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Finally – California To Monitor Radioactive Plume

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[Finally, some signs of life concerning monitoring the radioactivity threat to North America. If one area will begin to monitor others will too, hopefully those in the fisheries will open up and follow suit as well.

Remember, the EPA shut down their radiation monitoring stations soon after the original event. If that doesn't tell you what kind of a regime runs America I don't know what will. - Zen]


Concern that a radioactive plume is headed for the West Coast from the crippled Japanese Fukushima nuclear plant has prompted Marin County officials to monitor the situation. [...] fears about toxic pollution have prompted supervisors Susan Adams and Steve Kinsey to ask that public safety, health and coastal staff track the issue. [...] While county officials point out that while concern is justified, there is no reason for alarm pending scientific study. But even experts do not know what, exactly, to expect when ocean waters carrying nuclear contaminants reach the West Coast in two or three years. How much of a threat will it pose? Will waves contaminated with cesium and strontium pollute the coast? [...] radioactive water has been leaking from damaged reactors [since disaster began in March 2011].

Estimated location of Fukushima plume in 2014 — *Model does not account for ongoing daily leaks into Pacific of ~400 tons of radioactive water (Han G J, et al., 2013)

Susan Adams, Marin County Supervisor and head of the Marin County Disaster Council: “Obviously, from a public health and environmental perspective, the risks to Californians from radioactive contamination if the Fukushima facility is not repaired to the highest standards remains of concern. [...] I will also be contacting our state and federal representatives to learn more about what is being done to ensure the health and safety of our people and our resources from any future nuclear incident at the Fukushima plant.”

Steve Kinsey, California state coastal commissioner: “The water quality of our ocean is critical for both ecologic and food supply purposes [...] Relying on the assurances of the nuclear plant operator or an embarrassed Japanese government is not sufficient. [...] [I'm] pleased that California’s science-based organizations are stepping up to monitor and test our water quality, because the public needs neither fear-mongering nor wishful thinking at this time.”

ABC 7 News, Dec. 3, 2013: Marin County will begin monitoring a radioactive plume that may be drifting toward the West Coast. That plume is from the crippled Fuksuhima nuclear plant [...] Two Marin County supervisors have directed the county’s Public Health, Safety and Coastal staff to track this. Experts say they don’t know when contaminated ocean water might reach the West Coast and there is no threat now — Apparently. There is concern because of the importance of the ocean, obviously, to our food supply. Radioactive water leaking from the reactor is being kept in storage bins, but experts say it will eventually be released into the sea and they want to monitor it to make sure that at the very least if it comes this way they know about it.

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  1. At the 1964 World’s Fair they were touting nuclear energy as the savior of mankind. They would make your dime radioactive in the hall of science, and then you could and did put it down next to the family jewels where your radioactive dimes would be safe. They were all silver dimes in those days. Is there a future if we the people continue this nuclear energy path? Have we destroyed the Pacific Ocean? I do not know. Think about it. What kind of world do you want you kids to live in? Nuclear energy is practical until it comes to “storing the waste” for a million years?

      • I get both, enenews and global research, both are excellent. Enenews has been detailing for quite a while, with numerous examples and witnesses, including bird and fish die offs, that the radiation has already hit the West Coast of the U.S. Numerous are saying the radiation is across the U.S. But much hidden, ex nuclear plants in the U.S. leaking and a couple suspicious, etc. If accurate, the Photon Belt also releases radiation and we are in it now, not being disclosed. George Green, on Project Camelot, prior stated plans to radiate above the equator to kill the people off but able for the dark to keep the victims assets. They felt the radiation would not go below the equator where some planned to be.

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