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Funnel Vision – Is It Closing In On You?


by Zen Gardner

I can’t seem to escape this sensation. Everywhere I look things seem to be narrowing down to fewer options and shallower depths. I’ve known this was the agenda for some time and have seen it in action but it’s become overpowering now.

Anyone else seeing this?

It’s like someone is coloring our eyes and skies, limiting our mental options, and attempting to wipe our memories, injecting a candy-coated, simplistic kind of birthday party mentality into our “normal” conversational existence.

Something’s seriously screwy.

A very big question to ask when this sensation hits: What are we being distracted from?

Awake or Asleep – the Deadline Approaches

It’s almost like looking through a liquid kaleidoscope that’s changing reality by the turn.  What are we approaching? What is the ominous feeling I have and how do these extraneous dots connect on this new playing field?

Not only has the mass hypnosis of uninformed news and dumb-downed media killed the living spirit of the fast food generation, but any semblance of a true loving reality is being summarily eviscerated.

Don’t understand that? My point exactly.

We knew the vibrational changes would be challenging, but seeing all this up close and personal I have to admit is a bit disconcerting.

It’s time to join hands, minds and hearts.

Perceiving Reality in an Unreal Age – The Mountain Range

One way I understand this intermittent perspective confusion is the mountain range analogy.

Driving into Denver for example. From far away you can see the peaks and depth of the glorious mountain range ahead with its full length and full majesty laid before you. You clearly get the big perspective.

As you get closer the ground undulates and you see the range up and down with less perspective but still with a slowly disappearing outline of what you’re approaching.

Then you hit the foothills. You’ve arrived at the base. And that’s it.

Only way to see the peaks now is to drive in to them through the rising passes if you dare to take the lonely trek. But even then you’re higher as you go so you never get that clear, distant perspective again. You’re now part of the high scenery you once viewed from afar.

The glorious inspiration now has obstacles like narrow slippery roads, cold weather, snow slides, weird tourists, wild animals etc. And will you make it to the next gas station? Not so fun after all perhaps.

Things now surround you and come at you and you’re on the defensive somewhat and have to keep moving. You must remember the directions you got from the big perspective.

It’s Happening Now

It hits me like that. I’m the same way in this strange time we’re now experiencing.

It’s harder to get these distant intuitive sensations or insights, a lot closer shit is going on and tossing me about. Like this new chaos campaign to further demonize Muslims as radical extremists and step up the polarization and anger on both sides, as well as justify the US clampdown.

And Obummer’s  new internet exec order crap.

Damn they’re nasty.

There’s no warm up to anything, it just happens.

The warnings were before. We’re practically at duck and cover now.


Don’t be afraid, and don’t succumb to these lower vibrational attacks. It’s clearly the culling of the herd, spiritually.

They’re counting heads.

Don’t be one of them.

A warning.

Love, Zen




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  1. Sure, we’re living in challenging times – Back and forth! Up and down and struggle & strife. But, I refuse to duck and cover; I’m gonna laugh and sing and love. We have a contrived reality made up of fake food, manufactured skies and engineered emotions, but I still love what I got. I’m gonna live the green beautiful.


    Much love to all

  2. The mental confusion is by design, “they’ve” run a million computer projections out to gauge our response. “they” have a timeline that is approaching so we now have the entire kitchen sink being thrown at us and little time to try to deflect it.
    What we have, that they cannot control, is our creativity and imagination and our ability to zag when they’ve projected we’d zig. Assume another 9ii event, assume a net takedown, but stand in clarity with your mind forming “our” new reality. Their plan is lightyears more sinister than a one world order (think cern).
    they want to scare us? laugh at them. work any “inside” angle you have, stop complying, hack, hack, hack, quit their machine, tell all your friends to google a thousand times something bizarre that will confuse them (syrian halloween costumes?), throw a street party for the police department appreciation day, do a hundred things they cant calculate. Don’t be angry, don’t be fearful, don’t be violent–this is what they’ve planned for…. There aren’t many of us left with all our wits so play-on, imagine, create “our” brand of “our” order out of their chaos..xxoo

    • That is some darned good advice… Do the least thing they expect us to do! Laugh when they think we’ll cry & Love when they want us to hate…
      Can’t get much more awesome than that…

      • Thank you for that. Today was really weird for me. I looked around at my reality and I actually considered that I had been dumped onto another planet. Seriously, an entire different world than the one I had grown up on. At times it seems everyone is acting so different, judgemental, angry and distant. The politics and lizzy people are creepy beyond creepersville. It is like I landed on Devil’s world and I don’t even believe in the Devil.

        The people I have loved forever are turning into strangers. The days disappear in seconds and I would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on. Just a few years ago I laughed all the time was surrounded by freinds and loved ones, now I feel isolated and want to cry.

        So I remembered, just before reading your post, how much I know love is real and even if I have been transplanted on a strange earth look alike, I will have to learn to survive in a whole new way.

        While pondering these odd thoughts, I had to find a way through this, so I turned to my love for power and protection, it goes with me where ever in hell I am.

        It was nice to hear after going through this process to read your words and know there are some brave souls that have been transported with me, that feel as I do. Thank you for letting me rest in the arms of your words, it was an embrace I well needed at the end of this days peculiar thought process.

    • @tt : I agree. They are robotic and being controlled themselves. We need to be Mavericks and show our originality everyday and in everything we do. This will also help to show other sleeping humans that we are individual Souls that are not connected with the rest of the biological robots on this planet. Spontaneity cannot be calculated so readily.

  3. Geezzz Zen, I was only gone a couple days and come back to SEVEN new articles to read! I should be gone another couple days just to read’em…Since I started with the last one first, Let me say this…

    Quoting you ”if you dare to take the lonely trek.” That’s the fear a lot of people have and that is why they are staying behind ”appearing” totally asleep. They trust no one, they are so scared of losing what they have. It’s a huge conflict because to gain the new you gotta lose the old. A lot more people than we think are standing right in the middle and even if they know that going back means loss of self, they are still too scared to take the next step.

    We’ve gotten way too accustomed to our little comfort. It’s much easier for someone who has nothing to take the lonely trek… Lying can totally mess us up but being lied to does even more damage. I think it’s why we are somewhat outfocused.

    • True, Mich. Sad thing is they’re gonna lose those comforts real soon anyway and it’s gonna be a mess. They’re not just unprepared spiritually, they have nothing to live on due to complete dependence on the failing system. No homestead, no farm, nothing in most cases. There’s reportedly only 5 days of food in circulation at any given time due to the new on-demand marketing strategy. Used to be 6 months. Any link blows out and the whole system crashes. Great parallel for the spiritual reality they’re in as well. Sad state of affairs. People need to bear down and get ready. – Z

  4. It is a feeling of suppression that is deepening. I have noticed greater influence from the eyeballs….sleeplessness, more dreams and hallucinating. The eyeballs are the site of greatest manipulation. Solution: clean it. Use zappers to reduce viral load, use colloidal silver, use zeolite, use bentonite, use EDTA, alkalize etc. Always detoxify and nourish in times like these. It never fails.

    • Good advice Pandava! I’m doing a parasite cleanse now and we’re testing alkalinity daily to get it on track. I wish everyone used zeolite. Gave it to all my kids to get ’em started but like most people they just don’t take the radiation and heavy metal toxification from chemtrails seriously enough, even though they’re aware of what’s going on. The denial is endemic to being attached to the system. To survive in the beast you have to shut down your conscience to varying degrees. People think they can’t afford to wake up…well, it is nasty to open your eyes and find out you’ve been swimming in a cesspool with more crap being dumped in my the minute. Amazing how people can keep their eyes closed and pretend that smell is roses….there’s the matrix in a nutshell…or should I say septic tank…

      • I am doing a cleanse with cow urine, and I believe it may be the most potent medicine known to man. This can kill cancer is just days, I would assume. The Ayur-Veda talks a lot about cow urine.

        I am in India, so I can get it pretty easy. If you are in America or Europe, it might be a bit harder for you to find it.

      • I agree, Zen. Zeolite is great! I use a heaping tablespoonful twice a day in each of my green smoothies. There was a lot of spraying again over my area (bastards!!) so I’m sure every ounce is being utilized. Stay keen and healthy!
        Big Love

  5. My question is who’s messing with us?? After a long line of being messed with I have to wonder. Heres a couple examples…
    There has to be something out there pushing some buttons…way to many quiky dinks in my life, been messed with to many times, teased if you will…Just had one last month…my landlord asked me to hang and paint “8”, “6” panel doors for $500..thats an very low, low price…They know Im broke and being a landlord and just doing what they do, rip you off…I said nope…”8” days later, the rents due and an old customer calls out of the blue, haven’t heard from them in a year…guess what?? hang “8”, “6” panel doors!!! Do you know the odds of both being “8” doors!!! let alone both being “6” panel doors??? I could win the lottery with those odds!!!! The kicker is that by the time I hung the doors and got paid…I had to give it all to the landlord that was trying to cheap me in the first place…Screwed again!!!!
    And again on last Monday…6yrs ago I tried to start a swimming pool fire pump business, I live in Malibu and it tends to burn down now and then and Im with Arson Watch and thought it a good idea…I advertized, you tube… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sQMM1x_7yY , mailings, and flyers…I sold one to an old carpentry customer but that was it…Not one call, email, nothing, zip noda…So thought, ok not such a good idea and totally dropped it 6yrs ago… Monday, I was thinking to myself, why doesn’t anything I try, in my life, ever work out, like the fire pumps?? I hadn’t thought about them in years…Heres the tease…That nite I get an email from an estate manager from Santa Barbara looking for info on my pumps…I think, WOW! A break and rich folk…With in 30 mins, I sent info, dropped my original price, free delivery and laid on the sales pitch…It is impressive! Well its Friday and guess what, nothing, zip, noda…No reply. I even sent another message on Wednesday too, just to make sure they got it…still noda…See how I feel messed with, teased. This happens to me so much that Ive become numb to anything that might look a break, my 5mins of fame so to speak and just see it as another in a long line of head games by some outside force that better never let me get my hands on it!! I got a bone to pick…LOL
    Thanks Zen for all the great stuff and a place for me to rant!!

  6. Tremendous responses. Great thoughts Zen.

    We’re in the shit now! This is what we have all been waiting for. Not too much fun though (at times).

    Stay close to WHO YOU ARE! Focus – there are many people who will just not get it. Government workers and government contractors still think it’s party central. ( my brother is one of them )

    We have to be there for them. When EVERYBODY joins the party, we need to comfort them because WE will be the only ones who can. Think about it – right now we want them to validate our feelings and knowledge. They can’t! When they are scared and want us to validate their feelings and knowledge, we will be able to. That’s our task. That’s why we are here.

    Much love to everyone here

    ps – I have found great solice at this website. It’s almost like a play by play explanation.

  7. If you live in the United States, Canada, or to a lesser extent, Europe, it’s difficult to avoid “funnel vision,” I think. Much as I like your posts, the perspective here seems to be very American. The “awakening” you refer to, for instance, is an American awakening, but is old news to millions if not billions of people around the world. Those millions of people who are subjected to American military aggression don’t need to be told the American media lies, for example, and they are too busy trying to stay alive to worry about global shifts in consciousness.

    Presumptuous, I know, but I’ll hazard a recommendation: If you can’t physically leave America, imagine yourself as a villager in an undeveloped country who doesn’t understand English or a man or woman in Palestine, Syria, etc. who just wants to take care of your family.

    Just for fun, I googled Dec 21 2012 last night. I ran across this article in Forbes of all places that said that Bolivia was going to ban Coca Cola on that date to mark the end of capitalism. “The planets will line up after 26,000 years. It is the end of capitalism and the beginning of communitarianism,” – source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/andersonantunes/2012/08/01/bolivia-set-to-banish-coca-cola-to-mark-mayan-end-of-capitalism/

    Of course, Forbes treated it like a joke, but it made me think about how Vietnam drove America out against all odds and how Afghanistan has stood up against the British, Soviet Union and American invaders for centuries.

    What I’m trying to say, I guess, is that I think it may be a good thing that “a lot closer shit is going on now.” Don’t you ever feel like you’re caught in a Matrix within the Matrix spending your time preaching to the converted online? I know I do. Maybe it’s time for us to shut down our computers and go out and help a child safely cross the street (or whatever presents itself to us) instead of trying to see the Bigger Picture.

    Just thinking out loud. Nice, thoughtful post, as usual.

  8. Hi Zen –

    You always have much insight and perspective. Now, if I was a weird tourist would I think the others are weird and I’m the best looking very cool one?

    Funny, one persons weird is another persons normal. Like the guys that wear skirts and dresses and towels in their heads. Now, if I was camping in say, Yellowstone and saw a guy like that – I’d say not the usual camper, must be from out of town. I don’t generalize or judge…I look at their heart and intention. Pure and smiling, or dark clouds approaching?

    If that guy saw me – he’d probably think hot babe – is she married?

    If we turn off the television, turn off the radio and get real news from real sources, then truth will set you free..

    We are a country of mixed races, mixed up values, right is wrong, and wrong is right…we must have a moral code of ethics.

    Hollywood and Washington likes to create the enemy du jour – dont fall for it, we are all humans that should be respectful and kind to others….


    Eat the soup you make, so start with the basics…add spice and share! Fear will age us the wrong way, love will heal in all the right ways! Keep on Z, great article.

  9. seriously what is going on, zen is right… more and more… when i was 21 i drove from philly to vail colorado in 33 hours straight. the moment i hit the steep grades of I 70 my life changed forever… just a moment ago i read this post and my life changed forever again. much like the tear i shed while reading the lobster post yesterday…. love this website. love is the answer, life is the question. everything is about to get real interesting. peace

  10. Amazing how close tt’s thoughts on the terrorist elite is to one I posted on another site. Maybe this is a sign of progression towards a singularity of consciousness. They’ve also no doubt used occult or paranormal means to determine and predict the outcomes. Things like remote viewing. The death by thousand cuts will be on them not us. There are too many of us. But they won’t go down without a fight and try to take us all out in the mix. That is the remaining danger. The French Revolution of 1789 is now the Global Revolution of 2012 about to occur again.

    100% agree on the internet comment. There definitely needs to be an internet alternative asap. Readily available information sharing and communication for everyone through it is a major weak point for them. When they can’t control it to meet their ends effectively they will certainly do everything they can to shut it down.

    This site below has an excellent idea and approach. It needs many more people to contribute. As they point out you don’t need to be technical. There are many ways to help. I encourage you all to participate and spread the word.



    I can’t seem to get a handle on why there seems to be a rush lately. The continued increase in chemtrails seems odd. Those f*ckers were spraying like crazy at about 5-7000 feet last weekend right over the city on a beautiful day. Much more frequent in the last 6 months. Why waste time, money and resources on something like that if there is an external event coming like Planet X or a major event like nucl, chem or bio planned? Kitchen sink was a good way to describe it. But that reeks of desperation. Zen said it best be prepared for anything.

  11. Great article Zen! Sums it up for a whole bunch of us. Time to ground, center, and remember the big picture. Blessings.

  12. I have always liked to look up at the stars/sky to gain perspective. We think we are looking ‘up’, but there is no up or down in space.

    So, one day I decided to look ‘down’ at the Earth, and I then realised that from this perspective, everything becomes clear.

    Whenever I used to feel confused about any goings-on on Earth, It helped immensely to take my mind’s eye high above the Earth and look ‘down’ (directly at it). Then everything would fall into place. Everything going on on Earth seemed so trivial – all the games being played out, all the distractions, all those people running around like headless chickens, and it felt great to be free of it all.

    Now, it’s just second nature. I look at all problems (and non-problems) from this reference point high above / away from Earth and somehow they are transcended. Often it feels like nothing matters at all.

    It can seem a form of escapism, transcending the problems of the world, the people and animals suffering. But it is essential to preserve ones spirit, soul and sanity or we would be no use to anyone or anything.

    • Indy, I do the same thing periodically. It’s a good exercise to do when laying down. I start by looking down at myself lying there and then get above the room, the building and back away from there. Sometimes as soon as I get above the earth I just zip away from there wayyyyyy far away and expand into space, a great ride and like you said, puts things in proper perspective. Thanks for sharing that. Love, Z

  13. I can share this feeling of static, robotized, simplified outside world suggesting to rob away your individuality, your options, your power, your empathy with other people, I sometimes feel this feeling in the air that words between people make no sense at all, there is this force behind which blasts some energetic force making words empty, useless, senseless. However, I recognized that you can change every feeling you have towards your outside world by going inside, letting your right brain and your subconscious mind be alive and communicate with your higher self (not possible via your conscious mind) and changing the perception of the world. People start smiling at you, they start to talk to you, sensitive girls cant stop staring at you and your fascinating aura, you find the right calm loving words to everyone around you once you open your mouth. You are in the flow with everything. To say it in 1 sentence: Thoughts and feeling inside are most important to create your outside world. little excurse to the topic maybe. Great blog, much power & love! :-)

  14. I concur that something seriously screwy is going on. Too much of humanity ditzing out on stuff that’s completely worthless. And the cannibalism of sadomasochism running totally amok with humans trying to use other humans as prey in any and every way possible.

    Be excellent to each other. Party on.

    • Alessia ;

      What a great find! IMHO one of the best ‘dot connecting’ pieces ever.

      So, then we understand that; the war on terror, the clash of civilizations, and etc. are all a ‘smoke and mirrors’ cover on this back story.

      I hope everyone watches it, until they completely comprehend it.

      Mess with the Federal Reserve Petro-Dollar; and, you are ‘The Next Boogeyman’!

      One added ‘dot’ to connect is the Crime Family masquerading as a religion: who, own the global financial chess-board, and all the players; thus, America’s self destructive affinity toward that certain little Crime Capital on The Mediterranean Sea.

  15. Okay, we’re all in agreement things are seriously effed up–so now what? What if their plan is to so lower the frequency of us and the planet, their take-down would be easy. What if we aren’t just fighting for our own survival, but that of the earth, solar system, maybe our whole galaxy? Be Braveheart: FREEDOM!!! I plan to go down fighting (not physically, but with my mind). To stop the planetary suffering the snake’s head must be severed, or this nightmare dimension might infect the universe.

    • As someone said, “Somewhere in the galaxy a small planet is waking up…”…;) Maybe all this is birthpangs…?..consciousness cannot be stopped…

  16. funnel vision now available at your local locale.
    Its Red pill/Blue Pill time!!!

    Seems the choices are being made for some people without their consent.
    In times past we looked and saw the world thru a multi colored lens and on various levels of “Truth/Reality”,..you just picked the one that applied.
    But now we are in the cattle/sheep lot and are being herded towards the inoculation shoot to where one at a time we are pushed/fenced/trapped and then injected with what “THEY” feel we need. prior to our demise!

    Many numbers of us have spiritual ran to the far opposite side of the fence lot….not eager to be herded into the oblivion of the death matrix.
    We are rebellious, we are aware,…we are spiritual and we are dayum stubborn to go.

    There is an awakening….yet it has been long a time to come and it may not be enough in this late date of their evil game.
    Maybe the only choice we have now is to “jump” the fence (resistance in whatever form needed) instead of waiting our turn to be pushed thru the shoot.
    Peaceful sheep-like resistance will no longer suffice…..the sheep must transform into a wolf and spring free of the trap. We may need to resort to the taking of the life’s or our sheep-herders to remain free and alive.They no longer listen to us or care what we think.

    Serious ponderment (new word for today) required,…at what level will you respond to protect those you love and those amongst you?
    We no longer buy Colloidal Silver,….I now make my own……as do I with Liposomal Vit. C., also helpful now are good natural Detox solutions…We favor the Apple Juice and Epson Salt version with addition pure homemade apple cider vinegar for intestinal flora health after the “cleanse”. Walk barefoot some every day….get good grounding…allow Earthing to revitalize your body with pure and natural energy.
    We more so than ever before need good physical/mental and spiritual health as our “world” had seemingly made our choices for us.
    Dont despair!!! You always have options even if it seems you dont…..Just think!!!!
    Peace and love yes!!!!!
    But remember,..even a gentile Kitty Kat will fight like a Ravenous Tiger when her kittens are threatened.

    Bless you Zen for these posts

    • Good to hear from you Oldvet! Ponderment works for me..;)…jump the fence is good advice..any way (and every way) anyone can!…like the frog outta the boiling pot…but it’s gotta keep jumping when the whole world’s heating up!..we were called for this time, should v. interesting the coming days…cheers, Zen

    • oldvet, they want us to be violent: hasnt worked yet , ask any Atlantean. they are attempting to capture and divert our soul essence, seeking those with a specific energy matrix(higher frequency) their minions will be abandoned, for they’ve proven their corruptibility. They want those of a certain energy matrix; fighters, non-cattle (us). Be healthy, be tenacious, be of your highest frequency-their window is about to open, (the reason for all the war buildup and controls) , but so is ours: !!!FREEDOM!!! Pick up Excalibur and fight-they are stuck in the lowest regions, we are not!!

  17. It could be a “Red Herring”, truthfully, I don’t know; and the way things have been materializing, it’s very difficult to tell with pronounced certainty.

    That said, I am sensing a profound “see change” in the wind; in the direction of U.S. and Israeli ties. Watch for clues.

    I ” think ” (not know) that the U.S. is leaning toward their own “Clean Break” form Israel. (long, long, overdue)

    I think knowledge of ‘past events’ with the addition of some recent episodes has brought things to a head. (at least with some high ranking U.S. Military Staff)

    That being the case ( if so ) Israeli Intelligence is right on top of it, to be sure. it could get real ugly. (think traumatic divorce, or “Fatal Attraction” in aspect)

    Just perhaps, it is this offing in the wind, that is causing the ratcheted up sensation.

    “The Iranian president said US decision-makers directing the country’s politics from behind the scene have come to this understanding that the Israeli regime will no longer be beneficial to them. Knowing how Washington sees the Israeli regime today, the Zionists are therefore seeking ways to disturb the game. ”


    • I think it’s just a staged safe distancing charade so Israel is the lone nut and can attack Iran with impunity, as well as to quell so many people catching on to Israel’s scheming and control of the US etc.

      • I don’t know.

        As ‘kerayzie’ as U.S. intel are; IF it is the case; then they may even ‘produce’ some incidents to expatiate the ‘distancing’; ( as if the facts wouldn’t be enough ) because, that’s just the ‘way’ with them. (They, be some real ‘control freaks’)

        Keep it on the ‘back burner’, and watch, and see.

    • Don’t be fooled by the message or messenger. They are all in this together and playing it up for all it is worth. Including the highest levels of Russia, China, Iran, Israel, US you name it. There is nothing too big to sacrifice for them to succeed at their end goals. Sadly I believe, including humanity itself it they think they will fail. All the worlds a stage and the global citizen players better get in the game fast because nobody will save us from ourselves except ourselves.


  18. Zen, in the past day or two I’ve come across a couple of articles with sections which gel with what you wrote, so there might well be a synchronicity at work where people are feeling things are being ramped up more than usual.

    Daily Bell: Given the clumsiness and obviousness of the film’s (Desert Warrior) manipulation, we confront a further fact of this Internet era, which is that the power elite is hardly bothering to hide its tracks anymore. Having been discovered and dissected, the powers-that-be show us they intend to continue with business as usual. It is a kind of intimidation. “Yes, you understand what we do, but it doesn’t matter. You cannot stop us.” In fact, this approach bodes terrible violence as the elites are giving up any pretense at justifying their actions. And manipulation without even a pretense of morality likely cannot stand.

    Visible Origami: The bad guys, right on cue, have been exposed and are being more and more exposed by Mr. Apocalypse. In many cases they are bragging about their venomous practices.

    One thing I try to keep in mind is that there is kind of a precedent for what’s happening at the moment. You would know the Gutenberg printing press was invented roughly 500 years ago, and just like the current bunch of psychopaths are having difficulties with the internet now, the elites of that earlier time also had major trouble controlling the flow of information they wanted kept secret. They used violence and brought in such measures as copyright to try to stem the outpouring of info. But in the end it wasn’t enough and eventually the common people got much of their freedom back with the Reformation etc.

    So it seems a similar thing is happening again but on a much shorter time scale and with a much larger population. No wonder the elites are getting openly nasty, I guess it’s like deja-vu for them but this time it’s make or break. Despite all their high tech crap and apparent control I have this unshakeable feeling that their time is short.

    • Wow, terrific analysis. Thanks Miso – it is very synchronistic because it’s real. Cool thing is how many can see it…comments here are testimony to it as well. And I agree, their time is short, and they know it. Expect more blunders and dead giveaways on their part. Many are drunken with power, hence the stinky swagger we’re witnessing. “Pride comes before a fall” seems nicely apt, doesn’t it?! Ha! They’re absolute fools! – Love, Zen

  19. Excellent post and dead on. Just gave this exact same advice to a client yesterday. I live very remotely as well, with that larger perspective in constant view of my kitchen window. Have to go to an urban environment to earn $$ to support my very, very modest existence and, when I do have to go (here, mine is a descent), I know I am entering into toxic physical and spiritual ethers. I brace myself. The thing is, the people who live “down there” in that urban environment (and it happens to be a city that prides itself on its allegedly spiritually enlightened and progressive population) it is stunning to see how those folks are so immersed in those toxic ethers they cannot even see their hypocrisies and disconnections themselves.

    Fortunately, I realize this and simply make my way through the crazy chaos with as little engagement as possible in order that I do not absorb the toxicity. Of course I do to some extent, but am then able to return to the mountains and cleanse myself.

    • You must live near either Sedona or Santa Fe?
      Both places filled with bitter, late middle-aged, divorced women and their weak, passive-agressive, suitors, living off the ex-husbands’ money . Its a shame cuz both places are beautiful, its just the inhabitants that make it unbearable.

  20. Z, you have, and I mean the BEST comments and fans of your site, like no other. The great comments make me happy that I share a planet with you all.

    But the “cow urine” from India, is he serious? The thought makes me think TMI, but then, maybe he’s right….McDonalds should serve it on their menu for a after meal treat! And then while your waiting for your food, a PETA video on the cruel treatments of animals surrounds the room and you think twice about how you are wasting your money on sick animals….

    Be Free…….Be Kind……..Be Gentle with ourselves and Gentle with Others…

    What is the meaning of walking upon the water? Life is symbolized as water. There is one person who drowns in the water, there is another who swims in the water, but there is still another who walks upon it. The one who is so sensitive that, after one little pin prick he is unhappy throughout the day and night is the man of the first category. The one who takes and gives back and makes a game of life is the swimmer. He does not mind if he receives one knock, for he derives satisfaction from being able to give two knocks in return. But the one whom nothing can touch is in the world and yet is above the world. He is the one who walks upon the water; life is under his feet, both its joy an its sorrow.

    The spiritual path is easiest if there is not something pulling one from behind; and that force is the life in the world, one’s friends, surroundings, acquaintances, and one’s foes. Remain, therefore, in the world as a traveler making a station on his way. Do all the good you can to serve and succor humanity, but escape attachment. By this in no way will you prove to be loveless.

    On the contrary, it is attachment which divides love, and love raised above attachment is like a rain from above nourishing all the plants upon the earth. But out for the rain, it has plenty of radiation from Japans mess…

    Forgiveness is a stream of love, which washes away all impurities wherever it flows. By keeping this spring of love, which is in the heart of man, running, man is able to forgive, however great the fault of his fellow man may seem. One who cannot forgive closes his heart. The sign of spirituality is that there is nothing you cannot forgive, there is no fault you cannot forget. Do not think that he who has committed a fault yesterday must do the same today, for life is constantly teaching and it is possible in one moment a sinner may turn into a saint.

  21. I am celebrating my awakening. I used to be confused. I am now alive. WOW! What a glorious feeling, the spirit of truth! I am celebrating the awakening of those who read or post to this site. For the challenges we face, this is a difficult time, but a thrilling time. Thanks Zen.

  22. Don’t worry Zen. What you are experiencing is an awakening of your senses. You have actually developed ‘synesthesia’, an ability to see energy which surrounds objects. This includes clouds, mountains, trees in fact anything which gives off or receives energy.
    I started seeing the world with what you call funnel vision two years ago. In effect you actually see the world through your third eye that’s why as you shift your vision you see this kaleidoscope effect, because only part of your vision is seen through the third eye, it creates the feeling you have of the movement and change of colours. E.g. every cloud has a different amount of energy which you see as differing colours.
    You are now able to see slightly beyond the normal range into the ultra violet spectrum i.e beyond the normal range that humans normally use.
    Research into ‘synesthesia’…it’s wonderful.

    • Tx–will do. I’m more addressing how the manipulators are driving humanity using their narrowing synthetic reality, but that’s very apt as well, the better flip side..;) Love to you.

      • I’m reading all the little “war headlines” , which are hysterical!! Like a playbook for fourth graders!!!hahaha, Should be a constant reminder of how stupid they are!!! Once the lights go on, dark lies are so glaring. And keep in mind, there are different factions of bad guys, who all hate each other, more opportunity to poke our sticks at their vulnerabilities!!
        Lets start a website, claiming to be the “resistance” and all our messages are encoded in Jersey shores episodes-keep the trolls busy. It’s okay to lie about their lies!!!
        Write letters to the editors proclaiming your furry over the use of Chinese fluoride in the water, instead of American made fluoride!!!Confuse, create, imagine…..
        Go to the disinfo sites and declare the Zeta reticuloos have conquered the zeta reticulis so niburoo has been sent back draco, Annonymous has Successfully hacked darpa!!!yea–we win…lets have some fun before the soup kitchens open!!xxoo

  23. After reading all the posts and there are some great ones. What a site to be able to express your opinions on.I sense the truth in what you state Zen.It seems we are being pushed toward the negative side of energy and have to fight for postive energy relief. Is it caused by where our solar system in starting to situate itself in our galaxy or is something else or is it humanity simply falling apart. Wish I has the answer to this question


    • ron, the negative side “wants” to take over this solar system, destroy earth and capture us humans (our soul essence) and then back engineer creation to a dark energy and spread this sh*t through out the universes. Stay focused, stay healthy, don’t be afraid, don’t go underground, not a lot of time, but wake up as many as you can. All our positive energy is assisted so do not give up hope, “their” much awaited time table is mere days/weeks away- the show is about to begin, dream of Camelot, not Mordor.

  24. Like attracts like, how’s that go when-so-ever 2 or more gather to de-rail scumbaggery, the force is multiplied by a thousand (okay a little creative license there, but you get the drift)…xxoo


    The human spirit smashes through all barriers placed against it. When the odds are at their most improbable, that’s when humans rise up to defy them. And it’s not just a charge of the Light Brigade. It’s the doing of “impossible” things. In the most dire moments our hidden powers of creation are suddenly unleashed with supernova fury, to rewrite the entire universe if necessary, to unravel timelines, to atone for millenniums of oppression and abuse that we bore in silence, unaware of our true power.

    All I can say to ‘them’ is, don’t push us. You might not like it. You will get what you deserve for acting like you own us, and justice will hit you from a completely unexpected direction. It always does.

    We want to be free. It is the secret written into the Spiral of our DNA– the entire universe and its sentient peoples carried in a hologram stored in every cell. We bear the burdens of manifold worlds– a microcosm of countless stories never told. We are dangerous and powerful– that is why ‘they’ hate us so. They must fear us more than any other. That’s why they don’t simply destroy us. They think they can use us. They think they can control us, that they can make us predictable (just like one of their computer programs). But deep down, they know it’s futile, but they try anyway, because they don’t have a choice. But we do. We always have a choice.

    The moment we decide to be free– in that moment, we were always free.

    • Yes Alan you are so exactly correct. Not sure, however if the other 6-point-whatever billion got that memo, I’m imagining the cowardly lion, standing there saying “I’ll takem’ with one hand tied behind my back” (but they only think we’re cowardly), !!FREEDOM!!! Save the planet? Yea, we can do that….

  26. Soni, watching that thrills my human-ness. That the fuktards can’t feel the emotion that I feel watching the human tenacity soar like that, brings me confidence that they cant win and the feelings of love and respect I felt watching those performers, bring such beauty and grace to the world was amazing. !!!FREEDOM!!!

  27. I have been experiencing such a toxic load from all the crap they pour on us that my life has become a constant state of cyclical detox, and my intuition has been less for several years, despite my constant attempts to “fix” it.

    I beleive that the metals (smart dust crap) sprayed and dumped on us everyday are the beginning of the reason why it is so difficult to feel good–joy, specifically. Metal toxicity in every bit of our bloodflow mixed with the electromagnetic haarp frequencies is manipulating our abilities to experience good feelings.

    Along with very expensive air cleaning equiptment (IQ air Chemabsorber), reverse osmosis water filtration, metal siding and roof (to create makeshift faraway cage) and growing greenhouse food as much as possible, I think it is very important to manipulate our own environmental frequencies by playing LOUD positive music, playing music, and singing. Maybe that will help keep those nasty frequencies from screwing with us so much. We can create our own frequencies. Unfortunately, metal toxicity can make loud sounds and music almost completely psycologically overwhelming for some people. That sound intolerance goes away as we detox.

    I have to stress cleansing metal–and air filtration especially. I tingled for three years, like electricity was moving through my body. I was very sick–I still am, but I don’t tingle anymore, as I have been getting the metal toxins out. Unfortunately to do so, I have to stay indoors most of the time, as the asthma is too severe from the spraycrap, adn I have to wear a gas mask most of the time when I leave. It sucks, but I feel better physically.

    I hope my advice helps.

  28. You are right, Zen, it is almost here. It was warned about many times in the past. This time it really is the end, though. The demiurge will no longer be allowed to prevent a mass-awakening by mass destruction and then use his typically evil reincarnation program to cause us to all forget what happened and start us over at square one (after ground zero…). This is it, the evil pseudo-creation is now going to be annihilated systematically. If people don’t find out the truth about their inner selves soon, that will itself be a confession that their inner selves were simply robotic servant sentiences meant to operate on the behalf of the illusory Maya that is controlled by the demiurge and his archons and hordes of “demons”, those who oppose truth. The real problem is going to befall those who don’t admit the polar opposition and allow themselves to remained trapped in the pseudo-spirituality of the New Age nonsense that denies evil and claims we all ascend to some higher vibration or we are all one or some other continuation of ancient nonsense.

    I once tried to spell this out before and I was accused of taking a crap in your garden, Zen. Well, I don’t know if that is an unfair thing to say, because the truth stinks in this case. But better to get it from me than at the very last second from the ending of the world itself, because at that point people will be held accountable for their honesty in facing the truth that:

    The world is a falsification of creation, usurped by an Evil Mind which seeks to deceive and plunder the energy in any Divine Beings it can entrap here.

    It denies itself as an evil being, because it is in direct opposition to the entirety of the rest of creation and has sought to supplant it since it made this fateful decision, and it uses deception to make its war

    It uses the falsification of reality by altering this physical plane so that evil is required in order to exist, and it ensure the entrapment of Divine Beings here requires them to have forgotten their Divine Origin and to participate in evil decisions simply in order to survive, but also in order to seek false fulfillment, all of which leads to energy exploitation by the draining of divine positive energy from True Beings so as to steal that energy and further empower the illusion.

    It since long ago created falsified human bodies and forced Divine Beings already past a certain point of no return to enter those bodies, these bodies exist for his purposes only and against the very survival of the Divine Beings, i.e. by evil for evil.

    For example, the alimentary tract, the reproductive process, the emotional body, these can all be shown to be evil in their nature and exist solely for the purpose of energy extraction from Divine Beings. The reincarnation process is unfairly set up to ensure we believe we are supposed to be reinserted in bodies over and over again, not just here but all over this evil universe.

    This system is naturally a closed system and is entropic and running out of energy as True Beings are vacated from here: Most humans and beings in other classes ARE NOT TRUE DIVINE BEINGS, but are MOCK beings set up to robotically program those incarnated in their midst, this is why reproductive proliferation was needed, to ensure that the relatively fixed number of Divine Beings are surrounded by a growing number of Mock beings to ensure programming requirements are met in the forms of evil societies and their vile histories of being a part of horrors we see culminating in today’s Madness of the Endtime.

    There, once more I have, according to some jackass, taken a giant dump in your beautiful garden. But given that the energy is winding down and the programming for deception is winding down, many mock beings and deluded true beings will finally, at the last minute and for the pettiest and most egotistical, body-centric reasons, rebel against the archons. It would have been a typical 5th column futility meant to ensnare True Beings as usual right into a new era of deception, but this time is different because it is the climax of a long war in this dimension which is now to be brought to a close. Many true beings hid their heads in the sand for a long long time and now will have to face judgement for not fighting the good fight and exposing the conspiracy against truth to the best of their ability, settling for issues pertaining to economic or political disenfranchisement, this or that minor con or scheme, and still at the end of the day daring to do the stupendous by denying the existence of metaphysical evil, thereby misleading many lemmings who might have otherwise awoken.

    You better hope you are not one of them, because soon the Father does come to judge.

    That Log of Truth is going to really hurt a lot more than this one.

  29. Having said that, here’s a bar of gold for the Good Beings who have fought the good fight and have refused or are in the process of finalizing their refusal to believe the masses of lies heaped upon them by the evil society and the illusions of maya imposed on them by a wretched and deformed set of physical and subtle bodies, a decrepit world and universe that pales in comparison to the true one, and the utter hatred we have endured for so long in holding on to our MORAL ABSOLUTISM of the Good and True and Just and Beautiful without compromise, life after life, incarnation after incarnation, torture upon torture. We have prevailed! We will find that as we cleanse and protect and never yield the emotional energy needed by the system, practicing what the Avatars taught, and by going into our Inner Mind and finding the false spirituality to be void which says that there is no real evil, that there are just lessons to learn in a great big happy classroom, etc, that we have been allowed to see more truth with this light thus preserved and this gold unrusted by the evil corrosion of attachment to bodies and systems of bodies (societies) which are there to inflict deception and misery and eventual spiritual murder. We’ve seen though the lies again, and this time for the last time.

    We will be evacuated from here soon, as the curtains go down, for having remained true to the Truth Within, which is also the ACTUAL TRUTH, that the Divine Will never included in its plan a supposed education by means of suffering, and it never meant for us to suffer any disease, pain, war, torture, famine, etc, and it was NOT OUR CHOICE to engage in a world thusly ordered, but it was a graduated deception by a powerful but finite evil mind which is now to be put out of our misery, along with all its demonic servitors and also the stage-prop/mock creation, and also with all those true beings no long deserving of the name because unfaithful. We won’t have to suffer with a mass of lemmings to ensure we are all ground in the same sausage of suffering against our wills, we won’t have to find that we live in a world that is controlled by parasites from the very top down, we won’t have to endure mock astral realms and fake heavens which exist solely to recycle us back into this real hell, this is going to be the last apocolyptic battle, ever.

    That’s why it is being exposed so floridly in this last episode, to get every being to make its choice firmly and completely, so as to end up where it truly belongs, and then this entire realm will be transmuted. Those who are of it, or who were corrupted to become of it, will be transmuted also. Those who were and are TRUE will be brought to other dimensions to heal and go back to where they originated, or else to continue in an already constructed INCORRUPTIBLE universe which is prepared for those who are worthy to enter it. Not many will be, but by some counts it will be a large number in the hundreds of millions for the human category (which I find hard to believe given what I’ve seen in people, but who knows? I’m not the judge).

    All mock religions talked about this day and totally perverted the meaning of it, ensnaring the unwary and ignorant into their evil labyrinths of deception which were built on the remains of the those Avatars who would have had nothing to do with them, and will make sure it is plainly known when they return in all glory and power but this time to FINISH IT.

    We, the Good, will go into the Beautiful and Incorruptible Universe which was prophesied by Avatars since before Zoroaster and since, and it will be wonderful. It will be all that is Good and True and Beautiful, and it will only be reached by the Just, for we never would compromise and say that falsehood that Goodness and Evil are relative to each other and there is not one without the other, or that other falsehood that there isn’t really evil, just lessons to learn in the great big happy classroom, and it is all just a matter of your point of view…

    Just a point of view? Sure, if you are a Demon or Archon or the Demiurge himself then this is a fine FINE classroom, and a fine world we have here! And from their point of view certain absolute moralists are just cranky extremes in our big happy family, with other cranky types like Pol Pot and Stalin, but hey, its all about us holding hands and huddling together under the banner of peace and love…

    Clearly it isn’t, and if the evolution of this world in its history to this day is any indication to a sane mind then that is nothing but hypocrisy and vile double-speak.

    The only ones who will cross that Rainbow Bridge, the Chinvat Bridge, the Bridge to the Real Existence, are the Good, who loved the Good and would not ever allow it to be thought that some compromise with evil was appropriate. We were prisoners of war here, never part of a “happy family” but were exploited in the extreme. Now we are soon to depart to that Better Existence and on to the Best Existence in Eternity hence, but not the cowards. THEY WILL NOT ASCEND.

  30. A very important reminder from you, Zen, and thank you for it! Very perceptive. We must hone our awareness and remain in the here-now – and make meditation a daily uplift for the heart.

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