us to revel in. We need to see past it first and understand our true perspective, that of our infinite consciousness and higher selves that have no limits or restrictions.

When we all know we’re just visiting and having this temporal experience, the fear dissipates and eventually we don’t feel or notice it any more, even though it’s in those all around us.

Take the leap if you can, you’ll be glad you did.

Whichever, be prepared. The culmination is at the doorstep.

Love always, Zen



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  1. Zen, your words echo my sentiments exactly. I used to be in that 9-5, watch TV, eat, go to bed and do it all over again world. But now I can see so clearly the life I want to live. I’m paying taxes and everyone’s hard-earned money is going to keeping us enslaved. I can’t understand why the average American can’t see it. They believe all the lies that have been spoon fed to them by the media about Boston, Sandy Hook, Aurora, etc. And like you said the lockdown is coming – shock and awe bitches (wink PC)!
    I want to pack up my pick-up truck with the dogs in the back just like your pic here and go. But I have no idea to where. Could you do me a favor Zen, if you start a commune somewhere or know of one, please let me in on it. I already have some practice. And we could invite all of Peek’s Daring Feat Tour!, lol

      • Though becoming a better person, (and that varies in definition, to the reference point) is all well and good; it’s a false lead to expect results in isolation. Progress is immeasurable in a vacuum. Self deception is easily achieved in isolation.

        Conversely, we all need the interplay of variables to work it out. We all need the challenges , and the tests; of patience, genuine empathy for others, loving kindness, and even equanimity in cases.

        If your seriously on any spiritual path, and resident on this planet, you know these things. Take the journey. There’s no better exposure. There’s no better opportunity to meet the challenges.

        Doing so will give you the feed back on universal principles. You’ll rise or flounder accordingly. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are the first words you should learn. (again)

        People are super in some locations. Face value is the recognized commodity. You make it, or break it from there. Put what you think you know to the test. See if you really do reap what you sow. Be genuine, it’s recognized worldwide. Be kind, what goes around comes around.

        Be honest, it always feels good, night or day. Some cultures will humble you by their goodness. Learn the lesson, and join in.

        Breath the new air, try the new food, dance to the new music. Say thanks before you turn in.

        You’ll find places the aged are respected, the youth polite. You ‘ll find places everyday life is a pleasure.

        You’ll discover places where you really can grow as a genuine person. Be good, it will rebound. Don’t look for trouble, and you won’t find it. Every thing that happens will be your own Karma, deal with that, with skill.

        Take the word “NOW” for a mantra. Don’t stop ’til you get there. Stay focused.

        Yesterday, today was, tomorrow. Remember that always. So, whatcha waitin’ for. “NOW” Get steppin’ child. The journey of ten thousand miles begins with one single step. Make it. Do it.

        P.S. You know more than you think. You gotta make a move first, to see the next one. Don’t forget, providence and destiny friends.

    • You’ll know exactly where to go, when conditions reach, “Any where but here”.
      That will be a purely subjective assessment though.
      For many, The States crossed that Rubicon long ago.

    • ( blushes @ the wink )) of 222 pets sands nice effing dogs !..hangs up a the Feat tour Banner at the Z G gypsy wagon

    • I still am in that old mode, but I am getting ready to learn how to forage and fish and live in the wild. I don’t want to hunt unless I absolutely have to, but I’ll fish. I know there are many wild edibles and it is fascinating to watch bushcraft videos and see what skills and tools people have, many from the native peoples. We grew up thinking our modern society was the best and skills from the past were outdated and even useless…. But then when one looks deeper and finds nature is FULL of medicine and simple useful things such as pine glue (easy to make and strong), much nutritious plants and fish etc one has to marvel at how much we’ve been duped!

      Think about it. I watched a vid where someone described using a type of plaintain (not the banana-like plant, another type pronounced plan-ton) to quickly heal their dogs wounds (a deep non-lethal cut). It greatly increased the healing time. I think it also helps against infection. I don’t know how they prepared the plant, but that sounds like a critical skill to learn for first aid! There are other cures, I have heard tea made out of dandelion root helps to fight cancer, and marijuana is also a hidden cure (not by smoking, other methods of preparation) for cancer as well…. and apparently if you juice the fresh leaves off the plant without drying or heating them you won’t get high.

      How much is out there that is meant to be free that we could do that we have been so out of touch with? We are the only creature that pays money for anything! Or buys licenses to fish or hunt or use tools (vehicles) to travel)! We have been led down a path of ignorance and dependence. Free food, free water, free medicine, free energy all at our fingertips and we have no idea how to gather or prepare (for use) any of it and so pay these people who refuse to let us do things ourselves (and hide knowledge from us) for things we could either make ourselves or make better or aren’t poisonous. For instance, why would I take medicine from a pharmaceutical company that could harm me and PAY for it when I can go forage from nature and make better medicine for free?!?

      I am still learning. Just starting. I do not know if I can learn enough in time, but I will learn what I can. I get a laugh walking around picking dandelion leaves/ flowers and clover leaves/ flowers, for example, to eat for snacks. Love red clover and dandelion flowers! All over the place, all free. Dandelion leaves are now in grocery stores to eat, but people are still trying to kill them from their lawns while paying to eat them! Craziness! They have been so far removed from the concept of growing/ foraging their own food they don’t even realize they can just pick it from their own lawns! Or maybe dig them up, put them in pots and grow them for food!

      Sigh. Future should be interesting. Luckily I have a boyfriend who isn’t close minded and has been listening to all the alternative media and me about all of this… my friends don’t realize though. They don’t believe in the elites and just think people are dumb and greedy. But my boyfriend knows, thank goodness!

      I do have to give one caution here, Zen. The elites WANT to get rid of national sovereignty and bring in a global governmental system, so patriotism could slow them down. I think the problem is that like everything else, the elites are pushing people into extremes. A bit of patriotism is OK I think, but like anything else it can be thrown into unhealthy balance. The elites are masters at turning things into weapons, even harmless things like butterflies (Monarch mind control) :( Then again, I just realized last night that though the “old system” has been corrupted, they mostly guided and molded it anyways from the start. The “old system” is theirs, the “new system (New World Order) is theirs, both by stealth). So now I am wondering what to do. I cannot really support the “old system” OR the “new system”… Seems the best I can do is live life the way I know to be right (not causing harm etc) not comply with corrupt laws or policies, and keep learning and striving for the positive. But then I think that is what you have been encouraging people to do generally. Sigh. Crazy world. Crazy elites.


  2. Do you remember how it felt when your parents took the training wheels off your bicycle? A bit uncertain and wobbly at first and then ………………………!

    It’s time to shed the dis-empowering props you’ve been surrounded with since infancy.

    A child gets a few bruises and s/he takes the first tentative steps and then……………………………………..?

    Calm and clear your mind before making ‘those’ decisions and there’ll be fewer bruises folks.

    I’ll be running on a sun-drenched cliff top with sea breezes helping me on my way. See you there :-)

  3. Great message and sage advice. Spiritual war on this 3D is escalating at a rapid pace…reaching some sort of vibrational crescendo. Observing behavior of the media fronted kingpins, is downright cartoonish….. how juvenile they are becoming.

    If any of you miss the old cartoons of the fifties, you can catch ’em on C-Span. They look almost like real people…..almost.

  4. In any historical review of police states, there will be certain factors of agreement. You could list them, they’re rules of thumb that all of them have incorporated.

    The former U.S.S.R. is a good example for my focus. Seniors remember it. There was a virtual prison state.

    None were allowed access. None were permitted to leave. ‘Defectors’ were killed if caught. All those living in the U.S.S.R. in that prison state were said to live, “Behind The Iron Curtain”

    It’s coming. It’s in the cards. One of these events it will happen. The borders will be closed. Homeland security forces will tripple in cadre, enforcing borders, and travel restrictions inside the Continental U.S. as well.

    It’s the ultimate ‘security state’. No one in, no one out. All commerce monitored and guarded.

    A word to those so inclined, “Git, while the Gittin’ is good”.

    • I thought they were going to merge Canada, The US and Mexico into a North American Union? Wouldn’t that mean dissolving of borders and national sovereignty? At least in regards to those 3 countries?

  5. If someone had told me even 2 years ago (actually even 4 months ago) that I’d be living happily overseas, and that I’d done it on such tiny monetary resources, I would not have believed them. I feel a tinge of guilt for not staying and fighting to fix my country but realistically I was having very little positive impact. I haven’t quite worked out dependable steady income nor am I naive enough to think I’m going to avoid the world’s coming catastrophes, and my own aging and eventual physical health breakdown, but I’m happy in love, happier in other ways than I’ve ever been, and I think it was a spiritual step beyond what I thought I dreamed I could accomplish. Way to encourage them Zen. I wish I could say the water is fine, but come on in anyways…

  6. Pisces222, I feel the exact same way! I have no idea of where to go! I’ve never had a passport. But, after reading this post, I’m going to get one . . . if I can. Thanks for this information, Zen!

  7. Zen, you are so on point it’s amazing. I’ve had EXIT on my mind for years… were to? I don’t know yet. Have scouted a couple of places, but scouting time is almost up.

    I love the line: “Affirmations won’t help much in the paddy wagon to nowhere.” Got a big laugh out of that one.

    Thank you for saying it like it is.


  8. One of the best, safest and most unknown places to live is Saipan. It is part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, deep in the western Pacific. It is technically part of the USA, but the residents do not have to file with the IRS. On Saipan there are no chemtrails, no Monsanto and an almost nonexistent military presence. The local police are decent but often crooked and inept. Still, the dollars are the currency and the stars and stripes fly over the post office. It’s a great place to relocate to, and i wouldn’t want to live anywhere else these days. It’s Island Life at its best.

  9. And BTW I agree with you too, sistertongue. Where in the world would I be welcome? Where are we loved? It’s quite an interesting thing to ponder. So yes, your statement is true: “If we want accountability and fairness, we have to apply our critical eye to ourselves first and transform ourselves into worthy individuals.” Quite a few of us are onto that humbling necessity.


    • wow Ida Lawrence maybe i am reading into this the wrong way Buy you dont feel loved right now ? I feel loved even right here on this site ,The so called “critical eye to ourselves” is a no brainier if you have responsibility with truth and love. This is responsible “by sister tongue on April 24

      STOP being so stupid” ??? That kinda of statement sound pretty knee jerk to me and flowed up with ” There is no “best, safest” places. ALL of you are just stupid chickens trying to run for cover. ” Hey sistertongue its so easy to cast comment from the side lines ,

  10. Thanks for the great article! I see exactly where you are coming from, and it doesn’t look pretty! I think what we are really seeing “out there” on the world stage is an accurate reflexion of the collective Consciousness of humanity which is being mirrored back to us to see ourselves – collectively. We live in a very special time in which all the shadowy debris from many lives and generations has to flow to the surface. It’s inevitable really. What we have become in our Being (even though done unconsciously), eventually gets reflected back to us in our time-delayed hologram. Many, such as me, are just beginning to understand how we have willingly, however unconsciously, created our own prison cell as well as our perceived “masters”. It has been displayed for us all to see in our holographic reality thus, it’s a done deal and now we get to experience it. I don’t really want this experience. I don’t like it. It doesn’t fit who I really am. The question is how do we take full control of the helm from the psychopaths? I think one of the answers is to know, on a deep subconscious level, who we really are. That we are extremely Powerful Creators. This may not seem obvious because there is always a built in time delay for our creation to manifest inside this hologram. Nonetheless, we always get according to our “Being” even when we “Be” something unconsciously. What if we all now choose to allow these psychopaths to “serve” us instead? To propel us into a much higher level of awareness where they can no longer reach. They can only control us through our R-Complex and medulla and the lower 3 chakras. Move up to high level awareness. Trust in and be directed by your Higher Self. It can see far beyond this “collective dream” (nightmare) that we have chosen (unconsciously) to manifest ultimately for our own Soul’s growth.

  11. That a boy Mr sun shine ! truth rolls out from your heart and into your fingers on the to keyboard and threw our screen’s
    { Be prepared. The culmination is at the doorstep }.———( PULLS this message along the sky in the Z G plane
    Great Post , I love that Doggy . The number 1 statement I i have heard as a reply when i tell others to buy food and protection ect . for years is ” dont worry if TSHITF we will come to your place ” and my reply I wont be here :-)

    • Rt on..hope folks listen..not intellectual mind tickling, but oh well…it hits folks when it hits them…we can only share what we know..known about this coming since the Sixties…now’s the culmination…very sad time, but end of the toothpaste tube as good as the beginning.. 😉

  12. Ah! But I already bought my ticket for the show. I am not sure there is a better place to go.

    I keep stuffing one more thing in that old bag of mine that holds none of my life. One more morsel of food stuffed in the sack. Stow away one more cool tool that is a must.

    Now, I look at my “warrior” son and my “teacher” daughter (these are their dreams they tell me) and I see my purpose. It is what it is and the show will go on. We all have a purpose – they tell me. :-)
    Those bastards have their script. Although I hear of these rewrites that can happen at the very last minute as the lights dim and the cameras roll… Ah, we shall see if we are ready to create our own storyline.
    Sleep well now, play hard – that is all I can do. I am sure I will find one more thing to stuff in my bag.
    Much love!

  13. I want to leave the US not because of fear of a security state, but because living here sucks. I’ve had some awesome friends, but most of the time I have to be with people I don’t like. We haven’t had full employment since the 1990s and many of us have to work jobs that we hate, and you have to travel to get the good jobs. Since the recession, employees are asked to work more, for less purchasing power. The US was designed to be car-dependent, and walking around most cities is not pleasant (and the areas that aren’t car dependent will cost you a lot – NY, SF, Boston, Chicago). There are pockets of cool places to live, surrounded by huge areas of tract homes, chain restaurants, freeways, and strip malls. A lot of people around me suck – they care about what’s on TV, facebook, iStuff, and money. In a city, the most important part of your life is your job, because without it you can’t exist. If you don’t have money in the US, you’re nobody.

    I have noticed a lot more police on the streets, I think they’re just trying to hand out as many tickets as possible to give themselves a nice paycheck. They aren’t making the city safer, they exist mostly to pay themselves, and I think most cops get the job because they’re power hungry

  14. I don’t know what I enjoyed more the actual article or the running commentary ha ha ha NICE ONE!!! Jokes aside many thanks for another worthwhile read from Zen I’ve only recently started following this site and I am thoroughly enjoying the reads and gaining many useful insights. In relation to the article I feel blessed everyday that I live here in Australia I know we have our fair share of problems but all in all it’s a pretty darn good place to live.

  15. A lot of folks don’t know this, but you don’t actually need another citizenship to move abroad and renounce your US one. I did it, and have been living stateless in Europe since the beginning of 2009. Of course, Europe has its own problems, but Americans who really want to get out and cut ties ASAP will find the place generally a breath of fresh air. And, even though being stateless limits your travel options, as long as you get legal residency in a Schengen-area country first, you’ve got a great big and wonderfully diverse territory to explore. Not a decision to take lightly, though.

  16. Well said sistertougne. People aren’t willing to sacrifice shit.
    Sit? Contemplate? Accountable?
    Like children they want what they want and they want it now.

  17. I could not agree more. Our forefathers came to America from Europe and have now turned America into the Europe they were running away from. So if Americans bail now, and go to say, Panama, how long before Panama is turned into the America they escaped from? No. American are right where we belong. What right do we have to infest more of the world when we can’t even take care of what we’ve created her already?

  18. But sister, what a sharp tongue you have.
    “The better to slash you with child”.

    You paint a very broad brush on “us” but you don’t know my heart sista. Peace

  19. Zen you should make these trolls handles mandatory , to stay the same every time they check in , that why they cant duck out when they get a verbal lashing .

    sistertongue are you off your fucking troll rocker Christ.. what do you think the TPTB do ? talk about a cheap, crappy shell game comment you left . You rattle off a big game iin some brave stance , Please do tell me what is that you have done that makes you so god like to come on to site and peach such a strong stance ?

  20. * Still suffering from an acute case of misandry I see S.T.?!?
    …Anger is the only (subjective) illusory weapon available for ‘powerlessness’ …a narcissistic boot camp of completely inappropriate & overcompensating rage, for perceived childhood abandonment
    … .”if you can’t behave when you’re with the adults,,,you’ll have to go & sit at the kiddies table”-Hannibal Lecter

  21. We are all us. I am sharp in mind as well but I’m not sure about my plutonic side. If you mean platonic, I am that by nature. I’ve come across some very dark persons of various origins in my lifetime and have always come out unscathed. All will be reconciled I trust. I’m not even sure if you and I are agreeing or disagreeing, you seem to be talking in circles. Just wondering…

  22. sistertongue sharp in mind ? your comments reek of self righteous ego infested bullshit , becuase one has a philosophical difference then your so called “prof ” and please dont get me going with your killing forgathers ” pats” just as much of the corruption the U S was built one murmuring lining cheating , the last thing i would ever do is call my self a ” pat” I will avoid Violence for as long as I can then at that point i will make my own choice not that one of someone else Ideology , I chance nothing and as far as Illusion sound like you in the biggest , I never get why people feel the need to go one to a site that they do not agree with ? and Push there own philosophy ? why ? at lease come on with fact or a decent debate if not Go chat it up on Pat’s r us and jerk off to stand and fight throw my tea in the water , and would have to say due to your comments Pices222 has pegged 10 fold !

  23. Thanks for the back-up brother, you said it so eloquently, lol. But seriously I’ve really missed your Ebonic Rants! And you picked up right where you were needed. I had to chime in cause that was the most caustic tongue I’ve come across in a long while. Love it, you make Zen’s home so invigorating 😉

  24. Thanks for my Word of the Day Alex. I always grab my dictionary when I see your face, lol. I was aware of misogyny but never heard of misandry. And love me some Alex Rant too! 😉

  25. You’ll have to forgive me… or not…but I have to ask. Why do you come on this site? Every time I read your comments, I feel like telling you to *bug off* even though you are not commenting on my comments. It seems you don’t agree with anything or anyone here. Why visit the garden? Don’t you have your own garden with like minded people to go to? Cause it sure looks like this garden is not your kind of crowd! didn’t you write somewhere on this site something like *to push out the bad instead of trying to change it*? I find you seem quite eager to tell people what to do in your standards but seem to do the opposite of what you preach! Hence, if we are soo bad why don’t you push us out and go on your way instead of trying to change us???
    Here in Zen Gardner…Just wondering

  26. explain .. sorry I know troll like you will nit pick on spelling mistakes , so i might was well hide all the sharp objects .

    In Internet slang, a troll (pron.: /?tro?l/, /?tr?l/) is someone ” sistertongue ” who posts inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[3] The noun troll may also refer to the provocative message itself, as in:

    very fitting

  27. hey john what have you sacrifice ? I have I have given up tone of my life to helping others and not charge a single penny for it unlike you friend sister tongue 100 an hr LOL on her blog for so called services .. wtf

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