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Geoengineering, And Our Warming Planet (No, It’s Not Getting Colder)

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by Dane Wigington

The Earth was cooling until the start of the industrial revolution. This would be expected as the planet is in the elliptical phase of its orbit. The graphs below speak for themselves.

Those who still believe the planet is undergoing overall cooling today should do serious research and take the time to do a thorough examination of the rapidly unfolding data on the ground.

This is not about Al Gore or carbon credits, both are shams, rather, it’s about harsh realities. The human race has done great damage to the planet and the climate overall. All available data indicates that the single largest factor in the climate change equation is geoengineering, and it is being completely kept out of view by the corporate / military / media / industrial complex.

It is imperative geoengineering be stopped. The planet is in full blown meltdown and geoengineering is helping to fuel the fire. Changes are occurring so rapidly at this point that I believe it will be difficult for those in power to hide the weather/climate altering programs for much longer. We will see.

It appears increasingly likely that governments around the globe will try to sell geoengineering as a saving measure for the planet when they can no longer hide it. It is imperative to educate a significant percentage of the population on the subject of geoengineering and the utter decimation it is causing before such a PR campaign takes place in order to keep geoengineering from being publicly accepted as a “cure”.

Indeed the geoengineers can create short term large scale cooling, but it appears at the cost of a far worsened overall warming.

Geoengineering is shredding the ozone layer. This allows much more of the sun’s thermal energy to reach the surface of our planet. The bioavailable heavy metals from the spraying is literally killing the forests, the lungs of the planet. Waters, soils, and every breath we take is now tainted with the fallout from these covert climate altering programs.

Full article at GeoengineeringWatch.org




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  1. I also see/know this. See what is going on via the visible satellite maps daily. again today in NC we are being kept under an artificial cloud cover following a man-made ice storm after two days of heavy aerosol spraying and continuous energies being injected in the atmosphere over VA and the Atlantic ocean (as well as other places) sickening to say the least. One could see this was so forced, it wanted to be sunny and warm and clear but was not allowed to be. the earth is in a straight-jacket. I have also observed on my property, all species and numbers of insects have drastically declined beginning in 2011. this is when these programs were drastically ramped up and began evolving into what is now occurring 24/7. Today I could see a line dissecting VA where clouds continued to be generated from and heavy energetic wave formations in the clouds over VA. I could go on dissecting this map. Here is a site I use along with intellicast

    • Ditto to everything you said Betty happening here in South Florida (except for the snow of course!). Daily spraying resulting in artificial cloud cover and frankenrain. I pointed this out to a dozen people just a couple of days ago at the dog park. I don’t even know these people well but some are professionals and one is a private pilot who has told them that it’s jet contrails. I vehemently said NO it’s not and told them to go to Geoengineeringwatch.org or at least google chemtrails. In fact that day the clouds in the east over the Atlantic almost looked like I was seeing mountains in the distance because of the artificial cover. Also last summer I had a dragonfly and a butterfly clinging for life up against my sliding glass window for days, the spraying was so heavy. I even collected filaments and sent to Carnicom Institute. It’s devastatingly heartbreaking to see this happening to all living things.

  2. Betty, I feel your pain. Every day here, and I mean every day in northwestern Virginia the atmosphere is molested. Big blue beautiful sky mornings quickly rendered into a filmy gray haze by the grid laid out overhead. Huge cloudbanks are literally constructed overhead with planes switching on their poison just as they enter the mass, shutting it down as they exit. Dozens of planes feeding the same cover and before your eyes a large mat of fake cloud covers the entire sky overhead. If only it would stop there. Patterns then form up. Often its a wave pattern where the sky looks like an inverted sea with a short period swell rolling forward. These waves are miles long and each is exactly the same as the next, same peak, same trough. Other days small windows, usually nearly perfect circles appear in the thick layer of junk, giving you a peek at the blue sky bliss above that you were meant to be enjoying that day. I was down in NC over the holiday. We had heavy spraying on the coast daily but it intensified just before and during a massive circulating storm came in from the ocean bringing heavy rain, winds and tornados on 12/26. They were spraying the edges of the front in plane sight and nobody asks “what’s that?”. This was late December and the ocean temp was in the upper 40s Fahrenheit, and nobody asks “how could a storm like that be possible this time of year?”. The people under these skies are sleepwalking. Please wake up.

  3. thank-you Chris, Pisces222 these last 2 years has been a difficult one for me and for all of us. this is a nightmare and is not just about us humans, all life is being targeted–all that is beautiful and good. I decided to join facebook just for this reason and have met some of the most wonderful souls, like yourselves as a result of this. something good that has come out of this, the “angel warrior” (as I call us), are meeting and connecting. take care.

  4. I can tell you right now that here in Britain it is getting COLDER. Our summers are anyway. We barely have hot summers anymore, just cool rainy ones. As a kid I remember bbq summers, hose pipe bans and scorchingheat. We’re lucky to have one or two days of that now. So whatever seems to be happening over in the U.S, may not be happening in other parts of the world.

    • The trends are all screwed up. Colder some places, hotter others and then they switch. Like the rain–induced droughts and then floods…a real mess. I don’t fully understand the overall trends as scientific “info” is so manipulated, but Dane really knows his stuff so it’s always worth considering very seriously.

  5. Name a time in human history were great advances have been achieved but the planet was not in a warming trend? Man can not alter the path of the earth through space nor the fluctuations in “climate”. We can only effect very limited areas and only in our own overly egotistical minds think we have become as the Gods.

  6. It isn’t getting warmer and CO2 is massively increasing.

    This IS about Gore and carbon, otherwise you would never have heard about global warming. The oil companies changed sides. Look up Opposing Views on Global Warming: The Corporate Climate Coup

    by Prof. David F. Noble – York University, Toronto, Canada

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