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Gaia Shrugs


Gaia Shrugs

by Zen Gardner

From spacious skies to hazy lies her hue keeps growing dimmer
While oceans blue churn toxic goo as species types grow thinner

She waits and takes and gives us life while resting in her station
A regal loving entity that lives for re-creation

Till marauders came to rape the plain, the mountains and the sea
And when they came ’twas Gaia’s bane, so plain for all to see

Yet scrape and rape and plunge and burn, their greed cannot be quenched
Though Gaia’s own inhabitants’, their lives are being wrenched

From harmony and unity and oneness with the land
To selfish toxic death wish games, as reptoids lead the band

The day will come and very soon when Gaia shrugs the pests
It isn’t much in cosmic realms to purge these nasty nests

Until then conscious visitors, we all should now unite
Our Gaia and good forces dear expect a righteous fight

All we have we’re given, nothing’s lacking as we’re told
Our purpose here’s to manifest this Love and live it bold.

Gaia’s taking punishment for giving selflessly
The backwards upside down insanity lies relentlessly

But you and I are living now, awake and well aware
It’s time for restoration…will you come, and will you dare?




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  1. That’s beautiful Zen. Yes, I will come and I will dare. I read this just about four hours after I deposited my trash in the dumpster and items in the two recycling bins. My thoughts at that time were echos of your poem exactly. My heart ached and I wondered to myself when will it all end? I gazed at all the junk and plastic, the unnecessary entrapments, diversions thrown away. With tears I envisioned a beautiful sea animal getting caught up in all the plastic. This conscious warrior is ready to help Gaia and her inhabitants with Love!

  2. I still hacked way threw the mind vines of ego and preconceived notions like its was my worst nightmare.I all ways try to think ” if this was my last moment , my last breath nothing would matter. My moments are to experience,My time here is borrowed .the only thing I truly own is the harm or good I do to other living things. The shit show is just getting warmed up for the ones that will take the low hanging fruit. I’m with ya Zen

      • I should have said this is the last post .But Not sure what you are eating lately This is some of the best work i have read in a long time,Quality work and much needed topics

        • Ha! Actually, went raw 3+ months ago…;) It’s in the fruit and veggie smoothies!! (actually it’s what you stop eating that makes the diff..helps the detachment when your body wakes up too..)

  3. Nice words.
    I Love the feeling.
    You’re a good man.
    Doing your best.
    With a flick of the tail, the parasites will be gone.
    But it will have nothing to do with the masses.
    Forget consciousness.
    They’re gone.
    Around again.
    But where will the shit go to….
    To repeat this evil….
    Not where I’m going.
    Which way do you want to jump….

  4. Over the years, my sense of humor has tended to get me in trouble with those who don’t know me well. More than a few fundamentalist friends have taken offense with this observation, but it’s meant more as a parable wrapped in a joke than an insult to anyone’s religion…
    He had a good thing going with the birds and the squirrels and the rabbits and the fish, etc… He took a look around and thought, “I Like this… I think I’ll create something in My own image”. It’s been going downhill ever since…

  5. Yes, isostatic rebound earthquakes under the lightening glaciers of Greenland and West Antarctica pushing them into the ocean that’s warming from below will be portrayed as Gaia shrugs, and someone inland will say “literally”. For $1,000 offer for refutation, google plushtown $1000. I first put offer up 6 years ago, have repeated a few times on various websites, no attempted takers, still stands. Might include sympathetic shakes under East Antarctica, where the big (and increasing) ice waits. Zen, like your stuff. Collect the $1,000.

    Zen, like your stuff.

  6. The 6th day is ending on schedule,so learn from it and rest in peace,or don’t. As for me,I’m tired,I’m going to watch the justice happen for as long as I can and then I’m going home.

  7. Move me so I really resonated with those words Zen my friend. Heartfelt and loving. Iwith patience watch the calm before the storm, I with love watch the coming of a dawn and it brought to mind something I read what for me seems eons ago, about coming into peace, down where the water edges plays against the shore and into a space of quiet and tranquility where I will be anxious no more.

    Peace to you all…see you there.

  8. This touched my heart deeply and made me want to bow down to my beautiful Momma Earth and all that she provides for me. Thank you Momma Earth, I love you!!!

  9. Lovely poem and a beautiful picture of Gaia. She truly is a beautiful entity and we should be grateful that she has put up with us this long. THANK YOU

  10. This is such a sync … because withn 30 minuties before I seen your article here … I had just wrote the following …
    Gaia has awaken, to feel the many thorns in Her side … the stench of wicked doers, fills the four heavens of Her open skies …

    The taste of rotten pollution, runs in currents of seas, oceans, and air … Her choice Stewarts of the Earth, are no longer here neither there …

    Gaia has awakened, to bitter flavors of Her fruits … noting remains in order, set from the days of it’s youth …

    Gaia has awaken, to deafening cries of suffering people … there is no righteous Light, in worship buildings or their steeples …

    Her riches are displaced … Her orders have been disgraced … poisons are in Her Herbs, seeded toxins in the soil of Her earth …

    Oh Yes Gaia has awakened …. and the time of Her new beginnings have begun …

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