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Follow Romania’s Rise Against Fracking

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Largely unreported by the mainstream media, something remarkable is happening in the small village of Pungesti in Romania. People are standing up for Life. But the protest against fracking and the US Giant Chevron is not only local. For today a day of national mobilisation has been announced.

You can follow the unfolding events in Romania, which may hold many lessons for us in Ireland by going to the website.

(from Trottamundo :)

Remember, the revolution will not be televised!

For our English-speaking friends. Please be with Romania today, tomorrow. We are living crucial times. Help us be seen, help us be heard!

From 17:30, Bucharest time, today December 21, follow us live on http://www.nasul.tv/live (this is not a mainstream channel) and spread the news to the world!

Furthermore, we have set up a radio to broadcast the revolution live! http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2F92.114.32.219%3A8880%2Flisten.pls&h=JAQFPgSRa

(The file is in .pls format. If you have difficulty opening it, download this software to launch the file in Windows Media Player: http://openplsinwmp.codeplex.com/)

The past weeks have been incredible, both in Romania and abroad! Please be part of this revolution!

For live updates via Twitter, follow @RomaniaRising.




  1. I’m Romanian, living in Spain from 2004. I was 18 when the Romanian Revolution happened. Was exactly 24 years ago, in 21 December 1989.
    What happen right now in the center of Bucharest is not just a manifestation against fracking but also a remember of those events 24 years ago, when many many people died for obtaining freedom.
    These days Romania is still fighting. Fracking is another “face” of the freedom obtained. But people realize that once you have your freedom, nobody can take it from you, even is chevron.
    What happened in Pungesti is a clear violation of private property, freedom and common sense. People from that village realize that Chevron will take their lives, land and rights, exactly like happened in the documentary Gasland.

  2. Well done Romanian brothers and sisters. We British will do well to learn a lesson from your bravery. Never give up!!! Same thing will be happening in the UK soon so we should take heart from this amazing courage.

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