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Fall of an Empire (Recognition of the Child) – David Griffith

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[Another moving song and video from David. Take this one go slow and let it sink in, it may take a couple of listens. As always, deeply direct, honest and insightful, and always with a lot of love. Thanks, David. - Zen]From David: The year 2014, marks 100 years of remembrance since the start of World War I. The Great War was said to end all wars, but clearly, this was not the case! Last century was the bloodiest and the most destructive period in all human history. It's estimated that during the 20th century wars, genocides and despotic purges over 200 million people were either killed in war or callously murdered.Today, at dawn of the new millennium, it seems the only thing that has changed since 1914 is the ever increasing threat from mass-killer weapons and their masters of war. We have more than enough fire power to blow up planet earth and everybody on it.WELL, IT'S NOT WORKING!!!! Lets find another way to solve our disputes with each other.



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  1. Looking at the old newsreel footage, one thing struck me. The difference between the pretty, staged nonsense tribalism that has men strutting about in pretty parade uniforms looking so proud of their rambo-BS “protection” of their country/women/”young-uns” vs. the reality of a lot of stupid people getting senselessly blown to bits over lies. How many times will we fall for it?

  2. thanks everyone.

    Written far from an official war zone, around the time when my niece was born and I reflected on the world she will inhabit.
    ‘Film footage from ancient times is hard to come by.’ says the film maker which explains why only modern imagery has been used.
    Ultimately, this is a war against those who set the wars in motion – those who finance both sides and profit regardless.

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