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Eyes Will Adjust

In a Moroccan town square at night, a man is searching for something under a lamp post. He searches the whole night and cannot seem to find what he’s looking for.

Another man who was sitting in a café observing him, crosses over the square and approaches him, asking:

– What are you looking for, my friend? This has gone on for many hours.

The man looks up and says:

– Yes I know. I lost the key to my house and can’t seem to find it.

The other man says:

– Why do you think it’s under the light?

We seem very much geared to look for solutions where we think they would obviously be. Inside our comfort zones. If we keep looking in that place, we won’t find anything, anymore.

Call off the search or enter the square.

Eyes will adjust.

©2012 Soren Dreier



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  1. I have reled on synchronicity to help me since my journey began exactly 6 months ago.
    Every thing I hear and see is tellng me the same thing. I am seeing all significant times like 11:11 etc. constantly and hearing this song so close by Shawn Cook -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad7Icsuu410
    This message and post by Soren only confirms it.
    Its time guys- we’ve been training all our lives for this. I know we can do it!

  2. Zen,
    You just made my morning…Thank you for the little clue that was cloaked in Soren’s writing and the video was awesome! Beautiful song and what a message.
    Hope your day is great!

  3. lovely soren. i sure do enjoy your work. I just discovered you give personal readings, as well as provide life counseling. impressive, I look forward to more from you brother. I hope you feature brother soren’s work more in the future zen, thank you !

  4. That was beautiful. Sometimes I feel too old to learn new or feel I have no flock but I know my flock is here. Thanks to everyone for teaching and renewing me daily.

  5. Dear Pisces222, Is it a flock? ……. sounds a bit sheepish to me! Seriously though, I agree with you absolutely about the sense of reconnecting with our frequency family. I find it extraordinarily uplifting to read these posts and comments. Zen’s choice of articles is masterly. They set us all humming like singing bowls of the same frequency resonating across this planet.

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