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Geoengineered Snow Storms Wreaking Havoc Around the Globe

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by Dane Wigington


Can Snow Storms Really Be Engineered?

There is a mountain of data including already conducted experiments, satellite imagery, lab tests of snow, observations on the ground, and multiple existing patents,  all of which point solidly to the conclusion that snow storms are being engineered with well established weather modification processes. Two known patents for the process of “artificial ice nucliation for weather modification” are posted at the bottom of this article. The Chinese government has openly admitted they are creating ”artificial snow storms” but later backtracked after causing a billion dollars of damage to Beijing. If the Chinese government can routinely create snow storms out of what should have been a rain event, how much more advanced must our government be at this same process? When monitoring radar images of rain during a storm, it is now common to see the rain “flash out” to snow for no appearant reason. No mountains, no colliding air mass, nothing. The “meteorologists” at the Rothschild’s/ military industrial complex owned Weather Channel call this “turning over to snow”. Why would rain just “turn over” to snow for no reason?

Engineered Ice Nucleation Cools Air Masse

Many of the snow events occurring around the US, even at this time of year, are amazingly still occurring at above freezing temperatures. Some are at temperatures of 10 degrees or more above freezing. How is this possible? Have the laws of physics changed?

It is done with various processes of chemical ice nucleation. This is the same as the first aid chemical ice pack. Mix the chemicals and you have ice. Whatever the existing temperatures of a storm and the surrounding air mass at the time the artificial nucleation is commenced, temperatures are lowered significantly further by the nucleation process. If the nucleation process is started at far above freezing temperatures, then the temps can fall to near freezing or below as the process continues. If the region where an “ice nucleated” event is being carried out is already well below freezing, the temperatures will fall to still lower temperatures. If the chemical nucleation process is inflicted aggressively enough, in already cold regions, temperatures can be driven to deadly levels well below zero. Northern Europe is currently in the grip of what appears to be just such a geoengineered event.

Why Would They Do This?

First, because they can. Why would the global power elite detonate over 1800 nuclear bombs? Because there is no one to stop these experiments. Because there is no regulation whatsoever of the ongoing global geoengineering programs though many “outlines” for such governance exist as if these programs are not yet a reality. There are likely other straight forward reasons. 60 years of global climate experimentation have done horrific damage to the global climate system. The planet is warming, it would appear in large part due to the damage done by the ongoing geoengineering programs. Massive ozone holes and methane releases are occurring. Now it appears that those at the helm of the global spraying programs are trying to “cover up” the damage that has been done from the spraying by spraying yet more, and probably with an ever growing list of toxic elements. Isn’t this the true definition of insanity? Doing the same thing on an ever bigger scale and expecting a different result?

Though all available data makes clear that stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) can and does cool large regions temporarily, it comes at the cost of a worsened overall warming to the planet.

Though all available data makes clear that stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) can and does cool large regions temporarily, it comes at the cost of a worsened overall warming to the planet.  NASA’s own data confirms this.

What Are The Consequences?

The problems that arise when ice nucleation is imposed on the atmosphere are many. Some consequences we can not yet know for sure, but what we do know is bad enough.

First, the entire  hydrological cycle is disrupted, and in general, greatly reduced. This means less precipitation in any form, rain or snow. Though the Weather Channel is doing their absolute best to ra ra all the snow falling in various locations, the fact is there is a “snow drought” in the US. Yes it’s falling, but there is not that much and it’s generally not that cold considering the time of year. The ice nucleated snow storms create the illusion of a normal winter when in fact all available statistics paint a very different picture. As we get through “winter” and closer to spring, ice nucleated events will become much more obvious. “Above freezing” snow events will become more and more common. Still, it is important to remember that geoengineered snow storms can also be carried out under extreme cold scenarios. Whatever the initial air mass temperatures, the chemical nucleation mix appears to lower the surrounding temperatures much further. Snow from artificial ice nucleation at higher temperatures is almost always “heavy wet snow”. This is a newly introduced term pushed by the Weather Channel and other main stream media sources.

The snow that does fall is toxic. There are numerous lab tests to confirm that the same highly toxic heavy metals named as primary elements in geoengineering patents are being found in this “artificially nucleated” snow. This poisons the air, soils and waters. The effects on the Northern boreal forests are already horrific. Trees are dying in mass and soil PH values are changing radically. The artificially nucleated snow can be incredibly dense and heavy, often causing major damage to trees and structures.Wind patterns and ocean currents are also being negatively effected by the ongoing spraying and manipulation of natural wind currents. (The HAARP ionosphere heater installations around the globe also appear to be routinely manipulating the jet stream)  This in turn is releasing methane hydrate deposits which threatens all life on earth. (search “geoengineering/methane release”)

Photosynthesis is also being radically reduced. Extremely expansive “geoengineered” cloud cover results from the particulate dispersement. This type of cloud cover is often in the form of a largely featureless overcast sky.

What Is Such An Event Like First Hand

On 12/21/12 this author had to suffer through yet another ice nucleated snow storm in the woods of Northern California. In the days leading up to the storm, it was comical if not completely tragic watching the local TV “weathermen” trying to explain just how it was going to snow so much when only days earlier Redding California was almost 75 degrees. They tried to explain how the 30 to 40 mile an hour winds from the storm would mysteriously die down only over the upper Sacramento Valley and that’s when the snow would fall, even with temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s. 4-(diminished wind is also a known consequence of atmospheric aerosol saturation/geoengineering spraying. )

As is now the rule, the approaching storm brought skies full of jet dispersed geoengineering trails which covered the entire horizon in short order. A sickly colored light penetrated this toxic canopy from the early morning hours of 12/20. Natural clouds eventually drifted into view under the man made over story but they did not have the usual majestic appearance as they were “melted” into engineered clouds above. The leading edge of almost all storms are sprayed heavily. This is the “AR” of the storm. The “atmospheric river” and is a stated area of preferred spraying by the geoengineers themselves. The usual effect of this is a day or so delay of the storm and this case was no different. On 12/20 the local weathermen did there best to explain why the storm did not come in the day before as originally predicted. It “slowed down” they said.

As the evening of 12/20 progressed, the 500 ft snow level that was predicted  for that afternoon did not happen. It seemed in this case the temps were so warm that the big chemical “cool down” took more effort, more spraying. It seemed the geoengineers might not pull it off as by 11 pm it was still raining at the 2000+ foot level on the mountain top where I and my family live. It was still well above freezing.

Waking up at 5 am, I could already see broken trees from the massively heavy concrete snow that had apparently started some hours earlier in the night though the temperatures were still slightly above freezing. I quickly bundled up and went outside to beat the “snow” off the drooping lims of countless trees. This is easier said than done in the case of such “heavy wet snow”. It sticks like glue to everything it hits as it is in the process of melting even as it is still falling. It is not like the snow of my youth, fluffy powdery snow which easily came off the trees. There was, as predicted, no more wind. In the silence of the woods, jet after jet could be heard flying slow and low above the clouds. The snow kept falling. Into the night of 12/21, though soaked to the bone from the soggy snow, I kept up my attempt to save the trees on our mountain. As the night went on, a sound that is very painful to me could be heard in increasing frequency on distant ridges and in deep canyons, somewhere in the darkness, the sound of trees crackling and snapping, being crushed under the weight of the “heavy wet snow”.

These are native trees. Trees that have adapted to the historical conditions in this region. I have been through snow events here that dropped twice the depth of snow with no damage, but this snow is different. Even the Canyon Live Oak, the strongest oak in the region, buckles under the weight and adhesion of this snow. It does not sluff off the trees but only sticks and builds.

Later in the night, the frequency of collapsing trees somewhere in the distant dark was almost overwhelming. The only other sound that broke the silence constantly was the continual parade of jets overhead in the clouds, so close and low during the storm.

By morning, half of the 20 inch depth of cement snow had already melted. The temperatures were still in the upper 30s and the snow had stopped. Countless broken and uprooted trees lay on the forest floor. Why?

For the moment, there are virtually no jets to be heard. None. Soon enough, they will no doubt return.

What Can We Do

We are in a fight for life, literally. Our climate system and atmosphere are being ripped apart. Every breath we take is tainted with the toxic metals and chemicals they are spraying. Every bite of food we eat, the same. There is no “organic” anything at this point as researchers from Europe and other parts of the planet  have recently shown. These toxic elements and other influences are being taken into all that lives.

Educate yourself on this most dire issue. Arm your self with essential tools for educating others. It is far more productive to hand someone some credible information they can review at their leisure than to corner them with a rant that only puts up their defenses. Examples of information flyers can be found at  “geoengineeringwatch.org/ads”. An extremely important tool to use with a flyer is a copy of Michael Murphy’s new documentary, “Why In The World Are They Spraying” which can be found at “whyintheworldarethespraying.com”.

Once you own a copy, you can duplicate all you want at a very small cost.

Stand up, make your voice heard by sharing credible data with all you know. It’s now or never.

Dane Wigington











Dane has a background in solar energy. He is a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. He has been engaged in constant climate/geoengineering research for over a decade.His personal residence was feature in a cover article on the world’s largest renewable energy magazine, Home Power. He owns a 1,600-acre “wildlife preserve” next to Lake Shasta in northern California.Dane put all his focus, efforts and energy on the geoengineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to what ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from the aircraft spraying. He also noted significant decline in forest health. Extensive testing and research into the geoengineering issue was commenced and has continued since 2002.He is the lead researcher for www.geoengineeringwatch.org and has investigated all levels of geo engineering from stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) to HAARP. He has appeared numerous films, and radio interviews to explain the environmental and health dangers we face on a global level from geoengineering.Dane lives in Shasta County, California.

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  1. Well at least the machines are working and God is letting us know who is controlling them so sad we are being slow kill bate

  2. Good work Dane & Zen – great article, it is Christmas Eve, I want to give you all a gift in Love – enjoy! http://www.64dakinioracle.org/consult.html take a minute and check it out it will be healing and make you smile, the gravity of this world is intense, I know, but, take a Zen break…lol
    I was happy to get the rain in Sacramento, the flowers in Spring will be beautiful…Namaste!

    Stand up, make your voice heard by sharing credible data with all you know. It’s now or never.

  3. “f the Chinese government can routinely create snow storms out of what should have been a rain event, how much more advanced must our government be at this same process?”

    What arrogance…!

  4. Hi Zen,

    My 20-yr-old son is ‘waking up’. He was never too deeply programmed, as we have no TV, and he has me for a mother, lol, but it’s still a beautiful thing to witness!

    We have spent this morning talking about the Illuminati (for want of a better word), and later we are going to watch Zeitgeist – the movie. He said he watched it the other day, and he asked if I wanted to watch it with him today (music to my ears).

    He also recommended this song to me. He said you don’t see it much. I said, ‘You won’t! So get posting it everywhere.’


    • Wow, Indy, that’s wonderful!! And that video’s fantastic..I clicked on some other stuff of his…he schools a junkie in the street rt on video. Fearless. Much love to your son, hugs from the Zenster for me!..love you.

  5. ( sings Joy to the world ) The cem trail stocking stuffer :1. Aluminum barium
    2. Aluminum Oxide
    3. Bacilli and Molds
    4. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
    5. Pseudomonas Florescens
    6. Bacilli Amyloliquefaciens
    7. Streptomyces
    8. Enterobacteriaceae
    9. Serratia Marcscens
    10. Human white Blood Cells-A restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA
    11. Enterobacter Cloacal
    12. Other Bacilli and other toxic molds capable of producing heart disease and meningitis as well as acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal distress.
    13. Carcinogen Zinc Cadmium Sulfide. WHAT A FUCKING DEAL !!!and wait there more ! illnesses increased substantially, such as persistent hacking coughs, upper respiratory and intestinal distress, pneumonia, fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, disorientation, headaches, aching joints and muscles, nosebleeds, diarrhea, bloody stools, depression, anxiety, loss of bladder control, and nervous tics. Marry shitmass ! ho ho hOoOOo

  6. Great to see intelligent folks like Dane not shying away like most from speaking the truth in direct context, such as his quote above, “The “meteorologists” at the Rothschild’s/ military industrial complex owned Weather Channel”. I see the biggest danger to awakening the massses still being our refusal to speak the truth directly, rather choosing to play this word smithing game with weak, ambiguous language. You still see even “truthers” for example saying things like, “it appears the official story of 9/11 is questionable”. That cowardly language is so dangerous to the truth, and gives the the unfettered green light to years and years more of in our face lies for TPTB. It appears? It’s questionable? Seriously – is that the best you can do? We need to stop apologizing for speaking the truth, because it is the truth that will save our planet and its inhabitants.

    On that note, absolutely beautiful, haunting song by Skull (Cry Die) in support of the GeoEngineeering Watch and company. Gave me chills. Artists like him will be the new heroes of humanity, and I predict, will soon replace the fake, wannabee “in the know” billionaire zeroes like JayZ and thousands of others like him.

    • Rt on Gus. Language is the name of the game. That’s why they so heavily engineer it and teach us to self-police with political correctness. Time to shirk the tyranny, big time.
      Love-filled holiday season to you and yours…Love, Zen

      • Same to you and your family Zen. My holidays have recently taken on a new meaning. The old story is nothing but a distant memory, and the new story has begun in earnest with a new family of loving souls – a family I have always known, but simply had forgotten for the first part of my life here on this magnificent blue marble…

  7. >The “meteorologists” at the Rothschild’s/ military industrial complex owned Weather Channel …

    Speaking of the weather channel I came across this a coupla days ago. It’s another reference to Hurricane Sandy and “Sandy’s Hook” with Winter Storm Draco thrown in there for good measure. Apparently more arrogant, in your face programming and connected to dark rituals no doubt. I almost feel sorry for them for what is coming karma-wise.


  8. And to think that almost the entite ‘Green’ movement in Europe is in total denial of any deliberate weather change at the hands of the military industrial complex – and only the ‘global waming’ coming from CO2 emmissions!

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