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Fraudulent Normalization of Chemtrails Continues


by Zen Gardner

Here’s the latest installment of an escalating disinformation campaign to “acclimate” the populace to the aerial spraying program under way for years in many parts of the world.

An increasing number of articles with supposed scientists conjecturing “what if” scenarios where a whited sky by metallic particles “might” help mitigate global warming have appeared lately. This is also the second time the Daily Mail has published a chemtrail admission article claiming these spreading consistent chemical trails are some kind of natural phenomenon due to commercial jets and atmospheric conditions.

They’ve never done this before the aerial bombardment of chemtrails started in the mid-90’s. I supposed they’ll blame it on “climate change” next, and wrap it up in a nice self-reinforcing package of pseudo-scientific BS.

For those of us well aware of this ongoing poisoning of our skies this tripe is enough to make you sick, as lying, paid-off so called scientists lay out their lying propaganda without compunction.

The transatlantic jet trails visible from space: How ‘contrails’ can stay in the sky for up to 14 hours

(Daily Mail) Like a giant game of crosses without the naughts, these incredible jet engine trails can be seen criss-crossing the Atlantic from space.

NASA’s Terra satellite captured these two amazing images of aircraft trails, or ‘contrails’ as they are known, spreading across the sky off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

The spectacular effect forms in the wake of passing aircraft due to the extra particles and water vapor contained in their exhaust.

NASA said these it has observed these clusters of contrails lasting as long as 14 hours, though most get a shorter lifespan of four to six hours.

Climate scientists are fascinated by long-lived, spreading contrails because they reflect sunlight and trap infrared radiation.

A contrail in an otherwise clear sky reduces the amount of solar radiation that reaches Earth’s surface, while increasing the amount of infrared radiation absorbed by the atmosphere.

These opposing effects make it difficult for scientists to pin down the exact effect contrails have on climate.

‘Overall, contrails create additional cirrus cloud cover,’ said Patrick Minnis, a senior scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center.

‘Current estimates indicate that contrails have a small warming effect, but the extent of the additional coverage and the amount of warming remain quite uncertain.’  Source

The Dastardly Dissociative Disconnect

This mind-numbing statement tells the tale: “Scientists are fascinated by long-lived spreading contrails”. Really? Where were they before? How about reading the many patents filed for just such aerosol compounds designed to do just that or a quick perusal of “What In the World Are They Spraying?”. (here and here)

What’s absurd is the treatment of the world’s population as complete morons. Worse yet is they get away with it. Why? People can’t bring themselves to think their government would do such a thing without their knowledge, so an alternate explanation is happily received. Apparently cause and effect aren’t our concern.

It’s absurd. It’s all become absurd.

May the wake up hit as many as it can. Let’s keep freedom of spirit ringing by speaking Truth.

And sharing in love.

Love, Zen


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  1. If they are making “we the people of the world” have emission limits on our vehicles, why or why aren’t there emission limits on the airplanes that fly our skies??? This is the question I put to my Member Of Parliament in BC. Reply back, from his secretary, he would take my questions under consideration. Hammer them people with emails, snail mails, or face to face, and demand they stop spreading this toxic shite into the atmosphere.
    Mentioned about the “chemtrails” to friend who is 25 or so and the reply was,” those have always been in the sky since I was a little kid”. I’m 53, I never saw anything like this til roughly 15 years ago. Make them stop!!!

  2. Clear blue skies, clear blue seas, remember ?

    Our instincts are telling us,

    what is with this muck ??

    Cheers Zen !

    • When I was a kid we had clear blue regularily. Now very rare that theres bo spaying if we do get it and it’ll be half grey by dusk. It’s kind of like the Purloined letter by EGP. We don’t notice what stares us in the face , if we even happen to look up.

  3. Last weekend we had a scientific radio program concerning Rio 2012 and climate change.

    They said (in short) an experiment in Denmark, performed in heathland, showed that the nitrogen in the soil decreases through climate change. Then the plants are dying and the soil dries out.

    Well, in my region (northern Germany) we also have heathland. But despite of the CC the soil is getting richer. More and more trees (birches, oaks, poplars, willows) and bushes (hawthorn, roses) and fat juicy grass.

    They also talked of geo-engineering and the consequences. The temperature rising would be stopped but there would be more droughts. They mentioned “blocking the sun”, they explicitly didn’t mention any trails…
    They said GE would be too dangerous because the (after-) effects would be unpredictable and uncontrollable. So no one would think about doing it. (Yeah, sure!)

    As far as I’m observing, it’s too cold for the seasons and too dry. (e.g. England, February – April) Although there’s plenty of rain afterwards (England, May) it’s too dry in average than in “normal”.

    I’m no scientist but when I sum up:
    1. GE brings dryness and (too) cold weather.
    2. CC brings dryness and (too) hot weather.

    So tell me: What do we have? Three guesses.

    Stay vigilant!


  4. this is crime against humanity.Bastards responsible for spraying poisons,bacteria,viruses on humans should be hanged together with those who poison our water with fluoride

  5. I like a good scare or worry as much as anyone. However, I’ve started to see that if Elites wanted to get rid of us, why would they wait? Especially now, during our slow motion financial disintigration? It would be a helluva lot easier wiping out 90% of us than trying to keep the ship afloat, thats for sure. Another thing: What’s so bad about a one world government? Americans are always so up in arms about it, but I can see a lot of benefits. Just like american bitching about socialized medicine; who the hell doesn’t want it? Doctors and Insurance companies. Fuck them. What about sustainable growth? What the hell is bad about that? I for one think that happiness can be found without living in a 4,000 sq. ft. McMansion, and driving a Hummer. Call me a kook, but I’m starting to think that maybe some of these elites actually are doing some good things, that the cattle just can’t understand. Had the thought too, that I bet many of these very rich people, are actually in the pursuit of spirituality. Here in China, a very big percentage of the rich, have found in their lifetimes, after making the money, it is less satisfying than they thought, and so, they are learning about buddhism, yoga, and finding gurus like Qing Hai. Took them a hell of a shorter time than Americans.

    • Can’t really discern if you’re simply a newby to the Truth (about who these elites actually are and their agenda), or just another deceiving psychopath babbling your hate for humanity. I’ll be generous and just think of you as just totally ignorant, and suggest you keep reading relevant info for another 3-4 years.

    • I think I should clarify some things I posted above because it seems the cattle, being full of emotion but short on understanding, are missing the point.
      I am not certain that elites are doing what they are doing with ill intent.
      Everything is a racket. Its kinda needless to get upset thinking people are doing things with evil intent. All you must do, is follow the money. TSA pat-downs and radiating machines- who’s making the money off all those machines? Chemtrails? Who’s making the money off spray systems, chems being sprayed, fuel, research grants? GMO food-who’s getting rich from this? War on drugs? who profits? Financial disaster- Who’s getting rich writing all those derivatives contracts that are going to destroy the system?War on terror? Who’s getting rich from merc contracts, reconstruction contracts, armament contracts? All with zero oversight. Its a free for all money grab.
      If you’ve ever lived in multiple countries, you notice that borders on maps are not what you think. Its not like this is our area, and that is your area. Its more like the elites of each country are like a mafia, and they want to gain all possible profits from that given area. The masses are stupid enough to have feelings of love of country, and patriotism, and then go out and die for their respective Mob bosses.
      Regarding these “Mob Bosses”. they are not acting with evil intent. If it is not your time to awaken to our situation/role in this existence, then it is not, and you find yourself with really only one game to play. Making money. Amassing mass fortunes is just winning the only game these people see.
      I’m sure many of you would say that they shouldn’t be greedy, and why not work for the betterment of mankind. I say why? Put yourself in the shoes of a very rich person. I know that they see the masses as: Dumb cattle. And they are right. The masses are kinda disgusting. They plop their fat asses in front of mindless TV programming for hours a day. Eat rubbish for nourishment. They are overly interested in trinkets like iphones, and have caused themselves to have no attention spans and/or personalities. They have no morality, and “do the dirty” with whatever loser they run into when they’ve drunk too much. A huge percentage do drugs. Most have become totally self absorbed individuals, and are rotten parents, spouses, and friends. In short, the masses suck. Who gives a shit about them? I don’t, and I can’t imagine why the very rich would either.
      I’m sure you are thinking: What about all the good people like the Christians? Fuck them. If they can’t take the time to investigate the reality of our spiritual selves, long enough to realise they are being duped, then I say they are not good people, just lazy morons.
      Anyway, there’s heaps more I could write on this subject, so if anyone would like to debate any of the above, just comment, and I’ll get back to you. I ask that you make some valid, emotionless arguments please. However, If you disagree with me, you are wholly mistaken, because I am 100% correct.

      • One last point. I see many posters on here saying this and that person ought to be hung, shot, killed, etc. I can totally respect that. What I can’t respect is that nobody is doing it. It’s your life to do with as you please. Laws mean nothing, and are just instruments of control, which no person should try to exert over any other person. I have vastly more respect for a person that takes action in life even if it has grave consequences, than a person who talks tough and does nothing. I say go out and raise hell. Do some damage. Take some lives if you want. At least you will be an active participant in your life. Its better than what you are doing now, and you are apt to learn something valuable from the experience.

        • Hey ZG,
          Thanks for deleting those other 2 posts I made. Its fun ripping people a new one, but then I always (nearly) regret it.

        • Hey, Scott, an idiot you are not. You seem to have it at least as well together as any I have read on the I nternet, including the fellow, Zen Gardner. I got mine together way back in August 1968, when I Awoke. I was under extreme pressures
          at the time, which probably helped me come to myself. I had to Awaken or die. Actually, I did both, but the whole story is too long to tell here. The pressures were so extreme and intense that they literally, not figurateively, murdered people around me to the tune of hundreds a year in a population that varied between 1400, at best, and 5000, at worst.
          (Compare with a typical town of 5000 population experiencing 400 murders in one year and one has the idea.) The more people, the more that the already overburdensome pressures of just being alive in that spot increased exponentially.

          During the earliest of that time, which centered around my abrupt Awakening (the point that signaled the onset of what became an accelerated learning phase), my subsequent cerebral travels began leading me on a parallel path with what Internet denizens today refer to as “Illuminati.” While I did not formally “join” said Illuminati, but could have done so at my option (and surely still could) we peacefully coexisted and still do so today.

          The Illuminati that I intimately know, are a long way from evil and destructive. Evil and destructive are those that come to the tiniest realization of what visited me in a single, blinding Flash of Light when I Awoke (as mentioned above, which is God Consciousness) and employ it for devious means and wholly selfish ends. This fits every politician ever born in this world, without a single exception, and every judge and every highly monied individual. There is not enough space here to name all, but this should supply the direction of the drift.

          You, Scott, put your finger on the very pulse of the evil when you wrote in your comment above, “profit motive.” The “Illuminati” that are bandied on the Internet are about just that: profit motive. You were also spot on when you wrote (paraphrased), “follow the profits.” An interesting homonymic angle to that reality is, “follow the prophets.”

          Note how diverse the worlds would be at the ends of each road. “Following the profits” ends in the present world (and still a bit to come), whereas “following the prophets” leads to a place described as heaven on earth. Obviously, the world before us has followed the former.

          One thing that is correct about the popular Internet descriptions of “Illuminati” is that the actual, true, real-life Illuminati (i.e., that got there by following the prophets) are beyond the scope and touch of any individual in this world, in much the same way that the bogus Illuminati (that get there by following the profits) are beyond the scope and touch of ordinary individuals in this world such as you describe. The bogus Illuminati, which so many Internet denizens have singled out for the attention of the masses, are mirror images of the real Illuminati.

          For everything real, there exists something bogus that is its mirror image. But just as the image of a human being looking into a mirror is not the actual individual, neither is the image of the Illuminati, the actual Illuminati.

          It requires a lot of work to join the ranks of, and become one with, the real Illuminati, the same as it takes to join the fake image of it and become one with that. One will not find any real Illuminatus lying awake nights scheming on how to destroy any world, for devious purposes, particularly his/her own, as the whole real thing begins with, “harming none other for devious reasons,” which even includes life forms
          that run-of-the-mill humans consider beneath them and fit only for contempt. For instance, one should agonize over any necessity to take the life of a common housefly, and let the thing live so long as it does not invade one’s inner sanctums. When one finds oneself doing such a thing, one may be prepared to step into the shoe of a real Illuminatus.

          • Hey Adam,
            Wow! It sounds like you’ve had one helluva ride. I would love to hear more if you have any inclination. If yes, could you please drop me a line at skotowms@yahoo.co.nz
            Thanks and cheers.

          • Adam, I understand Your path well, though I came via a different one. I agonize over the plants I eat, thanking them for their sacrifice. Meanwhile, I looked for a solution to this mess and found a key. Would love Your take on this essay: http://bit.ly/I5TriH Please do let Me know.

    • My though on this… One World Government – with the equivalent of the NDAA, chipping, chemtrails, fluoride in the water – or whatever else They choose to put in, Codex Alimentarius where nutrients are “toxic,” spying and other 1984ish evils like turning in Your neighbors for minor “offences,” GMO, and on and on.

      Yeah. They’re the GOOD guys. I suppose.

  6. criminals responsible for mass murder with fluoride, barium,aluminum live bacteria and viruses should be publicly executed

  7. I live in Edinburgh,Scotland and they are spraying the shit out of the skies 4-5 times a week.People look at me like i’m a martian if i bring up this subject but i’m moving beyond this now,and i feel those who are meant to wake up,are,and will, while those that are not meant to wake up won’t.

    • I know how you feel Fraser….I’m in London, UK. Every day the sky is a total whiteout. I get up at 5am a lot because I can’t sleep, the sky is blue, they start spraying and it’s white for the rest of the day.
      I’m at the point now where no one wants to talk to me, apparently I’m “negative” :) Even though they sit and moan about how depressed they all are because it’s cloudy and raining all the time I’m not allowed to mention the planes spraying above their heads.
      It really is like living in a false reality…..

      • Its like they can’t quite make the cause and effect connection somehow. Removal of genuine critical thinking and rhetoric from education hasn’t helped. I “woke up” completely when finally I could see for myself that the chemtrails were real and across the entire UK on an early morning train trip from the north to the South East.Tears of rage were in my eyes by the time I got to Kings X. However, I also have a point of reference – being over 40 I know what the sky and weather used look like. Some people will get it (I hope enough!). But a lot wont. Subconsciously people often resist the truth because it would lead to a very abrupt reframing of their reality – which is difficult and painful.

      • Hi Mia, I live in one of the London boroughs. I sympathise with you, brits used to bad weather, but now it’s silly , snow in March and oppressive feelings to match.

    • It’s the same here in Cumbria 4/5 times a week I notice them spraying, but far less in the winter. Clear blue skies are very rare or when we do have them hours later the planes arrive and those “contrails” suddenly spread and the sky is hazey and it cools down :( … when I try telling people they look at me like i’m the crazy one :(

  8. I am a courier and have been aware of these chemtrails for years. I miss the innocence and ignorance I had when life seemed simpler. I’ve seen this arial assault from indiana to halifax and daily in southern ontario where I live. Try telling the most intelligent to randomly taking a chance on perhaps the mail man…no way. The looks I receive are always the same…I am perceived as being crazy!! That goes hand in hand with our governments being able to keep sheeple sick and the “others” awakened ones crazy!! I wonder how many millions of dollars are spent on just the jet fuel when I see them from 5am til 7pm still spraying???

  9. Here’s one for the group….

    I was watching chemtrails being crisscrossed all over the sky, with no logical flight paths. They would fly by, turn around and fly back, over and over again. Maybe they were lost, all 6 of them!

    Then, another plane flew through the chemtrails (the chem spray was being disturbed as the (non chemtrail plane flew through it) but, it was leaving a contrail behind itself!

    So, that proves that the chemtrail planes are leaving special chemicals and metals in the atmosphere! Any plane that is flying at the same altitude as a chemtrail plane SHOULD be leaving the same type of trail like the chemtrail planes!

    Checkmate! Game Over!

      • They don’t actually, depending on the temperature/humidity of the level the aircraft are flying at, then contrails ( condensation trails – a perfectly natural causation of jet engines at altitude ) can and do spread out to persist in a layer for hours. This has always been the case – even before the age of the Internet. PS: I used to forecast the weather for the RAF.

  10. I’ve been watching this since 1995. It’s difficult to convince people that these are not contrails.

    I’ve also noticed, strangely enough, that since Rahm Emanuel, the dual-national Israeli, began squatting in the mayoral office of Chicago, spraying has significantly decreased in these parts.

  11. Do not try to save fools!. Once you have knocked on the door, and informed the inhabitants (who were blissfully sleeping) that their house is on fire. You have fulfilled your duty.
    If Idiots decide to go back asleep after such warnings. They have only themselves to blame.
    The chemtrails are so obvious. That only the blind can avoid noticing them. I inform the people once what they are, and leave them to their own devices.
    If no one listens. It is not my fault. The old man upstairs knows that I have done my duty and smiles.
    Even your subconscious only warns you once before you make a major mistake. A warning to be ignored at ones own peril!

  12. They love spraying here in South Australia too.
    oh for a land to air missile launcher some days!
    BTW cannot start a chemtrail conversation with my husband without ending up in an argument.

    I clearly remember lying on the grass and watching the clouds many times as a child and I don’t
    bloody remember seeing contrails ever!

    Keep going my friends,I am scared of the needed breakdown and change,but what’s the alternative?

    • You have my sympathies for living with someone who can’t/won’t see. I know from my own experience just how frustrating this is. Even in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth and as the comment from jo above says, no amount of knocking can open every door.

    • Catch the planes spraying…videotape it on your phone videocam…follow up with Youtube ‘What in the World Are They spraying”

  13. Well, in a post 1973 world, something far more unimaginable than chemtrails was normalized with just the right application of hellish trickery and brainwashing, so why not chemtrails? Why shouldn’t anything whatsoever that the mind of man can conceive and believe be normalized after the Biggie of Biggies was pulled off and rammed down every throats?

    The Roe v. Wade Court called it, “a woman’s right to choose.”

    Not a woman that has ever exercised this “choice” has called it what it is. Instead, they all call it, “My choice.” And they present themselves as upholders of all that is right, just and holy. This is because the act of baby slaughter (butchery) has been totally normalized for all but we few. To the millions that commit this ghastly deed and the others that champion it, baby slaughter is as normal as paring one’s fingernails.

    A long time ago, in January 1973, when Roe v. Wade became the law of the land (and eventually the whole world), I told all that would listen that failure to care for, respect, hold lovingly dear, and fiercely protect, human babies, would unerringly be the end for humankind. And so, how does anybody that is alive today expect the world to end if not the way it is doing as I write? There is only one way to slaughter a whole world, and that’s “comencet hacking and hewing.” Chemtrails are only a tiny segment of that hacking and hewing. Wars and world wars are another. And nature’s striking back (as at Fukushima and elswhere) are still another.

    I told the above in 1973 before any of the present woes of this world began to surface. To all those with whom I came in contact day by day, it was clear sailing all the way to Valhalla. However, “Valhalla” had been derailed by the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade in 1973, and they didn’t know.

    HBO ended up doing a documentary on the subject and enlisted me to tell it my way, which I gladly did. The filming went on for a couple of years, and finally began to air worldwide around the same time 9-11 came down in Manhattan, the Pentagon and other choice spots in the nation, fully 25 years after I first began speaking out on the subject of butchering helpless babies, something I saw with my inner vision that was so dire that it threatened to degrade humankind to the level of beasts of the field. I thought it appropriate that the documentary began to air very close to the 9-11 incident, demonstrating that the government has gone mad and doesn’t care who knows, also substantiating my claims that began 25 years previously.

    I have held, the entire time, since 1973, that humankind declared war against itself in 1973, in Roe vs. Wade, and that the world would not be a pretty sight much longer, and certainly an infinitely more hostile one, because if babies enjoy no refuge in humanity, then the world will turn into sh*t very rapidly. I think 25 years are pretty rapid. If the law does not respect babies, it respects nothing and nobody.

    The world of thinking people need to get it straight: if a policeman does not care that babies are being legally butchered all around him so that he/she has no way of protecting them, and couldn’t do so even if he/she wanted to, then no policeman can or will care what happens to anybody, even him/her self. That day has arrived and I am as happy as I can be that I was right. Had my apocalyptic visions, which began in 1973, not been realized in the world, I would have been forced to consider myself totally out of my mind crazy and that ordinary cause and effect was somehow null and void. That the world is coming apart at the seams is proof that I am sane and that cause and effect are not null and void.

    • the problem today is lack of imagery to put with the idea, the picture says more than 1000 words and moving picture even more. an insider vdo like in ‘earthlings’ – the use of the bio material in so many products unknown, we are insane if we follow this path. there is a hell especially for those doers of dark deeds, and many small ones end up there too, visit in meditations, look up vetarani river, ‘there is no escape from the corrosive waters… for those who employ the abortion-monger’s knife… ‘

  14. THIS is the best expose’ of chemtrails I have seen, and I have downloaded over 50, not including another over 100 HAARP articles. Good stuff, Clear, explanation barely needed and yours adds to these bizarre photos. Suitable for framing at the museum of evil.

  15. That they are chem spraying is obvious… I have had respiratory problems since they started spraying here in Brazil. Brazil doesn’t have any jet tankers in it’s air force, yet there they are in the sky above Brazil, spraying away. so where are these jets based? Who decides where and when to spray and what is their criteria for those decisions? Any names, any pictures to go with the names? Or is it just the faceless folk who cranked up globalization from one day to the next?

  16. If you look at where the most chem spraying is going on, it’s around the various HAARP locations (see map: http://www.pakalertpress.com/2012/05/29/map-of-world-haarp-facilities/). Interestingly, if you track earthquakes too, over time, you’ll see they tend to fall in/near HAARP locations, especially recently. It’s expected, when you realize the power of these HAARP facilities being beamed up and then back down to earth; and their reliance on chemtrail coverage to allow for the beams to heat up the ionosphere. I never used to believe the doomsayers about planet earth’s destruction…and now I’m just not so sure. :(

    We’ll never get anywhere trying to work through the government. I say the lawsuits have to hit Raytheon and others involved in these covert, dangerous actions.


  18. This video discusses the consequences of increasing the conductivity of our breathable atmosphere with the covert deployment of toxic aerosols containing Aluminum and Barium. — One visible feature of this deployment is the appearance of artificial “thumbprint” cloud formations as captured by observers on the ground and satellite images. — Scientist, Cliff Carnicom narrates the video with an excerpt from his documentary: “Aerosol Crimes”.

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