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False Flag Earth – The Planned Decimation of a Planet


by Zen Gardner

There comes a time when a coming convergence becomes apparent. But when it spells possible doom people are not too eager to see it.

But see it we must. Because sound the alarm we must…as well as prepare.

Funny how that’s another thing “they” minimize and belittle. “Conspiracy freak” leads into “gloom and doom preacher”, “fear and hate monger” etc., all being cleverly wrapped into the “terrorist” catch-all these fascist days.

F’ing bastards. Always missing the point on purpose to divert and betray.

Our Surreal News

With several recent realities finally striking home there’s hope people are catching on.

Shrimping is finally banned off the Gulf of Mexico due to horrific deformities and lesions in specimens being found (duh); the arrival of radioactive Japan tsunami debris on the US west coast(reality strikes); the continued massive radioactive releases into the air and water around Fukushima finally getting attention (hello!), and growing concerns about earthquake causing “fracking” in the U.S. (again, reported?)

Something’s seriously amiss. And that’s just a sampling.

All these man made anomalies are outrageous. And the Fukushima mutation weirdness has hardly begun with the millions of tons of nuclear contaminated water being continually, and dutifully I might add, dumped off of Japan.

Just wait to see what’s brewing in the toxic sea. The mutations and die-offs have started, but just barely. It will get very distressing.

We’ve Been Conned

You’d think people might start to realize something serious is actually going down. They can’t. It’s too horrific.

Listen. If the spent fuel rod pool just at Fukushima reactor 4 collapses, there will be so much plutonium-based radiation released it’s being called a potential Extinction Level Event (ELE).  Just that.  And if that doesn’t “bake your noodle”, do you know how many hundreds of these types of old dangerous fuel rod stocked reactors there are around the world?

Over 800! And all those built in the 60’s and 70’s are now due for “expiration”! Never mind the plethora of nuclear bomb manufacturing facilities in the US and around the world! We’re talking insane, people. And most of us had nothing to do with any of this. At least not consciously.

This planet is one large deliberately bomb-ridden Murrah Building or explosive-laden Twin Tower. Earth has been and is being engineered for demolition.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but it’s clearly true.

My point here, though, is to see it for what it is and make it a motivator! Waiting around and “business as usual” are no longer an option.

Hope Against Hope – Truth Gives Hope Because it Rules!

This doesn’t have to spell the end of everything, as awful as that all sounds. People who love you tell you the Truth. And love reigns.

But surgeons don’t go to work until they know the full extent of the problem. Neither should we when it comes to the big picture. We need to address each issue as they come up.  Understanding the endgame is essential to a full realization of what’s going on.

I have a lot of theories as to why all this is transpiring and where each of us may be going. Number one is that our job here is to wake up, first and foremost, and then wake up everyone around us. But it’s imperative people see the vast extent of the perfidy of this parasitic force destroying our planet.

False Flag Earth and the War gods

I use this analogy because of the wicked planned demolition aspect. Anyone reading this knows false flags have been perpetrated by rulers since time immemorial. It’s virtually primordial evil to secretly do some evil deed yourself or have someone do it for you and blame someone else, all for a desired effect.

But this huge scam is admittedly off the charts.

Earth will survive their puny efforts. Humanity may not, at least here, until the earth recovers. They say there are bases on Mars for just such emergencies. I don’t know. But to deliberately bring on such catastrophic conditions is not an easy one for the lay unaware earth man to wrap his head around.

They say mega natural catastrophes have wiped out previous civilizations and thousands of animal species on earth. They’ve even found evidence of a nuclear conflagration in ancient India, and it’s theorized Atlantis and Lemuria had it out and that’s how they came to an end.

It seems these warlike “gods” through the ages have a propensity for this type of wonton death-dealing and destruction.  They really should find their own already decimated rock somewhere out there and fight it out between themselves and leave us the hell alone. Wouldn’t you say?

Eternity Rules

If we’re on to their scam, identify it, rise up in defiance of it and overcome it! Whatever form we take! Even if the whole place blows, you think that’s the end?

No way!

Get over it! Fear of death is possibly the biggest con going! How many parallel dimensional worlds are right now spinning, slipping and sliding around us? Even our so called big brained physicists say at least 11. You think that’s all? (And btw, notice no one’s calling them conspiracy freaks! Ha!)

Just wanted to get that death thing outta the way. We might just slide to a parallel earth that’s in great shape while the perps are left here to suffer their own demise. Who knows? We’re eternal spirit consciousness and can’t be snuffed out.

8 Suicidal Steps They’re Taking Towards Hell on Earth

Like you, I could spit nails over the current onslaught of horrific destruction being perpetrated by the insane powers that be. I don’t think this can be screamed about enough. And more than that, we need to look the Endgame square in the face.

We’ve gone over these before, but let’s do a quick recap:

1. Geoengineering and Terraforming. Filling our skies with toxic metal oxide chemtrails to use weather as a “force multiplier” in their drive to control earth. This includes engineered sea-killing algae blooms, atmospheric heaters and electromagnetic warfare causing mass animal die-offs and creating more desert areas worldwide. Then they HAARP it all up and spin, crack or fry anything in their path. Sick f*ers.

2. Genetic modification of anything they can get their hands on. Now it’s trees and shrubs, along with fish, animals and insects in addition to genetically destroying the food chain. Don’t forget, all this ultimately changes the human genome. It’s pure disgusting insanity.

3. Release of previously banned pesticides and herbicides that amongst other things is decimating the world’s life-giving bee population, a sure indicator of an unsustainable food supply system.

4. Mindless medication at any cost and for any reason. Vaccines, drugs, poisoned water and foods and toxic air. All anti-life.

5. Delirious raping of earth’s resources, including poisoning the water table through fracking, killing the oceans with oil and waste, and putting banned toxic substances on it to boot to cover up their perfidy.

6. Electromagnetic soup is swirling around screwing with humanity, set deliberately on the same frequency as the human nervous system.

7. War and more war. Besides the rapacious and wonton mass destruction by more and more weapons technologies in the hands of mad war lords, the use of depleted uranium and other highly toxic materials is rendering huge areas of our planet unusable for generations to come, while horribly mutating babies and children.

8. The nuclear killshot: If all that’s not enough, why not build high profit poorly planned nuclear time bombs around the world producing enough nuclear waste to destroy the world hundreds of times over.



This is where we need to really stand back and see what’s really going on. We need to attack each of these issues any way we can, but obviously these idiots are in collusion with one another politically, financially, economically…and most of all, spiritually.

So why would anyone or anything behave so deliberately irresponsibly and destructively? And don’t give me that corporate bankster greed coverall. Sure that’s part of the cause and what’s used to get the lower levels on board. When you connect the dots you can see there’s much more than that going on.

What’s their end game? They’ve stored good non-modified seeds in a vault in Norway. The elites have their food and riches in giant underground vaults with accompanying bases. All documented.

So what’s the plan? Just kill off the earth and this superfluous, unwanted 90+% population overflow they so disdain while they wait it out underground? Are they that crazy?

Underground bunker or self-made tomb?

We’re Talking Sick Here, Folks

Unfortunately what I’m laying out here is documented. They haven’t even hardly tried to hide it. They just don’t let it into mainstream consciousness as their media mongrel watchdogs keep everyone watching Disney froth or the phony political bullshit. Very well orchestrated, but absolutely insane. Machiavellian even falls short.

Satanic beyond your wildest dreams is more like it.

Where’s this coming from? Insane means “unclean”. But more than that we’re talking non human. That’s why people can’t grasp the depths or motivation behind all this. No, not everyone being used is in on the full plan or aware of that.

It’s all compartmentalized.

This driving force to subdue our world into a totally controlled unit has been around for millennia. From this beyond fascist “order” they hope to create, this pseudo-spiritual Satanic techno-race will want to no doubt conquer other races and planets and solar systems. This is what NWO insider spokes-scientist Michio Kaku calls a Type 2 civilization.

In fact, if you don’t go along with it, Kaku labels you a terrorist. Sound familiar?


It’s hard to believe we’re on a planet with such psychopathic control freaks whose sole aim is domination for their selfish purposes. When the vast majority of the world are loving, caring and sharing compassionate individuals you have to consider this an invasive or mutant species that needs to be exposed and put in its place.

Instead the world has been carefully lulled into voluntary submission. Just as they designed. Their ultimate M.O. is for us to conform or die. Mostly die is how they want it. Those who remain they want to be “transhuman”. In fact, they’re so recklessly pursuing their megalomaniacal plan they don’t care what humanity morphs into, as long as it’s shrunken to a manageable half billion dumbed-down fully controllable droids.

All possible with genetic engineering, drugs and computer implant technology.  And driven by a deeply occult-scientific agenda.

Non Cooperation and Resistance is Essential

So our job is to resist. First wake up to the horrific reality that we’re being deliberately killed off and then wake up as many others as possible. I don’t know about any cavalry coming but I do know it’s a time of energetic change that will help more and more see what’s going on and hopefully wake up out of slumber.

The responsibility is ours. It will always remain ours. That’s the cycle we’re on. If you don’t get it and respond you’re doomed to repeat it till  you do..in one form or another.  And that to me makes total sense.

The Universe is intrinsically right and just. If we didn’t have free will life would be a drag. And with free will comes a lot of messiness.

Enjoy it anyway! But let’s get Love and Truth back in charge here, shall we?

Let’s Put This in Perspective – They Can’t Win Over Truth and Love

You really wonder how these anti-natural freaks can take themselves seriously. Just look at the magnificence of our Universe. It’s beyond description. Clearly forces play out that we’re only slightly aware of. But one thing we can be sure of…puny man or any other power-crazed entity is nothing to be feared. We’re inter connected with Something so much greater and profound we can rest assured all will come out for the better no matter what happens in the short term.

The current awakening is changing the entire dynamic on our planet by the hour. The matrix is coming down, which is why they’re so frantically trying to slap supports for it everywhere. There’s a vibrational change that is exposing the Truth and accelerating drastic life changes all around us. This will no doubt change the course of all of their plans as everyone’s perceptions will be changing as well.

In addition, when societies faces these types of scenarios, from the decimation of the planet to draconian clamp downs, it always has a powerful kickback effect. When it starts to become so in your face obvious to a broader and broader swathe of people, the wake up accelerates exponentially.

We need to fan those flames of Truth and Freedom by feeding those awakening with empowering information!

Truth and Love always win in the long run. The test is within you and your life. When you get it you’ll change and be motivated to reach out to others. And on it goes.

Keep on, folks! We need to step on it in these final laps around the track. They’re itching to pull the plug on the internet so get the word out!

Love, Zen



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  1. I am not a conspiracy theorist as I have been labled numerous times and on many occasions for questioning the so-called facts around 911, the Arab Spring, the weird weather, chem-trails, global warming, etc., etc., etc. and so on and so on. I take serious offense at being labeled a conspiracy theorist. To me thems fightin’ words pardner. However I have tried to wake people up to what I see happening all around us but people see only what they want to see and that’s ok. Too bad, so sad I guess. My wife is well educated and she sees what’s happening but she doesn’t want to be among the survivors when the shit hits the fan and I support her in that however: I want to be here to see the perps get theirs and not only do I want to see it, I want to be a part of the retribution game.
    I am not a conspiracy theorist; I am a realist. I look at all the facts; take for example the second plane that hit the twin towers. On September 12th, 2001, the front page of the Globe and Mail has a large clear picture of a plane approaching the second tower with a clear shot of the under belly of the plane and guess what you see??? Something you will never see on a 737, 747, 757, or 767 for that matter. Look it up, in plain site for all to see, a missle pod stares you in the face right on the front page of Canada’s Major Daily Newspaper.
    I am not a conspiracy theorist; I am a realist.
    Zen there are big changes comming and I hope to be a witness and survivor as you.
    Here’s to the internet and thanks for all your posts.

    Confusion to the enemy, long may you run

    • The Globe and Mail on-line has replaced the front page image for September 12th, 2001, with a fireball explosion. However I have the Globe and Mail hard-copy for that day, stashed away in a plastic sleeve. So there you have it.

    • i too, take offence at being called a conspiracy theorist. when people say that to me i just say to them “of course YOU would think that, YOU only know one side of the story, and that was told to you by someone else” .

  2. True words!
    If we wake up and realize what we really are, the fear of death disapears. And with it one of their heaviest chains around our neck.

    It’s sad to see how many people waste their energy, trying to change the system from within the system (political parties etc.). It’s like running in a hamster wheel.

    Some of my friends get angry if I tell them that we can’t win on this level. Our only chance to win is on a higher, non-material level.
    Only if we get connected with others and our higher selves we can make a real change. WE can be the cleansing tidal wave of LOVE, washing away the dirt from our beloved Mother Earth.



    Let’s be connected! 😀
    Much LOVE,

  3. There is nothing wrong with trying to become a Type One planet, as long as truth and love are in the equation, as long as there is no 1% controlling the 99%.

  4. We are victimized by systems that are set by hands long dead. We the living needs find out way to power and this needs must be done quickly. I suspect the power is not political, but moral. If we find our moral backbones we stand erect.

  5. You say we need to educate what the masses? What you people don’t realize is we can beat these elite bastard, but we have only one choice. We could destroy the planet first. People could hit the nuke plants and shut down the power and destroy the generators. A meltdown and 500 mile radius is done. Then the people could hit the infrastructure. Because if we don’t they are going to in an organized way kill 5 billion. They don’t give a rat’s arse about India and China and those overpopulated cities and you think they care about Africa? We can’t fight them and we can’t have a race war. This country’s bridges and railroad tracks would have to be destroyed. Then when the cities descend into war it will tie up so many police that militia could completely destroy the infrastructure. Educating a mob does nothing. You always take out the leaders. If they roll in with the tanks it’s all over. So they will destroy millions of homes. The cities will burn. One thing you hit the nuke plants and they have no choice but to haul arse. There is going to have to be destruction like we have never seen. SOmething along the lines of Germany during WWII. If we have a race war that’s just what they want. We waste our ammo on blacks. Let the blacks and mexicans fight it out. They are the ones who live in the city and they will go to war.
    If we had tons of bazookas to use on their tanks and helicopters we could give them a run for their money. But admit it we can’t take on the military. We would be better off hitting a few nuke plants causing meltdowns and then leaving this country. But informing people means nothinng, I’ve told hundreds and they got to go to work and watch tv and don’t have time to fool with this mess. Others are building bunkers to go into the ground and I think that is a mistake. If I wanted their stuff I would just sit back and wait till they came out and shoot them. They should build some fortified structure. Because if you build a structure and put it in the ground All someone has to do is park a car in front of the door and they have no way to get out and weld the door shut. I think the under ground bunkers are silly.

    • Dear joe bassett,

      With all due respect, you may have the right to your opinion but you aare the prime example of why these problems will never be resolved.

      You are a sick puppy to suggest meltdowns of the nuke plants. Either you are the psy ops, or the psy ops are watching your IP address. Which one are you?

      That’s why I don’t like these boards. A magnet for psychos and a justification for more psy ops and social engineering. Sheeple!

  6. YOu say inform the people, but they have been informed now about Oklahoma City, Waco and 9/11 with the Internet and nobody has done anything. YOu need a force of several thousand. If those BATF agents were suddenly surrounded by 2,000 militia members and they went there to shoot them, then they would take notice, Many people tried to go there, but you couldn’t get within five miles of the place. So they murdered those people and they could easily have gotten the children out, but they wanted to kill everyone. When they did that the militia should have marched on Washington by the thousands. If that wasn’t enough to motivate them, and then 9/11 you can talk till you are blue and nothing will motivate people. I’ve been putting out literature for 30 years. The people read the stuff and go to work. When the police show up your neighbor is going to do nothing. Sure it would be nice if everyone shot them from every house. Because they can’t take us all on. What people don’t realize this whole thing could be over with in a couple months. They tell us to turn in our guns. 755 turn them in. I think there will be some hard heads here and then they go after the ones with guns and after they run tanks through a few homes and shoot a few thousand people the weakest of the rest will turn in their guns and then you have just pockets of resistance and the jack booted thugs will know who they are and they will hti them at one time. But what is more scary is you waited too long. You did nothing after Waco and then let them get the camps ready and perfect their acoustic weapons, laser and microwave weapons. YOu don’t want to come out they’ll just blast your house with so much noise you won’t sleep a wink. If you do come out they can hit you with mico waves and burn your skin. If they decide to just give you five minutes to come out or they will just run through your house with a 60 ton tank and then you are done. So destroying the nuke plants and the infrastructure should be top priority. While all the cities go to war the police will be tied up.

  7. Nicely written article Zen. The only part I would disagree with is the statement “All these man made anomalies are outrageous”.
    Man is not at the helm of this mess, and never has been. It has been a different species for quite some time, and the thought of some cosmic cavalry coming to our rescue is mere folly.
    We are being used as a conduit. Were humans originally engineered to become slaves to mine for gold so some critters could replenish the atmosphere of their home planet? I don`t think so. How about to build pyramids? Nope not that either. How about, we ARE the pyramid. Pyramidal structures aren`t merely an enigma for the modern human mind to try to comprehend, they are actually IN our brains. Within the human skull is a highly advanced crystalline network of pyramidal cells arranged in layers in our cerebral cortex. They act as crystal oscillators that respond to different light commands which makes us a kind of semi conductor. “They” are alchemists who use our fear ( which is a diminished capacity to hold light) and our phosphorus to catapult themselves to the higher dimension. Ever wonder why Lucifer is known as the Lord of Phosphorus?

    At any rate, I`m not so sure resistance is the answer- we tend to follow the path of least resistance because unlike them, we are obedient to natural law, but once a mass which resists the force is set in motion, it adds to the energy. Energy for them. I would say, don`t resist them- rebuke them.

    I would also suggest that Svalbard is actually for us. For after they are gone.

    • Good points, Pam. I think I made it plain it’s not a human oriented rebellion against nature and humanity. But I share your outrage, obviously.

      And resistance to me is truthful, proactive activity and breaking out of the construct. Those who are just waking up need to get activated. Just watching on the internet and going ‘wow’ will not change as much as telling others and stirring things up, right? That’s the issue. Don’t want to over-spiritualize to oblivion either. Love you, Zen

  8. I understand the effort and emotion the author felt as he wrote this essay. The observations are valid, but are they useful, unique, or actionable?

    Although it is illustrative of the current climate of affairs, this article does not seem to have specific directions for changing the downward direction. It’s all a rehash of the evening news. Just spreading a lot of fear and pessimism. Nothing will get accomplished this way and no one will be motivated.

    The author tries to be helpful but is just another blind man leading the ignorant.

    Spreading fear and vague generalizations about disaster, corruption, and injustice is NOT enough!

    It is clear to everyone that things are getting bad. If maybe there was less TV, less internet, less talk radio, less government, and the list goes on…

    The answer is individual. It comes from within each of us. You don’t need anyone on the internet to tell you what to think.

    If you want to be helpful, turn off your internet, your senses. Grab onto a scintilla and ride the wave of the present moment. It will take you where you need to be. There is no other of you except for it.

    • Redux. Not sure where to start. Glad you saw this info on the evening news. No one else did.

      The answer is individual? Wow, never heard that before.

      How about not using a computer program to answer a human next time? Man, you’re screwed. You and your programmer. Enjoy the parallel life.

      • hey zen i understand we are all bringing up alot of heavy crud from the depth of our being. it aint fun. but at these times it’s my opinion that we keep our shit to ourselves. no offense inferred.

      • Zen. You don’t surely believe everyone agrees with you just because you may command a blog do you?
        Redux is probably more correct than you want to admit….bad for business….bad for the image….Your aggressive and sarcastic attitude does not match who I believe is lurking inside you. Maybe you just had a bad day or need some sleep but remember you are still addressing other souls who may just command a deeper understanding of the bigger picture than you do.
        You do a great job here my dear friend just keep an open mind.
        Love to you

      • Redux, I disagree with you. I have been reading Zen’s articles for a almost a year, and he’s always offering suggestions on taking action. Those of us who have put up websites solely to help others (and not for making money), are each offering a gift to humanity. Zen’s gift is encouragement, a community for the awakened (although it’s clear from some of the comments there are more than a few unawakened folks cruising through), and a place where we can share the bizarre experiences we are having and perhaps get feed-back that we are not alone in these experiences. By the way, Zen, I would take the moniker “a poor man’s David Icke” as a compliment.

  9. Your a good man Zen, and your heart is in the right place.

    Let’s start out by me pointing out the unknown (which I believe to be true). Imagine you had infinite power over a person or a group. That power could stem from wealth, knowledge and luck. How would you act…or how would most people act? Arrogant? Egotistical? Deceitful? God-like?

    Those that are the true “ringleaders” and the tag-alongs (like leaders of countries) are “in the know” about futuristic technology with regards to space travel, weapons, the human mind and other things. Just look where we have evolved as a species. Are we truly a technologically advanced society? Does the manufacture of an I-Phone 4 or a GPS device make you think so? Do you really believe that’s as good as it gets? What about cold fusion? What about running your car on water? What about anti-gravitational devices? There are so many things that have been discovered but the discoverer has been murdered or is missing.

    The point is “they” are acting this way because they know so much more than us, and their confidence to “steamroll” us or blatantly lie to us exemplifies their feeling of god-like and part of some bigger plan. So while you may see them as crazy, perhaps its a normal response to being in the position they are in.

    Let’s face it. The distraction are a hundred-fold. Regardless of what the distraction is (e.g., Iran war, Gaza, Kardashian, 9-11, natural disasters), it is working because the distraction are never addressed in a rationale and intelligent way. Essentially, its all bullshit for those of us in the know, and quite frustrating. But for the majority, its how life is defined on this planet and that just suits the ringleaders just fine. Because this allows them to carry on with their plans.

    What are their plans? There is no doubt they wish to kill off a large portion of the earth’s population. You can’t possibly be blind to that fact. Wars, major pollution events, major radiation events, natural disasters on the increase, medicines designed to compel a slow death, limitation to medical access, vaccinations and on to many more instruments that have the power to kill.

    The information they have would save the planet and allow us to live a much more productive and happy life. I’m sure many would be amazed with the hidden technology if it were revealed. But its not going to be revealed anytime soon IMO.

    And I truly believe its much too late to fight the ringleaders. They have the law on their side and physical power to force you to submit (or else). The worst is yet to come (obviously) and many will be ill-prepared. What can you do? All you can do is record history through your eyes and save those close to you through preparation. There is very little chance for groups to grow to challenge the ringleaders….you barely have the right to protest or even be present in a location of one of their events! How can you possibly defeat them? 90+% of the population is mesmerized. They will never convert.

    Yes, I agree with Zen. They have their plans and they are plans that most would not understand or accept.

    Its coming folks. Get ready. Save your family and close friends. The system is not worth saving nor is it worth dying over. And the change you are looking for is beyond your power beside hope. But that hope will be in vain IMO.

  10. Zen, You have nailed it. I am amazed that there are ANY – let alone so many – who have not synthesized the pieces to see the whole picture.

    Jess Lavey – son to Anton – says He met Bush Sr. in many evil satanic rituals when He was growing up. I am so sure that there are many in this evil cabal. I also suspect thet THEIR “Masters” are ET and have Them duped as much as They dupe Us.

    • Amat..agreed. The amazing thing is how enslaved they all are..and that we can see it while they can’t, they’re so sucked into the low vibrational power feeding. They try to project that same fear-control viewpoint onto us but once we wake up and cultivate awareness, we’re no longer duped, even if the matrix system appears to persist. The more wake up the quicker the system will crumble and we’ll know what to do next. But no point patching this one up, it’s a goner.
      Bottom line – all else fails the Universe has the reset/recycle button. We do have eternity..;) Love, Zen

  11. I think everybody is afraid of the most fundamental aspect of human nature and reality. Everybody wants more & bigger for more and more humanity. But more and bigger civilization is more and bigger human hierarchies of power, and it is indisputable that power corrupts. So, while everyone is busy trying to put out all these brush fires of corruption and dreaming that we will one day have virtuous people in high places, the system keeps moving ahead as it always has and always will, until it self-destructs, like every civilization that ever existed. Urban civilization is like government: It is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action …
    But we won’t look to this root of all problems – because we all prefer to live like kings off the backs of others, thinking we deserve it all – when the truth is that a good life style is only supported by slaves in 3rd world countries making all the transistors we enjoy (etc). Someday, humanity will realize it can’t have more and bigger without end (at least, not as fast as the population of the world is demanding). Human nature has an upper limit of hierarchical power – and that limit is proportional to population density, and is reached when the dependents and their created powers given to a human hierarchy become so great and corrupting, that civilization self-destructs, it just implodes from total dependency and corruption.

  12. “Waiting around and “business as usual” are no longer an option.”?
    Well then why don t i read anything about proper solutions? not here nor somewhere else on the thruthers sites? A pragmatic simple manual, do this, do that get result xy? i can t offer any spiritual events, visions or other great stuff, but i do know there are things who actually DO work and turn all of the crap they throw at us into soft wind and flowers, so to speak. I experiment and practise now since quite some time with agnihotra and it seems to me that because it is so extremely simple and same time very effective nobody in the we-have-to-wake-the-people-up-community wants to write about it. IT MIGHT ACTUALLY REALLY WORK AND THINGS WILL GET BETTER, SO WHO D READ THE SCARY NEWS ANY LONGER??? If 100 people in central london would do an agnihotra once a day every day i bet my arse that there would be no chance of a clampdown, violence etc during the olympic games, not to talk about the impact on the city of london, where lots of the really dark ones reside. i start getting sick and tired of most “informative” websites, as they are just another side of a coin which nobody really needs at all. You want to know who and what we are, read Journey of Souls by Michael Duff Newton and you get an idea, you want to learn how to use emotions as language (mode of communication) and thereby create your own reality, +get rid of any disease as a side effect, read sth from misrakarim norbekov, doesn t even matter what, he s really good, and after Mass Dreams of the Future by Chet B. Snow you might get a hint about what we as eternal beings decided for us coming up the next years on this planet in this dimension. i will continue changing our little surroundings to the better, use electro-magnetoculture and agnihotra to create a perma-farm in africa and that with likeminded people who won t give in to that crappy fearful NWO and its followers. Do your thing to change things to the better and stop hitting the drill into the same hole the umpteenth time. You want to change sth? then start offering solutions, the waking up of people has begun and there are more than enough sites describing the evil in all its details. It s time to report about the good and how we get there i d say. my best wishes, mike

  13. Theirs is a false kingdom, a stolen one, thieves and liars they are. The truth is out there, hidden in books, embedded in films, posing as art… Shake off the shackles of religion and look at the bible as a book of coded information. Seek the truth and it will find you.

    Read Genesis chapter one followed immediately by Genesis chapter 5 and you will see that the generations of Adam are the generations of a higher realm that was swept away by a (cosmic level) flood. Adam is androgynous, both masculine and feminine, in the image and likeness of a higher power. Adam is a Light-man and God of his generation. Adam’s son/SUN, Seth (the LORD beneath the King) knows only one direction, the way of fire.

    The Sith (Seth?) are depicted as giant, venomous, hornet-like insects in the John Carter of Mars series and Darth Vader was depicted as the Dark Lord of the Sith in star wars.

    Genesis chapter two (generations after the higher realm flood) chronicle the beginning of a false kingdom. In verse 8 the LORD God (son) puts the man he formed from dust into a garden he built eastward in Eden. Another five verses pass chronicling the genesis of that garden before the son takes another man (Adam) and puts them in the garden to dress and keep it.

    A part of Adam was taken and used to redesign the man of dust into a (wo)man. That part was a “rib”. Look at DNA (rib)osomes. DNA is design information. Adam was put into a deep sleep (state of hypnosis) and made to believe they are something they are not. Matter (dust) is a prison from which man of light will break free.

  14. Unfortunately the only way to end the madness and restore this great planet is to split a few of these NWO Globalists heads open like a watermelon.. Then the rest will scatter like roaches for another 200 years and all the world problems will be solved. Standing on a corner with a protest sign is NOT going to do it. The time for peaceful domonstration has long come and gone. These control freaks need to be hurt real bad.

  15. Thanks Zen for keeping the ‘conversation’ open…
    After a ‘horror show’ in my own life this last weekend…seemingly from ‘out of nowhere’…in retrospect I see the playing out of the metaphor on a micro/macro screen….
    my question to myself…who does this belong to?..brought in many layers of awareness..then..as part of it..a synchronicity of being led to this short…yet powerful vid of ‘the hot blooded Irishman’ Michael Tsarion…’Master Slave Relationship’…
    This, to me, is ..the deeper dynamic’ that we prefer to avoid..(understatement)


    • Tx Kat…love Tsarion…and that series is profound! Great supplement to all that.
      Don’t be too surprised “out of nowhere” stuff is showing up…although by definition it’s a surprise, ha! It’s symptomatic of this change going on. Getting so many emails about this happening to people, some incredible spiritual experiences, others sudden health or relationship issues. Some finding those they thought “got it” are attacking them suddenly for their “extreme viewpoint” cuz they’ve reached their cut off point or something. Funny world, but the great shake out is under way. Might as well enjoy it all we can! Love, Zen

  16. SOLUTION: want a/the solution? Learn how to sustain yourself on a piece of land that you can pass on to a male child, so he can sustain himself and his wife and kids. Don’t have more than 2-3 children. Learn how to raise chickens, vegetables, fruit/nut trees, and berries, and maybe even goats, and make goat cheese. Learn how to take care of your teeth and body and mind. Provide more than you need from others. And stop giving powers to human hierarchies thru your dependency. Maybe learn how to own a horse and carriage, and get rid of your automobiles. Try to heat your home and cook with free energy, like wood, or maybe soon, nickel/hydrogen. Learn how to store food thru the winter (drying/fermenting/canning/etc). Use a solar panel to power your computer/Internet. The problems will solve themselves when we learn to live independently and self-sufficiently, and produce things of real value in greater quantity than you need to purchase things of real value.

  17. Whether to use force or not to stop this planetary destruction?? MAJOR QUESTION!! But what I do see is an attack or CONTROL OF ENERGY! All forms including within are bodies (life-force)! So maybe fighting energy with energy is the answer? By maintaining a higher & stronger , loving energy THAT will break them down? I do sense a PANIC ON THERE BEHALF AS WE ENTER 2011 AND BEYOND. Don’t forget we are traveling on this beautiful space craft called EARTH, and NO TWO EXACT MOMENTS EVER EXIST!! And our power’s together for the higher vibration are MUCH STRONGER,(there are many more of us!) WE ARE THE FORCE MULTIPLIER !!!

    • Cindy…nice!!! WE…all interconnected to eternal consciousness and the innate power of the Universe—are the force multiplier indeed! In fact, there only needs to be one of us…..but we’re all being tested with waking up or not, so let’s play along, shall we?….ha! Love you, Zen

  18. Thank-you Zen for your post! I will say that in this physical world, Chad’s comment is also a powerful solution! To STOP FEEDING THE MACHINE!!

  19. what if this is just a dream. what if we could stop buying into the us vs them? dont people understand those who serve “darkness” need to be fed? as we entertain polarity it continues to exist. what would our lives be like if we chose for one minute, one hour, or one day to only focus on what is wanted, and what our inner selves are singing, as is nature and all of the universe. that all is well. there are far more examples of wellness than amything else. its just a choice of what you want to believe.
    this world is created thru belief, known or unknown. what if we chose to believe all is well, without a “but” or maybe? what if we chose to be happy instead of right? what if we realized we are all responsible and therefore capable of dreaming another dream?

    this dream is enticing, the drama feeds the mind and like a roller coaster it can be fun. humans have forgotten they can get off the roller coaster anytime by making a different choice. there are other rides to enjoy…

    what are we actually doing as individuals to create a different world not just talk about whats “wrong” with the one that appears to be going on. are we honoring ourselves and our relations?
    when was the last time you laughed or played with your children or pets or communed with nature? when was the last time you adopted or fed a homeless person of any species? were kind in traffic or at the store?told anyone, including or especially yourself i love you and appreciate you?

    have you fulfilled your responsibility as an american citizen if you live in the states, and understand and exercise your divine rights and take lawful legal action against tyranny? have you read the constitution?

    the universe understands and fulfills questions. this is the secret to ask and you shall receive. we have to start asking questions like what else is possible or who does that belong to or how does it get better than this. we have to stop asking questions we dont really want answered, like what would it take to wake everyone up or how did the germans allow nazis to take over…. or what do some people have planned? who cares what their plans are, they do not have anything to do with you unless you engage in their distraction and buy into their game of us vs them.

    we can choose to look at events and take the opportunity to heal and diffuse them thru such things as ho’oponopono which has documented results. we can stop reacting and being afraid and choose to remember why we are here and then be that with all of our hearts.

    we do not have to wake anyone up. that is foolish, unproductive and arrogant. no one wants to be preached to and everyone has their own path. we must honor everyone’s choices and not think they are wrong and we are right, just another twist to the illusion of duality;us vs them.
    when we choose to engage in duality we are subject to duality, and its not a very empowering place to be. far better to remember to be in the world, but not of it. we must not allow other people’s decisions to have power over us. we have to decide do i decide or does someone else? your life will always reflect your beliefs. the feedback we receive is so we can change what isnt working for us, but we do it by changing our choices and beliefs, not others.

    we must start asking questions in order to engage other possibilties and bring them into our reality. we must start making different choices and then act on them. this is the only way things will change.

    while it may look difficult to do, it’s a matter of habit and discipline like anything else. This is where we fail because we allow the mind to dictate and we ignore our heart. it takes practice and a desire which comes from real love for ourselves to let go of all the old programming which was was fed to us.

    dont think any of this is possible?think my suggestions are frivolous? are you certain you are doomed? or that there is no way out except thru more violence? then you are serving the darkness whether you know it or not. we must be willing to approach life in a different way if we want different results. we have to stop”combing the mirror” and truly work on our inner selves. the outer world is just a reflection of the inner.

    just a few suggestions of what can be done for those who are interested in taking their power back and being the true creators they forgot they were.

  20. Sorry Zen – there was really nothing of importance, Noor asked me to post a picture from a newspaper dated September 12th, 2001. Actually I incorrwctly stated the wrong newspaper, however the correct newspaper was “The National Post” for September 12th, 2001, showing the second plane (with the odd piece of hardware attached to it’s underbelly) going for the second tower.
    Please excuse my ignorance.

  21. The meaning of the word “decimate” :

    To kill or destroy one in ten. From the Latin deci…one tenth

  22. Zen, You mentioned a half-billion people as “their” ideal population.

    There are two places I’ve seen that explicitly said:
    1. The Georgia Guidestones
    2. Disneyland, CA; proudly posted on the Train station.

  23. Not everything is a conspiracy and not everything has hidden agendas. There are many things the public doesn’t know and strangely enough – this may be for our own good. Look how easily we resort to violence during disasters. Look how we (even police) were looting after Katrina. Are our leaders preparing for something or steering us in a specific direction? Maybe. But why would we automatically assume it is a negative thing? Why would we think it is only for the elite? What elite do you know will want to plant seeds and tend to farms? They wouldn’t know the first thing no would they wish to do the manual labor (in many cases). Everyone has a hidden agenda. It’s who we’ve become. It’s in our genetics. Our universe is conscious. It is smart. It knows what it is doing. What’s happening right now has happened before. The more we awaken the more we realize that there have been many iterations of Human evolutions on this planet. The technology may be different but the same advancements were known with each evolution. Our souls are part of the universal consciousness. It is our mission as souls to experience and learn. It is our purpose. Were the events of 911 real or fabricated? Was Bin Laden really captured and killed? Is Obama really not a citizen? Did we put a man on the moon? Are Aliens real? Did Roswell really happen? There are so many conspiracy theories – one for every human on the planet. We’ve become such a skeptical society that we can’t recognize truth from fiction. Those who focus on fear and conspiracy will find fear and conspiracy. Those who focus on strength and science will find alternate answers to the same events. Not everyone knows the answers or all aspects of answers. A little knowledge is dangerous because our minds fill in the blanks. The average joe public are sheeple. They don’t want to know. Then the other sides are extreme perspectives. If you’re not the sheeple you clearly fall into one of the other two. You’re either a conspiracy advocate or a science advocate and the two shall rarely agree. Each will call the other a nut. Each will attempt disinformation. Each will provide their own positive truth just to have the other debunk it. The sheeple are none the wiser and really – don’t care. As long as they can provide for their needs they are generally happy. Toss in religion and you have another mountain to climb to get at the truth. There is nothing wrong with being called a conspiracy theorist. There is nothing wrong with claiming to be on the side of science. However we must all accept the fact that we’ll never know the full truth until we’re truly ready. This isn’t imposed upon us by the elite. This is a universal law. We can’t keep blaming others or looking for spooks in the shadows. You’ll find exactly what you expect to find because you’re wired to find it. It works the same in all situations. The world IS over populated and can’t sustain the growth. We ARE depleting our natural resources. We HAVE built devices that can end life on this planet – ALL life. Personally, I’m less concerned about the conspiracy’s or the science. I believe what is or will unfold will be based on our collective energies and thoughts. We are “willing” into existence the future we’re living. Do you really want your future to be based on conspiracy and lies? Do you want it to be so rigid that it is based on science and the unknown truths? Let’s face it – neither is really appealing because science only knows what it is limited to learning at the time. Already we’re challenging quantum laws and theories proposed through out history of this cycle of evolution. What was one absolute is no longer. Our universe is fluid. We can’t be locked into the fringes. Everything I’ve said falls back to the old question of “if you knew you were going to die on this date; how would you spend your last days? Or would you rather not know and continue living life without the fear of dying?”. Just like with the extreme positions there are those who will have opposing views and comments. But the majority (the sheeple) really would rather remain ignorant to the fact and live life as they always have. So I’m not saying anyone’s position here is right or wrong. I support your right to your facts as you see them. I simply believe that without knowing everything we will never move beyond this stage of enlightenment BECAUSE we’ll always be battling one another and name calling rather than focusing on our individual path of enlightenment. What’s your truth is personalized. I may sway your thinking based on what I say but in the end your truth is still personalized. There is too much anger and hate involved with opposing views because they are so personalized. We must move beyond this if we’re to ascend to the next level of our existence. The adage of ‘make love not war” doesn’t work either. We can’t be so removed that we are blind to our reality. We have the ability to change what is happening but we must move away from looking for someone to blame and focus on our own personalized growth. You want someone to blame? We’re all to blame because of the way we project our reality. You want control? Start with controlling your personalized reality and make it a positive one. We are where we are today because of trial and error. We’re not all knowing so we can’t predict the outcome of our efforts today on what 50 years will bring. We can only do what we know in our soul to be right and we must do it without prejudice and bent up anger. This is presented as food for thought…

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