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Fun with Reptoids


by Zen Gardner

They come in all shapes and sizes.  They have many disguises, but love places of power and position, and especially anything to do with money and any type of energy.

They also love the military as that’s their main play thing, along with science and advancements in eugenics, since death and destruction are such a thrill to their bloodthirsty species.

You can spot them several ways. Here are 10 ways to get you started.

Gotta warn you, they’re a very strange lot. And they’re preying on humanity.

1. They’re Often from Elite Bloodlines, and are Known to Stalk Their Prey.


The Raptor look. Renowned degenerate Prince (of Darkness) Philip circling and sizing up a competitive species with Queen Lizardbreath eyeballing a tasty morsel.

Ah, the royal bloodlines, taking them back to such bloodsucking illuminaries as Vlad the Impaler, the true blood-lusting vampire behind the Count Dracula story.

2. Their Smiles Don’t Work


Dick Cheney in one of his better photos….still doesn’t work. No wonder with hate and destruction in your eyes.

Panetta And Dempsey Hold Media Briefing At The Pentagon

Stoogetary of War Leon Panetta. A laugh?…or is that little snaky tongue about to snatch a fly….;;

3. Their Affiliations With Extremist Militant Societies


…and Freemasonry, Zionism, the Trilateral Commission, Committee of 300, etc. etc.

They also like foundations, think tanks, Universities, government and non-government agencies to hide and play their perfidy, like their eugenics programs.

4. They Like To Be Worshipped Religious Leaders

Pope Benedict the Evil. Serious disconnect here…


Typical American Freemasonic stooge job…one of the worst frauds, so-called evangelist Robert Schuller.

5. They’re A Psychopath


Tony’s “dark and denser vibration” seemed to have the better of him since early on.


This is before he perfected the smiley face cover-up characterized below:




Nasty duo who wreaked havoc worldwide. Psychos in power. There are many. Nice look from Georgey there, eh? Such caring “leaders”.

6. They Just Plain Look Like Reptoids


John D. Reckefeller


Larry “the cockroach” Silverstein – Zionist 9/11 blood profiteer.  Just happened to not show up for his usual breakfast at the top of the towers that fateful day, and made billions on his double insurance policy he just happened to take out a few months earlier when he took over the place. But who’s looking.


J. Paul Getty – dirty billions, dirty life.

Zbigniew Brzezinski…classic Reptoid predator. Cold blooded killer and eugenicist.

7. They Periodically Display Black or Slit Eyes


Hillary. Black out under way..


Ehud Barak – Isreali War minister and alleged 9/11 co-conspirator — emanates darkness.


Speaks for itself. The Bushmaster snake is the longest of the deadly pit vipers. How fitting.

…which fits nicely into this characterization….

8. They Like to Break People and Things


Netanyahu. Bad to the bone. These reptoids are incapable of empathy. Driven by very dark forces.

We might as well throw in the whole reptilian driven City of London while we’re at it.

9. They Scheme A LOT – Reptoids Are A Very Sneaky Species…

Lenin and Stalin

Lenin and Stalin plan the Russian takeover, social destruction and mass genocide. But it wasn’t a conspiracy, remember.

Just think of all the tyrants and despots and the world’s sordid history of unimaginable atrocities and massive pogroms. These were engineered by this breed.

10. They’re A Satanic Rothschild


The lovely “Baroness” Philippine W.P. de Rothschild sporting her satanic jewelry and loving eyes…wink wink…


Another Baroness, Marie Helene de Rothschild, doing some occult entertaining.


Current head cheese “Lord” Jacob Rothschild in front of humble Waddesdon Manor, one of many. Sick all by itself.  They like to live in big, spooky castles and vast estates with secret tunnels and stuff to do their evil reptoid rituals, very important.

Their fixation on controlling and living off of our energy is the problem on our planet and it must be stopped.

It will backfire. But not without our help. Each of us must do our part to expose and confront these bastards and not participate in any of their schemes.

Feel free to laugh at these pathetic entitles, knowing they’re slaves to their own overlords of darkness. They will never know the love and freedom we already have and which they can never take away from us.

Celebrate that. No fear.

Keep on keeping on.

Love,  Zen




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  1. Any idea how Larry got the name the cockroach? Reason I ask, I’ve found myself in lower 4th many times and it is crawling with roaches. Filthy, disgusting places. I firmly believe that roaches are 4d bugs were brought to 3d. They eat the damn things. UGh!! They are the only insect I am aware of that runs from light rather than being drawn to it. Great post, Zen. Thanks, sweetie.

  2. Love you back, Zen! Great piece. That picture of John D. gets me every time! What a creepy bastard! Thankfully their deceitful reign is coming to an end. Knowledge is power.

    Peace and Protection!!!!

    Sean (Eaglehart)

  3. Creepy. One question, I wonder if it is reptilian energy or just plain ghouls that take over people when they are drinking alcohol? I think many of us know people who turn into “horrors” after a few drinks and something said that makes them angry.

    • Number 10 – Baroness Philippine looks like Ursula the Sea Witch from Disney.

      It is creepy when you run into someone in person that looks like a reptile.

  4. What a wonderfull photo opt just marvelous all looking so happy until they meet there maker and sent on to there leader lucifer who will wipe those smiles completely off there faces and bring crys and tears forever

  5. Hey, you forgot Rupert Murdock and his evil wife. Pure reptoids, both of them. I hope these creatures will all get exposed very soon and very publicly!

  6. Z – you are bold, and telling it like it is, it’s not that they are unaware how evil they are…Amazing, I hope they start living in the light and loving people to save their soul. Never to late to learn to love.

    this was banned on utube so it must be good:


    Namaste to all you seekers! Hang in there, wait till Nibiru stirs things up even more! Get your camping stove ready and backpack and head for the mountains. Actually camping and looking at the stars at night is one of the best experiences a person can have…And on a full moon, the world is your heaven!

    • Very enlightening video adding to things I already knew and confirms that we are nothing more than their slaves.

  7. I notice when people like to expose what they call reptoids they always go for the politicians, not celebrities probably because of fear of being sued or just blindness. With celebrities the focus is more on MK which makes them look more like victims which some are. Politicians are easy but if you wanna get the average person’s attention they don’t care about politics, they care about the latest X factor and whose on People magazine and TMZ. So name names. The Lucas’, Speilbergs, Macfarlanes, Parker and Stones, Cruises, have fun do research. Who and why are they big time directors/producers flavor of the month when their work and fame don’t match up to their bank account and talent. Mix it up have fun with it. Somebody who isn’t already part of the choir might actually pay attention.

    • Jon they are all under mind-control, just different levels.
      The elite truly believe that they are powerful wehn in fact they are under the control of the dark. They live a fear based life and dont have the pleasure of enjoying love. They have probably been brainwashed to believe love isnt real and thats sad because love is real and beautiful. Its all there is. It is the feeling that ties us to eachother. It is God.
      I feel so blessed to have come here to experience love. I know it isnt a popular sentiment but I feel sorry for people who have had love withheld from them.

      I imagine what type of person I would have been. Just having the deep love of a loving partner has changed who I am immensely and each one of my four children have shaped me in different ways. I wasnt half the person I am today before I had these 5 people in my life.
      Even since being here, sharing love with all of you I have changed and the beauty of love is it never runs out.

      The more you give the more you get. Nothing compares to its power.

      • I totally agree with you. I’ve been among them. Hollywood has such a hold on people especially here in America. It’s a form of worship. Sad really. Media has more impact on daily living than anything as far as attention. There was a movie called They Live very interesting. If we could wake people up and show them like that things would change instantly. But people are learning and that’s good. Those that will, will. It’s all coming down though sometimes it’s harder to see from the inside but it is. Because it has to end and it will. This is not a movie and the good guys and gals do win. Peace to you and yours.

    • Blake, I checked that out the other day and loved the ideas. Its sort of a blueprint for the world we will soon be creating.

      • Amen to that. I still find it amusing that i post this on Facebook, get absolutely no response from anyone, and yet (insert ‘celebrity encounter/appearance here) gets a million likes!

        • It is sad that they arent awake yet but I take comfort in the fact that you post awakening things on your fb- to me that is where the focus should be. A few years ago not many people where aware of these issues and we are not just aware now but we have a place to put this awareness. Funny how we can use fb against them when they had intended it for controlling us. Ha!
          we are winning this right from under their noses.
          36 days to go til we inherit our mother earth!

  8. Yes, people worship celebs not politicians. Celebs are there to take attention off of the real movers & shakers. People would have a harder time entertainer the notion that the so-called pretty people might be reptilian

      • Thanks for the suggestion. I had read about Cathy a little before but not in depth. I found an article called sex, Lies and Mind Control and it was vey informative. I get how the concept works now but more importantly, I took comfort in her being able to deprogram. The power of the human spirit and love is easy to see in her story. How she could be so strong after such torture. wow- thats an inspiration. I want to fight even harder because of her and her poor daughter Kelly.

  9. Yep have you ever looked into celebrities eyes most of them are either sordidly Miserable or in plain old chronic depression and most of them have real NASTY attitudes and are filled with hate I’ve also found they actually hate their life.

  10. A world where war is viewed as normal, where human beings knowingly and willingly torture other human beings to death then lie about it, where governments terrorize their own populations, where millions are deliberately subjected to addictive legal and illegal drugs, where the food supply is degraded for profit, where radiation is purposely introduced into the environment through devices like depleted uranium, where space is viewed as the ultimate high ground for weapons deployment, where assassination is official policy, where pandemics are declared to market dangerous vaccines, where trillions are lavished on financial institutions while families are denied adequate income, where initiative is smothered by taxes and regulations, where justice is bought and sold, where the laws favor mainly the rich, where the media put people to sleep with pablum and nonsense, and where the intellectuals justify the status quo, is a world whose time is up. Extract from Richard C. Cook’s book “Jesus on a White Horse” http://www.richardccook.com

  11. Dear Zen, A reptoid revealed herself to me several years ago. It scared the crap out of me but I didn’t let on. To this day, I have asked myself…..why me? I am nobody and have no influence or power. I am still wondering.

  12. Nothing like folk lore, rumours, and “celebrity” to push this reptoid nonsense. Homo sapien, standard vintage – which might be a truth that’s harder to swallow. Their collective and all too human behaviour speaks for itself. Maybe the reptoids
    bow and pray to a scaly demon overlord who is the counterpart to the nice old man with a beard who sits upon his throne.
    NO god, NO afterlife, NO punishment, NO reward.
    Suck it up while you’re still able. It’s life’s relatively short duration which imbues its bitter/sweet quality.
    Live it and then lose it. Simples

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