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“Free Flow of Information Act” Targets Independent Journalism

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James Tracy
Activist Post

The fact that the US Senate is now defining what a journalist actually is sets a dangerous precedent threatening the present marketplace of ideas that in recent history has been greatly expanded by the internet.

According to the text of an amendment sponsored by Senators Diane Feinstein and Dick Durbin to the proposed “Free Flow of Information Act” (PDF) that passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 12, only salaried journalists will be given the free press protections guaranteed to all US citizens by the Constitution.

Under such a law presumably only the news reporters and analysts employed by moderate-to-substantial revenue-generating news entities are regarded as “legitimate” journalists. This is because the Feinstein-Durbin amendment’s wording is especially vague on exactly what type of news organization the writer needs to be affiliated with to be able to comment and report freely.

The major concern with this move is twofold. First, it is fundamentally unconstitutional. The First Amendment unambiguously states that

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

If such legislation achieves passage free speech will be diminished as thousands of independent journalists conducting valid research into a variety of malfeasance and corruption by major institutions may be open to government subpoenas and legal action by those they investigate and report on. Further, such a law paves the way for Congress to formally license journalists, which is close to happening in the United Kingdom.

Secondly, this measure involves more than an oblique targeting of alternative news media and the extremely important work they do. As their coverage and analysis of incidents such as the Boston Marathon bombings and the unfolding Syrian crisis suggests, independent news websites have played significant roles in helping the public to better comprehend the underlying political dynamics and import of such events.





  1. The decrepit evil slime buckets keep attacking on all fronts. They cannot stop what is about to happen. When the dam bursts, they will all be washed away into oblivion.

    • * Definitely on my ‘Hopium’ list…or fired in Virgin rockets in the direction of the nearest black hole…or set loose to wander in the desert again, with a quart of oil per satan’s minion …for when they get thirsty.
      ……..(& I’m usually such a peaceful ol hippie-lol hahaha)

  2. * This is it!…the carefully planned chess moves have finally enacted the ‘pincer’ movement of the NWO Blitzkrieg…is undeniably closing in & slowly constricting & suffocating the last vestiges of FREE SPEECH …as the ever encroaching ‘totalitarian-tip-toe’ has dangerously morphed into the echoes of ‘jackboots-on-the-ground’ ….all done with reptilian claw- scratches on paper… from the vultures creating draconian ‘Bills’> ‘Out of Thin Air’…to put under the noses of the best congressional bottom-feeders that $$$ can buy… …pathetic.
    …Diane Feinstein …the unapologetic dual-citizen-snake head-uber-rich-bitch- ‘junk yard dog with rabies’.. in genuflective service as ‘Is-Ra-Hell’s ZIONIST WHORE!!! (with over $$$100 million stolen from taxpaying US citizens/ insider trading with her hubby) has the CHUTZPAH!… to treat us like ‘Goi-Galley-Slaves’ by cracking the whip over our backs & telling us”It’s ALL GOOD in her ‘nanny state’…what’s good for us!…what journalists to read… what to think! & by whom???…what part of ‘Corporofascistic’ dictatorial hegemony, do we not understand???……….That’s my rant & I’m sticking to it!

    • Thanks Alex. When you rant like that, saves me some time on the keyboard. :)

      Their prostitute incubator has produced the latest and greatest (die and fiend stain) iguana. Shame on her for leaving her rancid saliva on our carpet. Bottoms up bitch…we’re comin’ for ya’.

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    • Excellent rant as usual Alex. I think you should copy and paste it onto Mr. Tracy’s blog memoryholeblog.com. I get his emails regularly. He’s a controversial (wonder why, lol???) university professor in the area I’m from. Go James, Go Alex!!! Cheers ;))

    • “…Diane Feinstein …the unapologetic dual-citizen-snake head-uber-rich-bitch- ‘junk yard dog with rabies’..”

      I just love that.

      But she don’t look like no dog to me, that’s insulting to dogs. More like what I like to fry up for breakfast with my eggs. But again, that’s insulting to the beast that provides us such delicious sustenance.

  3. The “Constitution” http://www.usconstitution.net/const.pdf must be scrutinized with respect to how it was worded and written. Specific assemblages of words and use of capital lettering within these assemblages allows for manipulation regarding actual “legal” interpretation of this “rag”.
    People!! the U.S. was created for the very reason that is transpiring………elevate your thinking!!

  4. Term limits anyone? We should be thanking these scumbags. The more they stick their heads out, the easier it is to identify the ones who need to be removed from office. I propose operation clean sweep. Removal of any and all career politician and nullification of any unconstitutional law they have signed. They may have the guns but we have the numbers.

  5. You can blow out a candle, but you can’t blow out a fire. Once the flames begin to catch the wind will blow it higher…

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