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From Whence These Orwellian Fascist Balls?


by Zen Gardner

When was freedom rung out? And how much did we ever really have? Apparently freedom and the loss or gain of it is incremental, and it’s clearly on the wane in the western world.

The rise of the thug mentality in authorities is more evident by the day. Even mainstream journalists are thrown around now, while alternative reporters are readily hit, arrested and have their phones and cameras confiscated. This would have been unheard of not that long ago and made immediate headlines. Today it’s rarely covered by the mainstream press and gets more surreal by the day as the PTBs endeavor to enforce anything they can think of just to strut their arrogant thuggery.


So Where Does This Come From?

How can they feel such freedom to perpetrate such inhuman behavior on others? We know many have been prone to this and tempted beyond their capabilities in the so-called law enforcement realm, never mind the dehumanizing military. Some relish inflicting harm and exercising draconian control over others.

But it wasn’t a full on plague like it is today.

Who gave the signal that it’s OK now? Is it the fascist government crackdown, complicit media and/or the climate of fear? Does law enforcement have people going around literally teaching this state of state-mind? Who’s been pushing this crap?

There’s a litany of “consultant” agencies, government and private, in on this program, all steered by the same old manipulators. Just as the deliberately dumbing down educational system was hatched out of illuminist bankster funded institutes and foundations and spread via a complicit government, so is this increase in fascist law making and militaristic enforcement. In fact, you’ll find the same old suspects here as well, including not just the CIA, FBI and Blackwater types, but the ever-present Israeli police, IDF and Mossad.

Nice government that would sic these bastards on its people.  Ironically, the cold blooded Israeli killers are considered the “high end” of police consultancy. How’s that for Orwellian?

To see an example of how deep this indoctrination goes and what a reversal of principles this current coup is exercising, watch as a government FEMA rep teaches local police that the founding fathers were terrorists, as are Christians and whomever else they want to finger:

Other Factors

Momentum has a huge effect on societal changes. When the authorities “pull out the stops” and let the police presence, surveillance and violence escalate without hindrance or retribution, which in effect becomes government endorsement, things really begin to pick up. We’re now witnessing daily incidents of child snatching by so called health and human services, abuse and arrests of innocent civilians for non-offenses, and the continued increased censorship of anyone trying to bring these events to public attention.

It’s really a mob mentality amongst these goaded enforcers. It’s come to light several times that police put quotas on their officers that have to be fulfilled, inevitably resulting in false arrests and violence to citizens. But I venture to say it goes way deeper than that as we saw recently in the Boston home invasions.

Now these goons just need to watch the news or the behavior and thuggish brutality of our central government to get the all clear signal to whatever the hell they want.


Jokers are wild.

Not a nice place to be, when the PTBs give their unconditional imprimatur to their enforcers and military allowing them to do anything they want. When drones strikes killing thousands of innocent civilians don’t even make news, and renegades supported, armed and backed by the US trash foreign lands, preparing the way for constant new U.S. and NATO invasions without a whimper of concern, there will no doubt be a cauterized mass mind, as is the state of brainwashed Americans.

Laws mean nothing in such an environment, especially when they’ve all been nullified by full spectrum Oligarchical decrees known as executive orders. The wild card that trumps civil liberty. And the Obaminator relishes any chance he can to sign whatever new decree the true rulers shove under his puppeteered arm.

Watch Your Step But Never Fear

It’s pretty much a done deal in the US, sad to say. The rest will have to play out, it’s way too far down the road to get turned around any time soon. Violent uprisings will only make things far worse in this rat trap climate they’ve created. In fact, as they have shown with all the false flags lately, they’re well capable of staging anything they want such faking or provoking a violent outbreak, which they’ll no doubt do if it doesn’t happen naturally. All of what we’ve seen so far is warm up drills compared to what’s coming.

Stay alert and keep your vibes high so as not to be dragged down by their ugliness and fear trips.

We are eternal and infinite. Revel in it, and keep your lights burning brightly!

Love, Zen


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  1. Right on again Zen. Even some of the sleep walkers are beginning to realize something “ain’t right”. Too many eyes staring into their fishbowl and too much month at the end of the money.

    The madmen media slinging shit against the wall to see what sticks while promoting confusion under the guise of keeping them informed.

    People being slowly pushed through a series of micron screens to determine levels of false intellect and socieo-economic disposition. Their bloomers around their ankles while they are being spanked towards the gas chambers. The penguin walk.

    And yet, light is coming to the eyes of so many. In some cases their curiosity exceeded their beliefs and moved them to ask the bigger questions, which is why this site is so important. I can always flip out the Zen blade when they inquire….I just send them here.

    Thanks Zen for being here.

  2. when two days ago a pile of wood was topped with a cross and a “female” puppy bound to it on a meadow of the village, i was shocked and outraged for this pile was going to be burned in the night of 30th of april, the night before beltane. it was the first time i recognized this barbaric tradition concerning the burning of that kind of puppy. afterwards i was told it to be in lots of villages like this.
    germany 2013. the people are full of crap shoveled into the dark and ugly rooms of their unconsciousness.
    it is waiting there to break loose. they look fancy and seem clever with their hiheels, the smartphones, the cars and the bachelor´s titel at their wall but basically they are medieval in consciousness.
    what can you expect with human nature crippled to the core?
    get out of their way.
    run for the hills

  3. I will agree 110 % Zenster well done on your write as all ways
    .. My thought on a Micro TPB will fuel civil unrest and this is where i cant stress enough to be on your toes and have Nads or run to the hills . Its so for the evil ones to choke out each community but pulling back the hands of social reliance . I all ways use Detroit just because it is under such Austerity Dictatorship ,governor, Rick Snyder, has just ousted the Mayor and City Council of Detroit, replacing them with a single outside overseer who will combine both executive and legislative functions to enforce austerity. March 25, 2013. He is expected to begin voiding labor contracts, imposing unilateral sacrifices on city workers, autocratically cutting the Detroit city budget, selling off city assets to Governor Snyder’s cronies and backers at bargain basement prices, and privatizing or simply terminating city services. Now ask your self if you were a law officer would you being giving it your all Knowing this is going to effect you too ?During 2012, the city utility agency for water and sewage borrowed money to pay off $300 million in toxic derivative swaps on which it wanted to cut its losses. This came at the same time that Mayor Bing and the Detroit Water Board (sic) announced a plan to cut 81% of city workers Welcome to the start of the end .

    • Peek “Welcome to the start of the end”…yr next vid? You’d slam dunk it with your elbows!
      Detroit truly is a model of the dystopian “ultimate” solution – no doubt a testing ground for what oppressed, depressed people will take. They run these tests all the time on soooo many levels. Damn.

      • Peek and Zen, can you paint a picture for me of the end, the dystopian “ultimate” solution? Where did all the people of Detroit go? I remember your vid on this Peek but as one who is fairly new to this horror I am frankly scared. I can be a slow learner but my instincts tell me I’m in a physical locality that will soon be one of those uninhabitable hinterlands of fear and starvation. I’m planning on moving but not out of country as yet. Not so easy for some of us. There’s a local NRA group who bragged about their training by the Mossad (they are so proud of the fact) but deny, deny, deny that there’s any possibility of martial law, (what NDAA?), I call them out on it but all they say is we go by NRA or Heritage Foundation yet they’re offering expensive classes on Urban Survival (hypocritical bastards). Btw, they have mucho dinero, no problem for them to get the hell out of here (this long ass peninsula)

        • well my thoughts 222 the wiil let civil unrest happen for as long as it can maybe even civil war They love that . they laugh and fuel it all ways have Look at Syria , Egypt the list goes on The whole Arab spring was a civil unrest fueled by all the tipple suspects, There will be no law and if it is they wont be something you want Then after that they move in a new controlling government I think I the us because there so many firearms they will starve it out as long as they can Using homer land as the new law in town , food will be next to nil and defense from desperate dum asses would be your mail concern, right now in Detroit the police station shuts down at 4 pm Nice eh ? highest murder rate in the U S call a cop hahaha 6 days latter and I am not making that up ,, and for any one that wants to talk smack about Fear Porn or Greed try living there before you swing your gate ..If you cant move then stand strong . As chua said to me once why run when you will die tired and broke stay where you know people that you can trust and love you .((( hugs ))) 222

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Zen! Much appreciated. Is there ANY place on our magnificent planet, that one can still enjoy peace and liberty that you are aware of? Please let me know, Much Love…

    • It’s a spiritual place, and that’s our refuge. Physically we can be practical and not live in obviously hostile environments like the US. Let the unwary go down with that ship as they hit the harsh wake up. We tried for years to tell them but they wouldn’t listen. Why suffer for their wickedness? Unless someone’s called there for some reason I’d say get the hell out if you can, or to safer higher ground somewhere. Peace comes from following consciousness, as you know.

  5. * One of the slogans for the disarming of law abiding U.S. citizens & the spurious rationale for the TPTB attempts thru attrition of constantly chipping away & eroding the 2nd amendment… is that >”Assault Weapons’ have no business on the streets of’ “Mom & Apple Pie America” …..then look at the photo @ the top of the page, of the ‘Men in Black’ swarming all over their shiny new war machines (like flies on s…!)…’On!!!’ the streets of America….another picture comes to mind.
    …ie: “Cognitive Dissonance”(definition)…’the state of holding & chewing on> two (2) contradictory beliefs…while believing ‘Both’ to be true.’…welcome to the dark sorcery of the slavemaster elite’s favorite & most oft inflicted psychological weapon, for the ‘invisible’ control of the ‘mob’>…the Hegelian Dialect.

  6. When have we ever really been” free” ? Freedom is a term defined by those who wish to remove our” freedoms” “from us, to give us the illusion that we have this thing we hold most precious in the first place.If I am free to say vote,which I am told was a “freedom” given to me to allow me to express my self then why am I liable to be fined and imprisoned if I don’t vote ??? so where is my freedom there? Every thing we see happening in our world now is to make us comply which will make us more malleable , docile and too afraid to question. We think we are “free” because we can still function in our consumer oriented gilded cage universe. So every thing must be ok if we can still buy a house, a car or that must have designer bauble. We allow this to happen to us because we are afraid ,that if we look to closely, we will see no matter who we are or where we live, our government and those shadowy “others” do not love us but seeks to destroy and control us, and so all the thing’s we hold most precious , and all our carefully constructed belief systems are worthless. The truth is this, no matter how we are broken.bloodied or imprisoned we are free. Inside this” thing” we call mind is a sacred and holy place, This place is your consciousness beyond anything that would seek to harm it , it is eternal and infinite, beyond all imagining, the real you. This is the elusive truth all the great religions, philosophers and sages have spoken of and have been searching for.We are at a crossroad both spiritual and temporal , choices have to be made, Now is the time to realize these truths find our divinity within and you are truly free always.

    • You are right Kitty! Funny, I have had that nickname for years, and here you are as a mirror. I see a lot of angst, and anxiety. Not just with people here, but a real, tangible earthquake of people everywhere agitated, irritated, uncomfortable, enraged, spiting. Perhaps it is Media’s infleunces or just a collective unrest, but people everywhere feel a storm coming and are responding.

      You are so right. We are sacred, and perfectly loved and perfectly perfect and perfectly FREE. We just forgot. Maybe that was part of the contract we made before coming here…just to jump in with no recollection.
      It’s coming. Whatever IT is. They want us to be afraid. We all feel it nipping at our resolve for calm. My solution is to go work in the garden, play glow stick dance party with my kids, and bake a special treat for someone who is under the weather. Don’t be afraid…please! It will be alright.

  7. y’know what? we’re winning the “hearts and minds” theater.

    i think enough people were angered to action by the audacity of the sandy hook massacre that their bullshit smoke-and-mirrors act CANNOT go unchallenged. even the commercial media is starting to catch up.

    we’re winning, so keep up the questioning and the excellent blogging.

    till the wheels come off…

  8. Hey Carla , a kindred spirit,!!! Yes it is part of the contract. This falling away from our perfection was always part of the plan. We have forgotten who and what we are. We asked for this separation and duality because this is how we learn and the universe, god ,creator , learn’s through us, so all is in hand. No fear, except the fear we choose to accept . Every thing that is happening is put in place for us to take part vicariously so we become part of it by just observing and by observation we make it real .I have stopped worrying .I ,like you have no fear, I “love the enemy” what ever or whom ever it may be for they become our greatest teacher’s and I learn more about my inner true self through the suffering they may bring. Like you I love my family, my home, my garden, my neighbour. I tend to the inner garden of my mind in the hope I may be able to love my fellow man without condition. You are so right don’t be afraid and yes it will be all right .This too will pass and we will be able to be who we are again free perfect and part of the divine xxx

  9. Fascism 1835 should have flagged some attention although Sinclair Lewis was not born in 1835. perhaps you mean 1935?

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