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All Fukushima Waste to be Dumped into the Ocean?

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Yup … They’re Going to Dump It

Tepco is planning on dumping all of the radioactive water stored at Fukushima into the ocean.

The industry-controlled nuclear regulators are pushing for dumping the radiation, as well.

As EneNews reports:

Juan Carlos Lentijo, head of IAEA’s mission to Fukushima Daiichi, Dec. 4, 2013: “Controlled discharge is a regular practice in all the nuclear facilities in the world. And what we are trying to say here is to consider this as one of the options to contribute to a good balance of risks and to stabilize the facility for the long term.”

Shunichi Tanaka, chairman of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority, Dec. 4, 2013: “You cannot keep storing the water forever. We have to make choice comparing all risks involved.”

Xinhua, Dec. 4, 2013: Lentijo said that TEPCO should weigh the possible damaging effects of discharging toxic water against the total risks involved in the overall decommissioning work process. [...] Tanaka highlighted the fact that while highly radioactive water could be decontaminated in around seven years, the amount of water containing tritium will keep rising, topping 700,000 tons in two years. [...] nuclear experts have repeatedly pointed out that [tritium] is still a significant radiation hazard when inhaled, ingested via food or water, or absorbed through the skin. [...] fisherman, industries and fisheries bodies in the Fukushima area and beyond in Japan’s northeast, have collectively baulked at the idea of releasing toxic water into the sea [...] TEPCO will be duty-bound to submit assessments of the safety and environmental impact [...]

NHK, Dec. 4, 2013: IAEA team leader Juan Carlos Lentijo [...] said it is necessary and indispensable to assess the impact the tritium discharge might have on human health and the environment, and to get government approval as well as consent from concerned people.

Japan Times, Dec. 4, 2013: “Of course . . . public acceptance for this purpose is necessary,” said Lentijo, adding strict monitoring of the impact of the discharge would also be essential.

AFP, Dec. 4, 2013: [L]ocal fishermen, neighbouring countries and environmental groups all oppose the idea.

See also: Gundersen: They want to dump all Fukushima’s radioactive water in Pacific — Tepco: It will be diluted, then released — Professor suggests pumping it out in deep ocean (VIDEOS)

In the real world, there is no safe level of radiation.

And there are alternatives.

Dr. Arjun Makhijani  – a recognized expert on nuclear power, who has testified  before Congress, served as an expert witness in Nuclear Regulatory Commission proceedings, and been interviewed by many of the largest news organizations – told PBS in March:

We actually sent a proposal to Japan two years ago, some colleagues of mine and I, saying you should park a supertanker or a large tanker offshore, and put the water in it, and send it off someplace else so that the water treatment and the water management is not such a huge, constant issue. But [the Japanese declined].

Tepco – with no financial incentive to actually fix things – has been insanely irresponsible and has only been pretending to contain Fukushima. And see this.

Unfortunately, Japan has devolved into crony capitalism … and even tyranny.





  1. Fukushima

    I read this today. Go for it you can take the time.

    I think that the whole outcome, as to what will be the ultimate end, is we will look like the planet Mars. Just a red dusty abandoned planet.

    And what are these cretins going to do with everything they’ve taken regarding resources (we the human race are a resource) on this planet?

    Fight amongst themselves? I doubt it…………….

    We don’t confront anyone face to face any more. We sit at our computers, our cell phones and text, email, type blogs and blah blah blah, just trying to get the messages out.

    The basic thought is, we don’t get off our asses anymore.

    So as I sit at my computer on my big fat ass, I ask what are we really going to do about changing the reality we think we see.

    • Sit. Just meditate while you’re sitting ;-). Guidance on what to “do” will naturally follow.

      When I face the facts of all the kinds of pollution in ourselves and planet home, I feel pain, truly. It’s not about changing the world, it’s about changing mySelf. If everyone does this THEN the world changes-and I’m not just talking about the physical world or just this “life timeline”. Sounds trite, hey…and maybe not the fix that seems to be needed, atm, when we’re on the brink of exterminating ourselves.

      Onward! It’s the only way to go :-)

      • I was having a bitchy moment. You must be a little younger than me. The initials atm you used means, at the moment? Just a guess.

        The alphabet initials in place of spelling it out just floor me.

        Time is speeding up. So what is that all about. I feel it everyday. Even sleeping, when I wake up, I can’t believe some mornings that 7 hours has gone by.

        Do you dream?

        • Perhaps you should focus more on the substance of Mea’s post rather than fretting over the manner in which the message was delivered, hmm? Smile. You’ll live longer. :)

        • Pam m’dear, ur gonna luv this post, then. Lotsa grammar bitties for u 2 decipher :-D. J/k.

          I primarily use my mobile to write here, I text speak sometimes instead of write the whole thing out. Atm, I feel that’s small potatoes. I’m 41 years of earth age. Lol! However, as we all know age is just a number ;-)

          I dream regularly. I also interpret them for myself and whoever asks me to help them understand their dreams. I love that our minds and environment give us such great opportunities for looking in the mirror.

          When your body sleeps, your consciousness explores, interacts with other consciousness, heals, teaches, learns, etc. I went thru a similar stage and I’m sure I will again. During this time, I didn’t remember my dreams at all which was VERY disconcerting to me cuz that had never happened before. But it’s just growth and that’s usually how it seems to go, not knowing which way is up for a little while.

          Time is not real. But the feeling of “time speeding up” is. Our relationship with our planet and the cosmos is so integral to our growth together as a whole system of being. The urgency you’re feeling is THAT speaking to you. Meditation refines the way in which you can listen.

          • I hear you. I don’t remember all my dreams but I have been a dreamer all my life. As I think about dreaming from youth to now, I’ve had some interesting dreams with I could put into chapters.

            Thanks for the interaction. Will bump into you again along the way.

      • Peak – you and Pam are so funny! Thank you both for giving me laughs! Things are so serious but your funnies always lightened this darkened road!

    • Hatrick Penry introduced some amazing angles to understanding Fukushima that were revealed in the much redacted FOIA documents. Coverup is all over the NRC conversations about the severity of the event and whether to alert the public about the plume. One of the most amazing disclosures is of the government-nuclear industry exercise in Warshington occurring on March 10 and 11 running a scenario of an earthquake caused nuclear catastrophe. Again, government seemed in its FOIA comments to not want news of this exercise widely known.
      Leuren Moret took the lead in exploring the HAARP coincidence angle which naturally presents itself, although I have heard this point resulted in a split with Rense. I must agree with Hatrick Penry who does not believe in ‘coincidence theory’. Many of us saw the aurora videos taken over Japan around 3/11. Is it a coincidence that a government exercise seems to always be a part of modern staged events that catalyze chaos? If it is a coincidence, then how does one explain the MIT data of atmospheric heating over Tohoku preceding the quake-


      And how does one explain the coincidence of predictive programming in a movie here-


      A good article on Leuren Moret’s theory is here-


      As for Hatrick Penry’s debate whether SFP4 burned or whether Tepco is right that the pool never even boiled (very hard to believe for me), I am OK remaining agnostic until the issue is clearer. Certainly Tepco is making a big show of it at the site with their Hitachi GE crane providing a lift to their story that they are in control of nuclear energy, never mind the dose rates in Fukushima prefecture and the ocean dumping. Tepco has apparently hired a flak to promote their operation, who previously ‘served’ in the official coverup of TMI.

      If you are not down with us in the rabbit hole yet….and live near these hellish contraptions called NPPs,…all I can say is good luck to yas and god bless.

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