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  1. Yes, indeed — Mahatma Ghandi, MLK, and others no doubt smile from Heaven to hear us entertain such sentiments. A good opportunity to begin Global Non-Compliance will come with the dawn of November 7th in California. It appears very likely that the prvasive barrage of propaganda pumped into people’s minds through TV, along with rigged voting machines, will spell the doom of Proposition 37, which would required labelling of foods with GMOs. Absent such a measure, we’ll all have to be more conscious, diligent, and cautious when buying food. So be it. A warm-up exercise for heavier tasks that no doubt lay just ahead.

    • If 37 fails, would it not be simpler to go about it from the other side of the issue, and form a “Seal” which constitutes that “this food product is 100% GMO Free”, and allow the people to support the GMO free food companies over the GMO companies.

  2. Since my awakening I have found that what I am feeling, thinking and realizing correlates with the themes of the collective consious.
    It cant get any more obvious to me that its time to do what we came here to do. Its time for us to do the job we have been training our whole live(s) for.

    I read somewhere that Novemeber will be the foundation for our eternity. How we handle this month will have a great impact on our future. It feels true. This is the 11th month afterall.

    The thing I keep reminding myself has been said before many times and recently reiterated to my by JBaker- When the time comes we will know what to do.

    I believe that. Our instincts, coupled with what we have learned so far, will guide us through this and the meek will inherit the earth but not just any earth- the beautiful reborn Gaia.

  3. Well done Master Zen:
    It is evident that the Obamanation and Hillary believe they can rule the entire world through the UN. Unprecedented megalomania on steroids.
    “The non conformist does not conform for the simple reason that there is nothing yet worth conforming to. He is mad, but saner than all others with the only sanity worth bothering about. The living, valorous, unintimidateded and arrogant sanity of a free man.”….William Saroyan
    Keep on keeping on Master Zen and thank you.
    “Cultures Clash And Civilizations Crash.”

  4. I’m ready twelve. Bring it. We are stardust We are golden And we we’ve to get ourselves back to the garden.


  5. I started being non compliant back in 68, when I refused to step forward and raise my right hand to be inducted into the military.
    Been waiting a long time for others to join.
    Maybe I just started a little to early!

    • No you didn’t start early David. I left school at the same time for being non complient. Apparently you where not allowed to ask questions. I filed my last tax return in 95 have no mvs registered in my name. There are alot of us who never really stopped being hippies.

    • No, you didn’t start too early David. You stepped up to the plate. “The pioneers of a warless world are those that refuse military service”. Albert Einstein.
      One day, I hope soon, the rest of the military will stand down in a remarkable show of unison against the evil that has infected this planet.

  6. if not now, when? if not you, who?
    in the sand the line draw deep, for all will be lost if we fail to keep.
    lov ya all

  7. I agree with you, Max. It’s time we quit worrying so much about possibly negative consequences happening to us from standing for what’s Right. That mindset does not make us “terrorists”. People need to wake up and realize that we ARE all connected. Even the Truth Hiders are connected to us; their role is to ‘wake us up’, in hope of leading to a mass awakening of Consciousness.

  8. They keep us divided, always having to have an enemy…
    All starts as a child, thats why we have sports…my team against your team and we’re going to kick your ass…See the sublime brainwashing when you start as a child and are told you have an enemy, the other team…winning/beating the other guy is the most important thing…Make dad proud!! if you lose you will let down everyone on your side/team…Rah rah!!! This brainwashing goes right on into adults too with pro sports

  9. It is so true, that no shot needs to be fired, and no one needs to get hurt, not even the Luciferan Satanist global agendists. The power lies within Us. All We need to do is realize that the only reason their agenda works is because of Our participation. Once We stop playing along in their game, the game is over for them and We are free. If people only knew how easy it is to bring about the change that We all subconsciously want to see, it would happen in less than 24 hours. Remember folks, We are the Creator and We are infinite and eternal. Humankind has a destiny to fulfill on Planet Earth. Once you understand what that destiny is, you will know what to do. Discover what Mankind’s purpose is. Learn it well, for once You realize what it is you will know that it could never have been any other way…

  10. The Illuminati Elite do not really know what is coming to them. They have been deceived also by their masters just as most of the population. Knowledge is essential to know what is going on right now. I know we are in the end times, the proof is that the illuminati do not even hide their activities anymore. Retribution is at hand, they will be defeated. We, the 99% will certainly suffer in the coming years but do not despair, keep looking for the truth and you will find it. Examine all things carefully, gain knowledge, love your neighbour and mostly God, above all else. Those of you who think GOD does not exist are deceived. GOD loves each and every one of us. Open your heart to him and let him in, he will give you knowledge of what is to come.

    The Masters of the illuminati, very intelligent and malicious creatures want only one thing, the destruction of the human race, Why does they hate us so much? you will find part of the answer in the books of Adam and Eve, These opened my eyes as of the WHY! These books are very symbolic but the information within is priceless. I have absolute certainty about one thing: Jesus IS the son of God.

    May the truth been known to you, read the humanity instruction book “THE BIBLE”, your eyes will be opened.

    There is now very little time, Prepare this is the end time, there are signs all around us.

    May God save us from what is to come.

  11. My greatest concern is the lives that get destroyed and imposed poverty and hardship that millions have to go through all because few people want to rule the world.

  12. Disinfo. The money system is the DECOY that can easily be removed with a Senate and Parliament that both retify the removal of the money system (i.e. fiat wealth). The real head of the snake is the Voting Basis Paradigm. Never vote for the GLC linked, Plutocrat or Nepotist or Term Limited or police/military/banking system/prison complex linked). If everyone votes for Joe Publics not affiliated with the above groups, the NWO is finihsed. this is the best legal form of Global Non-Compliance.

    • Anon,
      Re your comment on “The Voting Basis Paradigm”:
      Who owns/ provides the voting machines? Who counts the votes? Yet another decoy??

    • Great comments on this thread. And yes, agree – until the fake criminal and utterly corrupt ponzi scheme known as fiat currency remains in place NOTHING will change. NOTHING. Once it goes, then the shift will begin. So difficult for the masses to understand that one. The illusion called fiat currency is the superglue that holds this massive house of cards together.

    • Remove the Senates and Parliament’s and all ruling Governments. By voting for the least of the evils is supporting them. Don’t Vote!

  13. Thank you Master Gardner:
    It is my privilidge and pleasure to share in your fine feature articles.
    Outlandish indeed that the Obamanation would aspire to rule the world as potentate of the new world order United Nations
    “Cultures Clash And Civilizations Crash.”

  14. FIRST OFF let me tell you ,OBAMA is known as the anti-christ in the bible(thats why they don’t want you reading it) the anti-christ destroyes america and after being shot in the head,LUCIFER takes over his body and destroyes the world,ONLY those few souls who get close to the LORD will see the end of coming destruction,NOTHING can stop the coming destruction,wishing and dreaming won’t help,ITS to late for that,AMERICA has become a nation of killers of children and that can’t be forgiven,any nation that PREYS on its children has to be stopped,the LORD warned for 88 years and no one listened to his cries,he warned if you don’t stop on your own,I WILL STOP YOU,america threw him out of the country,NOW COMES JUDGEMENT,and america has been found GUILTY……………………..

  15. YOU GUYS might laugh,BUT I won a lot of beer after reading DANIEL 8:11/8:12 and realized he was talking about the relection of obama,it said the election would be RIGGED and it was,now the country is starting to realize “EVIL HAS CAME TO AMERICA” and he will unleash HORROR after HORROR on the children of america,the lord said : soon the events will start coming like beads falling off a neckless,obama will bring horror upon horror on america and the whole country will be terrified just like the children of foreign countries who america is bombing everyday with their drones……….what goes around,comes around…….old saying but true…………..

  16. THINK ITS FUNNY to see the welfare department kiddnap children from those “evil parents” laugh about this,DYNACOR is an international child trafficing company,and almost ever family court and county welfare office works for them,they love to take children as some are worth a lot of money—–black haired,blue eyed,tall and skinny girls,5,000 to 15,000 dollars depending on looks,—-blond haired,blue eyed,tall and skinny girls,3,000 to 8,000 dollars—-red haired,blue eyed,tall and skinny girls,3,000 to 20,000 dollars depending on looks, brown haired,blue eyed,tall and skinny girls,1,000 to 5,000 dollars depending on looks,all others will be used for child sacrafice or some pagan satanist thing,(usally torchered and then killed) think these welfare people care about kids,DAMED right they do,their worth a fortune and DYNACOR is getting rich off stupid american do-gooders,once the welfare department take a child,if they fall into the big dollar area,their gone forever,HOWS THAT FOR A GOOD LAUGH, and you though you were a good person,now thats funny america………………..

  17. Hello,

    Great video.

    One problem I keep coming back to though, those evil men and their underlings will not just give up and go home. They will take the world with them (think of the Samson option of the Israeli, i.e., Rothschild government) before giving up their power over us. This means that peaceful men and women will have to fight, there is no getting around this fact.

    Sorry to use a cliche but “freedom isn’t free”. Some of us (a lot of us) will have to sacrifice our lives in order that the rest of the world will become free. If all of us stopped compiling today, by tomorrow the rich men of the earth would begin to reign hell down on us. They have a rather large army of evil, cowardly men and women ready to to do their bidding.

    We can’t blind ourselves to these facts. I am a peaceful man and I always have been. I’ve never harmed another human being unless they tried to harm me first. And even then I only defended myself to the point of stopping the aggression directed at me (bullies an aggressors tend to rethink their former position when those they thought were weak suddenly fight back).

    I don’t like to fight and I do not look forward to the bloodbath that is sure to begin in the very near future. I do believe that we need to give nonviolence a chance. Never in history has their been a world-wide, non-violent movement set against the powers that be. In order to live up to our beliefs we should unite in love and go the non-violent route.

    If it fails then we do what we must.

  18. Thank you Zen.

    What is your take on things? I gave an opinion but that doesn’t make what I said completely true. Could we defeat these bastards without any violence whatsoever? It sure would be the greatest moment in our history. Even when I am angry beyond belief there is always something that holds me back from striking another human being. I wonder why this trait isn’t consistently found within all of us? The Bible speaks of two seeds, one seed good, the other bad. Could it be that simple?

    Why, or rather how, can other people hurt and destroy others? I become rather emotional when I think about the 34,000 children that starve to death each day. There is plenty of food, so much in fact that corporations just through it away, rather then help these children. It is totally despicable behavior. I can’t even afford to feed my family each month and right down the street from me there are supermarkets throwing away good food. If I attempt to retrieve said “good food” I will be arrested (and possibly beaten or murdered by the “honorable” police that so many people admire).

    The world seems to be a cruel dichotomy of good and evil, both simultaneously existing side by side in our reality. I guess we have to train ourselves to see the good and the beautiful in this life while at the same time recognizing the evil and fighting against it in the best ways we know how to.

    Even the smallest offerings made in love are more powerful then all of the evil in this world.

    Peace brother.


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