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GMO Global Alert – The Truth Has Been Revealed


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As you will see in the video below, the results collected during a study that focused on determining the potential harm done to animals and humans from consuming GMO corn NK603 are worthy of the outrage and concern we are finally witnessing on a mass scale. The most telling discovery is that rats fed GMO had a 600% increase in death over the control groupExperts across the spectrum have weighed in to discuss these shocking findings. Equally disturbing are the findings surrounding the world’s leading herbicide, Roundup. It is a combination that now can be conclusively called pure poison.

The campaign for labeling of GMO is now gaining steam in California, and France has launched a major investigation, but until we have at a minimum universal proper labeling of what we are ingesting, we face a future of incredibly compromised health at the hands of giant chemical corporations like Monsanto and DuPont who already have provably poisoned people and the environment with creations like DDT, Agent Orange and now, apparently, modern-day genetic modification and herbicides and pesticides like Roundup.

The images and video below are disturbing, but must be shared. Now is the time to spread this information and exert maximum pressure with wide-scale boycotts of these destructive companies.

Video text:

French researchers secretly studied, for two years, 200 rats fed with transgenic maize. Tumors, serious disorders … full-fledged slaughter. And a bomb for the GMO industry.

More information http://www.gmo-global-alert.net

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  1. I shudder when I see this going on. Why are we so hell bent on pushing these products and say it is safe. Man it makes me angry. Fire up your homestead any way you can and go organic.


  2. Disturbing to say the least.We have the “labeling” issue coming up in the Nov ballot here in Calif.Crossing the old fingers.

  3. Thank you Zen! Thank you to the French for having the courage to do what is right! Spread the word! Just say NO to GMO!

  4. Boycotting is THE ONLY WAY TO GO. May I suggest everyone carries around with them some Post-It notes, a permanent marker and some sellotape, and get creative.

    For starters, put them in bus shelters saying something like: “Parents, don’t feed your kids ASPARTAME. Please look it up!”

    And in supermarkets: “Get your cruelty eggs here!”

    The possibilities are endless. And what fun!

    Operation Post-It…

    • PS: “Kids” is an affectionate name for children in England! (Before anyone latches on to that.) Intention is everything.

    • Yes…hv them pre-written. Even skull and crossbones with the word poison on it…slap it on all the GMO and aspartame and MSG crap….be discreet so you won’t get popped and you can keep going….also “those aren’t contrails”…gr8 for supermarket entrances…just avoid the cameras..

    • @indigoviolet :

      That’s a great idea! I have posted letters in the past to alert everyone about vaccines, etc., but I don’t think people read them because of the size. A “post-it” note is a great way to get messages out anytime. It will spark curiosity and likely get read by more people. I’m going to give it a try! Thanks for being creative! Love, Benny

  5. The so called scarcity of food is a hoax…there’s more food in the world to feed everyone but not enough money to pay for it – so yes, tons of unsold food gets chucked away!! If you needed any more proof to show that capitalism isn’t working! It’s cartelism of the elite…they are trying to push their depopulation agenda onto the world via GMO’s under the guise of profit…its profit vs humanity. Which side will win this dramatic game unfolding?

  6. The world, our world, at least my world seems to be completely engulfed within the perfect storm of environmental and unconscious insults. It’s hard to pick which battle to fight. Today I have picked the war for food freedom. The floodtide of GMO’s must be turned. It is an agenda that is completely and perfectly posessed. The war against nature is most unwinnable. It’s just a battle against ourselves, and we seem hell bent on winning.

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