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Geoengineering Wreaking Havoc



Go ahead, tell me this is natural. Hat tip to Peek for this first one from the news. I added some more below you’ll want to take a look at as well. – Zen

Then look at this radar array steering the weather:

Now this classic from “Unsealed”. Typical media hype to make it sound off beat but still pretty bang on info.
HAARP Pooned Humanity – We Are Being Exterminated



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  1. This has to be one of the very best productions I have seen so far on the HAARP issue and connected mind control programs like MK Ultra, etc. Hmmm, note to self, stock up on tin foil before they outlaw the stuff.

  2. Who ever control’s the weather will control the world.. Whole population’s can be decimated by destroying crop’s ,causing starvation, stock market’s manipulated . Virus’s dispersed to attack certain ethnic group’s. the possibility’s are endless. A third world war is always on people’s mind’s It’s already here it does not need to be a nuclear conflagration just look into the sky’s it’s there for all to see.

  3. I in my awakening GEOengineering was been one of them I can’t stop talking about……

    also our “disease care” system……GMO food and severe health consequences……the dark energy of evil running our governments/planet (with the exception of the few) how the ones that don’t play this evil game are attacked over and over and over by these dark entities……these dark entities have commited crimes of the highest levels against humanity, all inhabitants of the planet and its universe…..and ALL I got from my robotic family and friends was alienated because they didn’t want to hear it!!!! (LaLaLaLa with their hands over their ears!!!) soon……they will see what “ROBOTS to the system” they CREATED!!! for all of us this living hell………humanity has degressed with darkness at the helm this whole planet is this dark toxic soup of energy, health, mentality, and vigor…….you see this darkness doesn’t believe in critical thinking, creativity, fairness, health and vigor, for that type indiviual is not easily controlled….a nation of morons is what these demons create….I have never in my life seen such ego bound imbescels…..these demons are a bunch of scared idiots hiding behind lie after lie after lie….complusive liars……hiding behind sheilds of body guards and armies everywhere they go……why??? is that they are so hated yet voted into office????……think about that for minute…..you think the elections aren’t rigged???? by god they know exactly who is coming into office to be the chosen one to lead their evil agenda…..

    humanity has been warned for eternity by visiting avatars that incarnated here to this dimension to explain this was a creation of an evil error called the “Celestial Error” and that a correction for this error was working and coming……

    the best lie evil has ever accomplished is that………evil doesn’t exist……while all along they controlled this dimension……now, Terminal Madness of the End Times is consuming them…….they are killing for killing showing everyone their TRUE nature of pure darkness……exposing for ALL to see…….everyone WILL understand why this evil dimension is comimg to an end…..for this evil dark energy offers NOTHING to life itself except death, destruction, disease, misery, pain, suffering, exploitation, greed, power, lust….and has been offered unteem chances to turn to the light and so far not one demon has done so….

    approximately 31 per cent are of this dark demonic conciousness…….their final hoorah is here and now……for this will not be allowed to contaminate the rest of creation……nothing of value will be lost in this transition…..except that evil and its robots will be transmuted back into primordial energy as if they never existed……only after their unbearable transmutation in which they will feel and understand why they are being transmuted……the pain they caused others will be triple fold on them as they transmute….

    Hang on it might get bumpy…..just remember……all this gross exposure of the darkest of energies around us is for ALL to see how evil this dimension and its systemic control is completely corrupted….

    Lots of LOVE

  4. PEEKS and friends… what do you make of this new “app” to take chemtrail pictures from your “smart”phone and forward them to your “officials” with a message “LOOK UP”. ???? is Dane working with AJ now? It’s a fantastic idea — I’m not sure about this — not feeling very comfortable. ??? I attempted this in person on election day two years ago when the skies were ablaze with trails — they ALL thought I was nuts and I even heard one of them comment “and have you figured out who shot JFK?”

    WHAT’S GOING ON? I really don’t want anything to do with infowars — just because just because — man this is really not the place to launch an app if you know what I mean. a “contest”!????


    The video is superb..

  5. Thanks Peek and Zen…..one of the best I’ve seen on this terrible topic.

    Now it’s time to get on my motorcycle…get my knees in the breeze and blow some shit out of my neck.

    Love you guys,

  6. As much as I hate chemtrails and what they do to us, every time I see them, I also get a little hopeful. Hopeful that someone, somewhere is also looking up at the sky I am, disgusted. It also offers you an opportunity to let them know what’s going on. I know many people say they’ve tried to get people to look up, to no avail. But it does happen to certain people. Just tell them, “if that is what a contrail really is, then why doesn’t my breath trail behind me like that on a really cold day?”

    You’ve just got to shift your view. From, “How can I help?” to “How can I help!”

  7. I wonder what powers these things, these high powered systems, I think they may have reversed engineered a UFO as I saw one in 1976 when I was young not to be mistaken for anything else. I have seen the chemtrails get heavy in recent years here in Oregon.

    The money being spent on these secret systems must be huge and we did not vote for it. We are surely under attack.

    We need to stop this thing.

    • Trillions of dollars – wonder where the disappearing money goes? This and other secret ops like the secret space program, underground bunker system, paying people off, weird technologies of all types. We just see what they want us to see.

  8. start leaving note cards on the side walk. use a small shiny rock to hold it down. I line the block when I notice heaving spraying.

    Alan Funt learnt me well!!

    What a riot! Hey we gotta have some fun here,, folks. It’s a great way to get a few laughs. I tell you one thing — they’ll start looking up from now on.

    • Love your approach Jersey! Candid Camera… I had forgotten about that lovely show! All this “waking up” can get depressing, we might as well have some fun while helping others. Thanks for the tip!

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