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  1. Yes, This is the life of most of the people reading these posts. These words are a reflection of of my formal education years along with many others, I am sure. I learned how to get past these Obstacles/People without laughing back or fighting them. I don’t ignore them anymore, I send healing energies towards/through and around them. They go into shock mode – get docile and do not know what hit them. I find when I send these people healing energies they are not so hostile in the future. We are Healing this World.

    Don’t Give Up – Our Actions are Getting Through!

  2. Hi. I’ve been ignored and laughed at but not no fighting yet. I have did nothing to fight back yet. I better start fighting to win? Since being ignored and laughed at, i only became quiet and isolated in my art where I don’t care anymore and am so lost and losing my abilities. I’m so sad after reading this.

    • Being on the road to victory makes you sad? PERK UP, LADY! Who promised you this would be an easy path? COUNTLESS of us have gone through this phase. And we’re stronger and more sure of victory because of it.
      Cheer up. It gets better. We love ya.

      • May the force be with you Zen.
        Feeling a bit Yoda-ish at the moment…hmmmmmm
        The sun is out, the cats are purring and those pesky digibugs are about to expire. Zap!!

  3. You’re so right! Your words reminded me of a time once worked with a beautiful blonde lady who was quite mean to me. In my head, I named her the Ice Lady. I didn’t like that feeling of animosity ,so i decided to tell her how beautiful she was with her accent. She smiled at me and told me she was from Iceland! The Ice Lady turned out to be a caring and compassionate person and friend! Your response helped me to remember that! Thank you again!

  4. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you,then they made Pakistan then you win .
    Gandhi’s protest efforts paid off, as the British Parliament enacted the Government of India Act in 1935, which gave India some self-government and democratic elections, and ultimately India became completely independent in 1947. The so called Muslim League endorsed the creation of a new country called “Pakistan” for the predominantly so called Muslim population of that region. The British in 1947 to partition India into two countries, India and Pakistan, in order to prevent civil war between the Muslims and Hindus.
    1947 U.S. editorial cartoon ridicules Gandhi for creating
    chaos in India link http://www.conservapedia.com/images/d/dc/Gandhi3.jpg
    Divide and conquer the imperial way of proxy wars .
    As Mahatma said “I like your god but not christians”

  5. There is no evidence Gandhi ever said that. However, the quote, “First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you Then they fight you. Then you win” came from an address by labor leader Nicholas Klein in a 1914 address to a labor union congress.


    It’s funny how people start believing things without doing a little research.

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