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"Eye of the Sparrow" – Hidden Message in the First Presidential Debate


Now this is more like it. If only the political sham was this entertaining. Enjoy a good laugh at the insanity, about the only way to look at this upside-down world. – Love, Zen

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  1. I am laughing uncontrollably. James Joyce would be proud (new meaningless language for Finnegan’s Wake). see this is the spirit. If we all stand up and laugh at the trolls and their troll rules and call them labradoodles and civily laugh and disobey. No fear, just furious laughter!!!!

    • Hey, Tracy: I like that – “furious laughter”. Good one! Definitely a union of two into one! From here on in, I’m a “furious laugher!” Might even get out a “mad as hell giggle” or two, too! Thanks for that great insight. Love, A.

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