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From the Desert to Wembley Arena


Henrik Larsson, Writing Contest Winner
Activist Post

When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying,
a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth
from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds  shall make the earth green again.  They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.

– Old Native American Prophecy

I’m leaving the big city jungle of Los Angeles’ sprawling freeways and skyscrapers in the rearview mirror, charting my course into the mythical American Southwest, to a place where Cowboys and Indians are more than distant memories.

It is early October. Judging by the sweltering temperature, it seems as if summer has decided to stay for a while longer. Desolate interstates and roads off the beaten track—hours and hours behind the wheel—I watch the empty landscape and catch myself thinking more than once, “Those who believe there isn’t enough room for all of us on this planet should take a trip down I40.”

Destination: Sedona, Arizona, a site nowadays sacred not only to the original inhabitants of this Turtle Island, but to people from all walks of life: from Kerouacian dharma bums to the owners of the gift shops. To the world, this particular region of the globe is known for its energy vortexes, which has resulted in a thriving community of alternative thinkers, and whoever is willing to co-exist with them.

A friend of mine, a healer and channeler, has invited me to join her for a few days of spiritual work with the local Indian Shaman. Who in their right mind says ”no” to that? So, after 487 miles of driving, I find myself on a mountain ledge, on a dream journey, catching the wind with my face as Rahelio, the Toltec shaman raises his voice above his drumming to tell us that “this is a sign that the Great Spirit is hearing our prayers.” I’m praying for Mother Earth, I am praying for all her children, I am praying that we shall awaken and embrace the truth….

The grim truth is that the fate of the American Indian is the very same fate that now awaits all of mankind—unless we wake up . . . .

Pulitzer Prize-winner Chris Hedges has pointed it out, as well as the late Lakota warrior, Russell Means, who the L.A. Times once described as the most famous American Indian since Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse: “’Indian policy’ has now been brought down upon the American people, and the American people are the new Indians of the 21st Century.” The Indians weren’t defeated on the battleground as much as through genocidal logistics—for example through the destruction of their food supply and resources.

Now, the 2.0 version of the genocidal “Snakes in Suits” are busy destroying all of mankind’s food supply, along with practically everything living on the planet: genetically modifying the fauna, implementing suicide genes into plants just to make us dependent on the establishment’s good grace. Meanwhile, we are covertly being sterilized. Lab test after lab test has proven that GMOs create near 100% third-generation infertility in test animals. Not to mention cancer…

You don’t have to be Iron Eyes Cody to cry at the sight of this unfolding worldwide environmental disaster.

I behold the sun blessing the red mountain ridges with a golden glow. A majestic vision— tainted by a sky full of chemtrails, the pollution so thick that it is even creating an artificial rainbow over this sacred land. Mother Earth is counting on us. We must face the sad truth that we have become so-called Hang-Around-the-Forts: weak and pathetic excuses for men. This is the twilight of mankind. Now is the time to wake up and accept that a new dawn is on the horizon. The time has come for us to become true Braves again, spiritual warriors of peace and light—and we must go harder in the paint than ever before, if we are to stand any chance at all.

We come from many warring tribes. Realize, however, that regardless of the path that we have taken to reach this point—whether we are Christian, Muslim, Jew, Pagan, Atheist—we still have more in common with each other than we do with the demons in human shape who are both overtly and covertly pitting us against each other. The way to defeat this energetic, parasitical vermin is simple, a home-remedy, even. We have to begin considering each other as allies, as brothers and sisters, or we shall surely all perish.

“So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life.”

Those words came from Chief Tecumseh, who valiantly united the tribes when faced with the very same brutal enemy by which humanity is still, and increasingly so, under attack.

No matter how courageously the American Indians fought, though, they ultimately stood no chance. They were outnumbered and their desperate pleas were drowned by the savage propaganda of the tyrannical elite. Unlike the American Indian, we Braves of the 21st Century fortunately do have the resources to win this spiritual war. And in a world of absolute bullshit, there is nothing braver than speaking the truth. The battlefields of today are therefore the various informational fields. This is where our war cry must reverberate. The pen is mightier than the sword—now more than ever. Now, the battle is not as much for land or even resources as it is for the hearts of the sheep—the majority of the population that is still under deep mind control; yes, those who still have faith in the establishment, or who will even vote for the perceived “lesser of two evils” knowing full well that the fix is in.

Those are the thoughts that stream through my consciousness as I sit in Shaman’s Cave. In a place like this, it isn’t difficult to reach within the depths of your soul and come out of the experience with newfound determination . . . .

About a month later I am soaring above the same sepia-toned landscape. I’m flying across a continent and an ocean for an 11-hour lecture about what in the world is really going on. Who in their right mind wouldn’t do that if the opportunity presented itself? Truth is an adventure. I didn’t expect to be making this journey. That is, not until my friend Carissa, the healer and medium, told me during a channeling session that I would be going to London. That was actually also the very first time we met. The next day, I was informed that I had won tickets to go see David Icke speak at Wembley Arena—a man who will, one day, whether he likes it or not, will be considered a prophet. For now, he will have to settle for the title of “Conspiracy Theorist.” However, Icke is no longer alone in the desert. Thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life have come for this epic event: to remember who they are.

To me it seems, however, that these people already know it perfectly well. Still, this epic gathering serves as a great confirmation, and also to a certain extent as a consolation, to see that we are not by ourselves in this fight against Goliath. More so, one cannot help but reaffirm one’s true life purpose, as the gut-wrenching facts are presented in minute detail, hour after hour . . . We are indeed in a world of trouble, people caught in the crosshairs, and we must now act decisively. However, the evidence about what mankind is up against should not be feared. Instead, we should embrace the truth, whatever it is, and find inspiration in it. We must allow it to serve as a point of definition of who we are.

Unlike the New World Order, Globalist, Satanist, Illuminati elite, we are 528—the frequency of love and creation—in temporary physical form. Know that ultimately this world is our experience, and the choice of what we would like to experience is ours. This is why we need to wise up—indeed, wake up from the grand manipulation that robs us of our innate magical powers. War and oppression are not what mankind wants; rather, they are what the “Snakes in Suits” impose on us. It is time that we reclaim our power and end these things. We do this by ”practical spirituality,” which can be defined as simply as treating others as we would like to be treated. That is how we will ascend from the abyss that mankind is currently slipping into—a dungeon on a Prison Planet ruled by genuine sadists.

David Rothkopf, a former managing director for Kissinger Associates has estimated that the so-called “Superclass” who run the world consists of about 6,000 people who have “the ability to regularly influence the lives of millions of people in multiple countries worldwide” and whose allegiance is to each other, rather than to any particular country. In other words, these are the executives of the Illuminati, the top of the tyrannical pyramid, which is behind the wars and pollution, as well as about every other injustice found on this planet. As ludicrous as that may sound to a Zombie, it is a fact.

With this in mind, it is therefore not only a powerful manifestation, but also a truly symbolic one when 5,000 people from around the world join to make such a visible show of rejecting the nefarious intentions of the (usually inbred) psychopaths who for so long have indoctrinated humanity into accepting an imprisoning existence within a nightmarish matrix, controlled by the perverted elite. The good news is that humanity still outnumbers them by millions upon millions. Thus, we must steadfastly continue waking up our fellow brothers and sisters until we reach the numbers whereby we can manifest change in our collective reality. It is a numbers game and, in fact, critical mass will be reached very soon, judging by how desperate the “Snakes in Suits” are becoming. Their lies are turning ever more outrageous, and their means increasingly brutal. This is also precisely why we cannot settle for the lesser of evils. Evil is evil, folks! You cannot compromise with it.

Instead, we must remain peaceful and simply bow out gracefully while we diligently keep spreading the truth. This is the only way humanity is going to triumph. We can do it—and we are on our way. In fact, 5,000 people form only a tiny drop of the transformative sea of human consciousness that is currently sweeping across the planet . . . .

Earlier this year I found myself in Sweden, traditionally a country with probably the most docile and conformist people on Earth. Even there, however, I overheard several random people discussing 9/11, as well as the deliberate destruction of the world economy, in “conspiracy terms.” “The water hollows out the stone,” a guy confessed in response to my amazement at this phenomenon. This is also precisely why the Internet absolutely must remain unregulated by the corrupt technocracy, as well as why freedom of speech must be respected and protected at all cost. In the United States, the right to speak your mind is enshrined in the Constitution, the very Law of the Land. Thus, it is of providence that the Founding Fathers who fought against the Central Bankers—who we are also ultimately up against—found inspiration in the Indians’ system of governance. To stand up and defend the Constitution, against all enemies both foreign and domestic, is therefore not only our legal right, but also a true homage to the legacy of the American Indian. It should serve as the rallying point for us all, regardless of nationality.

”We are indeed the Warriors of the Rainbow Tribe,” I reflect as I join the thousands of people who are singing “Creator Hear Me / We Are One / To All My Relations” along with Red Buffalo Heart—a beautiful and inspiring moment, that carries me back to Shaman’s Cave. My fellow Braves are praying for peace and love, and once again the wind finds us. This time it is steadily increasing in strength…




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    • And we Braves of the 21st Century are steadily increasing in strength and numbers. I am a Warrior of the Rainbow. Thank you Henrik

  1. very inspiring, thanks for sharing your experience. i have been a fan of David Icke for many years, and its great to see so many people waking up …:)

  2. Beautifully written, my Friend! All tribes must band together to complete the Sacred Hoop. I believe we are about to see it! I think “they” know it too!!!

    Peace, Protection, and Courage, Everyone!!!!


    Sean (Eaglehart)

  3. As a Native American I can assure you that
    embracing of all all religions IS NOT part of our
    traditional teachings, our way of being, our
    cosmology and it will NOT assist people
    in the least in the healing of the planet. I
    reject the most of the premise of this
    writer. He is seriously misguided and is
    NOT helping heal our mother at all, nor
    is he awoken. This is NOT the time to embrace
    anything that is divisive especially divisive
    religions. This will be the downfall. These entities
    were not created by the creator, nor are they
    run by the sacred. ALL religions are run and ruled
    by evil, ALL of them, there is no exception.
    Further, we do NOT support overpopulation.

    • Hooray for you, true Brave for telling it like it is. The crimes perpetrated in the name of religion cannot even be counted. WE must never confuse religion and doctrine with spirituality.
      That said, David Icke would have found more favor with me if he had (1) done his homework and (2) not spent 10.5 of his 11 hours on disaster scenarios with just a bit of suggested solutions at the end.

  4. I had wondered whether the adversary was a small number (compared to 7 billion humans) of around 10,000. I have several “banish evil” prayers including the 91st psalm that include a phrase like “tho’ 10,000 shall come upon me, they shall stumble & fall”. If they are really such a small number, what are we waiting for?

  5. I have to disagree a little with Chris the American Indian who made comment here…Yes, organized religion is evil but as Henrik said, maybe in a quote in the post, it is important to respect the views of others. Hopefully, soon enough we will realize that it does not matter what our religious beliefs are or were…the only thing that matters is what is in our heart and what is at the center of our heart is the same among all people who look within. It is our own pure spirit that does not seperate anyone…it always seek to unite. Reptoids have great difficulty with knowing thier own heart! For them it is all about greed and mind, so they are imbalanced and will not prevail. So, really, when it comes down to it, it is following our own heart that will keep us fearless, strong, alive, and a long living prevailing force. Religion is just a phase and it is man made. Heather Ellsworth

  6. Oh, and BTW, Henrik, I loved your post…it is beautiful! Heather
    I am half Swede and half Norwegian myself…we are blending so one day nationality may not make a difference…

  7. I note that the charming and prizewinning Henrik neatly shoehorns “jews” in with all the other religions…”We are all the same! Look within!”
    Look without, Henrik. Specifically, look at what the Talmud, the true source of jewish inspiration, says. Jews are not followers of the Abrahamic religion. They speak of those who know and understand Torah ( Moses’ five books ) as “Blockheads”. They despise and abhor the Karaite sect of judaism, which adheres foursquare to the Torah. For them, true wisdom is found with their rabbis; in the Traditions of the Elders which Christ condemned, as it made and makes the commandments of God of no effect. The Mishnah and Gemara are regarded as “wine, and spiced wine” compared with the “water” of God’s Word, the Torah. Examples of the wisdom of the Talmud are found in such immortal precepts as “The excrement of a white dog is efficacious for healing”, and “Once, fish were able to draw wagons”. Its blasphemy is recorded in its insistence that, because of His own alleged blasphemy, the Lord Jesus Christ is presently boiling in excrement, for daring not only to confront, but also to repeatedly humiliate, these same rabbis. Thus, they “went about to kill Him”.
    His mother is regarded by them as a “hairdresser”, which is their code for a whore, who consorted with carpenters. The Lord Himself is regarded as a sorcerer, despite His refutation of this in His reference to a kingdom divided against itself not being able to stand, to which they had no answer at the time.
    You, Henrik, as a “goy”, are regarded by them as an “Insect, cattle at best ( the meaning of goy ), human excrement”, or at best, as a “useful idiot”. This is part of a speech given to the adoring masses in the Knesset by the arch-terrorist Menachem Begin, in 1982. The speech began “Our race is the Master Race…goyim will lick our feet and serve us as slaves”. Where have we heard these ideas before? Oh, I know, from that most evil of men, Adolf Hitler, who dared to confront the power of satan on this earth, the aptly-named Synagogue of Satan, head-on. And where do we see this philosophy being rigorously applied today? Oh, I know…
    These creatures do not consider the goyim to be human, as Menachem’s speech indicates. In their orthodoxy, you have no “nephesh”; this is the Divine Spark which the rabbis teach is only possessed by the jews. Incidentally, the latest DNA research indicates forcefully that the people who infest the land of Israel today have no kinship with those who were originally and temporarily chosen by God as His people; instead, their DNA marks them out as Askenazim; ie descendants not of Sem, but of Japheth. They originate not from the holy land, but from Khazaria, in the Caucasus region.The Bible tells us the same truth; Askenaz was the grandson of Japheth. Genesis ch 10. This therefore entirely fraudulent group of people, in their manifestation as the Cheka, is responsible for the brutal murder and torture of 50 million Russian Christians, and the starvation to death of 10 million more in the Ukraine in 1932. Their favoured method of extermination of “Amalek” is always chosen so as to cost them as little as possible; as we read, “The love of money is the root of all evil”.
    In conclusion, then, your time spent sitting in caves at the feet of consorters with familiar spirits, and flying above the wastes of the SW USA, and sitting open-mouthed at the feet of D. Icke esq, would clearly have been better spent at home, sitting in front of your computer, prising apart the real history of the world, rather than this sugar-coated confection which you have foolishly decided is the truth.
    For more on these people, I refer you , inter alia, to “Judaism Discovered” by Michael Hoffman; and for a more entertaining albeit sobering analysis, the website RealJewNews, by a converted jew, Brother Nathanael.
    Time to truly wake up, Henrik. At present, you are merely exchanging one dream for another.

  8. ah, That Heart of ours!…..is here again. I bet there are millions of people wondering their brains off what the hell that “Heart” is . Just say as it is :
    “Your CONSCIENCE “!…
    Conscience with empathy for other Living Beings = Nature, (other) Animals, Plants ,Environment is what is meant with “Heart”

    Just because Man does not like to be reminded of the fact that is it ALWAYS a question of his/her actions which either go with Life or against it!….. the Conscience always telling wich way it is…. well….. stating the obviouse here, am I?!?…. 😉

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