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Globalists Gutting America Head for the New World Hills



by Zen Gardner

Ever wonder why so much American manufacturing would be moved overseas? How about why in the world these top politicians would award major construction contracts to China instead of struggling American companies with unemployment skyrocketing? And why are elites moving their accounts offshore while international banks soak up what’s left of America’s liquidity?

It’s a deliberate implosion, while they’re preparing for the aftermath.

The elites are preparing for the destruction of the world’s last great bastion of ferocious liberty lovers, whose symbol of  independence and personal liberty stands in the way of a global takeover. And beefing up their manufacturing replacements is an obvious sign of their intent.

It’s that clear.

The Stinking Truth

We have to see past these localized staged events by these hoodlums. Mass shootings to push their gun control agenda? That’s not all. They want civil war, they want conflict, they want Americans fighting each other. All while they walk away scott free into their new world kingdom being carefully set up in other parts of the world while the US meets its engineered demise.

Everyone’s divested. Corporations have long since been global, big banks are clearly international. Even individual power brokers are divested.

Any sense of state or national sovereignty is anathema to their paradigm of control. They’re just waiting for the old structures to collapse and all its adherents to change….or die. While they stand back in the box seats of their international coliseum toasting to their bloody victory.

Know this. They’re not just causing America’s destruction, they’re preparing to keep things going after the US descends into martial law, civil war and total chaos. That will explain a lot.

Now trace the money and economic decisions.

Why Else? Be Aware…

Why else would 90% of these dastardly decisions be made? Nationalize and kill General Motors for example, then move manufacturing overseas? Mega construction projects importing thousands of Chinese and their resources? Opening the Mexican border floodgate to not just immigration, but massive economically crippling compromises?

Never mind having the country’s wealth hijacked into oblivion by global bankster enterprises.

Hey, I’m not a nationalist, but this handwriting has been on the wall for a long time. What we have to realize is they’re jumping ship like rats at this point, while siccing us on each other. Police and military against their own countrymen in a fight picked by whom? The engineers. And they don’t care how many of either side get taken out, these elitist engineers will be long gone to other places, and have been for some time on your dime, readying for the world to come they’ve been designing for decades.

Wake Up and Smell the Already Prepared New World Order

Wanna know where the rats are scurrying to? Oh, believe me, bastards like these politicians and corporate stooges don’t sell out for nothing. They’ve been promised stuff – riches now and gobs of power in the new world order to come!

Of course amongst thieves there is no honor, so let’s see what happens to these dupes.

Are they in for a surprise!

And What New World?

Here’s some poignant insights by someone I trust that will tell you a heck of  a lot more about what’s going on in this respect:


—As another example of a new world capital see also HERE. Not to be easily explained away either.


Point is, it’s pre-determined in their minds, and they’ve prepared accordingly. The true playout is yet to be seen. But we MUST be aware of these clearly delineated hints and warnings that will help us handle what’s coming at us, the most consciously and responsibly for ourselves and those around us.

It’s disturbing, when you grasp the extent of all of this. I agree.

But it’s empowering at the same time.

Be aware, be prepared. We are in a spiritual as well as physical warfare.

One thing for sure, these elitist freaks are hit and run bastards. And cowards don’t win out.

See it for what it is and you’ll be better prepared.

And always follow your heart.

Love always,



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  1. Back in 2000 , put a FOR SALE BY OWNER in front of my house. A pair of retired special forces green beret doctors knocked on my door to inquire, stunning IDENTICAL TWINS. They read me right , and told me everything they didn’t want to endanger their family/friends with. YEP , THEY TOLD ME EVERYTHING about the plan to weaken the american herd… 9-11 etc, poisoning of food/water/air/soil, martial law /chinese troops, etc. This informed every step taken since, albeit being half in shock. And most importantly, the docs said the only thing to be done is STAY IN YOUR OPEN HEART. Didn’t know what became of them until recently— called their place nearby, and a federal agent answered , telling me the docs are not allowed to talk on the phone and are too medicated for visitors. These guys are only 65 . Geez.

      • Yes yes…. that sounds like quite a tale. Beyond the Pale, as it were.

        And Zen, Astana, crazy eh? Kind of like this Olympic opening ceremony. Blatant!!!

        Where to go? Inwards perhaps, hmmm?

        Big Hug,


  2. I wish you people would rethink your animosity towards corporations, all that they want to do is make a buck.
    Every single action by them when it comes to bribing our congressmen is for either tax breaks, tax avoidance or federal funding.
    None of their actions is to put us in chains, strip us of our rights to speech or carry guns.
    The government is the one who wants us disarmed, silenced & in chains.
    Corporations have been chased from the US by oppressive taxes & union demands, they didn’t want us destroyed!
    Corporations thrive in a free society with free people with disposable incomes!
    It is, has always been & will always be the government that people must fear, the 20th century is blood soaked proof of that.

    • So you are saying the coorps are the useful idiots under the luciferian puppet masters? The root of all kinds of evil comes from the love of money. Quit kidding yourself, or better yet us, unless you were being sarcastic.

    • Dave has good points worth considering, but perhaps some awareness of history. particularly the history of the corporation, would help in thinking about what he’s saying. Maybe more American “liberty lovers” should try to read what guys like Karl Marx, or his various contemporaneous Nemeses, actually wrote on these subjects rather than just taking some California Communist or pandering nutball politician’s word for it. People in fight-or-flight overdrive are easily preoccupied with worries about martial law and stuff like that. That’s not how things work. It’s done incrementally so that the frog does not leap out of the boiling water. Regarding “ferocious liberty lovers”, what the heck country are you talking about? If any people demand to be trapped in their country and want everything criminalized “for their protection” it’s Americans. Heaven forbid we should try to vote with our feet and go live in another country unmolested by the empire’s goons. Americans are not having it, we all have to suffer with the bigoted religion crazed idiots whose every whim must be pandered to else they get all whiny about how their “rights” and “liberties” to kill gays or shoot at individuals trying to cross their precious borders are being infringed. Oh yeah, Americans are so oppressed, but it is by their own demands.

    • Corporate “good guys”? Sure. You may want to read some of Jefferson’s thoughts on “the corporation”. They are tools in every sense of the word. Think Fed(private corporation)

      • Perhaps corps would have the people’s well being in mind in a perfect world with perfect people, but unfortunately the love of money and power has twisted the egos of the CEO. When only concentrating on profit on top of profit choices have to be made and unfortunately it is usually the people that suffer so that a few can reap the “rewards”.

    • Have you considered the behavior of the corporation that manufactures Apple products? Driving workers to suicide is evidence your thesis is just wrong!

      • Gordon–yes, the point is they’re outta control and above the law. Corporations working with the state is defined as fascism. Look up Mussolini and fascism for anyone enamored by the corporate animal of today.

  3. Oh Zen unfortunately this is all true and more. I am in my 60s and looking back I can easily see how slowly we were being cut off from our birth rights. I remember when I was a little girl roller skating freely down the street, bathing under the rain, selling limonade without a care in the world. Those days are gone. I know today that it was all an illusion but things appeared easier. A good analogy would be that at least we could play and walk in the prison’s yard, today we can barely leave our cell!
    First a lot of uneeded and exagerated laws were installed just to make sure we abided by their rules. It’s how the sheeples were created. Then the cuts started to happen and these are multiplying by the day. Debts to cut us from our homes, droughts to cut us from our water, no garden rule to make sure we don’t eat anything other than the pesticide filled GMO foods. Fluoride and vaccines to cut us from our immune system, religious manipulation to cut us from each other and the list goes on. When we look at it this way, how can someone deny what is happening to the world and to our freedom. How can they still say: ”Oh no, my governement would never do anything that would hurt me”. Well they have, they are and it will get worse. And the longer people bury their head in the sand, the longer they (the PTB) will be able to run the show.

    • Wow Mich, what a perfect analogy! And how well said! The great eye-opening will happen–and it’s gonna be very freaky with so many so deeply asleep for so very long…and now in total dependence. Be prepared. Love, Zen

  4. Zen, when do you sleep?! One home run after another, month after month….but I guess Freeman (yes! thanks for pointing peeps to him – what a master decoder) doesn’t snooze much either. I know this blog and all the research you do can’t pay the bills, but what a service to humanity you and folks like Fly are providing. KUDOS, keep it up!!

    • Jojo–rt on about Freeman. I think he’s one of the best and not appreciated enough. Has a unique take that fills in the picture but maybe it’s too occult for some. I find it genius and his motivation is real compassion and he always ends on the uptick with encouragement, those two things are my yardstick. Take care, Zen

  5. Zen could you try and find out what is happening with the sun? I’ve noticed it and a lot of others have also. I’ts white and much too luminous. It hurts the eyes. I was walking face to a beginning sunset last night and without even looking in its direction, I was blinded. This morning I went out on the balcony for coffee and its light was overwhelming. Is it really the sun or some sort of light flashing on us? Where is our old sun???

    • Mich–yeah, it’s heating up..won’t peak in this cycle till next year so we could be seeing some heavy hitting CMEs. Already getting a lot. I experience the same with eyes and skin. Chemtrails screw with it too, sort of like we’re in a fluorescent bulb. They also exacerbate the warming, keeping the heat contained..opposite of the so-called purpose.
      I track space weather and quakes and anomalies daily via Suspicious Observers 2-3 minute news. Great youtube channel. Here’s today’s to get you started: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrkwKiM-trU&feature=em-uploademail
      Hang in there..I’ll try to get some more sun/space news out. We’re in a highly energetic time with the galactic procession lining up and other cycles meeting…check earlier posts where I talk about it, might help. Love, Zen

  6. Industries have been leaving Canada en masse as well! Who does everyone think is next after the US falls into chaos? The writing has been on the wall here for quite some time as well but almost everyone chooses not to see it. Same old story.

    Stand together in this dark time and perhaps we will defeat these empty, meaningless creatures. If you have not already, re-connect with the source in any or many of its various forms. It may not prevent you from having to fight for your life, but it will give you strength and courage to fight bravely for your community and for yourself!

    Peace, Protection and Love to you all!
    Stand together and stand tall!
    When fear strikes, I offer you one line of prayer from the Christian version of the truth:
    “Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, for thou art with me”
    Be Strong!!!!

  7. This is all starting to leak out to the main stream media… finally. We just need to KEEP THE HEAT on them. We will soon be posting new petition and email campaign info as well as protest ideas. We just need more people following this group and we can use resources from the Tea Party, Occupy and other groups. THEY win as long as they can keep us arguing with each other.
    WE need to come together with people we wouldn’t normally work with to bring these criminals DOWN! Spread the word, others have carried the load of exposing this activity. Now we the people NEED to come out and make it a major issue in the news and in this political cycle.
    Sign this Online Petition:
    JOIN US, this is YOUR cause too:

  8. We are being hit from every conceivable angle with poison in our food, our water, our air and most people carry on as if nothing has been better. I think most people feel there is something wrong, they just can’t put their finger on it, but when they all figure it out, this is when there will be mass chaos in the streets and the civil unrest they have been promising for so long and something will happen that is so blatantly obvious to who and what has been responsible for this mess that the people will finall awaken and revolt.

  9. The ONLY way, that people will revolt (much less “awaken”) is AFTER they’ve been decimated, economically. Even then, it is doubtful they’ll revolt, because they’ll be too involved in trying to sort out their personal financial problems. As long as a large enough plurality of American Sheeple can continue on, with their business, as usual, buying the latest ipads, cell phones, and other techno-gadgets, watch Dancing With The Stars, and eating at McDonalds – there will be no revolt, much less an “awakening”. The small 2% or 3% of the population that will awaken, most likely already has. Don’t wait for the government or the American Sheeple, to save you (by their “revolt”, or “awakening” – it ain’t gonna happen!) What matters to you, and to your family? 1) Clean drinking water, 2) Food, 3) Clothes, 4) Shelter. Focus first on providing these basics, under the most severe of economic circumstances. Focus second on the following: 5) Invest in ‘precious’ metals (especially silver), 6) Buy a gun, to protect yourself, and family.

  10. Yes Zen…right on.

    They are running out of time to pull it off and the masses are running out of options. For me, it’s about the processional cycle even if their minions are unaware of it.

    The intellect in control is not from here, incredibly old, and far advanced. Me thinks they’ve done this before. When the gerbils are found climbing the wall to discover fresh water and flora and fauna,
    they create a new law or act: NO CLIMBING and NO FENCES.

    On a more practical note, Congress writes the tax laws not the IRS, which is just a record keeping system, but, armed and dangerous.
    Congress doesn’t write tax laws that hurt themselves, the loopholes are in there by design…but not for the average Joe. Offshore Trusts.
    Joe is kept busy tilling the ground for his next meal while fighting off the tongues lapping at his wallet. Obviously it’s not a level playing field.

    On the uptick, notably and notoriously, bank robbers can and will kill each other when time comes to split up the bounty. We see the in fighting in all governments today. It’s no different in the realms of the planet engineers. The goal of global dominance is agreed upon for the most part, but how to get ‘er done is another story.

    The last one of these knuckle heads out of the room will be blamed for stealing the light. As they near their end, they will eliminate each other. IMHO.

  11. The monster of China is not created by US, but the Zionist globalists / Jewish parasites (e.g. the London-based Rothschild Cabal of plutocrats, the Rockefeller family in America) who control US. Obviously they have been working on a new major host country in the 21st century, after they hollowed out US in the 20th century and UK in the 19th century with their credit-based capitalism, which is by nature a giant Ponzi scheme that requires constant expansion with new resources and suckers in order to sustain itself. The real danger of these parasitic Zionist/Jewish capitalists (aka, communists, socialists and fascists) lies in their cold ambition and selfish greed that sees nations and people as but living fodder to be milked, used and discarded as they and their cronies profit.

  12. Mark – I hear ya

    All I can say about chaos in the streets and revolution is to be careful.

    Personally, I do not want to revolt against the troops or the police. They are our biggest asset. We need to communicate with them, and convince them that we are not the problem. Talk to your kids (the ones who are enlisting or going to a police academy). Tell them to ask questions of their commanders. They must know that we are not their enemy.

    Well, they might ask, who is then? It’s simple. Who gave you your orders? Actually the order givers may be uninformed pawns also. But keep looking up the chain of command because you’ll find the enemy there. The enemy has never done their own dirty work. They always hire it out. The real enemy does not want you to know this. If enough are aware of this, then justice will be served to those who truly deserve it.

    If you are given orders that you would never follow because you were told to round up or brutalize your Grandmother, that’s the test. It’s that simple. All American citizens are your Grandmother. Don’t look at us any other way. Lastly, citizens have to remember to respect their police and military too!

    Love always

  13. My first post….Love all your articles Zen and basically co-sign what your all about (I used to live in that hotel if you get my drift) lol.Anyway whats your take on the ascension in which ever form it may take? Meditation and mantra seem to help keep me centered and curtailing my rage to whats goin on in this country.Also I want to recommend “Ormus” which in some ways is a godsend for me spiritually.I’ve been using it for about a month now with profound experiences.If your not already acquainted with this product (which can be actually made by oneself) then I highly recommend you to google it and maybe write an article about it.This is something that goes back in time to the ancients and is now being brought back by David Hudson who if you goggle will understand who I’m referring to.I just feel compelled to share this with you Zen and your wonderful subscribers.
    God Bless

  14. Of course amongst thieves there is no honor, so let’s see what happens to these dupes.

    Are they in for a surprise!

  15. zen
    appreciate the honesty and insight
    the coaching to stay open, connected and positive are all good too
    given techno and database levels, the oligarchs and their minions probly have us cataloged
    if for nothing else than for reading here
    in practical terms (as in the half past human link above) what’s a mother to do?
    thank you

    • Wow, Nik. It’s a personal dilemma for all. I’ve uprooted, visited and warned and inform all my kids, sent freeze dried foods and links galore. The dynamics of all this are so intricate. Like someone said, you can’t mess with people’s karma. I don’t know about that, but there’s some truth to it at some level. We have to trust the Universe fundamentally, but we can’t have personal peace unless we’re operating according to what we personally know to be true. We ignore that, we have problems.
      Kinda goes from there. All I know is, I’m looking for a safe haven as best I can formulate it, while firing as many truth salvos I can to help as many as I can. And who knows what’s in store around the corner?
      But I hear you. The main precepts that are fundamental—prepare practically, be where you have a peace about being, stay spiritually alert, informed and strong, and act on yr heart. Need to move? Move. Need to dig in, dig in. But detach from banks and any system ties you can, use their crap a minimal amount.
      I really don’t know. I’ve sold everything and am on the move…if my boat’s in motion, the rudder will take effect.
      Much love, don’t worry but work like crazy to prepare….Zen

  16. I dread what will happen to people with families. For single people its easy in a way, but to put your kids in harms way, and for them to be used by government to blackmail you into doing what they want, “ahh, there’s the rub”

    Anyone got an answer for that?

  17. Keep em coming! One of them said that the US will dry up and blow away. But, the whole world will do that. The Corporations, military and bankers will grab all the Nations…their resources and populations.
    This is an old cycle…of destruction, survivors and recovery. Sadly, the dark sides love of money, power and opulence is the basic weakness exploited. People will not figure it out until it is too late. This mass-hypnotism is complete. We are not self-dependent as individuals and it is punished where it exists. We are taught to depend on them until we cannot do otherwise.

    Head for the mountains….hills are too easy for drones! Take care Zen! Wish I could join the few who could find sanctuary. Sadly, the masses has hogtied me. That’s the ‘accident of birth’ error!

  18. plantation with 330 million ‘moron’ slaves is more like it :)

    the sheeple here deserve what is coming to them, they unblinkingly support the incessant zioturd war mongering and mass murder for the zionists who own them…so their ‘come uppance’ surely won’t be too very fun.

    Karma, she is a beyotch. and man, is she PISSED!!

    • more victim blaming
      sheep are sheep because they don’t know what is going on
      they don’t know what is going on because they are sheep
      so that’s to say all sheep deserve slaughter?

  19. Zen, this “deliberate implosion” thing, is it not inevitable anyway?

    I think you need to understand global demographics from the POV of the elites to fully see my point, the CIA released a report in July 2001 called “Long term Global Demographic trends: Reshaping the Geopolitical landscape” it’s in pdf form available on the CIA website, it comes up 3rd in a google search on “global demographics”. This document provides the “why” of ” implosion” is it deliberate or inevitable? Seems it’s rats deserting the sinking demographic ship, moving to where the new consumers of tomorrow live.

    • gamedog,
      ever look at demographics of japan, germany and other 1st world affluent educated societies?
      birth rates fall as education rises.
      middle class educated next generation kids want more for their kids than their parents (who bore large families) gave to them.
      the only demographic that shrinks population more is the collapsed demographic – aka russia.
      and that is not the result of the next gen not making even fewer kids.
      it is the result of faster die off at younger age of current generation.
      the next gen in that demographic is also not inclined to reproduce (see putin’s free rubles for all russian mothers) but how many kids can a mother not make?

      the demographic that consistently does not understand the consequences of population growth are those distressed oppressed 3rd world countries where disease is highest and education is lowest.

      so no matter whether we are comfortable with being considered livestock by the current oligarchs in power or not, the resources and methods the oligarchs command do make us that de facto.

      doubtful they care (given current and previous actions) but collapse at the pace and degree they are fomenting is simply poor livestock management.

      they are making the same mistake on larger scales with greater intensity.
      this results when oligarchs (or any beings for that matter) feel immune to consequences of their actions.
      sure the ants feel the consequences sooner and nastier when tortured by some magnifying glass wielding delinquent.
      that delinquent for sure will suffer consequences though.
      and seriously.
      who here knows so much as to assign emotions, attitudes or even gender to dieties, concepts and ideas like karma?

      curious to know if anyone here has some clue as to what folk like foster gamble and his thrive group are about?

      thank you zen
      please keep going

  20. where did the video go….. I was viewing it a few minutes ago and some script bombed my browser and i finally found this page again but….no vid? what was the title at least?

  21. Z, Keep on you are saying it like it is on your site…Chemtrails VERY bad in Sacramento today and Very bad in surrounding mountain area…. they keep hating everything and everybody….machine and monsters they are..

    I used to have a dream repeatedly of chinese troops attacking the S.F. Bay Area….it was horrble…I didn’t know if was a past reincarnation thing, or future thing, I had no idea that our government would sell us out…Satin they are. Angels we are…Angels will win…They want us to have fear and add to their darkness, stay in the light…light will penetrate darkness and rid it.

    • All my “allergies” started when I lived in Auburn, up hill from Sacramento—totally oblivious of chemtrails. Had a great place with sheep and goats and well…thot I got it, but didn’t…but happy as heck to wake the hell up and move on…I’ll take nothin with truth vs everything with lies any day….;)) always be thankful to be awake!!! – Z

  22. The Chinese own many ports, that says alot…Why the Hell did the U.S. Government hand over our ports to China? From coast to coast…..I will never walk in a Walmart, China this and China that, even the U.S. flags say made in China…..I think China should have a football team. Great article Z….glad to know many are thinking the same way….we melt in love….unite in hearts filled with light….Evil men will rot in Hell…Always, seek the Light. And what about those spy chips, and the health care bill, someone said mandatory chipping….that better not be happening…..oh wait, those fema camps,,,,for those that dont want to get chipped? Nibiru cant come fast enough for a planet clean up.

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