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Found: Secret CIA Bin Laden Training Facility…or Stage?


by Zen Gardner

Here’s something I just stumbled upon in the news.

Before you read the article below, just think. They’ve supposedly found a fugitive’s hide out and assume they have enough time to reconstruct the whole thing and practice rather than just go in and get him? Nonsense. Whatta scam. He’d been dead for 10 years already anyway.

So while something did apparently transpire at a similar location in Pakistan, this way they can be sure they get certain camera shots for the cover story and it goes down according to plan. And as you’ll see below, they erased the evidence of the so-called “training” location completely….as well as the Navy SEALs that supposedly performed the fake operation who were conveniently shot down in a helicopter in Afghanistan.

Erase erase.

The whole operation was full of holes from the get go, but this makes a nice final nail in the coffin if you ask me.

Satellite Images of the CIA’s Secret Bin Laden Training Facility

One of the reasons U.S. Navy SEALs were able to so skillfully execute the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound last year was a CIA training facility in North Carolina that mirrored the architecture of bin Laden’s actual compound in Pakistan. In 2011, during those crucial months that SEAL Team Six trained there, it was one of the most secretive facilities on U.S. soil. Now, for the first time, the facility has been revealed on Bing’s satellite map service during a phase when it was under construction. Peekaboo!

That’s an aerial shot of Harvey Point Defense Testing, a CIA training facility in North Carolina. It was taken on February 15, 2011. Look familiar? Here’s a shot of Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, shortly after the May 2011 raid.

It’s a fascinating discovery and it’s all thanks to the eagle-eyed folks over at Cryptome.com, who identified the compound this morning after reading the book No Easy Day by former SEAL Team Six member Matt Bissonnette. In multiple passages in the book, Bissonnette mentions training for the raid in North Carolina. “This training exercise down in North Carolina sounded like another bad mission. But I wouldn’t know until Monday,” Bissonnette writes in the book. From there, the folks over at Cryptome apparently pored over acres of satellite imagery of CIA facilities in North Carolina. Below is a view of the larger CIA center with the mock-up circled in red:

But here’s where this gets really interesting. What happens when you view the same training facility at the same coordinates on Google Maps instead of Bing?

Poof! Vanished! It’s gone:

Apparently, just like the real-life compound in Pakistan, the CIA’s mock-up compound has also been destroyed. Anybody know why? (It’s an open question.) The other thing we can divine from this is that Bing apparently has less up-to-date maps than Google. But in this case, that’s quite a valuable feature!   Source


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  1. So the training facility was torn down after it was no longer needed! Maybe they need the property for a different mission and therefore had to tear down the old one. You have no proof that Bin Laden “has been dead for 10 years already anyway”! And what the Hek are you talking about when you say that the Navy SEALS were “conveniently shot down in a helicopter in Afganistan”? WHAT? The SEALS were NOT shot down! Where do you get this S*>#T? The armed forces ALWAYS have a mock-up of the place they are training to invade! (if possible, of course) and when the mission is over, there is no reason to keep this facility around. There is only so much space in which to build these and NO sense in paying to maintain them when they are no longer needed! Your whole spiel is ridiculous and full of holes!

  2. Glad you mentioned how they murdered the seal squad that were supposed to be involved – I think this was a major mistake (even within their psychopathic value system). Seals are Not stupid, they are aware of what happened to their comrades, this will be remembered. It Will come back to bite the powers that use such special forces, probably in the form of some individuals spilling the beans on the dirty work they have been tasked with. Basicly it’s cost them a large part of the loyalty of their most important “assets” – may Reality come home to roost.

  3. Superior report Zen:
    All spec ops and SWAT teams practice high threat entries and warrant services in identical mockups of the target in shoot houses.
    Right on Master Zen – WRITE ON!
    “Yoda’s Little Known Tactics To Avoid Being A Target.”

  4. There is entirely too much money going to these murderous wankers running the show at the Pentagon . This is stupid degenerate crap and the lower ranks are plain dense for following this nonsense. All this trouble and waste to murder ONE MAN and call this man Osama bin Laden, after the new World Order ally who died of kidney failure in December of 2001. Just so Hillary could gwet up in front of the cameras and LIE about it like a $5.00 whore calling herself a virgin for a drunken sailor. Then they murdered the U.S. Navy SEAL team that was coerced into carrying out the mission. How’s that for gratitude? Know your leaders.

    • They take out several levels of this in the know to be sure. And if I remember right the next day after the faux killing Obummer was appearing at some event at ground zero…surprise! What a nice media cherry…

  5. So Lunashanti, do you believe everything you are told, like a good little slave? Don’t ask any questions, just go along to get along? How about I sell you my house SIGHT UNSEEN. You can’t see any videos or photos. No walkthru in person. You’re OK with that, right? That’s what you asking us to do with the FAKE bin Laden raid.

    NO videos,NO photos, NO body = No Raid. So what part of that don’t you understand?

  6. Zen: Are you saying that all the photos of the operation in Pakistan were filmed in No. Carolina?? Also, is there PROOF that all the Navy Seals were shot down?? I’m not sure what the conclusion one is to reach from these photos….

    • No, there’s genuine shots of the place there in Pakistan, but the reports of the neighbors in no way match up with the US story. They can mix and match when they have a staged setting for such an important event for their program. Same as the moon mission. Can use staged stuff for filler if not total hoax. And I don’t know if it was all of SEAL team 6 that died in that suspicious crash, but a lot of them…when they don’t usually travel together and other indiscrepancies – research it and you’ll find plenty to feast on.

  7. No photographic film has ever been invented that can withstand the temperature range on the Moon.

    There was no heat protection for the Hasselblad cameras for the temperature range on the moon of plus 100 degrees C to minus 100 degrees C. There was also no high-frequency radiation protection for the cameras.


    The Apollo Moon landings were the first global TV hoax; 9/11 was the second

  8. @ goliath
    I think what lunashanti is saying is that not everything is an f in ” conspiracy “. The lies and bullshit are now coming from the truthers aswell . There are things out there that you or I wont understand . The ” truther ” movement me thinks has been compromised . The b.s. is coming from everywhere .

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