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Faith In Authority Is Foolishness

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[This succinct rant sums it up pretty nicely. As the matrix closes in it appears we're approaching a global crunch time where these megalomaniacal mechanisms will not be able to sustain for much longer.  That's good news for 2014! Should be quite a ride this year! - Zen]


Don’t Be Foolish

Albert Einstein said:

A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth.

Indeed, scientists have shown that people will go to absurd lengths - and engage in mental gymnastics – in order to cling to their belief in what those in authority have said.

Part of the reason so many are so vulnerable to naive belief in authority is that we evolved in small tribes … and we assume that the super-elites are just like us.

In reality, there are millions of psychopaths in the world … and they are largely running D.C. and on Wall Street.

These people have no hesitation in lying to promote their goals.

The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs told Morley Safer of 60 Minutes and CBS News:

Look, if you think any American official is going to tell you the truth, then you’re stupid. Did you hear that? — stupid.

And studies show that the super-rich lie, cheat and steal more than the rest of us.

Who’s to Blame … Big Government or Big Business?

Conservatives tend to believe that the captains of industry are virtuous and that the government can’t be trusted.

Liberals tend to believe that government servants are virtuous and that corporations can’t be trusted.

But the truth is that psychopaths are psychopaths … whether they’re in the private sector or government.

And there is no such thing as representative government or free market capitalism anymore. Big corporate money has coopted the government; and ill-guided politicians have destroyed the free market.

Corrupt government agencies and officials and corrupt corporations and executives have become intertwined in a malignant, symbiotic relationship.

And they’re trying to grab more and more power and wealth every day.

Big Business Has Turned Into a Criminal Syndicate

Big banks and giant oil companies have more or less become criminal enterprises.

And conservatives are not amused.

Government Has Gone Rogue

If the government were accountable, then government corruption, deceit and wrongdoing would be held to a modest level.

But the government is not accountable.

When bad government policy leads to bad results, the government manipulates the data … instead of changing policy.

Government pumps out massive amounts of propaganda through the mainstream and “gatekeeper” alternative media, movies, video games, and other venues.

The government has launched a war on journalism, and censors and manipulates social media. And see this.

The massive NSA is spying on all of us – including government officials, reporters, and everyone else – as a way to crush dissent.

And people who criticize government policy or government officials may literally be labeled terrorists.



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  1. Yes, blind faith in authority underpins much of the neolithic dystopia, and what better example could we turn to for proof than the perennial ritual worship of Albert Einstein? Uncle Albert worked diligently for the red shield throughout his dubious career while simultaneously self promoting his phony genius and screwing over his family, yet today many lost sheep still worship this judas goat for his crackpot ‘authority’. The truth is, Einstein advised FDR to build atomic bombs. The Einstein Tzeilard letter was delivered to FDR by a tribal banker. Before that Einstein worked on zionism for the big bosses of history. Einstein only needed to cover his trail with sweet sayings like the quote by Washington to convince the naive of his sincerity, a useful con on humanity still today. I challenge people who believe they have woken up to dig a little deeper historically to find out how duped Washington and his audience really are-


    Anyone who scratches beneath the Einstein mythos will see who first published E=MC2 and the theory of relativity. Dig deeper and you will find Einstein’s main early partner in crime on zionism and the bomb was Chaim Weizmann! You can read about Einstein’s bomb story here-


    An obvious problem with so called opposition journalists today is lack of investigative ability. But, gosh, it only took me five minutes to search and read up on keywords “Einstein fraud”. How hard is that? How come ‘opposition’ journalism seems to open and close with cognitive dissonance? IMO it is a form of revelation of the method, or you might call it a ‘cosmic joke’ on the public, as coronation of the lie, when the public are sure they understand the shell game without a hint of controversy or worse, irony.
    For the best controversy of all, I challenge literate people to read Douglas Reed’s masterpiece, “The Controversy of Zion” available free on the internet-


    If you get into it, you will understand alot more about Weizmann and Einstein’s real roles in history.

    By their acts will you know them.

    • Now that is a good beginning and ending…cuts right to the chase. I wonder what Kissinger meant when he said zionism would be over soon. Douglas Reed had ‘political zionism’ as the final stage of the millenial strategy. I think we can all guess where it could be headed or where they want it to head. Sure hope Uncle Albert Pike wuzn’t right though.

  2. Very well written article! And exactly the reason why people need to wake up! I know that this is sometimes frowned upon, but my Creator and Savior Jesus Christ, and through my Blessed Mother Mary, has guided me during these most distressing times and, have in fact ,turned them into Blessings for me.

    In a nutshell. The greatest crime against all humanity was committed by the ancient judeans who were of Edomite stock. John 8:44. Fact! The Crime? The intentional murder of Jesus Christ. The evidence Judaic/Judean Talmudic enforcement. Aka the Tradition of the leared Elders. ” Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees.” There was nothing known as a jew in these days. However, a Pharisee in Jesus’ day is a jew today. Part race, part Judism! Side note: Best estimates indicate that jews today are mostly of Edomite/Esau stock. The bad blood within these individuals is evident according to dna research. That’s why these people can kill innocent children, pregnant women, women, and men. Steal all the world’s resources, plunder an economy, create perpetual wars, steal wealth, and at the end of a day, sleep like a baby at night! An evil bloodline.

    However, that being said. Finding your Savior Jesus Christ, and worshiping and sacrifice, with devotion to the Immaculate Heart of our Blessed Mother Mary, by daily Rosary and meditation, will insulate you by the Blood of Christ. And this is important to know. Since the greatest Crime against Humanity ever committed when Jesus was Crucified, any crime committed against His Children is equally bad! Meaning a debt to be repaid. This is also the key reason why Christians are constantly bombarded with temptation like , drugs, alcohol, porn, wealth, gambling, sex, unhealthy food, medicine, all of it! These are the seven deadlys. To get you to violate, thereby dismissing your connection to the Immaculate heart of the New Covanent and thereby reversing the debt! This is a way for zionist to reclaim your Birthright. This is straight out of Satan’s playbook. Don’t permit this to happen no matter what! Why do you think Christmas and just about anything Christian is often frowned upon. Things Judaic however are not! The power of Christ is within you. Serve this blessing, and you will notice the change. And I will promise you that! Remember, your faith in Christ protects you from wickedness. What may appear to be a doom and gloom for you is in essence multiple crimes against humanity. They know this too. The debt will be repaid!!! So hold fast to the Faith.

    Andrew John

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