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GMO Thugs Beat Protesting Mom in Argentina

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[This is how the GMO thugs work. Plain and simple. It's a war not just on our health, but against those who stand up for it. It's pure intimidation, don't fall for it, but do help this brave woman. Another wonderful example!  - Zen]

Part 1 – Nov. 20 Argentina

Winner of the Goldman Prize, Sofía Gatica, is said to have received a death threat from a suspected Monsanto mercenary.

Protesters in Argentina continue to block construction of what is planned to be the biggest Monsanto plant in Latin America. They have occupied the construction site in Malvinas, Argentina for about two months now and Monsanto stands accused of resorting to intimidation tactics to try and remove them.

Sign the petition to support the brave protesters at Monsanto Malvinas: http://bit.ly/1jmF0KM

See the protesters’ Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Malvinas-lucha-por-la-Vida/424159400959844

For more on Sofía Gatica and the the Mothers of Ituzaingó opposing Monsanto: http://bit.ly/HQgEMP

Just days after receiving a death threat, the Argentine anti-agrochemicals activist has been beaten up.



Part 2 – The Beating by GMO Thugs Nov. 23

Monsanto Protester Sofia Gatica Attacked

Two men attacked Sofia Gatica in district Acosta, Córdoba today, a few meters away from where she works. Just 72 hours after environmental activist Sofia Gatica received a terrifying death threat, she continues in fear for her life.

[Sofia said] “They didn’t speak. One jumped on top of me and they kicked and beat me. I screamed loudly and the neighbors came out to help me.”

Sofia has been spearheading a blockade against construction on a new Monsanto plant in Malvinas, Argentina. The blockade is in place 66 days and will remain indefinitely. It appears Monsanto has taken notice of the disruption.

The assailants did not steal anything and they took off on motorcycle shortly after the attack. Sofia filed a complaint this afternoon with local police. The identities of the attackers today as well as the man who threatened Sofia earlier this week are still unknown but it seems obvious who sent them.

“I didn’t want to have guards watching over me” Sofia told Canal 10 of Cordoba. “I just want the people of Monsanto to leave me in peace.”

Despite the threats on her life and attacks Gatica refuses to leave the Malvinas campsite and will continue to protest the new Monsanto plant construction in Argentina. There is now an armed guard stationed on her property.

Sofia is mother of three children and has one grandchild. Her fourth child died shortly after birth due to exposure to agrochemicals. Her remaining children have all tested positive for agrochemicals in blood analysis.

Gatica won the 2012 Goldman Environmental Prize for her environmental work with Madres de Ituzaingó Anexo. The Goldman Prize is the world’s largest prize for grassroots environmentalists.  Each of the winners, chosen from the planet’s six inhabited continental regions, demonstrate exceptional courage and commitment, often working at great risk to protect our environment.


“We call the whole of organized society to accompany this measure of strength to show solidarity in the struggle against the multinational [corporation] and for food sovereignty and life,” reads an Avaaz.org petition created for people all over the world to sign, translated from Spanish. “It is necessary to join forces with all environmental and territorial conflicts of Argentina … [and say] no to transgenic food.”

You can sign the petition here:




  1. Yes, amigos, the GMO vampires want victims. You can follow the latest story from Hawaii from the Hemowai braddas of how the GMO cos. in Hawaii set up right next to schools, Hawaiian Home Lands, and former farm towns, but as the video says, the crops do not feed anyone, it is ground zero for the experiment many now consider intentional genocide. The people in Hawaii recognize their responsibility to throw out the GMO racket from the islands, the number one test site in the world conveniently under US military boot since 1893. But things are not going so good for the GMO pushers, as Mayor Billy Kenoi just signed Bill 113 on Hawaii Island banning GMO ag there. On Kauai, the anti GMO bill passed Council, was vetoed by a bad mayor, and then his veto was overridden by Council. You can see testimony before Kauai Council including expert witnesses exposing the truth about glyphosate here-

    And don’t forget ‘Molokai Mom’ previously posted by Zen-


    For those wondering what Mercy Ritte has had to face on Molokai, here is her own video showing how paraquat ready ag destroys the microflora web of life in the soil that then blows away in red dust storms-


    There will be a massive anti GMO rally next week on Oahu featuring many of the world’s top surfers hoping to shut down the Monsanto lease on the North Shore. Stay tuned to the action.

  2. Zen, here is ‘da scoops’ on the event on Oahu next Sunday December 15th at Haleiwa Park. It is being called the Aloha Aina March-The Collaboration for a Better Tomorrow meeting at the 7-11 in Haleiwa at 12 noon and marching to the Park for speeches, live music and potluck. Organizers are Dustin Barca and Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition. Headline speakers include Kelly Slater, Shane Dorian, Makua Rothman, Mark Healy, Seabass Zietz, Walter Ritte, and John John Florence. This event is held coincidentally around the peak of the big winter surf and pro contest season on the North Shore. Walter Ritte from Molokai is the uncle of Mercy Ritte, the Molokai Mom. Walter has activist roots back to stopping the bombing of Kaneloa, or Kahoolawe.
    How many other sports stars have come out like this? Well the North Shore pro surfers live up in the hills near Pupukea, Haleiwa and Waialua near where Monsanto has 1033 acres leased from Bishop Estate-Kam Schools, lease expiring in 2014. They saw what happened on Kauai and Molokai.
    What I heard on the coconut wireless was that the tipping point when Mayor Billy Kenoi stood up to the GMO industry lobbyists and signed Bill 113 this week was a turn in sentiment by the big Kohala Coast resort ownership toward an organic haven on Big Island or Moku o Keawe. However most on the island know Kenoi as a kama’aina who would protect the land no matter what, and he has proved it by word and deed.
    Surfers are always gonna be in love with the planetary waves, a form of aloha aina. Kelly Slater and John John Florence just finished first and second in the Surfer Magazine Poll and plugged the GMO struggle in acceptance speeches. Many of the swamis at the last Maha Khumbha Mela were also beginning to be anti GMO activists following Vandana Shiva’s lead. We heard Paramadvaita Swami speak about GMOs in Hawaii a year ago just before going to the Khumbh Mela. People are waking up to the need for some sort of action at a point where things do not look so great if nothing is done. For the first time swamis planted trees along the Ganges during the Mela in 2013. It is time to take a stand somewhere, somehow. Each seems to know best what to do.
    GMO shills falsely portray anti GMO activists as dividers of the community. But as Dustin Barca said in the Hemowai Bros video linked above, the opposite is true. The March against Monsanto unified for the first time haoles and kanaka maoli without any exclusion by anyone. All stand as one. The cosponsoring organizations for next Sunday’s event span Hawaii Seed (anti GMO) to Defend Hawaii (right to bear arms) to the Hui (Hee Nalu, legendary intimidation of haole surfers in the seventies portrayed in the film”‘Busting Down the Door”),. Kudos to Dustin Barca for his wisdom in this evolving alliance.

  3. Getting back to Sofia, all I can say is I hope actions at the GMO crop development stage in Hawaii help others far down the chain of consequences. That was the exact message of Vandana Shiva in ‘Molokai Mom’.

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