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George Carlin and the Arrogance of Mankind


by Zen Gardner

This is a summation of so many profound truths it’s hard to articulate. I believe this represents a facet of the heartcry of every awake and aware soul on planet earth, couched in a comedic form for public consumption.

By an amazing man.

Environmentalism is a hijacked concept, as are so many things. Only a few brave people will publicly call the PTBs out on it. It’s honestly disgusting. The whole manipulative environmental concept is so convoluted it racks the collective brain.

On purpose.

George Carlin stuck to the truth once he found it. Even within the context of the challenges of his day. Only those of us who lived through it will recognize not just his genius, but his bravado in doing and saying what he boldly presented.

Here, in tribute to an amazing person and the truths he bravely professed, something that has more profound truth than most living hive-dwellers are willing to ever acknowledge, we behold the man:


Stick with the clear thinkers, real truth advocates and loving voices you find.

We are eternal consciousness discovering itself…keep on, searchers, keep on.

Love, Zen


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  1. Yes, but might you agree there is some point to it all?
    Esp. after so much time & human folly…
    & that we’re built w/ knowing right from wrong.
    …perhaps to evolve consciousness, to learn the moral
    of the story, to live by the Golden Rule, to…
    oh, I don’t know….love & respect each other,
    the planet & God?! Just wondering…
    Thank you so much for you work, & well, you!

  2. An amazing man indeed! A truly enlightened being.

    Personally, neopangaea, I don’t believe there IS any point to it all. I believe we are simply here. There doesn’t always have to be a reason. But we have had our minds warped from day 1 by people who knew no better and by people who did. ‘Cause and effect’ teaches us what we need to know.

  3. absolute utter truth spoken as bluntly as it should always be spoken. better to hurt a few feelings than have a few more heads stuck in the sand..

  4. A blissfully-outrageous soul, he thumped our funny bones like a dear, drunk uncle saying hello–a brilliant, gritty buffoon, an unbridled realist who tried on all our tinfoil hats, describing them in a language we could fathom. Thank you George! You truly were one of a kind and I, for one, will sorely miss your unvarnished rants at the 2012 elections–and beyond, if there is one. C:

  5. A piggy back ride to your well said statements (if I may)…
    Can you imagine Carlin’s take on the opening ceremony at the olympics!

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