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Dan and Sheila Gendron

If we were to pinpoint the one pervasive emotion in society today, it would be fear. People all around you are fearful of almost everything. They fear the police. They fear the IRS, ATF, TSA and all the other “alphabet police”. They fear losing their job. They fear losing their house. They fear their city or town government. And they fear the mother of them all – fear of continuing life without enough money to maintain their current lifestyle (or at least the one they remember from a decade ago). Most people rationalize these fears as normal because “everyone has them”.

We are trained from a very early age to act out of fear. We fear our teachers wrath, so we do our homework. We fear clergymen, for they decide if we go to heaven or hell, so we say all the right prayers. We fear older children who may bully us so we cross the street to avoid them. Later on in life we fear the cost and hassle of a ticket, so we fasten our seat belts. We fear losing our house so we work in a job that means nothing, offers us no personal satisfaction other than just enough money to keep us trying to reach the carrot on the stick.

Try this experiment . . .

List all your obligations for the next 30 days – work, social and financial – then place a star beside those that cause you any concern (fear). Most people who do this discover there are multiple things in their immediate lives that cause them fear.

Today, in 2012, there is plenty outside of our daily lives to fear: Will the world end on December 21st? Will WWIII start in Iran? Will the economy collapse? Will the poles shift position? Will the sun (or another country) send an EMP that knocks out the electrical grid? Will martial law be implemented? Have we foolishly given the President of the United States so much power that he can become a dictator? Will food supplies run out? Will the weather continue to be abnormal? Will chemtrails ultimately poison us? Will GMO crops take over all others?

Are you scared yet?

Many of these fears are constantly and purposely reinforced by what I like to call “the pop culture”. Television is the greatest purveyor of fear, usually by embedding feelings of inadequacy. I recently read that the average American watches 34 hours and 39 minutes of TV per week. That’s a good deal more than it would take to participate in a college course. Like the college course, you are being instructed and trained by the TV. Edward Bernays coined the term “television programming” and his rationale was crystal clear – television was designed to program people into becoming happy consumers. These happy consumers are being motivated to purchase garbage by an external force that exploits feelings of inadequacy. Every time we watch a commercial that shows the handsome man with a real “babe” sitting next to him in his shiny new car, in our minds we feel inadequate for not having a new car, too. These feelings of inadequacy open the door to fear, especially when we are given nothing of real value to replace those desires.

Fear is the toolbox of “the powers that be” (TPTB). Fear is the lowest vibration humans can be affected by or give off. It impedes our path to higher (vibratory) levels of consciousness and ascension as human beings. People who live in a constant state of fear are very manipulable. TPTB understand that if they can make people fearful, they can make them do anything.

It is fear – manipulated fear – that makes us compliantly stand in line to be groped before embarking on a plane, regardless of the fact that no terrorist plot has ever been discovered nor stopped by such action! Although some who suffer through the TSA’s groping express anger, the real motivation for compliance is fear.

The manipulators, TPTB, are fostering fear of everything. The intensification of this fear began as a full-frontal assault in the days immediately after 9-11. It was fear that caused Americans to lay down – not once, not twice, but 3 times – and approve and abide by the Patriot Act and now NDAA. It was fear, not patriotism that caused many of us to cheer the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. It is manipulated fear that allows a once free society to accept such a campaign such as “See Something, Say Something” – fear your neighbors, fear those who think the Constitution was a pretty good document before it was overruled by executive orders, fear those who are not dependent on “the system” for their lives, fear those who have a different opinion than you do. It is fear that keeps us from opening our mouths and saying “No” to those actions that we know are not right.

TPTB know this music very well and play it long and hard for all it’s worth. They are congratulating themselves, patting each other on the back for causing 350 million people to be so fearful that they consistently act against their own self-interest – and against the last vestiges of freedom. Their jubilation is caused by knowing that 99.9% of you are easily controllable and predictable. Hitler’s “final solution” required countless numbers of troops, Gestapo and SS to carry it out. Today it is done with a TV ad campaign, shown in the aisles of Wal-Mart. Today TPTB brag that most will walk into what they know is their execution without even having to be told the lie that they are going to be de-loused.

How do we overcome this fear that has been instilled in us? When I was a child and afraid of lightening and thunder, my mother got out the encyclopedia and we read about thunderstorms, about how the lightening was 1 mile away for every 5 second delay before hearing the thunder. I was never afraid of a thunder storm again.

Look at the reality of that which you fear. Do we need to fear Al-Qaeda because of 9-11 to the point of fearing any Muslim person? It wasn’t they who planned it out, they were simply stooges who were blamed for an evil action against 3000 innocent Americans, which action was at its essence an excuse to take Americans’ freedoms away. There has been no secondary attack in the 11 years since that horrific event. If they wanted to destroy us, wouldn’t they attack when we were still reeling from the first one?

Do we need to fear a neighbor who might be having an agitated conversation on his cellphone in a Wal-Mart to the point of calling in a SWAT team? Not if we take the time to take a walk past our own house to our neighbor’s to introduce ourselves and thereby learn who he or she is.

Do we need to fear an 83-year-old grandmother taking her final flight to see her grandchildren to the point of humiliating her before allowing her on a plane? Or a 4-year-old child screaming in terror? Or a business executive? Or YOU? What do they have to fear from you that they need to grab your genitals as you run the gauntlet of TSA “agents”, wherever they set up shop?

The truth is, they do fear you. They fear that too many of us are waking up, thinking for ourselves and replacing that fear with self-determination. TPTB fear anyone who claims their own birthright to live the life they choose that does not harm another, without fear. They need you to fear them, or their plans won’t work. You can’t control 7 billion people with a whip, but you can control them with fear. It has worked since the days of Nimrod, who convinced his people to store all their grain in his grain bin to keep it safe from imagined attackers “lurking” outside the city walls.

Shed the fear. Be kind to each other. Help each other. Love each other. These actions leave less and less room for fear to take hold of you. If this is a new concept for you, start small. Start with your family, expand it to your co-workers, and then to people you don’t even know. Once you feel how good it is to not live in fear, it may become a habit. And wouldn’t that foil their plans?

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Dan & Sheila are the authors of Surviving Survivalism – How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock, and hosts of the podcast, Still Surviving with Dan & Sheila. For questions about space in their Intentional Survivalist Community or other survivalist issues, they can be reached at surviving@lavabit.com.


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  1. you used the word “fear”, “fearful”, or “afraid” 59 times in this article….but you never really got too any positive point….nothing of any value…..just pointing out…..all the things people are fearful of…..pointless! (in my opinion)

    • “Shed the fear. Be kind to each other. Help each other. Love each other” These are positive points … (my opinion)

  2. I thank you for this post Zen and thank Dan and Sheila for this article. I have seen this fear in people especially in the work force. Set us up so we are nice and comfortable and then if we don’t comply they will take it all away.But they will take it all away anyway

  3. Thanks Zen for posting this article by Dan & Sheila. Encapsulates an observation of all of us caught up in this swill of seeded worry about things that will move most of us to bow down….and comply.

    Fear is the weapon of choice because it has always worked. Fear permeates our very soul, destroys our creativeness, thwarts our thought processes of logic and reason, propagates negative vibrations which others feel thereby creating a toxic fear epidemic.

    As Dan & Sheila pointed out the institutionalized fear tools they are using on us, I loved the anti-toxin recommendation in the last paragraph.

    In my life experience scared people can do some really stupid stuff. Lifeguards are taught to save the drowning victim from behind so they don’t endanger the rescuer.

    Keep Exploring,


  4. I’ve lived in fear just about all my life but it’s nothing like what’s going on today. It is a dark, dark force and more powerful than anything I’ve ever known. I’ve been feeling it lately. But have I allowed that fear in from reading hundreds of articles, and posts, and opinions and videos from conspiracy theory websites? I don’t know. But, I can’t stop looking. Something is pulling me. Surely it’s happening to other people too. I don’t KNOW anyone personally who does all this hunting and looking. None of my coworkers do. My family doesn’t.

    I AM kind and I help others and I pray for peace and love for Gaia and the world, but HOW can we NOT live in fear given the current state of world affairs? Fear is here! So many things Dan and Sheila said were absolutely true and I’m concerned that many of us won’t shift to a different Earth or a different reality because we carry fear in our mind and hearts – even though we don’t want to.

    I’m grateful to have been led to justwondering.com because I have found so much Truth here; not just from the wonderful articles but from the posts of caring and intelligent people.


  5. A close friend recently gave me a very helpful tool for dealing with grief, that can also work great for fear. If we are in a state of deep grief or fear, and we try not to feel it, we will numb out instead, and the low-vibration emotion will remains inside us. When we experience fear, a good way to get it out of our systems so that it doesn’t paralyze us is to just acknowledge it and feel it fully, while taking some deep breaths… and it will dissipate.

    As Bill Hicks said: “It’s just a ride, it’s all about the choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings of money, a choice right now, between fear and love”.

    Someone else once said; ” Feel the fear…. but do it anyway!”

  6. “fear is the mindkiller” – Frank Herbert, Dune

    mayhaps it’s time to take this one step deeper and ask ourselves why fear is such an effective tool of mass manipulation?

    what is the condition within ourselves that allows fear to breed? is it ignorance and its kissing cousin arrogance? if so, then how do those two work together in our patterns of thought to ultimately enslave us?

  7. We are constantly being bombarded with ‘Fear Porn’. As for TV….well, I don’t watch it as much as I use too… say for a few shows, docs and movies for entertainment purposes only. I laugh at the mainstream news and I only watch alternative news now as I feel that the stories are not edited and are being best reported.

    I think of it like that scene from Superman Returns were he’s listening to all the chatter coming from Earth and when he picks up on something worthy of his attention off he zooms. We have to separate the BS from the truth…

    Most peoples fear stems from the fact that they are brainwashed into believing that we are all separate and not connected and that death is finite (infinite oblivion) so they only have one shot at a life experience. This makes people selfish and greedy and is the root cause of societies problems.

  8. ~~~

    “It Felt Love”
    How did the rose
    Ever open its heart
    And give to this world
    All its beauty?
    It felt the encouragement of light
    Against its being,
    We all remain
    Too frightened



  9. You are not going to get rid of all the fears in your life overnight. Work at getting rid of one fear every day and eventually you will find yourself outside the range of the masses who are fearful.

    Do something different every day, such as – not doing the work you had scheduled to do today(if you fear losing your job-work for yourself -like I did 25+ years ago- or do you fear that too?) or go camping for the weekend instead of the family gathering on Sunday. If you don’t feel like going to your religious services on Friday,Saturday or Sunday(which ever religion you prescribe to), do something different. Little things like this everyday will help you to separate from the fear that society has placed in us.

    I change my plans a lot – like taking the kids to a ballgame(bought tickets two hours before game- Stubhub is great) or drive to a different state and see a city that we’ve never been to and stay in a hotel that my check book says I can not afford, but we do it anyway(the money to cover this always pops into my lap in the future).

    As I have stated in previous posts – Go with your Intuition – It will Never Fail You. Fear comes from your earthly mind.

    Great Post Dan and Sheila.

  10. @Karinski I know exactly what you mean. I’m 17 years old and i dont know anyone my age that digs as deep as i do. You are not alone, None of my family and friends understand me, and think im crazy.
    They live imaginary, fantasy lives, obsessed with materialism and have mind set’s similar to religious fundamentalists. I dont want to live like them, i dont want to slavishly work for money, and then hand that money away when the tax and fine police come. I want to do what i love, but i cant do it whilst my dad and step mum are constantly hassiling me to get a job, I need advice!

    • I can’t stop looking either, Karinsky and Josh. And then I realise I have to consciously stop when I’m resisting the fear instead of letting it pass through me, like Edna says.

      I feel that desire too, Josh. To do what I love.

  11. I think most people experience fear inside the body as some kind of “anxiety” or “anguish” which bodes some unimaginable threat… But few people are somewhat aware that there is no logical connection between the anticipated danger, and the feeling. For example, what if for some weird reason you can’t get past airport security, and there is a danger of missing the flight?

    The amount of energy in the pocket of fear in the body is clearly disproportionate to the event of having missing the flight.

    So you can’t get rid of the fear from knowing what the potential danger might be (not always, or not often). The fear is like when fish jump to the shore to avoid the shadows… That’s from an anecdote where in Lake Tanganyika, where natives in two canoes, hold a stick across some distance from one another, both going to the shore. The stick casts a shadow on the water, which the fish see as a solid wall for some reason, and to avoid it, swim to their death on the shore. Fear is just a feeling, somewhat chemical in the body, and just as the brain creates for self protection, or for alertness, it can also dissipate it. You might want to learn the practice of “focusing” which is detailed here: http://www.focusing.org/.

    There are other ways… use what works for you. When you “feel” and let the “fear” / ‘anguish’ course through you, and don’t try to avoid or send it away… it will generally dissipate.

    Then, with a clear mind you can handle and come up with solutions to the potentially dangerous situation, which is often a set of simple actions… usually, sit around and wait for another flight.

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