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False Flag Chemical Attack on Israel Imminent?


by Zen Gardner

The scenario described below of Syrian “rebels” gassing Israel is so very plausible. The masses who do not grasp the depths that the dark Controllers are willing to sink will fall for this once again, just like they did for 9/11 and a host of other self-inflicted wounds to manipulate the masses and justify the next move, or war. That Israel would gas itself, with the “gas chambers” of the “holocaust” dutifully kept in the forefront of the hive mind, would not enter the masses’ entrained thoughts.

The war drums would reach an immediate frenzy and the missiles will fly. Clever bastards.

It’s also an end run around all this hot air about “putting Syria’s chemical weapons under international care”. Smart by Putin to jump on that but he knows that will never happen. It wouldn’t avert war anyway, but it will help to further expose the US/Israeli war agenda.

And to schedule it on the anniversary of 9/11 and during the “high holy days” or “days of awe” celebrated by sacrifice as I mentioned in Syria: The Sting and the Sacrifice –  wickedly shrewd.  Again, they depend on hysteria and such a ghastly deed would certainly do the trick.

Congress, Obama or whomever would issue some hurried statement no doubt already written and ready to go, and the rockets and bombs would fly, if they hadn’t already.

My guess is they’ll shoot first, and ask questions later. Obama’s about to make some statement to the American people tonight, 9/10. It will set the stage – OR – it will turn into an emergency announcement of what they’d already started or were about to start.

Hold on to your hats – and loved ones. And know where your passport is. Love, Zen


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  1. I agree with every word Zen. You always dish the straight poop and that’s a compliment for people not familiar with the 50’s. lol. You’re the best my man!!!

  2. Definitively, a false attack on Israhell to justify the means is a most. Lets just sit down and watch the pre-fabricated reality show

  3. Good outline Zen…it does appear the shortest way to the goal post. Something that’s been nagging my thoughts, is a statement made by HEnrI Kissofdeathenger some time ago that goes something like this:
    iSrael will not exist in ten years. That with a question posed by nIcKy rOckyfellar to Aaron Russo(rip): “What do you think of moving Israel to Arizona…it’s about the same size and the climate is pretty close to the same”? Just a couple of dots that keep floating around tryin’ to find a place to fit it.

    If anybody out there can validate, I’d like to know. Could be nothing…could be something as usual.

    “Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel” The Doors

    • What concerns me is the inevitability of a false flag attack on US soil again, even if the war starts over there. They need an excuse for a further crackdown and to galvanize the mindnumb for more war – as well as to take it into Iran. It could cyber, but it’s going to be big and nothing like bloodletting to get people freaked out…

  4. Israel is just drooling for War ..then you U S pro zio like Liberman just pushing the justification of killing the so called danger of people just living .
    In the words of one of my Fave bands Rage against the machine
    The main attraction, distraction
    got ya number than number than numb
    Empty ya pockets son, they got you thinkin that
    What ya need is what they sellin
    Make you think that buyin is rebellin’
    From the theaters to malls on every shore
    The thin line between entertainment and war
    The frontline is everywhere, there be no shelter here
    American eyes, American eyes
    View the world from American eyes
    Bury the past, rob us blind
    And leave nothin behind

  5. Zen, there’s a strange energy out there right now,the ruling elite are getting desperate people are not falling in line and are questioning Obamba’s motives. Have we hit critical mass? Probably not yet but the evil doers sense the changing tide. Herein lies the problem its gonna take something big to snap the masses back in line.I think the genie is out of the bottle, the emperor has no clothes.
    Its very difficult to remain fearless but what other choice do we have?

    Love to you all CMD

  6. Castor oil packs loaded up and ready to go go go…

    JC Reporting for duty!

    “assimilation, elimination and circulation” – check. Check. And check.

    “you may fire when ready Gridley”

    “the wrecking ball” has landed? ( omfg did you see that video?)

  7. What other choice do we have? Catmandee asks, as if there is only one alternative to the freakiness.

    It’s just energy – neutral in itself.
    How you perceive it is ultimately up to you.
    How you experience it is ultimately up to you.
    In the stream of now moments – in your mind and experience, you can retune energy and creatively realign it into more beneficial outcomes. When many of us do that together, we are invincible.
    Awake and aware, you won’t get drawn into the fear-mongering dis-empowering mindgame being played out around us now.
    And even if you don’t feel very awake or aware, your positive intentions alter the energy balance too.

    It’s time to stand tall in your truth, fellow Gardners, This is what we’re here for.

  8. Spot on Zen!

    The Israeli people are no more part of their parasite class than the Americans are of theirs. We are all fully expendable and pre-sorted and pre-conditioned for such use. Judaism is nothing more than a “store front” for the Lizzy Casino being run in the back. Jews no nothing of the sorceristic and mathematical nature of their religion’s roots any more than Christians do of their son-of-Zues neon sky show savior. This, in effect, sidelines a substantial portion of the spiritually inclined in both countries, to go down with their respective ships. Pisses the fuck out of me to say that.

  9. What if all this talk of the ‘jews’ was wrong? What if the RC Church invented Islam/Muslim to use it to kill Christians? What if many of the nations we think hate each other, are really on the same side, and have been for a long time? What if there is fact based research to back up the above mentioned? Perhaps there is…
    Caveat is to not let your religion interfere with the facts presented. Look at the facts as laid out NOT based on what religion you or the presenter believe in… that will help a lot.
    What if most ‘revolutions’ served only a select group of men and served ONLY to forward one agenda?
    What if the signing of magna carta by king john was a treasonous act and such an act is the state of the world to this day?
    What if the constitution was DESIGNED to remove your rights the whole time, rather than ‘preserve’ them?
    Do you know who owns you? Do you know who owns your property? Do you know who owns your children? Well, it isn’t you… so who could it be? And could someone have been working for this goal since… well… forever?

  10. These psychopaths just won’t give up until they’ve blown up the whole world. They will find some excuse to start this. Most of the world sees what is happening, yet they are going ahead anyway. Kerry, aka Lurch, and Obomber will pull the trigger no matter what. Can’t they all just have massive heart attacks and die, and leave humanity alone?

  11. It’s not quite a false flag, but one act used to justify bringing the US into World War I was the German torpedo attack on a ship, the Sussex, in the English Channel. Woodrow Wilson gravely announced that the ship had been sunk with the loss of American lives. In fact, no Americans had died and the ship was not sunk, but sailed for a Greek company after the war. Yet even today the US Department of State Office of the Historian states: “Germany’s resumption of submarine attacks on passenger and merchant ships in 1917 was the primary motivation behind Wilson’s decision to lead the United States into World War I. Following the sinking of an unarmed French boat, the Sussex, in the English Channel in March 1916….” Any ‘historian’ who hasn’t got this matter straight in his/her mind by now ought to be canned.

  12. I am privileged to teach high school. Every year since 9/11 and the chemtrail program I mention these in class among other “truth” lies. Now, for the first time, students are more aware than ever before. They question Sandy Hook, Boston, and so much more. Hope for the best.

  13. Hoping your wrong Zen but knowing deep down in my heart and soul – that its highly probably your right!.

    I have hoped and yes, even prayed, to stop this crazy coming 3rd word war starting in Syria and then encompassing Iran et al.

    If it’s Gods will Zen, then nothing we say or do can make it any different – we do what we can by showing our lack of support and encouraging others to do likewise, but realistically that’s where our efforts will likely end.

    Remember back to when all this started under Slick Willie, and his “intern” (Israeli spy “code named Mega, after the mega mouthed shark) who could suck a golf ball thru a half inch hose pipe – well gas was going thru the roof – the Wests economy with road transport cannot function at much above the old “gas at a buck a gallon” mark (yes its more now but the US is also 17 trillion ion debt and climbing). Dubya tried his best to break OPEC and their strangle hold on world energy pricing – and (9/11 was a false flag as everyone knows & all about setting the scene for this long “energy” war).
    It’s not done yet. Qatar wants the LNG gas pipeline from the gulf to the ocean via Syria – so they can sell energy into western Europe in competition with the Russians Gasprom monopoly supplier. The Saudis are funding the rebels in Syria and supplying them the chem weapons for the rebels.
    This powder keg is set to blow. But that’s by deliberate intention. Brezinski’s PNAC requires it – world hegemony over energy supply and price by the USA and of course Israel.
    Maybe at the end of the day its better to let them get on with it. In a best case scenario – they get their azzes handed to them – and lose everything including all the middle east oil fields to Russia (Prophecy suggests this is the outcome for the USA). The sooner it occurs and we get it over ad done with – the sooner what little is left of humanity afterwards can get on with saving our species and recovering what we can of the planet thats salvageable.
    Easy to say, but I don’t think this is going away any time soon.
    Short of:-
    1. USA Military Coup
    2. USA Civil War
    3. Assassination of the village idiot missing from his mud hut in Kenya.
    4. A Change of Govt in Israel,
    5. Some unforeseen ‘other worldly intervention’ or massive natural disaster

    I have serious doubts that evil will be denied.

    Gods will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, Zen!.

    Nothing you or say or do will change any of it – but like yourself I’m willing to die trying – because to do otherwise would be a cop out to our kids and their kids kids – the future of our species.

    I keep praying for a different peaceful outcome.

    If enough people would do likewise – maybe the events can be delayed or altered – God willing.

    Shalom Zen,

  14. Ye real danger is ye nuclear warhead off ye Tomahawk cruise missile thingy that went missing off ye B-52 over Contental USSA (supposed to never have nuke armed aircraft in that situation) around the time Steve Fossett, ye millionaire “adventurer” vanished a few years gone. All is just “alleged” of course!
    Where is ye warhead?
    Broken Arrow…
    Louisiana sink hole; Sits on the New Madrid fault- all that methane and petroleum down there under pressure. A hydrogen bomb is pretty much just compressed hydrogen gas surrounding an atomic trigger.
    Can you imagine what would happen if one were to detonate a warhead in there at just the proper time?

  15. My mind and heart are full of the disgust the founding fathers would have for the USA and what it has turned into. From their forethought and wisdom, we have descended into an evil and vile corruption that most Americans can barely fathom the depths and heinousness of.

    I have a saying: As bad as you think it is….it’s 100 times worse.

    9/11: false flag
    Boston: false flag
    7/7: false flag
    Tsarnaev brothers: Patsies that had NOTHING to do with the bombs
    Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Shot and run over by a car AFTER he was in police custody DEAD
    Todashev: Murdered by the FBI, the two agents that killed him now DEAD in a ‘training exercise’
    Seal team 6: Supposedly ‘dumped Osama’s body in the ocean’ DEAD, sent into hot zone in unarmored helo
    Philip Marshall: 9/11 expose writer, entire family shot DEAD. Neighbors never hear a sound.
    Michael Hastings: Investigative journalist, fearless inquisitor, DEAD. How convenient.

    A quote: “Too much has passed to put our heads in the sand or bobble our heads to the hype and propaganda pouring out of our television sets per our rogue and violent government, willing to mass murder abroad for corporate profiteering agendas. Can we seriously begin to trust that that said government is operating and will operate out of our best security interests and for our welfare on American soil?”

    This is dark evil MADNESS. It was bad enough in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s when our black ops specialists were destabilizing governments in central and south America for the likes of the United Fruit Company and Bechtel, with the CIA funding the off-the-books corruption with cocaine smuggling profits….then along came AIPAC and the banking and media cartels allied with them, PNAC, the Wolfowitz doctrine and a White House stuffed with more Israel firsters than a New York Synagogue.

    The WHOLE WORLD knows this. Only myopically brainwashed Americans, caught in the web of the “Matrix” fail to see the obvious. What is “The Matrix” you ask?

    It is what I call a ‘Reality Construct’, but the reality of it is one of a duplicitous and deceitful nature. A pack of lies attached to tangible necessities like banking, finance, and the legal system, supported and sold 24/7 by the bully pulpit of the mainstream media.

    This is why so many people just can’t get their minds to “go there” regarding the truth of the tragic events that have altered the course of freedom and constitutionality, because to believe your very eyes, you have to believe that the ENTIRE SYSTEM IS PLAYING ALONG WITH THE LIES. Most people just can’t bring themselves to believe a lie that big, that dark, and that evil. THAT’S HOW THEY GET AWAY WITH IT.

    “As bad as you think it is….it’s 100 times worse”

    The degenerate BASTARDS that dream of endless middle east wars, “New Pearl harbor” attacks on America and “Genome Specific Bio-weaponry” ARE IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Israeli sympathizers OWN MEDIA, BANKING AND HOLLYWOOD. They play the tune, and fools dance. Trust me, these warped sons of bitches think it’s funny too.

    This is not a rant against Jewish people, but only a complete FOOL could ignore the OBVIOUS commandeering of our political system, our banking system and the media, what their names and allegiances are. I am not against the Jews as a people, however, I am against what the forces and influence of ZIONISM have engineered to corrupt the USA to the degenerate and morally bankrupt condition it is today. Zionism has perverted Judaism, much to the detriment and world-wide reputation of the Jewish people.

    The sooner you wake up and realize that ‘reality’ and a very DARK ‘non-reality’ have been woven together and the result of that bastardly union is now called AMERICA…..the sooner you’ll begin to see through this “Matrix” and the lies it constructs DAILY, to know who your real enemies are.

  16. God’s will? I hardly think so, according to the fairy tale I no longer believe but millions do, it is said that God gave humanity the CHOICE to do as they will. Not His will but theirs. The difference between right and wrong, know that difference and adjust their lives accordingly.

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